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Finding the best way to let loose after a tiresome day of work can be tricky. However, since the emergence of inflatable hot tubs, you can take a relaxing bath anywhere. The best inflatable hot tubs are comfortable, durable, and affordable, making them suitable for soothing your tired body.

Nevertheless, it could be challenging to find the best inflatable hot tub. As such, here is a guide on the best inflatable hot tubs and the factors to consider when buying them. 

What Is An Inflatable Hot Tub?

Generally, these tubs tend to be smaller and accommodate two to seven people depending on the brand. In its basic form, it's essentially a tub that you pump up with air. The inflatable hot tub is pre-formed with all the necessary waterways and water jets and can be connected to a heater and a pump unit. The hot tub is not plumbed in to the mains but is filled with water from a hose instead.

We reviewed the best inflatable hot tubs that are easy to set up and provide the ultimate shooting experience.

Inflatable vs. Traditional Hot Tubs

There are two choices you'll come across when considering a hot tub: Inflatable spas and Traditional hot tubs.

They both have their benefits and drawbacks. Inflatable spas are perfect for those not looking to spend too much. They afford you the convenience of portability. In addition, many inflatable hot tubs are easy to set up and take down, which is great if not looking for a permanent fixture on your deck.

Though they may not have as many water jets as a permanent hot tub, the best inflatable hot tubs boast enough air jets to ensure you have a soothing and relaxing experience. In addition, investing in one allows you to get a larger hot tub at a much affordable price than a traditional one.

Traditional hot tubs boast their advantages, like more powerful air jets and often more comfortable seating. In addition, they last longer, too, as they can't be punctured like a PVC material could be. But they often cost over $3,000, with many models costing upwards of $7,000.

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Best Inflatable Hot Tub - Reviews

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The Coleman Saluspa is one of the best inflatable hot tubs on the market, taking only minutes to inflate. An Air Jet system provides bubble jets that create a warm and bubbling environment for four to six people.

The inflatable walls of this spa are UV- and puncture-resistant, which means it is durable. The Tritech material used in the Coleman Saluspa ensures that the spa will retain its original shape even after constant inflation and deflation.

The built-in air chamber in this inflatable tub will keep the water hot. It also has a reinforced cover and safety lock clips for an extra layer of insulation, further minimizing heat loss. This Coleman inflatable tub also has a chemconnect chemical dispenser that maintains a stable chlorine level in the water, keeping it clean.

You can use the soft-touch control panel in this inflatable hot tub to inflate, heat the water and run the integrated water filtration system. The Coleman Saluspa has a rapid heating system that will warm the water up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Alternatively, you can use the automatic power-saving timer in the heating system to get the water temperature up. 


  • Affordable price
  • Durable
  • Comfortable design
  • Cushioned floor
  • Four to six-person hot tub


  • Comes in only one color
  • It might not fit four people well

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The Coleman brand is known for producing the best inflatable hot tubs. This Saluspa Miami hot tub is no exception.

It has a hot tub capacity of up to four people and heats up quickly to a soothing 104 degrees with 120 surrounding air jets. You're treated to a soothing spa experience at the touch of a button, courtesy of the rapid heating system and integrated water infiltration system. The inflatable hot tub features a cushioned floor with a convenient drain valve.

The portable spa features TriTech 3 ply inflated walls designed for durability and comfort. In addition, the inflatable hot tub comes with a reinforced cover with safety lock clips and a built-in air chamber for insulation. Lastly, there are two easy-lift handles to help move the spa pool.


  • Holds up the heat during cold temperatures
  • The hot tub wall is well built
  • Filters are easy to clean
  • Air jet bubbles cool the water pretty quickly


  • Set up process is a little tricky

[amazon fields="B00HRT863U" value="thumb"]

Slip into the Bestway SaluSpa Miami Inflatable hot tub for the ultimate spa experience. This tub gives you the best way to unwind after a tiresome day with 120 bubble jets that will relieve your sore body.

The digital control panel allows you to operate the tub from the inside. So, you won't need to step out of the tub to adjust the water temperature or the water jets' flow. You can heat the water in this inflatable hot tub to up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Bestway SaluSpa also features a power-saving timer that you can use to automate the spa temperature 72 hours ahead. In addition, the tub comes with a cover that you can use to prevent debris like leaves from getting into the water.

You don't have to worry about the Bestway Saluspa Miami getting punctures because it uses puncture-resistant Tri-tech material. In addition, the I-beam build will keep this tub from losing stability or shape even with people sitting on the side walls.

You won't need any tools to set the Bestway Salupa Miami up since it comes with an air pump, facilitating the tub's inflation and deflation. When deflated, this spa is compact, making it convenient to store or transport.

Also, you can easily move the Bestway Saluspa around your space using the lift handles. All these features make this spa one of the best inflatable hot tubs money can buy. 


  • One year warranty
  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy Power-saving timer
  • Easy inflation


  • The instruction manual is not clear
  • It doesn't fit six people comfortably

The Coleman SaluSpa Hawaii is another perfect choice for a quality inflatable hot tub. It takes minutes to inflate and features a rapid heating system that will raise the water temperature to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

The hot water plus the bubble jet massage system make this inflatable tub a treat for your sore muscles. The floor is cushioned for comfort and has 114 bubble jets that create a warm and relaxing environment for up to four people.

Inclusive of a digital control panel, the Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tub allows you to adjust the temperature to your exact preference. In addition, the 3-ply material comprising the inflatable walls provides durability and comfort.

The package includes an insulated cover to keep the water warm and a chemical floater that keeps the water clean. The Coleman SaluSpa Hawaii inflatable square tub is more affordable compared to fixed tubs. That is why this is the best square inflatable tub you will find.


  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good timer function
  • Quality brand


  • You can't use this spa in temperatures less than 39 degrees Fahrenheit

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The Intex PureSpa Greywood Deluxe Spa is among the best inflatable hot tubs on the market. The woodgrain pattern of the Greywood Deluxe Spa will add elegance to your backyard. Featuring 170 high-powered bubble jets, you can pamper yourself in warm, bubbling waters for an outstanding spa experience.

It has a built-in hard water treatment system that makes the water gentler on your skin. It is easy to set up, taking about 20 minutes to get ready for the water. Once you're done relaxing in this tub, you can deflate it, making it easier for you to store it.

This 6-person inflatable hot tub has a wireless control panel that is easy to use. With the push of a button, you can activate the air bubble jets surrounding the spa inside for a refreshing massage.

The Intex PureSpa also features premium headrests for maximum comfort, and a color-changing LED light system to set the mood for relaxation. The LED lights make this inflatable hot tub ideal for night use. If you want a hot tub that won't permanently take up your patio space, the Intex PureSpa Inflatable Hot Tub is the perfect solution. 


  • Stylish design
  • LED lights
  • Comfortable Premium headrests
  • A hard water treatment system
  • Can accommodate up to six people


  • It might not fit six people well enough
  • The cover collects rain in the middle

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The Intex PureSpa Plus is among the best inflatable hot tubs you can get. With a push of a button, this six-person model tub offers a soothing and relaxing experience. It features an easy-to-use control panel that activates 170 bubble jets to provide a refreshing massage.

You can adjust the temperature to as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit for a personalized hot bath experience.

It is easy to maintain the Intex PureSpa Plus with the two filter cartridges that clean the spa water. If these filters wear out, you can quickly swap them out for new ones since they are replaceable. In addition, the in-built hard water treatment system featured in this spa keeps the water gentle on the skin.

The spa is puncture-resistant and long-lasting with durable Fiber-Tech construction and the three-ply laminated material. You will also get a carry bag to facilitate storing and transporting the Intex PureSpa. You can set up this spa in 20 minutes and deflate it after you are done for storage. 


  • Durable build 170 bubble jets
  • Easy to set up
  • Value for money
  • Inbuilt LED lights


  • It's challenging for some users to change the filter

[amazon fields="B083LL68Z5" value="thumb"]

Looking to indulge yourself in the most luxurious spa experience? This Intex inflatable hot tub makes it super easy and provides great value, boasting all the necessary features for enjoying a soothing and relaxing spa experience.

The inflatable hot tub capacity accommodates up to four people. It only takes 20 minutes to set it up, plus the additional time to heat the water, and you're good to go. With 100 soothing high-powered jets, you're assured a comfortable and tranquil experience.

Your purchase comes inclusive of an insulated cover, two filter cartridges, thermal ground cloth, heater/filter/blower system, inflation hose, carry bag, floating chlorine dispenser, and test strip. The thermal cloth aids in minimizing water damage to your indoor floors.


  • Easy to set up
  • Stays warm in cold weather
  • Very durable
  • Temperature can be controlled
  • Hold heat well when the cover is on
  • Comes inclusive of a chemical floater and two filter cartridges


  • Doesn't feature additional padding

[amazon fields="B07MVVK5JK" value="thumb"]

Thinking of hosting friends soon? This is the best inflatable hot tub as it can accommodate up to seven people. In addition, the wood paneling design is sure to look good anywhere you put it.

It features a digital control panel that lets you control the water's temperature, up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This is pretty great, especially for those chilly nights. Plus, the inflatable hot tub is equipped with a power-saving timer that can automate the temperature up to 72 hours in advance.

The Saluspa inflatable hot tub is made from puncture-resistant tri-tech material designed to ensure that the tub lasts long and won't buckle or lose shape when people sit on the edge.

The portable hot tub is pretty easy to set up. All you need to do is inflate and deflate it using its pump. In addition, the tub comes with its cover, which aids in maintaining the water's temperature. Plus, the cover also protects the water from rain and leaves. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Has amazing air jets - the air bubbles are incredibly soothing
  • Comes inclusive of a pool cover
  • Very Roomy and Comfortable
  • Features durable puncture-resistant material and I beam construction
  • The temperature change can be controlled with a digital control panel


  • Causes your electric bill to rise a little
  • Quite Pricey

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The beauty of technology is the convenience it affords you. The Coleman Saluspa Havana stands out as the best inflatable hot tub for its remote control. This allows you to adjust the temperature and massage system remotely.

The massage system releases soothing air jet bubbles creating a warm and bubbling experience. With a hot tub capacity of four people, you're guaranteed an experience that lets you unwind and relax.

The hot tub's wall is made of durable, puncture-resistant Tritech material that aids in preventing damage and retaining its shape no matter how many times it is inflated and deflated. In addition, the material is UV-resistant and covered in a lovely rattan wicker print.

The Coleman Saluspa comes with a pump to inflate and heat it. In addition, the spa pump runs filtration and controls the massage system, along with a ChemConnect chemical dispenser. The ChemConnect dispenser ensures the water remains clean and healthy by providing a stable level of chlorine that is evenly dispersed throughout the spa. Furthermore, the Havana spa comes with a reinforced cover with safety clips for extra insulation. Lastly, the inflatable spa features a power-saving timer, allowing you to heat the water up to 72 hours in advance. 

This one is more suited for families than other inflatables hot tubs as the bubble jets are not very powerful. 


  • The temperature and massage system can be controlled remotely
  • Easy to set up
  • Holds a decent temperature


  • Doesn't have as many bubble jets

[amazon fields="B084Z58FGZ" value="thumb"]

Imagine unwinding the day away and soaking the worries away in your own hot tub... sound pretty great right. Well, if your idea of luxury includes the best inflatable hot tub, this is the ideal choice.

The hot tub capacity is up to six people. In addition, you can control can adjust the temperature, activate the power-saving timer feature, turn on the water filter, and control the air jets from anywhere using the Bestway Smart Hub App.

Unlike most inflatable hot tubs, you can plan ahead and set the temperature at a max of 104 degrees up to three days in advance thanks to the power-saving timer. Lastly,  the Soothing AirJet Plus system has 80 slots that release air bubbles to surround you in a relaxing massage.


  • Easy to set
  • Features fantastic air jets
  • Hot enough to provide a relaxing and soothing experience
  • Holds air well
  • Works well in winter


  • Suffers from air leaks once in a while

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best Inflatable Hot Tubs

Before selecting the best inflatable hot tub, there are several things to keep in mind. The tips in this section will equip you with the knowledge you need to avoid making a costly mistake.

1. The Brand

When buying a new inflatable hot tub, the manufacturing company is an essential consideration to have. Since the introduction of inflatable hot tubs, their demand has been gradually growing. As a result, the number of companies that make inflatable hot tubs has also increased.

This increase in competition has led to improved design, quality, and variety of inflatable hot tubs. Nevertheless, a few companies produce portable hot tubs quickly and cheaply to cash in on the market. Unfortunately, this compromises the quality and integrity of the tubs they produce, making them inferior and not worth buying.

If you take a cheap inflatable hot tub over a branded one, you could end up with a lot of heartache and regret. It is vital to go with the trusted brands that give you long-lasting value to avoid such a situation. These companies invest time and money into developing the best inflatable hot tubs, which earns them a good reputation.

The companies you should consider when looking for the best inflatable hot tub include Coleman, SaluSpa, MSpa, Intex, and Spa-N-A-Box.

2. Dimensions and Person Capacity

The maximum person capacity provided with inflatable hot tubs refers to the number of adults that can sit in the hot tub side by side. That means that if you sit six people in the hot tub, you probably won't have enough room even to stretch out your legs. If you want to make the best of your cash, you need to ensure that the capacity will precisely serve your needs. For your hot tub to be large enough for you to stretch out while accomodating others, consider the following dimensions.

  • 71 "-75" across for a 2 person hot tub
  • 75 "-77" across for a 3-4 person hot tub
  • 77 "-85" across for a 4+ person inflatable hot tub

However, while the exterior dimensions are important, the more crucial dimensions are the inner ones. The walls of inflatable hot tubs are quite thick, which means that the inside is smaller than the outside.

3. Price

Inflatable hot tubs come in a range of prices, the lower end being about $300 and the most expensive, reaching over $1,000. We've categorized inflatable tubs into three groups with prices in mind.

  • Budget hot tubs - under $500
  • Mid-range hot tubs - Under $1,000
  • Luxury hot tubs - over $1,000

Budget inflatable hot tubs are not necessarily inferior models. On the contrary, some of these best inflatable hot tubs are high-quality and can last for years with proper maintenance. Hence making them ideal choices if you only plan to use them for the summer. That said, if you want a more permanent and stylish inflatable hot tub, you could opt for mid-range or luxury hot tub models.

4. Cost of Running

Beyond the initial buying cost, you should think about the running cost. For example, additional expenses for your inflatable hot tub come from water, energy, and chemical costs.

Water Costs - The smallest inflatable tub holds close to 200 gallons of water, while the largest holds bout 300 gallons. So, it is crucial to think about how much it'll cost you to fill your hot tub. Since you'll need to be draining your inflatable hot tub occasionally, the cost of refilling could be constant.

Energy Costs- After filling your inflatable tub with water, you will need to heat it to your preferred temperature. This could take up to a day, depending on the water quantity your tub holds. After heating the water, you will probably want a massage, meaning you'll have to run the massage system. These actions rely on electric energy, which will cost you money.

Chemical Costs - For maintenance, you will need to buy some water-treatment chemicals to keep your hot tub clean and safe to use. These costs are unavoidable.

5. The Massage System

In most inflatable tubs, the massage system comprises a circle of holes inside the tub, at the bottom of the walls. Turning on, the massage system blows air through these holes, which results in a massaging effect. That is why the massage system is also known as an air or bubble jet massage system.

However, the strength of the massage system doesn't depend on the number of air-jet bubble holes. Instead, it relies on the power of the motor unit. Therefore, checking the motor strength is crucial when buying your portable hot tub.

6. Electricity and Safety

Most inflatable jacuzzis run off 110-120V of electricity. So they don't require any wiring, tools, or specialist knowledge to turn them on. All you need is to plug them into a standard household socket to power them.

You should set your portable hot tub at a minimum distance of 12 feet from the socket. This will help prevent the water from splashing into the socket, which could cause short-circuiting or electrocution. Additionally, you mustn't use an extension cable to power your tub.

The chord of most inflatable tubs reaches at least 20 feet long, which should be enough to reach a socket. If there isn't a nearby socket, contact an electrician to install one close to the tub's location.

7. Accessories and Features

Most inflatable tubs come with a range of additional features and accessories included in the price. As a standard, these additions typically include digital control panels, insulated cover, chemical float, thermal ground cloth, and spare filter cartridges.

Nevertheless, some portable hot tubs include headrests, underwater lighting display, LED lights, digital locks, a drinks tray, internal seats, etc. With such accessories in the package, you won't have to purchase them separately for your comfort.

Should You Buy An Inflatable Hot Tub? ( Benefits)

a) Portability

Unlike above-ground pools or solid, permanent ( usually inground) hot tubs, most inflatable hot tubs tend to be portable. Generally, they are not stuck to one place; you can even carry them on your weekend getaway. In addition, some of the best inflatable hot tubs feature a carry bag making it easy for you to roll them up and sling them into the back of your car. Hence, you're ready for your adventure.

What about when the weather drops? If you've got an internal deck or space to take your hot tub indoors, you can have as much fun indoors.

b) Relieve Your Stress

Maybe you've had a long day at work, or you're looking to unwind the week's troubles away. Regardless, having the best inflatable hot tub can come in handy; especially, when some include features like a digital control panel or a heating timer to let you have your water ready beforehand. Some of the brands we've listed above are of the best inflatable tubs, and they boast such features.

c) Hydro Therapy

Some studies suggest that the warm temperature of the water can cause the dilation of blood vessels. Hence, if you've got tight muscles and pressure on joints, spending time in water can aid in relieving the pressure, stimulating relaxation.

Investing in the best inflatable hot tubs can be great for hydrotherapy. Not only will it soothe your body, but it can aid in easing the symptoms of particular heart and blood vessel conditions associated with high blood pressure.

d) Sleep Therapy

When your body is relaxed, you're likely to sleep better. Hence investing in the best inflatable hot tubs that boast features such as soothing air jets and can hold the temperature even when the bubble jets are released to cool the water.

e) Host A Party

Whether it's a party of two or seven, what's great about having the best inflatable hot tub is sharing the experience with someone else. There's something exciting about the camaraderie of sitting in warm water and vibing away. Most of the best inflatable hot tubs are built to accommodate starting from two people. So you can enjoy it with your family, friends or even convert it into a pool for the kids.

f) Accesorize It

To enhance your experience, some of the best inflatable hot tubs feature led lights, drink holders, steps to help you get in and out. You can also set up entertainment stations to play music through a waterproof docking station.

How You Can Benefit From Your Hot Tub Session

It's important to ensure that your inflatable hot is clean and well maintained. The water filtration system should be cleaned and tested regularly. Inflatable hot tubs that are poorly maintained can lead to a skin infection called hot tub folliculitis.

You've probably noticed that people often depicted lounging in hot tubs for long periods in film and social media. However, when investing in your inflatable hot tub, it's vital to note that this isn't safe or ideal.

These are some of the key ways to go about soaking in your inflatable hot tub:

  • Avoid very hot water. Ensure the water isn't too hot, with an absolute maximum of 104°F (40°C).
  • Stay hydrated. You'll notice that inflatable hot tubs make you sweat, leaving you dehydrated. Hence it's vital to drink plenty of water, but avoid alcohol before or during your soak.
  • Limit your time in the tub. Ensure not to sit in too long, especially if not used to it. At the maximum temperature, set the limit at 10 to 15 minutes. You can stay in the hot tub for longer at a lower temperature if you're used to it. 

These are signs to look out for right away indicating you need to get out:

  • lightheadedness, dizziness
  • skin redness
  • nausea
  • shortness of breath
  • Wash afterward. When done, remove your bathing suit and wash with soap and lukewarm water. Don't jump into an icy cold shower immediately, as this could spike your blood pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Inflatable Hot Tubs (FAQs)

a) What Can You Put Under The Inflatable Hot Tub?

When searching for the best inflatable hot tubs, it's vital to think about where you'll place them. Though your hot tub can sit directly on grass or concrete ( only after you've cleared all objects that pose a puncture risk, e.g., sharp rocks or twigs), you'll want to think about investing in an additional layer of protection and insulation. 

The most basic solution is using a heavy-duty tarp, folded or cut to fit the footprint of your tub. However, it's essential to remember that the tarp will become slippery when wet. Foam or rubber tiles can also be bought online or from the home improvement store to create a smooth foundation for the hot tub.

Ideally, a long-term and solid solution that provides insulation is a hot tub pad or ground mat. You can fill the interlocking tiles with gravel to keep them in place and raise your inflatable hot tub off the ground. 

b) What Chemicals Do You Use In An Inflatable Hot Tub?

Similar to permanent hot tubs, you'll need to monitor the water quality in your inflatable hot tub. It is vital to habitually test the pH level and use additives to eliminate bacteria and prevent algae growth. If your hot tub's pH is too alkaline or too acidic, you'll require the use of a pH increaser or decreaser. In addition, chlorine or bromine might need to be added to the water, and a periodic shock treatment is necessary to maintain safe water quality.

c) Can You Use An Inflatable Hot Tub Indoors?

You can place an inflatable hot tub indoors if you've got space indoors and the electrical requirements.

For indoor use, it's crucial to pay key attention to the flooring in the room where you want to put it. If it's carpet or wood, you can decide to lay a plastic barrier down or have plenty of towels on hand to protect your floor from moisture when getting in or out of the tub.

In addition, a full hot tub will be very heavy, so ensure that your floor can hold up the weight. A room on the ground floor tends to be a better choice—and also avoids the risk of water damage to your ceiling in the event of a leak. 

d) Are Hot Tubs Safe For Everyone?

If you have any concerns about usability when buying the best inflatable hot tube, it's worth seeking advice from a medical professional. This is especially vital in the following situations:

  • Heart disease. Soaking in a hot tub can affect one's heart rate and blood pressure. This may be useful to some people with cardiovascular concerns but might not be safe for others.
  • Pregnancy. It's easy to get overheated when pregnant, which can harm you and your baby.

Even though shopping for the best inflatable hot tubs can be exciting, its best to avoid using one if you fall under these categories:

  • Skin injuries. Wait until the cuts, open sores, or rashes have healed to reduce the risk of irritation and infection.
  • Low blood pressure. If prone to lightheadedness or fainting, it's advisable to avoid the hot tub as the hot water could further lower your blood pressure.
  • Urinary tract infection (UTI). Exposure to hot water when experiencing a UTI may worsen your symptoms.


Having the right inflatable hot tub makes it easier to relax and enjoy the company of others. These tubs are a long time investment that you can use for years. That is why it is vital to choose the best inflatable hot tubs. With the pointers in this post, you will get more comfortable choosing one for yourself. With a quality portable tub, you can enjoy refreshing and relieving hot baths with your loved ones.


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