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April 17, 2021

Great Clips Prices

There are many things, good things the giant hair salon Great Clips is popular for. One of those reasons takes the form of the Great Clips prices. You’re dealing with affordability at its best here.

The combination of good value and affordability goes a long way, which it has for Great Clips. After all, the first hair salon was established in 1982 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And now in 2019, there are Great Clips parlors in over 4,000 locations spread across both the US and Canada. The company employs more than 40 thousand stylists.

So all this growth and popularity definitely point in the direction of the hair salon providing professional-quality services. And these services, just so you know, are open to all. This includes women, men, and children.

Now allow me to get to the point right away.

Great Clips Prices

Here are the Great Clips prices 2019 you have been searching for. These are the standard, up-to-date rates the hair salon charges. The prices are highly unlikely to differ from one location to another. So if you search for “Great Clips prices near me”, chances are they’ll be just the same as these below.



For adults


For children


For seniors




















Beard Trim


Neck Trim


Bangs Trim




Conditioning Treatment


As for Great clips hours of working, all hair salons in all locations open at 9 A.M. and close at 9 P.M. during weekdays. And on weekends, they open at the same time but close earlier by around 6-7 P.M. depending on how busy it gets and the location.

Why Great Clips Is So Popular

When it comes to offering professional, personalized hair care, Great Clips meets all demands. Each Great Clips salon in the US and Canada is a part of the big franchise that operates under the brand name. So no matter which location you pick, you’ll be walking into an original Great Clips establishment.

Every salon has a very friendly, calm, and low-key vibe. The services the parlor provides are also more than just satisfactory (more on this in the next section). Each Great Clips salon is accessible and simple. Accessible considering that the place is open to kids, women, men, and seniors. And simple because of its affordable prices.

But just because Great Clips is so accessible and simple doesn’t mean it’s not a technology advanced place of business. The proof that the major hair salon company is innovative in terms of technology takes the form of their “Online Check-In” services.

In the year 2011, Great Clips gave its customers the opportunity to check-in online using their Android or iOS smartphones. This means happy customers get a wonderful and convenient opportunity to add their names to the salon’s waiting list before actually visiting the place.

Even using the app is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is open the app and allow it to automatically determine the nearest Great Clips parlor. Once that happens, you check-in immediately for reducing your waiting time.

Additionally, there’s this thing called Clip Notes. It was added in 2014 and what the feature does is allow the professional Great Clips stylists and hairdressers to create customer notes with their preferences. These notes are a part of a huge Cloud base shared by the franchise. And they can be accessed at every Great Clips salon, no matter the location.

Moving along, just the sheer size and great popularity of the Great Clips company alone are enough as intriguing factors. Think about it logically. Why would business investors willingly carry the name of Great Clips forward when they can just as easily establish their own shop? Something to think about, isn’t it?

The truth of the matter is that the Great Clips experience is much loved. But the most important takeaway is that the Great Clips service costs are a bargain in comparison to other major hair salons in the US and Canada.

Great Clips Professional Services

The hair care salon offers a list of different styling and haircut services. Like I already told you, they are open to children, adults, and seniors; both women and men. Seniors and children get to enjoy discounted rates. As a client, you simply have to walk in and demand your service. Meaning appointment times are not a necessity.

As for the quality of the haircuts, no doubt it’s exceptional. Quick, professional-grade haircuts are part of the experience. Great Clips is a popular hair salon not just for women but also for men. It even gives men-specific hair salons like Sport Clips a run for their money.

The hair care services Great Clips is the most popular for include hair trims and haircuts. You also get to trim your beard, neck, or bangs at a pocket-friendly cost. Shampoo and hairstyling are provided as well.

Great Clips conditioning treatments are also very appealing. These treatments work best for those with dry hair, frizzy hair, and overly-styled hair. They make your hair soft and smooth again. After all, professional-quality hair products are used in all the salons. Such as American Crew, TIGI, Tea Tree, Nioxin, Matrix, Paul Mitchell, GRIT, Sexy Hair, Redken, and Joico.

A few establishments of Great Clips offer additional services like perms and wave treatments too. Whatever the demand, the professional, well-trained stylists deliver quick, personalized services that are solely based on your request and history added to the Clip Notes cloud database of the company.

Great Clips History

The first Great Clips establishment opened in the year 1982. And this Minnesota-based company has only expanded over the past decades. Thanks to their average prices, friendly service, basic and professional hair care, and convenient operating hours.

The very first 1982 Great Clips hair salon opened near the University of Minnesota as a college-campus parlor. But it did not take time to open two more nearby within just 3 months. As for the first franchised Great Clips salon, it opened in the year 1983. The founder/barber/franchisee is David Rubenzer.

Currently, there are more than 4,000 Great Clips establishments across the United States of America and Canada. And over 40,000 people employed under the brand name. This just goes to show how much people value affordable hair care.

Apart from that, you might also like to know that Great Clips practices philanthropy. They have developed many programs that focus on “giving.” Giving back to cancer patients, war veterans, domestic abuse victims, and other charitable organizations.

Time to Head to Great Clips Then!

So now you know that budget-friendly prices are not the only reason for choosing Great Clips. The company and its hair salons are very popular for many other things. Like their professional-grade yet friendly services, volunteerism efforts for building stronger communities, etc.

Needless to say, it’s an established place of business that provides the most common hair care services in the most extraordinary manner.

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