If you've ever been in the store or online, you've probably wondered, "Is Bath & Body Works cruelty-free?" If you've asked yourself the same question, you've come to the right place. They are cruelty-free, but they also use vegan ingredients, parabens, and free shipping! Keep reading for more information. Whether

PETA recently certified Dove products as "cruelty-free," but does this mean that these companies do not test their products on animals? Whether or not Dove products are vegan or paraben-free is another question. Let's look at both of these issues. While the majority of Dove products are cruelty-free, there are

There are many causes of fibromas, or skin tags, on the eyelids. The most common are simple viral infections and aging skin. Some people also get them during pregnancy, and they usually go away once the baby is born. But there are also other causes, including hormonal imbalances and high

A great way to distinguish between skin tags and moles is to pay attention to the appearance and border. Both types of growths can be infected and may itch when clothing or jewelry rubs against them. On the other hand, dysplastic nevi have smooth, even borders and are usually much

Why do skin tags itch? Although noncancerous, they can be a bothersome nuisance and even lead to inflammatory conditions. This article will explain why skin tags are common among older adults and how to treat them. You can avoid them by learning how to remove them without surgery, which is

If you have tags on your eyelids, several ways to remove them. Among these methods are applying apple cider vinegar, Cauterization, and Ligation. Read on for more information. If you haven't tried any of these methods yet, you may consider trying them out. After all, they all seem to work

The main benefits of microcurrent therapy include minimizing wrinkles, increasing cellular activity, improving lymphatic drainage, and reducing sagging skin. However, there are some risks involved as well. Some people may react to microcurrent. Patients should disclose their medical history before getting the treatment. People with mental or physical limitations should

There are many questions about microcurrent: Can it cause cancer? Is it painless? And can it help heal wounds? In this article, we'll answer these questions and more. And don't worry - we'll answer all of them! So please continue reading to learn more about microcurrent therapy and its benefits.

Infrared saunas are great for weight loss, but can you lose weight from sauna use? How do Saunas increase your metabolic rate, heart rate and calorie burn? Let's find out! Infrared saunas have been proven to increase metabolism and heart rate, which means you'll burn more calories! Whether Saunas will

The benefits of using a dry sauna are numerous. They increase your heart rate, improve skin conditions, regulate appetite, and speed up your metabolism. But what exactly does a dry sauna do? Let's look at some of these benefits. To help you decide which one is best for you, here

How hot is a sauna? There are several things to consider when choosing a sauna. These include the temperature, type, and length. There are also a variety of benefits of using saunas. Read on to learn more about saunas and what they can offer. It may be hard to find

If you wonder how to build an infrared sauna, you've come to the right place. This article will tell you how to build your sauna for under $1,000. We will also cover wood used for benches, heaters, and health benefits. So keep reading for the steps to follow to create