How To Wash Lululemon Leggings



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You probably have walked into lululemon to get leggings, and you are wondering how you will wash them without damaging them. Apart from leggings, lululemon is known for making a variety of activewear that includes jackets, shirts and accessories. The accessories may include yoga mats, bags, hats, and even headbands.

Lululemon products are quite costly that wy you need to know how to maintain them. First, you need to know how to wash lululemon leggings the right way not to ruin the fabric. If you maintain your lululemon clothing, they may serve you for several years. Lululemon clothes are made of quality material that most reviews attest to. If you are not too sure about washing your lululemon leggings, we will discuss a few methods that will give you a kickstart.

How To Wash Lululemon Leggings

Machine Wash Cold Water Method

All lululemon yoga pants and leggings can go well with the machine wash. First, however, you have to know how to do it properly. To start the process, you must turn the leggings inside out to decrease any possibility of them sagging and fading after the cold wash. Washing the leggings inside out is essential since the inside is where you get most of the dirt. In addition, the inside of the leggings get exposed more to sweat and body oils, so getting a deep clean of your lululemon leggings turning inside out is crucial.

Also, please do not machine wash them with abrasive garments such as those with zippers or velcro. That means that they are safe to be washed with other garments. To be extra keen on your lulu leggings, you can put them in a mesh laundry bag before throwing them in to protect them from the rest of your clothes.

Also, be careful not to mix different colors, separate light colors from dark ones or wash each in different loads. Before you start washing, you must prepare the machine for the wash. Scoop one or two handfuls of active detergent and add to your washer.

Wash the items with cold water while spinning them gently, going with the lowest spin possible. Set a timer to ensure everything is cleaned up thoroughly, and after that, you can take the clothes out gently and hang dry them where there is free air circulation but away from direct sunlight. Another option is to put them in the dryer to tumble dry, but this option is not recommended since the dryer heat may make them wear out faster, and they may also lose their softness and elasticity after a few washes.

Hand Washing Lululemon Leggings

Did you know that handwashing lululemon leggings is the best and easiest method to wash lululemon clothing? Here we go, you might put your leggings in the machine wash under the delicate settings, but the washer will still toss the leggings around and eventually damage the fabric.

Going with the handwashing option, you will fill a basin or a sink with cold water. We are not using hot water because high temperatures may damage the lululemon fabrics, so a cold wash will do. Go ahead and add a scoop of powdered detergent, then mix thoroughly to achieve a soapy solution.

We are using a powdered detergent instead of liquid detergent since powdered detergents dissolve quickly into the garment giving it a clean wash. Put the lululemon leggings in the basin until submerged; ensure you do not overload the basin with the leggings. Let them sit for about 15 minutes before you start washing.

The pre-soaking washing instructions are essential in eliminating odors and stains before going in with the scrubbing. After the soak, wash each legging separately as you scrub gently on your hands. Then, you can rub the fabric between your fingers.

After washing them, you can place the items in a faucet to remove the excess detergent remaining on them. Again, remove the excess water from the leggings by pressing them in a towel. Finally, hang them in a clothesline to dry.

Pro tip: Avoid using fabric softener to wash lululemon fabrics, especially if the fabric is sweat-wicking, as it can harm the fabric's sweat-wicking abilities.

Wash And Care Instructions On Lululemon Leggings

Use The Appropriate Laundry Detergent.

There are specific laundry detergents that are used in washing activewear fabrics. You can use the active laundry detergent to wash activewear fabrics and come in powdered form. Also, it is best to use detergents that come in powdered form instead of liquid ones since they dissolve and clean well your lululemon fabric.

Always Turn Your Lululemon Leggings Inside Out Before Washing.

You might find this in your care instructions. If your leggings are pill prone or have colorful patterns, it is best to wash them when they are inside out. The inside of a garment is always dirtier than the out; that is another valid reason to turn it out. Also, turning a garment on its side out can prevent fading or pilling.

Use A Machine Washing Bag For Items That Have Zippers and Buttons.

While washing your lululemon items with zippers or buttons in the washing machine, it is best to put them in a washing bag because they can rub against other items and cause warping, tearing, or pilling.

The bag protects your apparel from accidental abrasion. Most activewear is made with microplastics which are synthetic fibers that deposit into the ocean once you put them into the washer. It is important to use a washing bag since it catches 99.5% of microplastics that may affect marine life if they enter the ocean. Then, you remove the plastics from the bag and dispose of them in the garbage.

Don't Use Fabric Softeners In Washing Lululemon Leggings.

As discussed earlier, using fabric softener on your lululemon leggings will cause more harm than good. The fabric softener tends to cling to your fabric's fiber, causing it to lose its moisture-wicking properties. In addition, it creates a wax coat around the leggings fiber that can also trap odor.

In case you have accidentally put fabric softener in your activewear, it is best to wash it thoroughly with cold water and laundry detergent to remove the fabric softener. Do not let the fabric softener sit for a long time on your clothing since when it gets absorbed into your fibers, it will become hard to remove.

Don't Dry Your Lululemon Leggings Inside The Dryer.

Avoid drying any lululemon items in the dryer. You may want to tumble dry to remove excess water before you hang them out. If you dry your leggings in the dryer, the heat from the machine will cause the fibers in your lululemon legging to warp, thus losing their elasticity. However, you can tumble dry some products on low heat.

Don't Mix Your Lululemon Materials With Towels.

If you wash your lululemon materials with towels, you call for possibilities in pilling and overstretching. The cotton from towels will rub against the lululemon fabric, thus causing pilling or lint in the surface of your fabric. Pilling will make your leggings look worn out. Luckily, you can remove pilling with a fabric shaver.

Don't Wash With Bleach.

If you wash your lululemon leggings with bleach, you are putting them at risk as bleach destroys Lycra and spandex in lululemon fabrics. The chemicals in bleach break down the fibers causing the pieces to lose shape and even retention.

Apart from your leggings losing shape, they will also discolor and end up turning the white fabrics into yellow. If you want to whiten your white-colored leggings, it will be best if you use Oxiclean to remove stains from your wites.

Don't Let Your Fabrics Sit Soaked In The Hamper.

You will find that many activewear fabrics are antimicrobial, meaning they prevent bacteria from existing or growing on the surface. It would be best not to throw wet or sweaty clothes into the hamper. Throwing wet clothing into the hamper can not only cause your clothes to be stinky but also affect other clothing in your hamper. Ensure you hang dry your sweaty clothes first before throwing them in the hamper. If you find that your activewear stinks, you can soak them first in an oxi clean bath before tossing them in the hamper. If the OxiClean fails to work, try adding 1/4 cup of white vinegar to your wash. You can also use baking soda and soak overnight before having your usual wash.

Below is a summary of the Do's And Dont's in washing lululemon leggings

  • Wash your lululemon leggings with other similar fabrics to achieve better results.
  • Do not wash with irritants that may damage the clothing, such as velcro and zippers. Instead, separate colors from unlike ones and wash each load differently.
  • Always check the care and content label of the leggings or yoga pants to have specific care instructions on how to care for them.
  • Always lay flat to dry to ensure the leggings stay in shape.
  • Avoid mixing luon material with cotton.
  • Ensure you use cold water in both the machine and handwashing procedures.
  • While washing in the machine, use a gentle, delicate cycle.


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