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Overalls have for long been interpreted to be industrial and for kids. Nonetheless, overalls can also look good on women, especially with an additional touch of style. Are you wondering how to style overalls? Look no further!

We have compiled a comprehensive guide with outfit ideas for wearing overalls. Besides the different outfit combinations, we have also put together different overalls that can be worn on different occasions. Ultimately, we want to leave you feeling cute and not like a wannabe farmer of the past years.

Types of Overalls

1. Denim Overalls

These are the most common and easy-to-style types of overalls. Due to their timelessness, they are referred to as classic overalls. Classic denim overalls often come in their trues blue impression, which would never disappoint. For this reason, the denim overall outfits are common among contemporary celebrities.

Indeed, you can also rock denim overalls with a wide range of styles to fit almost any occasion. While paying homage to denim overalls, we can't leave out the corduroy option. This alternative texture is close to denim in terms of being classic but with less acceptance. Therefore, while answering how to style overalls, denim is one of the easiest and most available options.

2. Leather Overalls

You can also wear overalls made from leather. This type is specifically inclined towards a more edgy, sassy and sexy impression. While rocking leather overalls, you can be sure you will strikingly stand out if not turning heads. Not to worry, you can keep this pair bold and still appropriate for daytime wear.

3. Short Overalls

During the warmer months, you can opt for a pair of short overalls. Also known as shorteralls, this type will indeed help you show off your tanned legs while keeping everything lightweight. Moreover, shorteralls can be used to achieve a kid-like vibe, even as you play smart and have fun in the extra sun.

4. Overall Dress

Substituting for overall pants, you can go for the overall dress type. This design is versatile for different occasions while maintaining a youthful yet trendy chic impression. As such, you can wear it during the day and at night by simply matching it with suitable attachments. A sure way to complete a look with an overall dress is wearing fitting makeup.

5. Black Overalls

Regardless of the material, there is also the black overalls type which is ideal for edgy appearances. Black as a color can be combined with diverse wardrobe additions in ascertaining a fashion-forward poise. You can also look like a model by combining your all-black overall outfit with silver by going monochrome. Overall, black overalls are ideal for work.

6. White Overalls

You can also consider rocking clean white overall outfits. White provides a perfect and cozy look during summer and winter. Feel like a fashionista while rocking white overalls, giving out that keeping it light during summer or cladding an all-white coat.

7. Bright Colors

If you are bold enough, you can dare to wear overall with bright colors. Look, no one ever said that we should all look calm in our overalls. Once in a while, turn heads with bold and gorgeous colors on your overalls. Alternatively, you can rock floral imprints to break the monotony of solid colors.

Also, you can opt for patterned overall to simply make a statement. Some excellent patterns to rock include stripes, polka dots, and embroidery. Accordingly, colored and patterned overalls won't make you predictable.

8. The Bodysuit

A modern version of overalls is the bodysuit. To some, this might not qualify as overalls, but the point is their coverage is similar to overalls, maybe just being light wears. This type is easy to pull on in a hurried morning while assuring an all-day trendiness. Adding to their gist, you'll find this type in short or long sleeves, thus versatile to different styles.

Styling Overalls By Themselves

Having identified the different types of overalls, you already have basic ideas of rocking overalls. By themselves, you can wear overalls of different types on different days and still manage to remain relevantly fashionable. Nonetheless, with a single type of overall, you can style it by itself as follows:

1. A Button-Down Style

A basic way of how to style overalls is having one button-down for a casual vibe. This design is similar to having a button down on your shirt to offset an official vibe. Buttoning down is a cool yet simple approach to adding a touch of class, especially with denim/corduroy overalls or any casual set of overalls with buttons.

2. Hang One Strap

Another way to spice up your overalls wardrobe is by leaving one strap undone on purpose. Overall, outfits with a hanging strap exhibit a relaxed and easy-going attitude. To some, this may appear unkempt, but you can complement this look with a ponytail or bun to slick your hair. As such, use the best natural shampoo to keep your hair healthy and long for a stylish overall look.

3. Roll Them Up

Be it on the long sleeves or pant overalls, rolling them up is a cute and ingenious way to hack fashion. This style will draw attention to your ankle accessory or shoes for overall pants. Alternatively, you can roll the long hand sleeves of your utility outfit to create a relaxed fashion aesthetic. Notwithstanding the vibes from rolled sleeves, it is inadvisable to do this when it's cold.

Styling Overalls with Other Garments

1. Have a Shirt Around your Overall Waist

At the heart of understanding how to style overalls is a simple shirt around your waist. You can use your bright checkered shirt to tie around your waist in light of spicing up your outfit. A pair of overalls paired with a shirt around the waist is easy yet lovable. If you are laid back, it can add confidence to your look on casual, especially on casual hook-ups.

2. Style with a Shirt

Another easy way to style overalls is by pairing them with a shirt or blouse. The first kind of shirt to consider is a short-sleeve shirt. This is the easiest yet most flexible shirt combination to suit different occasions. For instance, you can don a loose short sleeve shirt for a friendly occasion or a tight short sleeve for a formal and more chic impression.

If you love wearing black, you can rock a black shirt to add class to your classic denim overalls. Another shirt alternative is a striped shirt to add fun to your distressed overalls. Stripes of any kind or leopard prints are a great way to style overalls with little effort.

3. Combine with a Crop Top

Another intuitive way of styling overalls is combining them with a crop top. You can wear overalls with a crop top to show some skin, especially for a more chic impression. Ideally, the short length of the crop top will work well with baggy overalls while keeping one strap down. Such a look will help you obtain celebrity aesthetics.

Also, a crop top will transform your overalls to look more feminine by making you feel sexy. Other top alternatives to be worn without appearing swamped in baggy overalls include tank and long-sleeve tops. A tank top would be an ideal outfit combination while going for a casual walk, while a long-sleeve top can be a substitute for a cold day.

4. Layer with a Bra

Especially during the summer, layering your overalls with a bra can make you feel comfortable. This look is sexy but rather daringly stylish. You can also use the bra layering trick to look more carefree amid casualness.

The best approach to this style is wearing a plain bra that won't shout attention while still flashing skin. Also, you can combine it with a sports bra for comfort and an extra edge to the regular bra. Moreover, having a bra with designer-label will help boost your confidence in the efforts of remaining fashionable. Therefore, while using the bra, you can choose to work with a sleeve down or not.

5. Styled with a T-Shirt

You can also wear overalls with a simple T-shirt for a relevant and fashionable look. This style is highly versatile for different occasions, during the day or at night. Additionally, this poise can work well with plain or patterned overalls. Finally, you can simply add a jacket to match your MO if it gets cold.

6. Wear with a Vest

Like a bra, a vest is a simple addition with a bold fashion statement. A vest underneath your overalls is a smart way of adding some warmth without donning bulky additions. As such, you can wear a puffer vest or utility vest underneath your long sleeve shirt. Alternatively, you can wear overalls with a simple vest on a hot day.

7. Wear an Off-the-Shoulder Top

Overalls can also be worn with an off-shoulder top to show some skin. Learn how to keep your skin shiny and silky with a body scrub. This poise is fashionable yet fun, especially when hooking up with your friends. While wearing overalls with an off-shoulder, it might require you to combine with suitable layering options as part of remaining comfortable.

8. Try Denim Upon Denim

Denim in itself never disappoints. While wearing denim overalls, you can add a denim jacket or shirt on top. The trick about this poise is to keep your denim additions unbuttoned and similar in color. To break the blue denim tone, you can use a bright accessory like a bright shoe or jewelry.

9. Wear Overalls with a Jumper

Want to remain stylish in overalls during winter? You can choose to wear a jumper or hoodie on top of your overalls to keep warm. This flair is similar to having a layering long-sleeve top for an overall. To go beyond the mere concept of a jumper, you can go bold with bright colors on top of black denim overalls to look more fashion-forward.

10. Combine with a Chunky Sweater

Besides using a jumper or hoodies, you can opt for a chunky knit sweater. You might appear a bit dressed up than a sweatshirt, but it's all for comfort and warmth. If a chunky sweater is too bulky for you, you can go for a stylishly comfy yet warm sweater. For instance, you can look super cute dressed in a leopard mule sweater while still keeping warm.

13. Style with Accessories

Furthermore, overalls paired with different accessories can still bring the best out of you. Simple extras like scarves and hats can go a long way in transforming your ordinary overalls. For instance, you can throw a red scarf and a white chic-bucket hat onto your blue denim overall outfit.

Overalls with a Chic-Bucket Hat

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Styling Overall with Footwear

1. Dress up with Heels

Wearing heels with overalls can be a daring way to rock a relaxed look. Heels basically add extra inches to your height while providing a dynamic fashionista impression. Also, heels add a feminine touch to the traditional industrial impression of overalls. The trick is to pair your overalls with a cozy pair to maintain comfort.

2. Style with Sandals

On a calm and relaxed evening, you can experiment with socks and sandals. This flair might seem trickier to achieve, but the secret lies in matching the color of your socks to your top. Another way to rock sandals is with an overall dress or shorteralls. In such instances involving many articles, staying color-neutral will help avoid clashing or looking like a clown.

3. Wear with Sneakers

You can also style your overall outfit with sneakers to remain cool. This look works especially when you have gone all out with your makeup as a way of balancing femininity. White, blue or dark denim overalls and a pair of white sneakers might do with this style. Another tip for making the sneakers work with your outfit is showing some ankle.

4. Style With a Pair of Boots

Finally, on how to style overalls with shoes, you don a good pair of leather boots. This, in particular, can work with utility overalls coupled with knee-high pair of boots. This look will make you feel snuggly yet stylish, especially on evening and night hook-ups. Check Olivia's boot and jumpsuit combination to get an idea of this combination.


A pair of overalls is single-handedly simple yet versatile for different occasions. Depending on where and when you want to wear overalls, you can choose the most appropriate poise on our list to boost your sense of fashion. Luckily, with overalls, you can also get creative with any other outfit that you feel will complement your urbanity and aesthetics.

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