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Tea can be considered one of the most popular and consumed beverages in the world. Depending on which part of the world you're from, you're likely to find various traditions linked to it. However, this popular drink boasts an ancient history, and depending on the variety; it can offer various health benefits.

If included in one's diet, a few cups of the best green tea, hibiscus tea, white tea, ginger tea, or traditional Chinese tea can aid in weight loss, alleviating bloating and indigestion. Some studies have also shown that drinking tea can help fight belly fat.

When searching for the best tea for weight loss, it's advisable to stick to natural and organic teas to better your health. Also, it's best to steer clear of any product with laxatives.

This article features our top picks of the best teas for weight loss.

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Best Tea For Weight Loss - Reviews

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Green Tea is considered to be one of the most effective teas for weight loss. There is conclusive evidence linking drinking green tea to a decrease in both body weight and body fat.

Green tea is high in antioxidants called catechins that have been associated with weight loss and fat loss.

The Harney & Sons Japanese Sencha Green Tea is a light and delicate tea. It requires to be steeped for 1-3 minutes in boiling water before drinking.

The leaves produce a medium lime green color, and since it's a traditional sencha, the leaves are more identifiable than in the deep steamed (fukamushi).


  • No additional scents or flavorings.
  • Pure green tea.
  • Aids in a decrease in body fat and weight.


  • It does have a strong flavor that some consider bitter.

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The Great Tea brand can be drunk hot or iced, affording you the flexibility of choice.

The weight loss tea comes packaged in foil pouched allowing for peak flavor, freshness and aroma.

Though this specific box is classic green tea, the brand does offer green tea with additional healthy ingredients/flavorings like Vitamin C, Lemon, Mango, etc.

The box carries 240 tea bags which is great as it can last you quite a while.


  • Classic green tea - No additional flavorings.
  • Affordable price.
  • Can be drunk hot or cold.


  • Some reviews found that the tea was flavorless.

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Matcha green tea is an excellent choice when it comes to weight loss. The green tea leaves are stone-ground into a fine powder, and instead of removing the leaves after steeping, you consume the entire tea leaf.

Matcha powder contains the highest concentration of healthy compounds, including EGCG. It's a great choice for satisfying a sweet tooth and keep you away from diet-damaging snacks and sweets.

The Encha Ceremonial Organic Matcha is the best tea for weight loss as its ground from the most tender matcha leaves plucked from the Uji mountains of Kyoto, Japan. All Encha matcha tea is USDA certified organic, consisting only of the finest quality organic tea leaves.

The matcha powder provides a perfectly balanced palate, sweet and earthy, with a smooth, creamy consistency when mixed into water.

There are various ways you can choose to enjoy it: over iced coconut milk, cold water, and ice cubes, etc


  • Offers a lot of long term health benefits.
  • Has a pure, bright green color.
  • Has a fresh test.
  • Great for weight loss.


  • Some reviews noted that the powdered green tea doesn't fully dissolve.
  • Quite Pricey.

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Oolong Tea is considered one of the best teas for weight loss. This is because it contains polyphenol compounds present that work effectively in controlling the body's metabolism by activating certain enzymes that trigger the functions of the fat cells.

Studies have shown that oolong tea helps reduce overall body weight and fat index. In addition, some other studies show that the caffeine present in oolong tea is the active ingredient responsible for weight loss.

The Bigelow Oolong Tea Bags have a fresh and smooth flavor. The classic element means that you can expect no artificial flavorings or additions.

The teabags come packed in foil pouches allowing them to remain fresh and in peak flavor.

The box comes with 120 tea bags.


  • Classic oolong taste.
  • Aids in weight loss by burning fat.
  • It has a great aroma.
  • Gluten and Calorie-Free.


  • Some reviews found that it has too much caffeine.

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This Oolong Tea is harvested in the Wuyi District of Fujian, China. It's a semi-fermented tea that combines the great qualities of black and green teas.

The tea is packed with health benefits such as aiding weight loss and fat loss.

The Oolong tea has about 30–40 mg of caffeine, and each box comes with 100 tea bags.


  • Great at helping with sweet tooth cravings.
  • Best tea for weight loss as it acts as an appetite suppressor.
  • Great flavor.


  • Some reviews noted that the tea bags are not sealed correctly and burst open while steeping

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Teas For Weight Loss (FAQs)

a) Can Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Only drinking tea every day isn't likely to aid you in losing weight. However, some research suggests that tea can enhance weight loss (a small amount) when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

Tea contains a flavonoid known as catechins that can boost your body's metabolism and help it break down fats faster. In addition, the caffeine in many teas increases your energy use, causing your body to burn more calories. These two compounds probably work best together for any weight loss that may occur.

b) What Is Considered A Herbal Tea?

Herbal teas, also known as tisanes, are completely caffeine-free. They are not made using any leaves of the tea plant and are instead made using spices, flowers, and leaves of other plants, including fruits and herbs.

Herbal teas are often made using true tea leaves for distinct flavors known as herbal infusions. They can be categorized as black, green, white, and oolong, depending on which tea leaves and processes used to create the herbal blend.


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