How to Take Mirror Selfies Perfectly with Your Phone



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If you have an awesome outfit or good hair day and don't have someone to take photos for you, worry less; mirror selfies are a great way to capture every detail. The most charming aspect of these selfies is full control over the picture you present. Also, the selfies provide a more personal, informal medium. It also allows you to pull the image back and more display your surroundings and personality. Here is a guide to help you master how to take mirror selfies. Keep reading.

What Are the Steps on How to Take Mirror Selfies?

Step 1: Look for a full-length mirror

Go for a large mirror to include as much of you as possible in the image. A little wall mirror, for example, will do if you only want a selfie of your face; however, you will need a bigger mirror if you want a photo of your entire body.

Remember that you may crop your selfies as you wish. For example, if you only want your face in the photo and all you have is a large wall mirror, crop the rest of your body out after you snap it.

Step 2: Look for the best light for your mirror selfie

The most critical factor to consider while taking a great mirror selfie is illumination. While several tools and lighting equipment are available for purchase online to create high-quality self-portraits, nothing matches natural lighting from the sun.

The hour shortly after sunrise and the hour before sunset — both known as the "golden hour" by photographers — are the finest periods to capture the most pleasing, natural light for pictures. So take your mirror selfies outside or stand in front of a window to catch this brief lighting enchantment. Conversely, standing under the shade of a bridge, a structure, or a tree may give good natural lighting during the day.

If you don't have time to go outside during these peak hours, you may recreate golden hour conditions by using alternative light sources such as lamps or candles. While some individuals enjoy the impact of their camera's flash in a selfie, it's better to save it for images photographed at a distance rather than up close. And though iPhone flashes are not as bright as they once were, a flash reflected in your mirror might completely obscure your face.

Therefore, remember always to face your light source when shooting a selfie, whether it's the sun or your iPhone.

i). How to take a perfect mirror selfie with flash

If you must take a mirror selfie using your camera's flashlight, follow these tips to avoid drowning out your reflection:

  • Perfectly position your camera so that the flashlight hits the side of the photo opposite where you are posing.
  • Hold your phone away from your face.
  • Position the flash near your face and use the light for unique outcomes.

Step 3. Find perfect poses for your mirror selfies

Now that you have the lighting ready, it's time to strike a posture. When it comes to posing for a mirror selfie or photo, the choices are unlimited, and while we've given some recommendations below for you to try, the best advice is to pose in the way that feels most comfortable and real to you.

i). How do you strike a pose in a mirror selfie?

Finding a posture that makes you more photogenic takes some planning. First, pick a background that is clear of clutter for your selfie. If you're using a bathroom mirror or any other full-length mirror, wiping the glass is a good idea.

The next step, find something to do with your hands. Awkward hands usually create awkward pictures, so place your hand on a surface, fiddle with your hair or place it on your hip. You may either use a prop or position your hand outside the frame.

You must select how to arrange your body and how much it will be reflected in the picture. Experiment with seated or standing positions to see which suits you best. Besides, don't hesitate to experiment with different poses since greater movement might result in more appealing photos.

Here are other top tips on postures to consider for a perfect selfie;

a). Cross your legs or put one leg in front of you to look thinner

To achieve one of these leg-lengthening poses, consider taking a little step forward. Step forward slightly to one side or cross one foot in front of the other. It might feel awkward when you do it, but you will look great.

  • You can as well point at the front toe of your foot. Your legs will seem even leaner as a result of this.
  • Avoid stepping out too much in front or too far to the side, or you will appear weird.

b). For unique mirror selfies, try a variation such as sitting in front of your mirror

Get creative with your mirror photographs. For instance, sit cross-legged in front of your mirror or place your foot up on the counter if you take the selfie in the bathroom mirror. Also, if you are in the bathroom, try sitting on the counter for a fun photo.

c). Stand facing front with your legs slightly apart, if you want to show off your outfit

Place your feet approximately hip-width apart and square your shoulders, so you are directly facing your mirror to accentuate what you are wearing. Also, you can stand up straight with your shoulders back, so you don't appear slouched in the photo. You're free to do whatever you choose with your arms with this posture. Allow them to dangle freely at your sides, or lay one hand on your hip for a sassier position.

ii). How do you hold the phone when taking mirror pics?

It is up to you how you hold your phone in your mirror selfie; however, most individuals hold it by the side with a single hand, either near one side of their face or below their chin. When holding it, ensure you are stretching your arm out too far since this might result in your arm taking up the majority of the frame.

iii). Where should I look when taking a mirror selfie?

 While it may be natural to look directly at the camera through the mirror, other individuals prefer to glance at their reflection, side or even down at the screen. But, again, it's all up to you.

Step 4. Set up your phone's camera and take the mirror selfie

Now that you've experimented with postures and lighting, it's time to start shooting. Follow these guidelines to help you take the perfect mirror selfie.

i). Choose the right aspect ratio

Before you begin your mirror selfies, ensure your camera is adjusted to the right aspect ratio for the site you intend to upload to. There are three aspect ratios available for iPhone cameras: 1:1, 4:3, and 16:9.

The 1:1 ratio is appropriate for square photos and works nicely for Facebook and Instagram posts. Meanwhile, Instagram stories usually have a 16:9 aspect ratio, whereas 4:3 will result in HD resolution for any landscape-style photo. Here's a guide on how to choose an aspect ratio:

  • Launch the Camera app.
  • In the top-center of the screen, press the down arrow button.
  • Choose the 4:3 option.
  • Select the aspect ratio you want to use.

ii). Lock exposure & focus

Once you've determined your aspect ratio now, lock your camera's exposure and focus. Fortunately, all you have to do is utilize the iPhone's AE/AF Lock feature to keep the subject of your selfie (you, in this case) in focus throughout the session. Here is how you do it:

  • Launch the camera app.
  • Tap the region within the camera frame that you wish to be the photo's subject.
  • Keep your finger in that place until the AE/AF Lock banner displays on the screen.
  • Take your photo.

iii). For extra options, shoot in Burst mode.

Finally, to help you capture a beautiful shot, activate your Camera's Burst mode. This mode usually captures 10 photos per second, giving you even more possibilities when snapping a regular selfie. Here's how to use Burst mode:

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Press Camera
  • Select the Use Volume Up for Burst option.

To shoot images in burst mode, simply hold down the Volume Up button.

We hope these tips will help you capture your next excellent selfie, whether you're taking your next profile photo in the mirror or shooting a selfie to publish on Instagram Stories.

What Are the Tips for Taking the Perfect Mirror Selfies?

How to Take Mirror Selfies

1. Check on the angles and lighting.

Know your angles! This is a given for every selfie-taker. Finding an angle that works for you is critical to feeling comfortable in your photos, and when combined with proper lighting (natural is always preferable), you will look fantastic.

2. Look for a cool backdrop.

Don't spoil a good mirror selfie with a sloppy backdrop! An aesthetically beautiful backdrop will undoubtedly raise the bar, whether in your bedroom, a business, or in an incredible location. If all else fails, a restaurant restroom will never fail you.

3. Look for a perfect phone placement.

Phone placement is critical, depending on what you want. For example, the angle at which you hold your phone determines the type of selfie you'll take.

Tip: hold your smartphone at a slight downward angle to your face. The higher you hold the phone, the taller you will appear. Experiment with different angles and heights to see what works best for you.

4. Know what works best for you

Finding the perfect selfie mirror may take some time, but you will never let it go once you do. If you have found a position you like, whether it's because of the good lighting, the right backdrop, or the fabulous mirror, stay with it. The larger the mirror, the better - so you can get in all of your great OOTD and yet have enough area to strike a pose!

5. Be Confident in yourself in front of the mirror!

The most vital aspect is that you ease yourself into the photograph. Take photos of yourself when you adore your attire or have nailed your makeup, or whenever you feel the happiest, and show them off.

6. Take multiple photos in different poses and angles.

We don't need to be told, but don't only take one or two selfies and assume you have obtained a decent one. Instead, take multiple shots in various stances or while holding your phone at different heights and angles to guarantee you have at least one you like and plenty of possibilities to select from. Burst mode is our go-to for this.


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