10 Best Self-Tanners for Pregnancy: Natural, Organic, Chemical Free



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Is achieving that perfect sun-kissed glow during pregnancy possible? Well yes, it is possible and SAFE as long as you’re using one of the best sunscreens or best self-tanners for pregnancy. Conventional brands might not develop the best safe self-tanner for pregnancy. But there are cleaner alternatives that don’t contain any amount of plastics, preservatives, artificial fragrances, and even synthetically-derived DHA.

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So are you ready to get well acquainted with these non-conventional yet natural or organic versions of self-tanners for pregnancy? The best part about them is that you can opt for these even when not pregnant. So it’s time to get that desirable tan in the most natural and safest manner whenever you want.

Best Self-Tanners for Pregnancy

1. Beauty by Earth Self Tanner

Beauty by Earth

The first on the list of best self-tanners for pregnancy is the very popular self-tanner by none other than Beauty by Earth. This brand certainly gives the mainstream ones that develop chemical-filled tanners a run for their money. And you know what the most appealing aspect is? That even very fair or pale-skinned women can use this tanning formula and expect wonderful results.

The Beauty by Earth self-tanner for pregnancy is a collection of natural, nourishing, and high-quality ingredients. It gives you a natural tan without causing any sort of harm to your skin. These ingredients include organic coconut oil, green tea extracts, and shea butter. All 100% organic! And the sunless tan is also 100% streak-free.

At the same time, this pregnancy self-tanner is vegan and cruelty-free. So if that matters to you, then bonus points to Beauty by Earth. But what definitely matters is that the formulation has no chemical-based active ingredients, phthalates, and parabens. On top of that, the sun protection provided by non-nano minerals is another thing of importance during pregnancy.

Needless to say, this is safe to use both for pregnancy and outside of it. And you don’t end up looking orange. Nor are you forced to deal with any nasty dark spots, blotches, or streaks.

2. Skinerals Californium Sunless Bronzer

Skinerals Californium Sunless Bronzer

Are you searching for the best bronzer safe for pregnancy? If yes, breathe a sigh of relief because you’ve just hit the jackpot. The Californium Sunless Bronzer by Skinerals gives you a natural-looking, beautiful sun-kissed glow. Minus any blotches, streaks, or an orange tint.

This self-tanner comes in the form of a light-scented whipped mousse. The bronzing formula contains shea butter, orange peel oil, lavender oil, and vanilla bean extract. All-natural ingredients here transform your skin into something fresher, smoother, and toned.

It’s a suitable choice for lighter skin tones as well, in case you’re wondering. The tanner has a lightweight consistency, which makes application all over the body much easier. The foam formula even dries up very quickly and has a pleasant, soft smell.

No parabens, no sulfates, and no animal testing. The product is vegan and packed with all kinds of earth elements and minerals for revitalizing your skin. Skinerals is a good choice even for those suffering from skin irritability.

If you ask me, it’s the perfect tanning solution for pregnant women looking for an all-natural, organic bronzer.

3. Golden Star Beauty Sunless Tanning Oil

Golden Star Beauty Sunless Tanning Oil

Here’s yet another of the  best safe self-tanners for pregnancy, but in the form of tanning oil. The special organic formulation consists of only natural and pure ingredients that produce a safe tan. So what are these ingredients?

The organic stuff added to the tanning oil includes jojoba oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil, and evening primrose oil. Then there are organic extracts like meadowsweet extract and calendula extract. Along with hyaluronic acid. Now, how many self-tanners have you come across with the best skin-hydrating ingredient known as hyaluronic acid? Not many I suppose!

Even finding a self-tanner with so many different types of natural and organic ingredients is impossible. You’re looking at not only a safe tan but one that is also golden bronzed. Without the unpleasant smell of fake tans!

The formula is quick-drying. Even though it’s a tanning oil, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. The fade capacity is also perfect. Just keep in mind that if you want to achieve a dark, deep tan with this one, then you have to apply the tanning oil 2 to 3 times. Just one application doesn’t do the job. And that is normal when nasty chemicals and harsh ingredients are not used.

4. Sun Laboratories Sunless Tanning Lotion

Sun Laboratories Sunless Tanning Lotion

Does it matter when one of the best self-tanners for pregnancy comes from a self-tanner that’s doctor-recommended? Well, it should when you’re a tanning enthusiast and are preggos at the same time. I’m talking about the Sun Laboratories Sunless Tanning Lotion, which is a blend of natural ingredients.

The self-tanner here creates a sunless tan that’s nothing but natural-looking. And not just that, the formula has the ability to hydrate, revitalize, and even nourish your skin at the time of tanning.

Even more surprising and amazing is the capacity of the tanning lotion to also improve skin elasticity and feel. So your tanning experience here doesn’t produce a negative outcome of any kind.

As for what skin tone the self-tanner is suitable for, the answer is medium, light, and pale. How about having to deal with blotches or streaks? None of that ruins your experience. What is a part of the deal instead is natural-looking golden skin. No matter how fair-skinned you are!

And one more thing I think you might want to know. This sunless tanning lotion goes on very smoothly without drying out your skin. It contains tons of moisture too. All this just means that you can use Sun Laboratories in a dry, cold climate as well.

5. Organitan Sunless Skin Tanning Treatment

Organitan Sunless Skin Tanning Treatment

Brands like Organitan are proof that you don’t need chemical-based ingredients to get that perfect golden bronze tanned look. This organic sunless tanning bronzer gives you a long-lasting, natural-looking bronzed glow.

It’s one of the very few tanning lotions infused with powerful antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. The ingredients used are organic, high-quality, and have moisture retention properties. There’s Indian gooseberry, acai berry, fig extract, goji berry, citric acid, and more. So many powerful antioxidants for complete skin protection!

As for tanning results, your tan is bound to last long. Even without the inclusion of any harmful colors or dyes! The formula dries up quickly and delivers the perfect fade. But what matters the most is that this skin tanning treatment offers no side effects. Instead, your skin benefits from using a highly moisturizing, antioxidant-rich self-tanner like this.

6. Tanceuticals CC Self Tanning Lotion

Tanceuticals Self Tanner

This self-tanning lotion, by default, is a one-of-a-kind product. And let me tell you why. It’s because the formula offers color correction. I haven’t reviewed a single CC self-tanning lotion so far, and that too such a popular, effective, and pregnancy-safe one.

Now let me tell you why this is one of the best-rated choices on Amazon and among tanning enthusiasts. First things first, the self-tanner by Tanceuticals creates the perfect natural-looking, beautiful tan. And you don’t even have to go out in the sun or into a tanning bed for such results. No orange or streaky color as well.

The fresh, natural coconut scent takes care of the unpleasant smell of fake tanners. Speaking of coconut, the ingredients used are all healthy and organic to nourish and moisturize your skin. In terms of application, the tanning lotion has the ability to blend easily and dry quickly. Never once do you find the texture to be sticky or greasy during and after application.

Since there are no artificial coloring agents, you don’t have to worry about staining your clothes or sheets either. So that means this is a DHA free self tanner pregnancy. On top of that, It’s a vegan-friendly, pure product without any propylene glycol, mineral oil, and parabens. It's 100% safe to use as a self-tanner for pregnancy.

And one last thing; as a tanning freak (much like me), you certainly would want to know this. This Tanceuticals Self Tanning Lotion produces a tan that lasts for a whole week. Compared to other self-tanners, this does indeed perform better.

7. Thermalabs Sunless Tanning Lotion

Thermalabs Sunless Tanning Lotion

If you have sensitive skin, then you should consider buying this Sunless Tanning Lotion by Thermalabs. It has a way of dealing with sensitive skin and even very fair skin. After all, only organic and natural ingredients are used for skin nourishment.

The best of the lot being aloe vera. Aloe vera has the ability to nurture your skin the most naturally. So while your skin is getting tanned, it’s also getting nourished. And that means a lot whether you’re pregnant or not.

As for pregnant women, this self-tanner is without any harsh chemicals. There’s no lingering artificial chemical fragrance either. Instead, the scent is natural and mild.

With a safe self-tanner like this, you don’t even have to think about spending hours under the sun. Or exposing your skin to the harmful artificial UV rays of tanning beds. That means no sunburns, sun spots, premature aging, etc.

What about results though? In that department, you’re looking at the best gradual tanning lotion safe during pregnancy. This tanning lotion provides instant, gradual bronzing. So you get the ‘golden’ opportunity to decide what tan shade you want to stick with. And every color looks extremely natural, sun-kissed, and absolutely gorgeous.

To sum it up, it’s an organic creamy formula that helps you reach your desired tan with different applications.

8. Miami Gorgeous Self Tanning Mousse

Miami Gorgeous Self Tanning

If buying a tanning lotion is the easiest, then buying a safe self-tanner for pregnancy is just easy. On the other hand, if buying a tanning mousse is difficult, then buying a pregnancy-safe tanning mousse is even more difficult. So it’s time for you to seize the day with this self-tanning mousse by Miami Gorgeous.

It’s a bronzing complex formulated only with high-quality ingredients. Such as Vitamin D, Vitamin C, olive oil, argan oil, elderflower extract, jojoba oil, and coconut oil. So many natural elements replenish your skin during the formation of your beautiful, natural-looking bronzed tan.

It’s a scent-free, streak-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free formulation. The coloring agent is eco-certified DHA and not the chemical kind. So it’s safe for me to declare that this self-tanning mousse is safe for you to use at the time of pregnancy.

The mere fact that the tanning formula is infused with pure, natural oils and vitamins for tanning the skin and making it smooth says a lot. On top of that, the natural radiant bronzing complex creates an instant glowing bronzed tan. And you get to use this product even if your skin type is extremely sensitive. Isn’t that amazing!

9. True Natural Organic Self Tanner

True Natural Organic Self Tanner

Apart from being safe to use during pregnancy, there’s so much to like about True Natural’s Self Tanner. For one thing, it’s vegan, all-natural, and gluten-free. There isn’t a single harmful or harsh chemical ingredient in here that’s not safe for pregnancy, or your skin in general. Even the refreshing lavender scent is all-natural.

The formulation consists of natural sugars derived from vegetables and fruits. What these natural sugars do is react with your skin’s amino acids. The result of this is the formation of a non-toxic tan, which can last for 7 to 10 days. And for a darker tan, re-apply the self-tanner every 3 to 4 hours until you achieve the desired shade.

There are anti-aging elements added too for protecting and supporting your skin. Jojoba oil delivers non-greasy, light hydration. Aloe vera protects your skin against environmental damage while also soothing it. And green tea extracts are packed with antioxidants for fighting against aging-causing free radicals.

On top of that, no harmful chemicals. So how about getting a golden tan without exposing your skin to chemicals or the harmful UV rays of the sun or tanning beds.

10. My Skin’s Friend Organic Self Tanning Lotion Spray

My Skin's Friend Self Tanner

So the last recommendation is ​a great spray tan for pregnancy. The sprayer here coats the skin gently with a light, quick-drying mist to produce a natural-looking, even tan. The absence of chemical bronzers in this one means no streaking your clothes and sheets.

This is one of the cleanest and best self-tanners for pregnancy. The ingredients used are certified organic jojoba esters, liposomes, and lecithin. Needless to say, the formula conditions the skin while it’s tanning. This prevents skin dryness. And since the tanner is free of chemicals, pregnant women can enjoy their tanning session without any guilt.

The five most powerful antioxidants are infused into this organic formulation. There’s horseradish, cocoa, aloe vera, frankincense, and Chaga mushroom. Antioxidant protection is a must at the time of tanning to prevent premature aging. That means you get the benefit of not using any chemicals plus providing your skin with antioxidant protection.

The spray is the easiest to use. In comparison to self-tanning lotions and mousses, the spray form is way more convenient. At the same time, it helps in achieving the desired natural-looking, sunless glow.

Self-Tanners: What Are They? How Do They Work?

Self-tanners make way for sunless tanning, don’t they? And sunless tanning is the safest alternative to sunbathing.

With sunless tanning, you don’t have to soak under the sun, which emits harmful, skin-damaging, and cancer-causing UV rays. So do tanning beds by the way. The only difference is that tanning beds emit artificially produced UV rays that are just as equally harmful as the natural ones.

This means self-tanners create the perfect, natural-looking tanned glow without any amount of sun exposure. It’s also a great choice for pregnant women.

Now let me tell you how self-tanning lotions, mousses, and sprays work. Most tanning products, the conventional ones at least, contain DHA (dihydroxyacetone). When your skin comes in contact with DHA, the chemical darkens the color of the skin. And as these tanned skin cells shed, your tan also starts to fade.

Are These Self-Tanners Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

Like I already told you, most self-tanners are equipped with the active ingredient called DHA. Dihydroxyacetone is an ingredient that affects your dead skin cells in the sense that it reacts with the amino acids present in them. This type of chemical reaction leads to pigment production in your skin’s epidermis layer. And that, in turn, creates the tanned look.

Now you need to understand that DHA is not always derived synthetically. The majority of conventional self-tanners have chemical or artificial DNA, thus not safe to use during pregnancy. But there are many self-tanning formulas infused with natural and organic DHA. Like the one derived from sugar beets and sugarcane.

Although when using other DHA-equipped self-tanners, the chemical kind, only 0.5% or less DHA gets absorbed into your skin. And this much amount is pregnancy-safe. Even so, it’s better to be safer than sorry. And that means choosing self-tanners with only organic, natural ingredients.

Keep chemicals as far away from your body and baby as possible. Apart from DHA, other common chemicals found in tanning formulations that are not safe are propylene glycol, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and artificial fragrances.

Are Self-Tanning Sprays Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

No, they’re not. When you use a spray tanner, the chances of those chemicals getting into your system through your nose (because you have to breathe, right?) are quite likely. You cannot control how much of it gets into your nose, mouth, eyes, and lungs.

So it’s best to stick to self-tanning lotions. Unless you’re using a pregnancy-safe self-tanning spray like the one I’ve reviewed in this post.

What About Tanning Beds? Are They Safe During Pregnancy?

Tannings beds are never safe during pregnancy and even when you’re not pregnant. But even more so when you’re preggos!

The main concern of tanning beds is the high heat. This kind of tanning method drastically increases the temperature of your body to a level that’s not safe for your baby. This explains why pregnant women should not use hot saunas and tubs as well.

At the same time, when you lie back on the tanning bed, it restricts blood circulation in your body. This means blood flow to your baby also gets cut off.

So What Are the Safer Alternatives to Tanning During Pregnancy?

How about ditching the whole idea of tanning in the sun or tanning bed? Instead, you can use pregnancy-friendly self-tanners and bronzers. They keep you from baking in the sun and tanning beds. Plus, these formulas are 100% effective when it comes to achieving the desired natural-looking, sun-kissed glow.

Another safer alternative is a foundation. Pick a foundation 2-3 times darker than your natural skin complexion.

How to Use a Pregnancy Self-Tanner

The rules are very simple and easy to follow. So if you want your tan to look smooth, even, and last longer, then it’s important to keep these instructions in mind before and while tanning.

Exfoliate your skin

Whether pregnant or not, the first rule of tanning is exfoliating the skin. When you exfoliate, what you’re actually doing is getting rid of dead skin cells. So the new skin cells acquire the tan and keep it for a longer time.

So don’t neglect to exfoliate your skin. Especially the dry areas like your knees, ankles, and elbows.

Apply the self-tanner properly

Massage the self-tanning lotion into your skin using circular motions. Apply the self-tanner in sections. Meaning focus on one part of the body at a time; like your legs, arms, torso, etc.

After the application, wash your hands immediately using soap. This keeps your hands from developing stains.

Wipe joint areas with a damp towel

It goes without saying that your ankles, knees, and elbows tend to absorb more than the other regions of your body. So you have to counterbalance this effect by gently rubbing these areas using a damp towel.

Allow the self-tanner to dry

You have to wait for at least 10-15 minutes for the self-tanning formula to dry.

After that, please keep in mind that you should wear light-shaded clothing. Also, make sure these clothes aren’t tight. Along the same lines, make sure you don’t perform any activity that might cause sweating.

The End

Feel free to talk to your doctor about getting a natural suntan or using a self-tanner for a fake tan. You can definitely trust the advice of a medical professional. But there’s no denying that the 10 self-tanners for pregnancy I have reviewed in this post are made of only natural and organic ingredients. They contain zero harmful chemicals, that’s for sure.

So just because there’s a baby growing inside your belly doesn’t mean your skin can’t look sun-kissed. Bronzing safely is indeed possible now!


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