If you are pregnant and experience dry skin on your face, you might be wondering how to treat it. You might not even be aware that pregnancy is known to cause a sudden outbreak of skin conditions. Read on to learn about the causes, treatments and lifestyle tweaks to address

Stretch marks can be defined as indented or colored lines on your skin. They commonly appear during pregnancy due to the stretching and expansion of the skin as well as caused by weight loss and gain. Although stretch marks are completely natural and extremely common, the best way to prevent

I’m pretty sure you already know that, during pregnancy, the skin becomes extra sensitive. All the more reason to not skip sunscreen, right? But can you use just about any sunscreen or self-tanner for pregnancy when you know that some of them contain questionable components? The answer is NO. That's why you

Is achieving that perfect sun-kissed glow during pregnancy possible? Well yes, it is possible and SAFE as long as you’re using one of the best sunscreens or best self-tanners for pregnancy. Conventional brands might not develop the best safe self-tanner for pregnancy. But there are cleaner alternatives that don’t contain

Your skin changes during pregnancy. The fluctuations in your hormones can be blamed. Coupled with the fact that you are having sleepless nights and stressful days, your skin can end up greasy, itchy, and dry, among other problems. To combat the skin problems, it is recommended that you use the

You thought an increase in the size and shape of your belly is the only physical change that occurs during pregnancy? Maybe not, but little did I know during my time that the face also bears the brunt of carrying a child. And the primary cause of this is hormonal

When the protection of your unborn child is your priority, which it should be, it’s time to rethink the skincare and hair care products you use. In this article, I’m going to review the best shampoo for pregnancy. Cause it’s highly advisable to avoid harsh chemicals that are added to