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Best Hair Dryer for Curly Hair Types



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We can all agree that having bouncy curly manes does something to spice up your look. Not only do curls make your hair look more voluminous, but they also have a way of complimenting your face. So for wavy or curly hair and absolute frizz control, you'll need the best hair dryer for curly hair.

Those gorgeous curls will need the right hair dryer to blow dry your hair with minimal frizz. Although, the condition of your curls will also largely depend on the quality of shampoo and conditioner you use. Another great way to maintain your curls with a natural shine and frizz-free is acing it in the art of deep conditioning.

Leaving damp hair to dry up while heading to work naturally is not just time-consuming; it's a bit impractical. So you'll need an amazing dryer you can use at home to maintain your hair straight or dry your curls without needing to go to the salon every morning. But, again, we all know how messy our hair looks when we wake up!

If your hair's not wet and just needs a little touch-up for those glorious waves, the best quality flat iron will always come in handy. Unfortunately, a subpar flat iron or blow dryer will damage your hair, with excessive heat damage, frizz, flyways, and excessive dehydration. So investing in the best hair dryers for curly hair is really just investing in your beloved mane- and you deserve it anyway.

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What Is A Diffuser?

If you have curly, thick, or frizzy hair, then you need a diffuser. A diffuser is a hair tool that comes as a hair dryer attachment that dries your hair while efficiently dispersing the dryer's heat to give you bouncy, vibrant curls that keep that moisture and natural lustre.

It looks more like a bowl with prongs attached to it. The flexible prongs attached are used to massage your scalp as you dry or curl your hair around them. Using products such as the curling cream alongside your diffuser come in handy.

Should You Air dry or Use A Diffuser Attachment for Curly Hair?

Air drying is not the best for any hair type, whether you have straight or coily hair. The excess hot air temperature will not only cause undue stretching but will cause frizz and hair damage in the long run. Air drying might take a little longer to do curls; they'll be less defined and sit relatively flatter.

On the other hand, using a diffuser hair dryer will be much quicker and will always give you better curls. However, they can also be a little inconvenient to use. For this, you can partially wet your hair with a bit of product, then use the diffuser attachment to dry your hair without making your curls fall apart and look all fuzzy. Instead, the diffuser hair dryers will gently dry your hair while keeping your gorgeous curls sleek and shiny.

The best hair dryers for curly hair always come with attachments that make the whole difference on different hair textures. This has everything to do with the airflow of the hair dryer. The most popular hair tools (that come included or sold separately) that you'll need to pull off different hairstyles include:

a) Diffuser Attachment

If you're not going to use a flat iron for your waves, a diffuser hair dryer is great for curly hair. The diffuser attachment causes ample air to circulate through to the ends of your hair strands while also diffusing the airstream from your hair dryer to help to maintain and define curls, add volume and prevent frizz.

b) Concentrator Nozzle

Using a concentrator nozzle, you can narrow down the hair dryer's airflow to concentrate and blow air directly on the hair strands for a smooth finish. Concentrators come in different sizes for different purposes:

i) Broad and extended concentrator nozzles are most ideal for a lot of hair that's either thick or long because it helps dry it faster

ii) Short and narrow concentrator nozzles work best for curly and frizzy hair for a sleek blow-dry since it comes with a powerful airflow that's great in taking care of the frizz and dampness

What To Know About A Diffuser Attachment?

  • Deep bowl 

Having a deep bowl helps keep the heat and airflow a lot longer inside the bowl. With ample heat and airflow, you can reduce frizz and flyaways, enhancing your curl definition and speeding up the drying process.

  • Get an excellent universal attachment

The normal diffuser that comes with most hair dryers isn't so great in quality. So always check for a good quality diffuser. Alternatively, if the one coming with your blow-dryer isn't as good, you can check for one that comes with a universal attachment that securely fits your hair dryer.

  • Prongs/grips

Always check for a diffuser that's got little grips and prongs inside. This comes in handy for curl definition, but especially for root lift and bouncy volume.

  • Airflow holes

You want a diffuser that comes with small, strategically placed vents that are evenly distributed for diffused and even airflow. Too much airflow will cause frizz and flyaways, and not having enough will have it take ages to dry or diffuse your curly hair.

How To Use A Diffuser Hair Dryer For Curly Hair?

To get healthy, bouncy, happy hair with graciously defined curls, here's how to use your diffuser hair dryer:

a) Condition your wet hair after cleaning

You might have an amazing blow dryer, but it just won't work as well with dirty hair. For best results, consistently keep your hair clean by removing all the build-up and residue from hair products on your scalp and strands.

Use a good shampoo or have a co-washing hair session. Also, keep your hair as hydrated as possible as you gently detangle it. Then apply ample conditioner.

b) Squeeze out the excess water

Preferably, use a microfiber towel to squeeze out the excess water. Microfiber towels minimize damage from induced friction while squeezing excess water out of your hair. Ultimately, the hair should be damp, just not dripping wet to diffuse.

c) Shape your curls

Using your fingers, gently work through any of the remaining knots to further detangle your hair. Then, gently twist the curls you want into place. Also, be sure not to overdo it since it might cause unwanted frizz.

At this stage, you can use the leave-in conditioner as well to ensure that your hair has the maximum hydration it needs. Unfortunately, this is what a lot of people miss out on when trying to achieve curls frizz-free.

d) Use the heat protectant

You can have all the best ceramic technology dryers for curly hair in the world, but you'll still need a great heat protectant to control and minimize damage. Spray some spritz on your strands to create that necessary barrier between the heat and your hair strands.

e) Grab the diffuser hair dryer

Start diffusing from your roots first by flipping your head upside down. This is the most appropriate way to do it, plus it ensures the maximum volume. Next, move the diffuser in a circular motion on the different sections that you've done in your hair while moving it through the tresses.

Circular motions help ensure that all your scalp and hair have received the same amount of heat to ensure that it's uniformly dry and you have beautiful curly curls. Also, for frizz control and no split-ends, avoid over-drying the ends. Additionally, avoid using a round brush or comb at this point – unless you're really going for the extra big volume.

f) Don't overuse

While using a diffuser attachment, you only need to use the diffuser until your hair is roughly 80% dry. From then, you can leave it to air dry naturally to let it form that nice bouncy finish.

g) Use the holding spray

If you'd like to keep your curls a lot longer, you can use a holding spray to do that. That's entirely optional.

What's the Best Hair Dryer for Different Hair Types?

Different hair dryers are built to best suit different hair textures and hair types. Choosing the best hair dryer boils down to finding the right hair dryer with tools and settings you can customize to suit you. Here are some general guidelines, to keep in mind, of what you to look out for, for specific hair types:

i) Thick/Curly/Textured/Afro Hair

Generally, for this category, look for a hair dryer with 2,000+ watts and one that has an instant cool button to help you thoroughly dry the hair. For people with curly or coarse hair textures, you could go all the way up to 2,500 watts of drying power.

Textured hair is relatively dense and strong, so if your blow dryer is not as powerful, you'll have to keep going through the hair, and ultimately this will cause it to get dehydrated. In the end, your hair becomes more sensitive, develops frizz and gets weak on its ends.

Thick hair will also need relatively high wattage to help move the air through the hair a lot quicker, therefore, decreasing the drying time and potential heat damage from a lengthier process.

Curly hair (3A-4c ) will be best suited by an ionic dryer that comes with plenty of attachments, including a diffuser. This is an absolute must for all kinky and curly hair types, especially if you wish to embrace rock that natural texture. In addition, make sure to have a narrow nozzle attachment that helps smooth down your hair.

Wavy-curly hair (2A-3C ) will also need a diffuser, which is key in distributing the heat evenly while enhancing that natural look. If you don't mean to wear your hair straight, then high wattage in your blow-dryer is unnecessary. Instead, make the lower speeds on your multiple intensity settings to stop the waves or curls from dropping.

Afro hair (4A-4C) doesn't need continuous high heat. This will cause hair damage and breakage. For this reason, always look for the best blow dryer for curly hair that comes with multiple heat settings that use ionic technology. Finally, you can use the cool shot button to set your style.

ii) Fine/Medium Hair

The general rule of thumb here is; the thicker and more coarse your natural hair texture is, the higher the wattage you'll require. However, if you have relatively fine hair, look for hair dryers with a lower wattage. If high heat is used, it can easily damage the fine tresses, so highly consider hair dryers for curly hair that come with multiple heat settings. The positive ion technology in an ionic hair dryer will further help you create the volume and body needed.

If you want to dry your hair quickly and achieve that glass-like natural shine to medium-to-fine hair that's damaged, consider using a hair dryer with at least 1,600 watts of drying power. The pros also advise looking for a hair dryer with a long neck to add bounce or curl to the hair. You can use the neck of your dryer to rest the hair on top so you can adjust the brushwork midsection to get the maximum root lift and extra volume and bounce.

iii) Frizzy Hair

 Ionic technology dryers for curly hair with the cool shot button help seal in the hair cuticles to stop water and moisture from 'fluffing up' your hair.

iv) Hair Extensions

The good news is that you won't need a special kind of dryer specifically meant for synthetic or real hair extensions. The standard good quality hair dryers will generally do a good job for all hair textures and types

[amazon fields="B008QMQXQY" value="thumb"]

The Revlon Volume Booster ionic dryer uses ionic technology comes with 1875 watts of power, three heat settings, and curl-enhancing diffuser attachment. What's more, it uses the negative ions created to minimize frizz on your natural texture.

It's not every day that you'll find such a top-rated hair dryer and diffuser combo at such an affordable price. But, as if that's not enough, this Revlon dryer model comes in plenty of other variations. Ranging from ones that use advanced negative ion technology to ones that use a removable end cap that makes it much easier to clean.

This particular model also comes with both the cool shot button and a cool heat setting feature, which is pretty hard to find in most dryers, let alone one that is this affordable. Overall, it is the most amazing blow dryer on the list.


  • 1875 Watt blow-dry power for voluminous lift and body
  • Volumizing diffuser softens airflow to define natural curls
  • Multiple intensity settings; 3 heat settings, and 2-speed settings
  • Turbo airflow button and negative ions to increase airflow for super-fast drying
  • Cool shot button to set your style
  • Detachable end cap
  • Protective anti-slip bumpers
  • Smoothing concentrator for better drying and styling
  • Diffuser volumizer
  • Affordable


  • Average-looking design
  • Foam filter inside the dryer so it can't be cleaned

The Panasonic Nanoe 1875 Watt professional blow dryer comes in a sleek design with innovative modes. It is one of the best hair dryers that comes top of the contender's list. As a professional-grade and quality hair dryer, it has an impressive frizz control, with most users attesting that it does help give you curly locks that last you through the day.

Of all dryers for curly hair, it's rated to work best for Afro-hair. The Panasonic Nanoe professional ionic dryer uses nanoe technology and negative ions to draw moisture to minimize healthy and hydrated hair damage. It also comes with the hot and cold mode to automatically adjust between hot and cold air while the scalp mode lowers the temperature to dry the scalp area gently.


  • Professional-grade quality ionic hair dryer
  • Double mineral and Nanoe technology
  • Ionic hair dryer to minimize damage
  • 3 pro-quality attachments: Dual airflow quick-dry nozzle to dry hair faster; concentrator nozzle for precise styling; and full-sized diffuser for volume and defined curls
  • Two-speed settings and three heat settings
  • Hot and cold shot automatic control system to help set the style
  • Detachable filter for easy cleaning for peak performance


  • 1 styling nozzle
  • Relatively pricey

The Hot Tools Turbo ceramic dryer is a professional-grade ionic dryer that uses powerful airflow and negative ions. It's uniquely ranked as one of the best hair dryers for curly hair. It comes with six heat settings and six-speed settings, plus a cold-shot feature to lock in the shine.

The Hot Tools ceramic dryer diffuser has extra-long prongs and strategically placed vents which are great if you want to lift the hair from the root for serious volume. This dryer also comes with 6 heat and speed settings, a cool shot feature, an 1875-wattage of power, and uses both ceramic and ionic technology for healthy hair.


  • Both ceramic and direct ionic technology with negative ions for faster drying and frizz protection
  • Powerful 1875 watts
  • Extra-long prongs and strategically placed vents for extra volume
  • Easy to hold
  • Ceramic coated grill for far-infrared heat to seal the hair cuticle
  • Lightweight
  • 6 speed and heat settings
  • Cold shot button
  • Bonus hair tools; Concentrator and diffuser 


  • Diffuser attachment is relatively weak

[amazon fields="B000HHLI8O" value="thumb"]

The Elchim Classic 2001 is a luxe hair dryer that's manufactured in Italy and made to last. It's a pro-grade dryer that ranks high as one of the best hair dryers for curly hair that's powerful emits infrared heat to dry hair quickly and evenly.

Its lifetime durability also comes with a lifetime warranty to help in the unlikely event that anything fails. Unfortunately, the diffuser attachment needs to be purchased separately, but most users say it's still one of the best blow dryers that's definitely worth it. 


  • Works well with thick, coarse hair
  • Most durable dryer
  • Professional-grade quality
  • Powerful AC pressure motor that's designed for heavy use
  • High-performance heating, for even heating, less energy consumption, and time
  • Precision Concentrator nozzle included
  • 9 ft long cord
  • Infrared heating for minimal damage
  • Has 3 colored removable lint filters
  • Includes a beauty bag for portability
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No Cold shot button
  • Relatively pricey

[amazon fields="B00BIGARH6" value="thumb"]

Drybar Buttercup blow-dryer is another top-ranking dryer that's made for the pros by the pros. It also bags the highest rank as one of the best hair dryers for curly hair that's also thick. It comes with an ultra-powerful motor to deliver fast, efficient, and long-lasting blow-outs.

It also uses three heat settings and a Nano-ionic technology to help break up the water and reduce drying time. In addition, the nanobeads emit powerful negative ions to seal and smoothen the hair cuticle.

Ultimately the whole process helps to reduce frizz while increasing the shine and trapping the moisture for healthy hydrated hair. The purchase includes 2 concentrator nozzles for concentrated airflow and 1 wider nozzle to help hair dry faster, especially if it's longer or thicker hair.

The narrow nozzle is also great for bangs and fringes. Additionally, as one of the best blow dryers, it operates at 120 volts and comes with a 9-foot cord and hang loop. 


  • Best for thick, coarse hair
  • Light grip
  • Quick-dry hair tools that don't just dry but condition natural curls
  • Ionic technology that uses negative ions to seal the hair and reduce frizz
  • Three heat settings and two power settings
  • Cool shot feature
  • Wave heater for uniform heat distribution for faster and drying
  • Professional 9 ft cord
  • 2 concentrator nozzles


  • Doesn't come with the bounce diffuser attachment
  • Relatively pricey

You can never go wrong with Remington dryers. The Remington D3190a Damage Protection ceramic hair dryer is especially great for curly or wavy hair.

This ceramic-coated grill dryer boasts not only dries hair quickly but also creates soft and bouncy curls. It features an 1875 watt motor and different heat and speed settings, so you can easily find the right speed and temperature for different styles and textures of hair.

The grills of this dryer are infused with micro conditioners to provide more protection compared to other hair dryers. These micro conditioners are released into airflow when the dryer is turned on, and they are then transferred to your hair. The tourmaline ceramic technology, ceramic coated grill, negative ions, together with the conditioners, will also in preventing hair damage as well as maximize the shine on your hair.

Unlike the other Remington dryers, it comes with a diffuser and a narrow concentrator that's included in the purchase for perfect styling and drying. Cleaning the Remington hair dryer is also easy due to a removable filter on its rear end. All you will be required to do is to pinch the cap sides to remove the filter then remove dust and other particles. 


  • Affordable
  • Diffuser is included
  • Prevents heat damage
  • Not as noisy
  • Ceramic technology for fast-drying power
  • Versatile
  • Tourmaline ceramic technology to minimize breakage and maximize on shine


  • Shorter cord length

[amazon fields="B07GZWQDPR" value="thumb"]

The Revlon 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryer is another hair dryer that is perfect for your hair drying needs. It uses infrared heat technology that gives maximum drying, softness, and shine. Moreover, it is designed using a tourmaline ionic technology that helps in reducing frizz and enhancing the shine.

The triple ceramic coating helps reduce heat damage and provides even heat distribution. It also features two different heat and speed settings, making it reliable and easy to control for all types of hair. The Revlon 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryer also comes with a volumizing finger diffuser and a concentrator for styling and drying your hair.

It also features an ergonomic handle for easy handling of the hair dryer. It is also super lightweight, meaning your arms would quickly get tired from holding the drier. The cold shot button and the three layers of ceramic coating helps prevent frizz and hair damage. If you're looking for a way to make your curls pop in no time, then you should consider getting this dryer.


  • Maximum softness and shine
  • Comfortable grip
  • Reduces frizz
  • Infra-red heat and negative ions for quick-drying
  • Affordable
  • Maximum control


  • The quality of some parts is average

Conair's products are known not only for their affordability but also for their durable construction and availability. The Infiniti Pro is one of the best Conair products because it comes with an 1875-watt salon-power motor that delivers faster drying times and professional results.

It uses ion technology to reduce frizz and ceramic technology to provide uniform heat, which helps in enhanced hair damage control. In addition, the ionic technology enables the hair dryer to emit negatively charged ions that attract the positive charge ions in the water, which makes wet hair dry faster. It also helps seal the hair cuticles, leaving the hair looking nourished and glossy.

It features three heat settings, two-speed settings, and a cool shot button that makes it suitable to blow dry any hair type and texture. This dryer also comes with a concentrator nozzle that helps soften the hair and a diffuser that works wonders. So if you're looking to achieve perfect frizz-free curly hair, then you should consider getting this dryer.


  • Multiple heat and speed settings
  • Blow-dry with reduced frizz
  • Easy drying using ionic technology
  • Detachable filter
  • Powerful wattage
  • Gives shiny and soft hair


  • Heavier and louder

The Bed Head Curls in Check diffuser hair dryer promises intense volume and texture to your stands. It uses a tourmaline ionic technology that prevents frizz and makes the hair ends smooth. It is one of the best hair dryers for curly hair that's impressively lightweight, at less than 2 pounds, which means that it is less likely to leave your arms feeling sore.

The Bed Head Curls in Check diffuser hair dryer features three heat settings, two speeds, a removable diffuser, and a cool shot button. The round and flat shape of the dryer adds volume and definition to the hair and makes curling easier. In addition, its 1875 watt motor makes it quite powerful for drying your hair.

You can use the Bed Head curls dryer in two different ways. One, you can use it without the diffuser attachment to dry all your hair. Alternatively, you can also use the Bed Head Curls hair dryer with the diffuser to maintain the curls and add volume.


  • Easy to use
  • Great for both long and short hair
  • Powerful
  • Versatile with different airflow settings
  • Compact design and light structureDurable make


  • Relatively noisy
  • Might not be the best for very thick hair

[amazon fields="B07JBLHB37" value="thumb"]

You've most probably heard of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer that's widely known for its sleek design, powerful motor, and perfect stream of controlled air temperature. This makes it one of the best hair dryers designed to dry hair faster while minimizing damage. In addition, thanks to its advanced ionic technology, it is ideal for all types and textures.

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer features an automatic control system that measures the air temperature to prevent overheating. As a result, this hair dryer will always remain cool to the touch regardless of the four heat settings you're using. In addition, it is super lightweight and incredibly efficient in the drying process.

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer also comes with a diffuser to add bounce and curls to your hair. With this hair dryer, you will have the ability to combat frizz while also protecting your curl pattern.

It has a tiny motor located at the handle of the dryer. Overall, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is one of the best hair dryers for curly hair if you want to splurge.


  • High-speed airflow for fast drying
  • Lightweight and balanced
  • Great airflow
  • Four heat settings
  • Easy to hold
  • Easy to clean
  • Relatively quieter


  • It might not fit six people well enough.

How Do You Choose the Best Hair Dryer For Curly Hair?

A) What is your hair type?

Mostly for thick curly hair, the ionic or the tourmaline dryers are considered the best. This is because they provide a gentle airflow that helps prevent tangling of the hair. For thin hair, ceramic or porcelain are considered to be the best. These technologies will make your curls more manageable because they reduce frizz.

B) What's the power capacity?

When the power capacity of your hair dryer is higher, the faster it will dry your hair. For thick and long curly hair, hair dryers with a power capacity of between 1800 to 2000 watts tend to be the best.

C) How heavy is it?

Another crucial factor to consider is the weight of the hair dryer. You don't want to strain your arms while drying, especially drying your hair. A small and lightweight blow dryer is considered easier to hold and operate.

D) What type of Hair Dryer is it?

There are several different types of hair dryers for curly hair. They include;

i. Ionic Dryer

This type of blow dryer is recommended for thick and long hair. This is because this dryer can break the water particles in the hair, causing the moisture to evaporate, which in turn leads to a faster drying process. In addition, it closes the cuticle and removes moisture from the hair leaving a sleeker finish and defined curls.

There are some ionic hair dryers that combine titanium or tourmaline, which helps in reducing frizz by neutralizing the static charges. However, these dryers are not suitable for thin hair.

ii. Ceramic Blow Dryer

The best hair dryer for curly hair is made from porcelain or ceramic clay material. This is because they heat up stat and gives good heat at the end of the nozzle or diffuser. It emits negatively-charged ions together with hot air. One of the main advantages of these blow dryers is that it disperses heat all around, and the temperature remains stable. Hence one of the best dryer types for curly locks.

iii. Titanium Dryer

These types have a heating coil made from titanium metal. Although they are not safe for fine hair, they dry faster than most dryers. They are great for thick hair and are lightweight. However, it is not recommended for damaged or sensitive hair since it is a boiling dryer.

E) What accessories does it come with?

You might find a blow dryer that comes with extra accessories or attachments. For example, the dryer may come with extra items like a diffuser, a concentrator nozzle, or a straightening brush. There is no better deal than getting a dryer with such extra accessories because they come in handy for your curls.

F) How much is it?

This is another crucial thing you should consider before making your choice. Then, you can compare the price tag and the features to find one within your budget and one that matches your needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on the Best Hair Dryer For Curly Hair

1. What type of hair dryer is best for curly hair?

The best hair dryer for curly hair is the Remington D3190a Damage Protection Ceramic Hair Dryer. This dryer is known for blow-drying hair faster and creates soft and bouncy curls with the 1875 watt motor. The different speed and heat settings also make this hair dryer customizable.

2. Can you use a dryer on curly hair?

Yes, you can use a hair dryer to dry your hair or as a styling tool to make your curls defined and shiny. Furthermore, using a hair dryer on your curly hair adds heat to the bonds and breaks them as a chemical relaxer. However, it would be best if you were very careful as it can easily cause damage to your hair cuticle.

3. Will blow-drying damage my hair?

Blow drying can easily damage hair. However, if you use a heat protectant every time you're using a dryer and use it less frequently, it will help minimize the damage. Moreover, using a deep conditioner or treatment will also help.

4. Can you blow-dry hair yourself without going to the salon?

Yes, you can easily use the hair dryers at home. However, you have to be careful about which one you get. You need to find one that is lightweight and has a comfortable so that you won't have to strain your arms. Also, it is essential to read the manual properly before using them, especially if you have no experience using hair dryer.

5. Does blow drying destroy curls?

Blow drying your hair using the wrong dryer can easily damage your curls. There are a number of dryers in the market that are designed for curly locks. Some of them come with a diffuser and a nozzle attachment that distributes the heat and air vents evenly.


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