If you're wondering if tan accelerators work, keep reading. This article will explain how tan accelerators stimulate melanin production and whether or not they're a good replacement for sun protection lotions. While these products can produce a tan in minutes, they aren't a good substitute for sun protection lotions. While

Have you ever wondered if you can put tanning lotion on your face? If so, you're not alone. You may have several questions about this topic, including whether it clogs pores or damages micro-circulation. Keep reading to discover the answer to these questions and many more! Let's get started. Is

If you have pale skin, the sun may not seem like your best option for getting a tan. To avoid overexposure, you need to protect your skin by wearing higher SPF sunblock. Also, avoid going out in the midday sun, as this can cause sunburn. Instead, try using a tanning

Summertime brings endless outdoor activities, and it is important to keep in mind that the sun's intense rays can be harmful to your skin. UV exposure can damage your skin significantly and irritate you. Therefore, knowing the lowest UV index to tan is important when preparing for your summer vacation.

When is UV 7 good for tanning? The perfect UV index for tanning is 7.5 or higher. For the best results, try tanning outside after 5 PM, when the weather is cooler. This time of day has a lower UV index, but the sun's rays are still strong enough to

How safe is it to use indoor tanning lotion outdoors? Will it enhance the effects of UV rays? And does it dehydrate you? Find out in this article. It's possible to use indoor tanning lotion outside and keep your skin protected. However, you should follow certain precautions. All users should

What is the health risk of Pluralibacter Gergoviae, and why is Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer being recalled? Read on for information on the reformulated lotion and its lot numbers. If you are not sure what this product recall means, you should visit the official website for more information. Here is

The basic principle behind tanning beds is using UV lamps to produce ultra-violet (UV) radiations that trigger the body to produce melanin faster. A normal tanning bed contains between ten and fifteen lamps that use between one hundred and two hundred watts of current to illuminate the tanning bed surface.

You probably wonder what happens to your skin if you don't apply lotion. The effects of a lack of lotion on your skin are extensive. This article will address why you should use body lotion and hand lotion to remove rough calluses and a lack of glimmer and shimmer. If

If you're worried about whether or not lotion is allowed on board an airplane, you should know that it is! The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) considers it a liquid and allows it to be carried on board in small bottles and quart-sized bags. But what if you'd like to take

Body lotion and cream are different kinds of skincare products. While body creams are thicker, body lotions are lighter and less oily. As a result, if you have dry skin, a body cream may be better. Here's how they compare. The body lotion is ideal for everyday maintenance. Apply it

If you have never used a tanning bed before, this article will give you the scoop on how to get the most out of your tanning session. Here, we'll walk you through the dos and don'ts of tanning, such as how long to spend in the tanning bed, avoiding tan