If you are pregnant and experience dry skin on your face, you might be wondering how to treat it. You might not even be aware that pregnancy is known to cause a sudden outbreak of skin conditions. Read on to learn about the causes, treatments and lifestyle tweaks to address

There are several different guidelines for applying moisturizer to the face. The directions on the product label will usually tell you that you should use a nickel-sized amount. If you don't understand the directions, use a visual guide or read detailed notes on the product. Apply moisturizer to your face

If you apply sunscreen at night, you are likely protecting your skin from harmful UVA rays that can cause sunburn and other problems. But it is important to remember that sunscreen is not a night cream. Night creams are made of beneficial ingredients for the skin type. You may not

If you've ever wondered how to use hard wax at home, you've come to the right place. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using hard wax at home. It will also provide tips on preparing the skin, using a wax warmer, and applying the wax. Here are

How often should you get a facial? There are many factors to consider when determining how often you should visit the salon, but in general, you should aim for one a month if your skin is dry and prone to acne. Stretch out the frequency as your skin improves and

Are you wondering what hormone causes oily skin? Several factors can be caused, including oral contraceptives, hormone replacements, or steroids. Moreover, some people have excessively oily skin due to a poor diet, too much cleansing, or climate. There are also some ways to control this condition. In this article, we'll

You might be wondering, "Why is my face shiny but not oily?" If you want a quick fix for your shiny skin, you can try hydration levels or over-exfoliation. If none of those work for you, see a dermatologist. Your skin could need a stronger treatment such as a chemical

This summer, several factors can affect oily skin. One of these is that women's sebum production is high during their ovulation. To regulate oil production, drink plenty of water. You can also use aloe vera, which soothes the skin and helps regulate oil production. Exfoliating your skin twice a week

The following methods may help you treat eczema on the lips. Mild cases can be treated by yourself using a petroleum jelly-based lip balm. However, severe cases require the help of a physician. The doctor can perform various tests and determine the best treatment for your specific case. Regardless of

A corticosteroid, hydrocortisone, is a common treatment for ear eczema. The corticosteroid, combined with a pain reliever, reduces the itch and discoloration. In severe cases, a Remedywear(TM) balaclava may be used to protect the ears from further damage.Calendula creamIf you have a problem with ear eczema, you might want to

While eczema is difficult enough to deal with during the day, it can become a nightmare at night. It disrupts your sleep, but it can also lead to anxiety and various health problems. This is because cortisol, your body's natural anti-inflammatory, is significantly lower during the night, leaving you without

What can I do to reduce the appearance of lines on my neck? First, moisturize. Apply an oil-free moisturizer to the neck every day and spread it evenly across the front and back. Also, exfoliate regularly to get rid of dead cells and stimulate the growth of healthy new cells.