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The Best Curling Iron for Beach Waves



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What is it about beachy waves that makes them so popular? It's ideal for a hot date, a relaxing day at the beach, a baby shower or wedding, or even a business meeting. Hence the need for the best curling iron for beach waves. You can never go wrong with loose beachy waves.

It flatters all facial shapes, comes in various lengths, and goes with a variety of clothes. Unfortunately, many people assume that beachy waves are difficult to obtain and require a million hair products to appear perfect. It is not the case, however. All you'll need is a beach wave curling wand to take care of the hard work.

What is a Curling Iron?

A curling iron is a heated rod, usually made of metal, used to curl hair twined around it. The clamp on most curling irons that are traditional keeps your ends in place while you roll the iron up your hair strands. A great curling iron is equipped with a cylinder-shaped barrel to generate stunning defined spiral curls.

The best curling iron for beach waves ensures you achieve head-turning tousled curls. You want one that's simple to operate, heats up rapidly to curl your hair quickly, and reaches has high temperatures with adjustable temperature settings to set your voluminous curls. In addition, it shouldn't damage your hair all while staying within your budget.

Starting to look for the perfect curling wand can be tough with so many alternatives available, So let's take a look at some of the best curling irons for beachy waves on Amazon that are budget-friendly and are safe for your hair.

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The Best Curling Iron for Beach Waves

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It is the best curling wand designed for variable styles. Creating classic curls full of silky texture and volume is a no-brainer. A clamp-free wrap-and-go design leaves no creases and results in natural-looking curls. The best curling iron for beach waves that heats up to 400° F to instantly seal in the curl. The tourmaline ceramic barrel reduces frizz and seals in shine for a gorgeous body that lasts all day and night.

The 1" tourmaline ceramic styling iron also comes with a tangle-free swivel Cord. and a Bonus Heat-Protective Glove, making styling a breeze. Wrap a 1" segment of your long hair around the barrel with the iron facing downward to achieve the look. Then, curl each section left and right alternately for a messy, natural look.


  • It has tourmaline and ceramic technology on the barrel for frizz-free curls
  • It has a 1" barrel for stunning loose curls
  • The curling iron heats up to 400° F for instant curls
  • The heat-resistant glove included ensures worry-free styling
  • It comes with a 6-foot cord that is tangle free for easy styling


  • There is no way to control the heat; it only has ON or OFF

This 1.25-inch curling iron uses tourmaline ceramic technology to decrease frizz for healthy-looking, lustrous long hair. The curling iron heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit with a coated ceramic barrel that distributes heat evenly and prevents hot spots.

It is the best curling iron for beach waves with 5 adjustable heat settings suitable for all hair types, a 6-foot power cord, and auto-off for extra safety. Conair makes high-quality styling equipment for all hair types, from curling wands to flat irons, hot air brushes, auto curlers, and more.


  • It is an inexpensive curling iron that is effective for voluminous waves
  • It has a high heat for instant gorgeous curls
  • It is made of tourmaline ceramic technology that prevents frizz
  • The coated ceramic barrel distributes heat evenly on your long hair
  • It is suitable for any hair type, including fine hair


  • Tighter curls don't last long, but it is suitable for loose waves

[amazon fields="B00ID8H838" value="thumb"]

As the Bed Head A Wave proves, your hairstyle can have tousled, crimped, loose or defined curls. You can regulate your tousled waves with the We Go Tourmaline Ceramic Adjustable Waver! The barrel may be adjusted to the exact level of wave you want using an adjustable dial. Use the lower heat settings for subtle waves, such as a crimp.

For more distinct waves, increase the heat settings to a mid-height adjustment. Alternately, set the barrel to the highest setting for an ultra-waved appearance. The dial for adjustment is designed to allow for changes while the hair tool is still hot. It allows you to produce unique textured hair during the styling process.

Tourmaline Ceramic Technology reduces frizz and adds tremendous shine, while the high heat up to 400°F seals in the curls for quick results. The dual voltage feature allows you to take it with you wherever you go for use everywhere in the world. It also has a long swivel cord and auto shut-off for safety.


  • You can create beach waves with different levels by adjusting the waver barrel plates
  • Tourmaline ceramic is used on the plates to eliminate frizz and increase shine
  • It has a high heat of up to 400°F for instant curls
  • The auto shut-off and 6-foot tangle-free swivel cord are included for your safety and convenience when styling your hair
  • It has a dual voltage which is your best friend as you can take it with you anywhere in the world


  • There's no way to prevent it from touching things while it's hot by balancing or standing it up

It's obvious why stylists love this curling iron so much. It's a comprehensive program that lets you create all of your favorite styles. In addition, the Hot Tools Signature Series salon gold curling iron is made with gold technology to encourage long-lasting effects and quick styling. You can change your hair game by styling it in no time and enjoying it all day and night.

The pulse technology stays hot keeps the temperature consistent, so you get the perfect curl every time. Any hair type benefits from a high heat reach of up to 430 degrees. Start with a lower heat setting to avoid heat damage, then work your way up if necessary.

The soft-touch comfort grip allows for complete styling control, and the extra-long cool tip allows you to rest your fingers while styling to keep them cool. The 6ft. tangle-free swivel cord allows you plenty of room to move.


  • The quality curling iron has a gold barrel for faster styling and longer-lasting results
  • It heats up to a consistently high temperature for perfect curls
  • The Hot Tools gold curling wand is suitable for all hair types, including thick hair
  • A soft-touch comfort grip is provided for styling control
  • It has a 6 ft tangle-free swivel cord for easy maneuvering


  • It is more suitable for loose curls as opposed to tight spiral curls

The Kiss Ceramic Instawave automatic hair curling iron is ideal for those struggling to style their hair with traditional curling wands. It is an automatic curling iron that quickly generates stunning, long-lasting curls. Getting salon-style curls at home is as easy as hitting a button.

Curl your hair in multiple directions for a more natural-looking style. The spinning wand does not get trapped or tangled, thanks to the proprietary design. If your hair becomes trapped, rotate the curling dial in the opposite direction to free it. This automatic curling iron uses Ceramic Ionic technology to keep hair smooth and lustrous while preventing frizz and flyaways.

There's no need for heat-resistant gloves. Instead, place a hair section on the Instawave and let it handle the rest. It also has a 90-minute auto shut-off feature in case you forget to turn it off on your way out the door. Always disconnect it as soon as you've finished using it. It also has a 360° swivel cord.


  • It employs ionic technology to achieve healthier, shinier outcomes while minimizing frizz and damage
  • The heat control allows you to choose the ideal hair temperature
  • There's no need for heat-resistant gloves as the Instawave handles everything
  • This curling wand features a 90-minute auto shut-off that guarantees your safety
  • It is easy to use and fast at producing excellent curls


  • If you have fine hair, the curling hair mechanism doesn't capture it

How to Select the Best Curling Iron for Beach Waves

1. Material

Titanium and ceramic/tourmaline curling irons are two of the best on the market. Titanium is a metal that warms up quickly and can withstand a lot of heat. It also emits negative ions, which counteract positive ions and soften hair cuticles. The ceramic/tourmaline irons produce steady and even heat distribution, preventing heat damage.

2. Shape

Cone-shaped barrels have a thicker bottom and a thinner top. Not only can this barrel produce voluminous waves, but it can also produce tight curls. Straight barrels aren't tapered and can be used to make loose curls. Curling irons with two or three barrels perched on one grip are double or triple barrel curling irons. As a result, the curling time is considerably reduced. Spiral barrels have a spiral on the rod, as the name implies. Wrap your hair around the slots of the spiral to curl it.

3. Temperature Controls

Curling irons can reach temperatures of up to 410°F, making them an excellent choice for all hair types. However, the best curling irons with customizable heat settings are a good investment. Never heat your hair above 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and always use a heat protectant before doing so.

Avoid a heat setting higher than 300 degrees Fahrenheit if your hair is thin or chemically treated. Heat damage is a concern for these hair types. Instead of making multiple fast passes, employ gradual passes. If you have virgin or medium-thick hair, use a curling wand with a temperature range of 300 to 380 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best curling irons at higher temperatures, ranging from 350 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, can be used on thick and coarse hair. However, work swiftly because using an excessively hot tool on a single piece for an extended period might cause damage.

4. Size

The barrel size varies from brand to brand. The optimal size to search for in a curling iron for loose beachy waves is 1-2 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Which Curling Iron Size is Ideal for Beach Waves?

The barrel size of 1-inch curling iron is great for creating loose waves. A 1-inch barrel is perfect for folks with short hair to medium-length hair. You can easily wrap a part of your mane around the barrel. The 2-inch barrel, on the other hand, can produce massive waves or blow out due to the barrel's diameter.

Do you have short hair? Which one do you think you should pick? It will primarily depend on your hair lengths and the curl style desired. A curling wand with a barrel size of 1 to 2 inches is optimal for creating loose waves. You can experiment with different sizes to see what they can offer you. Different sizes are best for different types of curls. This way, you'll be able to pick what kind of curly hair will look best on you.

2. What Are the Characteristics of a Good Curling Iron for Beachy Waves?

Hair sprays and mousse will help you get the look, but a curling iron is required. To get the perfect waves, you'll need an iron that heats up quickly and retains the temperature. The barrel size and shape also determine the fineness of the aesthetic. The most crucial thing is to purchase a curling iron that can give you long-lasting waves.

3. What Safety Features should a Curling Iron have?

Safety characteristics to look for in a curling tool for loose waves include a safety stand, an automated shut-off button, an insulated cool-tip, and a long handle.


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