Best Underwear for Women: Fitting and Comfortable Undies



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We'd hate to be dramatic, but you have to admit that your panties are probably the most essential part of your outfit. Although they are the smallest cloth you wear, panties give a boost of confidence and comfort. Choosing the best underwear for women isn't as complicated as selecting a bra because it mostly boils down to personal preference, what feels comfortable to you. In some instances, the function or mood you are in.

Before we get into these details, let's first check out the best underwear for women, based on the types of panties available in the market.

Best Underwear for Women

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Hanky Panky boy shorts are perfect to wear with dresses, jeans, and any other outfit you have in your wardrobe. They are true to size, have a shell made of 100% nylon, while the lining is 100% cotton. This makes them safe and comfortable to use. This women's underwear has a lace trim, so you don't have to worry about that ugly panty line. These panties are super soft and semi-sheer for a sexy feel. Because of the lace and cotton lining, these undies are breathable, perfect as an everyday attire.

Bikini panties are by far the best underwear for women. First, they were designed, so you don't feel them, which makes them perfect for that day you want maximum comfort. This particular pair of underwear is 83% nylon with 17% elastane so expect a stretchy bikini. They are machine washable and have a cotton gusset with full rear coverage. 

Fruit of the Loom Women's Underwear Cotton Stretch Panties

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No list would be complete without cotton bikini undies. If this is more your style, then Fruit of the Loom has you covered. Fruit of the Loom is known for comfort, so expect these briefs not to be anything less. Also, the leg openings and waistband are covered, so no rubbing against your soft skin. They come in a pack of six pairs, are 100% cotton, but still manage to have that stretch you love. Don't be surprised if you end up wearing them daily, and of course, because it's cotton, you are sure the underwear is breathable.

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You've got to admit. A cotton thong is hard to find, but Hanky Panky has somehow managed to get this to you and at an affordable price. Like their signature lace thongs, the company has maintained this design with this cotton thong but added a cotton bottom. They are a perfect fit, extremely comfortable, and flattering so that everyone can enjoy them. As always, the company has these in sizes XS and above.

Hanky Panky, Cotton Low Rise 3 Pack

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If you aren't interested in cotton thongs, then a lace thong should be your next best thing. This pair has a low rise thong with a hook and eye closure. It comes in a pack of three pairs, designed to be breathable with 96% organic Supima cotton, 4% spandex in the lining. The trim has 88% nylon and 12% spandex.

If cotton is your favorite women's underwear fabric, then you will love these high waist briefs. First, they are gentle but have a wide elastic band to clutch on your lower pouch and tuck it in. This also makes them pretty comfortable, so they aren't too tight, loose, or pinchy like other briefs tend to be. As if that's not enough, they are 95% cotton with 5% spandex to give them the right amount of stretch and coverage. No wonder they are thought to be the best cotton briefs with rave reviews all over the internet.

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Softness is a priority for most women and with good reason. Besides being comfortable, soft panties make you feel luxurious, which is the aim of this best underwear for women pair. It's made using Pima cotton, which is arguably the best cotton for ladies' innerwear. This organic cotton makes the high-waisted hipster panties moisture-wicking, which is a fancy name to mean they quickly absorb moisture and dry out as fast. This property keeps you comfortable and odor-free all day long. The leg openings are just large enough so your underwear can stay in place without riding up. 

Every woman needs seamless underwear in their wardrobe. Traditional briefs have several pieces sewn together. Seamless underwear, however, has the entire garment made from a single fabric. A seamless panty will naturally be a great fit, and since it has no seams, it won't rub against you. In fact, they often feel like a second skin.

That's what you get when you buy these Nala waist-shaping mid-high briefs. Besides all the benefits already highlighted, you also get that extra hug around your waist. They are available in 3XL, perfect for plus-size girls. They are made of 72% nylon and 28% spandex.

Cheekies are usually flirty. They have cheek-baring coverage to give you that sexy but comfortable feel, and these best underwear for women could not be any different. The Lace Cheeky Hipster Panty has a soft, supple lace that flatters your bottom while delicately wrapping around the front. The cute front accentuates the microfibers and has a sweet detail to keep you feeling sexy and comfortable throughout the day.

These undies are also breathable, of high quality, and will easily become your go-to everyday item. Plus size girls are in luck because they have sizes up to 3X. 

Factors to Consider When Picking the Best Women's Underwear

Technically, wearing breathable knickers is the most crucial factor to consider. But, it's not the only one. Obviously, you must change your underwear regularly, and you shouldn't wear them for long durations, even when they are a breathable pair. So, besides this, here are a few more factors to consider when buying briefs.

1. Fiber Content: Organic cotton, Spandex, and Nylon

Cotton is a natural fabric, making it the best option for your underwear. You see, cotton is gentle on the skin, comfortable, and, most importantly, moisture-wicking. This helps you maintain a healthy vagina. Whether you wear boy shorts, high waist cut briefs, or bikinis, you are safe if you use cotton.

Some gynecologists, however, argue that any material is fine as long as it's breathable. The doctors say you shouldn't worry if you prefer lace or nylon briefs. Also, most underwear will have spandex, to make them stretchy, which is fine. From our best underwear for women list, you will notice most items are either made of cotton and lace with a mix of spandex.

2. Coverage

Boy shorts, thongs, bikini, or high cut? Well, coverage usually depends on your personal preference. In fact, doctors say it doesn't really matter if you pick full coverage, cheeks-in or cheeks-out underwear as long as the labia is covered. This keeps bacteria from the anus from reaching your vagina, thus keeping it healthy.

Previously, everyone believed that wearing a thong or g-string would change the PH of your vagina. However, studies have proven that this isn't true.

3. Style

Granted, the best underwear for women comes in different styles, but, like other features you should consider, this is subject to your preference as well. Usually, most ladies prefer to use different innerwear styles at different times. These include:

  • Pregnancy - your needs may change when you are pregnant as your body changes. For instance, boy shorts may feel like they are squeezing your lower abdomen, and thus, you favor bikini cuts during pregnancy.
  • Menopause - During menopause, most women experience vaginal dryness, which causes a thinner pant to feel a little uncomfortable. For this reason, you may experiment with a few styles to determine which is best suited for you.
  • During your period - These underwears are a lifesaver for many ladies because nobody wants to walk around worrying about staining. They are mostly leakproof, although many prefer wearing them in addition to sanitary products like pads and tampons. You know, for extra safety.

4. Price and quality

It's tempting to think that all expensive lingerie from a top brand will last long, but that isn't always the case. You will find a brand with reasonably priced innerwear that charges half what a leading brand will ask for, yet the quality is better.

This doesn't mean you should disregard a lingerie because it's highly-priced. Thus, always check the quality against the price and decide whether the brand is selling you what you truly deserve.

5. Size and Fitting

While style is always a priority for many women, the size and fitting of an underwear is always one of the first things to look at while shopping. In fact, you should never compromise on this no matter what reviewers say about the brand online.

Tight underwear doesn't encourage moisture wicking. Instead, it causes moisture to accumulate around your vagina, which encourages bacterial growth. In fact, most women suffering from foul odor are probably wearing tight underwear. That's not all. Tight underwear causes painful chafing and rashes and leaves marks on your body. Underwears from most brands will have sizes xs to XXL or larger to accommodate the various shapes and sizes women come in, so always make sure you go for the right size.

6. Elasticity

Imagine walking around town while struggling to pull up your underwear because it won't let you breathe! Or fighting to tuck it back so it doesn't fall off, yet you are wearing a dress or skirt! Pretty uncomfortable, right?

If you've been in this position or seen someone in it, the problem is the panty's elasticity. A firm elastic band prevents bunching up and makes sure you don't form visible panty lines, which are equally embarrassing. Also, a stretchy panty will stay in place, so you are comfortable.


At the end of the day, how comfortable you are in a particular panty style is relative. With such a broad spectrum to choose from, this list and features to look out for should you the much-needed headstart. Remember, have your panties on rotation and change them every six months to keep your vagina healthy.

Best Underwear for Women Frequently Asked Questions

1. What panty is most flattering?

While what's flattering varies from woman to woman, thongs are generally thought of as the most flattering undies. However, if you prefer more coverage, a Brazilian cut bikini or briefs should do the trick as well. But we can't ignore that flattering panties also depend on how confident you feel about yourself.

One woman may wear a thong and feel terrible, while another will walk in boy shorts while feeling incredibly sexy. Also, boxer shots may feel great today and a downer tomorrow. So, while thongs do take the crown, how flattering a panty depends on you.

2. Where can I buy quality panties?

Quality isn't necessarily related to where you buy your innerwear. It is dependent on the brand you choose and the fabric used to make the panty. For instance, cotton underwear generally lasts longer because of the fabric's properties compared to a material like lace. Also, how often you wear a particular pair of undies will determine how long they last. If you are a wash-dry-and-wear kind of girl, then don't expect your briefs to last very long.

3. Are thongs unhealthy to wear?

For the longest time, women were advised against wearing thongs because they were thought to change the vagina's pH. However, research indicates that the panty doesn't necessarily affect the skin microclimate, pH, or aerobic microflora. In fact, recent studies show that there isn't any tangible evidence to show that thongs cause UTIs, YVs, and BVs.

While this is good news for thong lovers, it doesn't necessarily give you the go-ahead to wear them all the time. The string tends to create a bridge between your vagina and anus, which will transfer bacteria from your anus to the vagina if you aren't careful. It exposes you to illnesses, so trend carefully.


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