Best Solar Watches For Sustainable Timekeeping



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Time tracking is a very important aspect of managing and organizing your day. Additionally, our lives are frequently in the fast lane as they become more packed with personal and work activities. Bearing this in mind, personal watches are becoming more popular in tracking time.

Furthermore, the traditional watch models are continually disinteresting users with their mechanical or battery replacement needs. However, thanks to technology, individuals can easily obtain the best solar watches for easier and convenient time tracking.

Considerably, there are numerous solar-powered watches in the market with the same claim of being the best. Therefore, we have researched and compiled the best solar watches along with their features, pros, and cons. We have additionally included factors to check before settling for the appropriate solar watch.

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Best Solar Watches - Reviews

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This Seiko is an excellent choice if you like to both work and play hard. It is a Japanese quartz movement solar watch with a sturdy and durable build. Moreover, it has a stainless steel case and strap that has a push-button clasp.

This solar watch also includes a hardlex dial window that is propriety to the Seiko brand. Its hard dial window glass makes it durable in addition to the stainless steel casing. The Prospex also features a water resistance capability of up to 200 meters deep and a rotating bezel for tracking your laps.

You can also read dates on this Seiko solar watch with the help of a magnifier to avoid straining. Also, you can count on its survival ability even in areas without radio signals.


  • Classy and adaptable
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable and solid stainless steel case


  • Probable charging issues

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The Citizen Eco-Drive ranks among the best automatic watches that work using atomic movement. In addition to time functions, it also includes a power reserve indicator, a date window, and three mini dials. You will also benefit from a battery that doesn't require winding or replacement and requires minimum light to charge it.

To give you a better description of its power reserve, it can last up to 7 years without a light source. It can also connect to an atomic clock through radio signals for precise timekeeping. Through its atomic timekeeping, it can automatically adjust date and time using the latest radio signals.

Speaking of quality, this is another Japanese quartz with a stainless steel case and anti-reflective dial window made of sapphire. While qualifying to be elegant and stylish, it is also water-resistant with a depth allowance of 660 feet. Therefore, you can engage in water sports while wearing it without fear of damaging it.


  • Automatic date and time adjustment
  • Water resistance
  • Durable stainless steel casing and strap
  • Battery power indicator


  • Relatively expensive

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If you desire a tough solar watch suitable for hardship conditions, this would be an excellent choice. Additionally, it offers more utility in its in-built compass, thermometer, countdown timer, and barometer. Just from its key features, you can easily tell it is the perfect companion for a hiker.

Moreover, the G-shock watch company trademark is evident in its resin scratch-resistant dial. Therefore, you won't have the risk of damaging it while hiking. Its solar movement works in tandem with its atomic mechanism for accurate atomic timekeeping.

While in the dark, it has an auto LED light to assist you in reading time at night with an additional afterglow. This detail implies that the solar panels and solar cells work efficiently to provide adequate electrical energy to power this incredible yet massive functionality. Unlike most solar watches, the G-shock is a great watch for rough conditions.


  • Durable and tough
  • Scratch-resistant
  • LED backlight


  • Not stylish 

The Seiko SSC015P1 beats many solar watches with its suitability to intensive water sports and marine activity among men's solar-powered watches. Its other underwater features include a screw-down casing and luminous hands and markers for water-tight time tracking while submerged. Besides its water resistance, it is also suitable for a formal and casual outfit.

You can also rely on its 6-month power reserve and count on its durable stainless steel watch band. It also has a hard Hardlex crystal dial window that is scratch-resistant. Finally, just like many other quartz timepieces, it has an analog time display.


  • Adequate battery life
  • Water resistance
  • Luminous hands


  • Unsuitable for a formal outfit

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The G-shock brand is known for its toughness, and this solar-powered timepiece is indeed shock-resistant. It may appear as a regular solar watch, but it is built with a resin strap and a sturdy stainless steel casing. It is also an easy casual fit with a small solar panel that can also convert artificial light to electric energy.

In addition to its power capacity, it has a 23-month power reserve with a rechargeable battery. When in the dark, it will enable you to tell time through its LED backlight.


  • Strong build
  • Atomic timekeeping
  • Reliable months of battery life


  • Inappropriate for formal wear

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Solar Watches

1. Purpose

Every purchase must be guided by the purpose of the good or service you intend to procure to obtain value for your money. In this case, are you in search of a solar watch for a man or woman? Are you after luxury or affordability? Is it for casual or formal wearing?

If you have a daily routine of reporting to corporate duties, you can consider buying a stainless steel solar watch for appropriateness to your outfit. On the other hand, if you plan to get a solar-powered watch for your casual engagements, you can consider one with a nylon watch strap. Additionally, some people desire a solar timepiece for outdoor engagements and would best be suited by an accessory with survival extras such as a compass.

Accordingly, the purpose will drive different solar-powered watch enthusiasts to different brands with different prices, but ultimately all will be content. Therefore, whether your solar watch is for everyday wear or a special occasion, the purpose will help you choose the right solar watch to create the appropriate aesthetic.

2. Power Reserve

The application of solar energy as an alternative to traditional battery-powered watches should also be matched by an efficient solar panel and solar cell with excellent. Efficiency, in this case, also means that you don't have to always have your watch out in the sun, and you can even store it in a safe when not wearing it. In addition, all solar timers are made with a power reserve or storage to run them even in the absence of light energy.

The best solar-powered watches should have a power reserve that can last several months without any artificial light or sunlight. Subsequently, a sufficient power reserve can be helpful when storing luxurious watches without the inconvenience of losing power.

While at the power reserved aspect, solar chronometers may not last longer like mechanical watches that use winding to run but are less tedious to operate. However, solar timers utilize rechargeable batteries, making them better than watches run on an electric current produced by a small battery. In the end, the battery reserve and rechargeable battery features offered by solar timers are best because light energy is free and easy to obtain.

3. Features

Different enthusiasts of watches using solar technology vary in the functionality they seek from these gadgets. Asides from telling time, different solar timers offer additional features that might interest you to prefer certain models and brands. Furthering on this aspect, below are some factors to consider.

While buying the best solar-powered watch, there is the option between digital and analog displays. The analog display is one with the minute and hour markers, while the digital display uses numbers to tell time. Most solar-powered watches come with an analog display, but those with a digital display continually gain popularity during outdoor activities.

Another key feature to consider is the type of clasp on your solar-powered watch. Clasps are used in tightening a watch around a wrist and can either be fold-overs or tangs. Fold-over clasps do not wear down easily compared to tang clasps but are less comfortable than the latter.

Furthermore, some solar wristwatches are water-resistant. Therefore, they are suitable for customers who engage in water sports, scuba diving, and swimming.

If you are more conscious about the outlook of your solar watch, they also come in diverse dial colors to boost your look. Besides the outlook, there is the option of solar wristwatches with a backlight or not. A backlight is complementary in making your dial window visible at all times.

Other key features you might consider are a stopwatch, a countdown timer, a digital compass, and an alarm clock. Additionally, you can also choose from different strap materials to get a watch that matches your intent and specifications.

4. Technology

To begin with, you can choose between a quartz watch and an atomic watch. A Japanese quartz watch runs on an electronic oscillator that utilizes a quartz crystal to track time through specific vibration frequencies. On the other hand, an atomic watch operates based on radio signals generated by world-spread atomic clocks.

Solar wristwatches that use atomic timekeeping are preferred for their automatic adjustments and precise timing. On another hand, the Japanese quartz movement is preferred for its suitability in remote areas where radio signals are inexistent. Depending on your preference, both are good solar watch technologies.

5. Reliability and Quality

When it comes to quality, certain brand houses have made a name for themselves. However, a renowned brand may sway you to make an unnecessarily expensive decision. Therefore, as more brands innovate improved watches, always feel free to review for the best products before purchase.

Moreover, the best solar watch should also guarantee reliability and durability. Considering that no one wishes to damage watches easily, it is prudent to buy a shock-resistant watch. Adding to the reliability feature, you should consider solar wristwatches that offer consistent functionality and comfort.

Furthermore, durability also depends on the quality of the straps. Nylon straps are reliable and often preferred for versatility but are not as durable as a stainless or titanium link bracelet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) on the Best Solar Watches

1. Is a solar-powered watch a good watch?

Solar timepieces are an equally good alternative to traditional mechanical and quartz watches. The only primary difference is how solar watches work. In brief, solar-powered watches work through photovoltaic technology that enables their charging upon exposure to solar energy. Other additional features vary across different manufacturers.

Even better, a solar-powered watch can be considered easy to use and maintain. Depending on different user preferences, you will probably find one that suits you. Consider this, if more people embrace the idea of solar power, even in watches, we will be creating a more sustainable future.

2. Are solar-powered watches durable?

Indeed, solar-powered watches are durable and long-lasting. Just like any other watch, all they require is proper handling and maintenance for optimal durability. Another aspect necessary to consider after purchase is following user guidelines to avoid exceeding its limits.

In addition to maintenance, they are also built with features that can withstand shock, among other vulnerabilities such as water. Depending on their purpose, solar timers are built with durable casings and scratch-free dial windows. First, however, it is important to get the appropriate solar watch for your intent.


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