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If you do not rely entirely on the sun for a super golden tan, then you might want to consider using the best tanning lotions to achieve your ideal dark tan.

Indoor tanning lotions are manufactured to deliver a natural-looking tan indoors and deliver a glowing look that adds more essence to the beauty. Tanning lotions add moisture to the skin and prevent burns and other damages. 

If you are in the search for the right information and reviews about the best tanning lotion, you will find your solace here since this article will dig deep into every essential factor that you should consider when buying a tanning lotion.

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Best Tanning Bed Lotion - Reviews

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This particular tanning lotion is considered by many as one of the most advanced tanning lotions because it has bronze and silicon that are very good at enhancing skin darkening. The silicone component has properties that help in leaving the skin soft and supple while looking very good.

This product also has a 100x bronzer that sees to it that the wearer gets darker more quickly and has a very pleasant scent. Soon after using this product, it is advisable to wash the hands with water to prevent permanent stains.


  • It has a high-quality bronzer that is accompanied by a very good scent
  • It has a very good consistency that leaves the skin smooth and soft
  • The lotion does not have oil consistency and hence very good for applications


  • One needs to wash hands soon after use to avoid stains
  • When already applied, it may produce yellow or orange streaks 

This product is respected by many for having a very good effect on the skin, particularly on fairly skinned tanners. It has a fantastic cocoa scent and can produce amazing results in just two sessions. Another good feature that this product has is its ability to leave the skin without any oil residue after application.

For a fact, this is one of the best indoor tanning lotions because it has a unique formula that protects the skin during the tanning process to provide a better color.


  • It is suited for users with fair skin
  • It rarely leaves an oily residue on the skin after application
  • It is quickly absorbed by the skin


  • A lot of users does not like its scent
  • It might not be available everywhere in the whole world

This is yet another very effective lotion that is well recognized for how it is able to create a dark golden tan. This is the product for everyone who would like to achieve darker tan shades without looking so unnatural. This formula has a combination of high levels of Marula Oil that is essential when it comes to achieving a healthy and natural tan tone. It also has silicone whose main purpose is to condition the skin for a long-lasting glow.

It is also a right product for the user whose skin reacts to some products since, with its natural components, it does not react on the skin. Owing to the fact that it is not pricey at all, it remains a many people's favorite.


  • It has a good texture that is not too thin or thick
  • It has island extracts components for the best conditioning that is devoid of stains
  • It can deliver results immediately


  • When overused, it may produce streaks with orange color
  • Not good for people with hormonal health conditions

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This is one of the most amazing tanning lotions due to its high effectiveness and good scent. It is made using double dark chocolate extract, which smells good, and can give the skin a very good nourishing advantage.

It is also ideal for the beginner owing to the fact that it has butter and silicone components that are essential for a natural skin glow that is accompanied by a soft effect on the skin. It is DHA and paraben-free to prevent the skin from adverse reactions adequately. When used, it has a very different effect on the skin than other products because it delivers a dark shade immediately and leaves the skin hydrated.


  • It has an amazing chocolate smell that is ideal for many different users
  • It has a silicone and butter blend for soft and supple skin
  • It is very effective and delivers a dark shade within minutes


  • If misused, it can leave traces of orange color on the palms
  • It does not have a perfect water consistency

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This is one of the best indoor tanning lotions because it has a unique dark bronzing formula that is ideal for producing the best results. Those who have used the product attest to the fact that after it is applied to the skin, it does not leave an uncomfortable tingling sensation and leaves a natural effect.

After application, it also does not leave some oil residues and feels very smooth. It leaves the skin very well moisturized with its even dark tan.


  • It has a very regular consistency that leaves the skin feeling like its lotion that has been applied
  • It gives a nice tan color that looks original
  • It has a medium amount of bronzer that is suitable for different skin types


  • It has a scent that would not be ideal for all users
  • It stains and clamps during application

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying The Best Tanning Bed Lotion

1 . Type

Tanning lotions are available in different types, and to have the best experience with them; you should consider a type that is best suited for your specific needs.

a). Bronzer Tanning Lotions 

These are manufactured with the ability to deliver an instant color to your skin and, therefore, deepening the skin's indoor tan for a more pleasant and darker glow. They are in all cases accompanied by a number that shows how dark they can make the skin look, and the higher the number, the darker the skin tone.

b). Hot And Tingle Action Tanning Bed Lotions 

These are manufactured with the intention of boosting the blood circulation through the skin, which manages to stimulate better melanin production. This lotion is ideal for someone who has experience using tanning beds since it might cause tingling if used incorrectly. If your skin is sensitive, this is not the ideal product for you.

c). Coolant Tanning Bed Lotions

These are designed to produce a refreshing feeling when they are applied to the skin. They are manufactured with an aim to deliver a cooling effect when you are lying on the tanning bed or, better still, if you have intentions to tan for a much more extended period.

d). Minimizer Tanning Bed Lotions

They give the skin a deep and rich tan once a base tan is developed. If you are a regular fan of tanning indoors, they will help you a big deal.

e). Accelerator Tanning Bed Lotions 

These are good for skin hydration because they allow it to achieve an attractive base tan since a well moisturized skin tones much easily. They are suitable for anyone who is tanning indoors for the first time.

2 . Application Area

Even though any tanning lotion can effectively help in developing a tan, they are not designed to be used on every part of the body. Any lotion that is to be used on the body tends to have a heavier formula, while those that are to be used on the face tend to have lighter formulas and are not as greasy. It is always advisable to check where a tanning lotion is supposed to be applied to before making the purchase.

3 . Features

a). Consistency

The consistency is what affects how a tanning body lotion applies. Thinner lotions are runny, and they tend to create a mess when being applied because of their dripping. Thicker formulas do not drip and create a mess because they do not run when applied.

b). Developing Time

It takes some time for the tanning process to develop when using a tanning bed lotion, and there are lotions that take a long time to develop. It is therefore important to choose the most convenient lotion when it comes to developing so as to suit your particular need.

c). Scent

As with any other beauty product, if it has a pleasant scent, the better, with the best thing being that there are many different scent flavors to choose from in different lotions.

d). Price

Tanning bed lotions are available at different prices and range from 7 USD TO 70 USD. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a tanning lotion that will go in strict tandem with your budget and features' requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Indoor Tanning Lotion

1 . Why Is An Indoor Bed Tanning Lotion Important?

A tanning lotion is essential since it keeps the skin hydrated and prevents it from being dried by the sun's UV light. When the skin is well moisturized, it can develop a much better glow much quickly.

2 . How Many Sessions Are Needed So As To Develop A Base Tan?

For a majority of people, it only requires five or six sessions to develop a well-established base tan. However, it might necessitate more skin tans before the tan is well established for people with extremely fair skins.

3 . Does A Tan Get Affected By Showering?

Contrary to popular belief, showering does not necessarily destroy the tan. If a shower is a dry one, it will, without a doubt, leave the tan intact.

4 . Is Indoor Tanning More Effective Than Outdoor Tanning?

Research has proven that when one is tanning indoors, the chances of building a base tan are quicker than when tanning outdoors. The quick tan turnaround is achieved because one is in a position to time the sessions and protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. When one has a tan session outdoors, it is typically hard to control the weather and, therefore, get consistent results.

5 . Is Indoor Tanning Considered Safe?

There is always some risk that accompanies any tanning session. However, there is some degree of safety that accompanies an indoor tanning session when it's compared to an outdoor one. Many tanning technicians conduct their sessions indoors, which is safer because they understand the specific products that one needs to use to achieve the best tan.

6 . Is It Advisable To Wear Protective Gear When Tanning Indoors?

Absolutely. Protective gear is imperative whether one is having an indoor or an outdoor tanning session. It is advisable to wear some UV rays protection goggles so as to be well protected from the UV rays that the bed provides. If one attends a tanning session without protective eye gear, it will be risking the sensitive skin that is around the eyes, which may cause premature aging in the future.


Anyone looking for the best tanning lotion will, without a doubt, be in a position to make an informed choice based on the many good quality creams available in the market currently. An indoor tanning lotion is easy to apply on the skin for a solid dark tanning effect.

For a solid black tan, one will need to choose the best among the many lotions for the best results regardless of whether it is the first time to tan. Tanning salons are also open in different parts of the world to search to leave the tanning worries to the professional beauticians. All said and done, anyone looking for the best tanning lotion for the skin will without a doubt find the information above very useful.


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