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Best Skin Tag Removal Remedies Approved by Dermatologists



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Skin tags, for the most part, are usually not harmful. However, some people decide to have them removed. The best skin tag removal methods range from home remedies, over-the-counter medications, and in severe cases, surgical applications.

Skin tags can show up anywhere on the body. Most commonly, where we have excess skin or skin folds such as the:

  • Knuckles
  • Elbows
  • Neck
  • Eyelids

Skin tags are unwanted skin tissue on the surface of the skin. Skin tags do not have to be surgically removed. However, in some cases, skin irritation occurs when the skin lesions rub off on jewelry, clothes, or constant contact with other skin surfaces.

What Causes Skin Tags?

Skin tags are primarily benign lesions made up of collagen fibers and blood vessels encased in the skin. They affect everyone, males and females alike. There is no pre-determined cause for skin tags. However, peer-reviewed studies show that the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) plays a role in the development of pesky skin tags.

Skin tags are more common in some people than others and can be due to a genetic component. It is extremely common to find people in the same family with skin tags. Professionals best do the best skin tag removal procedures.

Decisive Factors for Skin Tags

Some people are more vulnerable to getting skin tags. Tertiary references indicate that certain groups of people are at higher risk than others. They include:

  • Obese people
  • Expectant mothers
  • Diabetic patients
  • High cholesterol patients
  • High-blood pressure patients
  • Close family members with a skin tag condition
  • People with various types of Human Papilloma Virus

While skin tags themselves do not cause any health risks, people with the above conditions are predisposed to having them.

Skin tags can initially be mistaken for moles, warts, and even freckles. However, the best way to diagnose a skin tag is to look at the location and outward appearance. As mentioned, skin tags are located in places with skin folds, such as the neck. Such placement is important for diagnosing skin tags.

Best Skin Tag Removal Methods

There are multiple ways to remove skin tags physically. The best skin tag removal services are best left to a physician or dermatologist. Experienced professionals can accurately diagnose and offer the best course to treat skin tags.

Removing skin tags can be done at home using natural ingredients such as an apple cider vinegar soak, vitamin E or essential oil. Tea tree oil applied on the affected part of the body can cause the skin tags to fall off.

1. Skin Tag Removal Kit

The best skin tag removal kits are considered safe to use from the comfort of your home. They are specially formulated to cut off blood supply to the skin tags once applied. This skin tag removal kit is specially equipped with a removal tool, removal bands, band applier, and an instruction manual.

a). Original TAGBAND skin tag remover (Includes 10x removal wipes and bands)

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This kit involves one tag band removal tool, ten medium removal bands, 10x cleansing wipes, and one instruction manual.

It is specially designed for use on medium to large skin tags. The application technology does not employ freezing or burning as compared to other methods of skin tag removal. Instead, the removal bands contain medications like salicylic acid, which causes the skin tag to fall out after a few days.

This is an effective method to remove skin tags and destroy unwanted skin tissue because it is suitable for all body surfaces except the eyes and surrounding skin.


  • The convenience of home treatment
  • Costs friendly
  • Little to no scarring or blistering once the skin tag falls off
  • Minimal discomfort as the skin tag dries
  • Application is in a few easy steps
  • For use on 4mm-6mm skin tags
  • Usable on all body surfaces
  • Skin tag falls off after some days (10-14 days)


  • There is a risk of infection when using these home skin tag removers
  • The medicated patch in the form of removal bands can cause severe skin irritation

2. Removal Creams

Removal creams are infused with natural ingredients from plant extracts such as tea tree oil. In addition, most skin tag removal creams are accompanied by lotions used to help hydrate and restore the skins' hydration.

b). MEOLY mole and skin tag removal repair lotion set

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Skin tags usually fall off two weeks after daily application of Meoly removal cream. Many cosmetic companies have utilized plant extracts to effectively remove skin tags, moles, and unsightly blemishes.

Meoly lotion set has been infused with tea tree plant extract for maximum effect. Meoly creams can be used to remove skin tags and various skin conditions such as moles if applied twice to thrice every day.


  • Easy and convenient to use from the comfort of your house
  • Safe and all-natural products
  • Works quickly and effectively
  • Restores the skins' hydration
  • Safely removes moles and skin tags within two weeks
  • It can be used on the affected face areas and body
  • Specially formulated toothpick for easier application


3. Freezing Kits

Also known as Cryotherapy, freezing involves using liquid nitrogen to cut off a skin tag's blood supply. The skin tag then falls off after liquid nitrogen is applied to the affected area. Sometimes in a clinical setting, this medical procedure is administered by a dermatologist to remove skin tags and warts safely.

c). Compound W freeze off

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After using compound W freeze-off kit, it takes a few weeks for frozen skin tags on an affected area to fall off naturally. However, some skin tags are stubborn and may need a couple of treatments to treat effectively. Getting rid of skin tags by using Cryotherapy is a widely accepted practice and may be the best skin tag removal technique for large skin tags.

This freezing kit is equipped with carefully selected amounts of liquid nitrogen and an applicator for easy and safe handling. Liquid nitrogen at the lowest temperature is -320 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Results can be seen after one treatment cycle
  • Dermatologically tested and approved
  • Removes skin tags safely
  • The package includes a precision tip applicator which helps in the application process
  • Little to no after-care is needed after this process is completed
  • Ultra-precise metal tip for easy application and handling
  • Freezes the pesky skin tag and causes it to fall off in 10-14 days


  • It is only supposed to be handled and used by adults and can be dangerous if left exposed to children
  • Can damage surrounding skin

4. Iodine

Topical Iodine is good for drying off tags until they fall off. Before application, it is advisable to protect the skin around the tag with petroleum jelly. Then, you can soak a q-tip in Iodine and apply it directly to to the sensitive areas.

d). POVIDONE Iodine 10% Topical solution

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Povidone Iodine is most recommended for treating benign skin tags. It is an over-the-counter medication used to shrink the appearance of excess skin growth in the form of skin tags or warts. Both are caused by loose collagen fibers on the surface of the skin.

After application of Povidone Iodine, you can then bandage overnight and repeat as preferred. This is an effective method for large skin tags as well as smaller ones.


  • Ease of use and application
  • Ease of purchase (buy online and have it delivered)
  • It is a safer remedy than other methods
  • Strong antiseptic qualities
  • Rinses out easily
  • Kills microorganisms like fungus and bacteria, therefore preventing infection
  • Has no side effects when used


  • Iodine stains the skin

5. Cauterization

Skin tag removal is considered cosmetic because well-diagnosed skin tags don't usually cause skin cancer.

For cosmetic reasons, cauterization pens are readily available and can be done at home. However, it is not advisable to attempt it without proper medical training. In addition, the pens come in a variety of colors and different levels of heat adjustment.

e). AMZGIRL portable beauty equipment skin tag remover

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This treatment employs the use of a device that burns unwanted skin and larger skin tags. The device uses electricity to precisely cut off and at the same time seal the affected parts of the body. It is a safe and effective approach to getting rid of skin tags.

Some models of this cautery pen have removable and replaceable heads. This is to ensure maximum sterile conditions for home and professional use.

Electricity is used to gradually heat the needle, which is then applied slowly and carefully on a skin tag to remove it. The result is instant.


  • No recovery time is needed
  • It is an effective method of treatment
  • The best skin tag removal method
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • It can be fully charged in 2 hours via USB cable
  • It has nine adjustable strength modes according to different skin conditions
  • This pen employs the use of electro ionic carbonization technology to cut and seal blood flow to the surface of the skin tag
  • Prevents spread of bacteria and infection


  • It is an expensive procedure to have done
  • It should only be attempted by a licensed professional

6. Excision (Cutting or Clipping)

Cutting or clipping of skin tags is a surgical procedure. This skin tag remover procedure is done by a medical professional. It uses sterile scissors or a sterile blade to cut off the skin tags and especially problematic tags.

f). WISE CASTROVIEJO scissor curved

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The curved microsurgical scissors allow for smooth cutting of soft and coarse tissue with reduced trauma. This scissor is made through a meticulous manufacturing process for precision, maximum hardness, and minimal wear and tear.

The cutting blade is honed to razor sharpness, and the opposing blade is serrated to ensure no skin tissue is accidentally cut off.


  • A perfect surgical instrument for cutting through unwanted skin tissue on the skin
  • One of the best skin tag removers, if handled by a professional
  • Quick procedure that requires no recovery time
  • Spring-loaded handles to provide control
  • Made from quality stainless steel
  • Ultra-sharp and precision jaws
  • An affordable option for skin tag removal
  • It can be used to access small areas of the skin
  • Guaranteed against breakage, joint failure, and corrosion under normal use


  • This procedure cannot be used at home

Other Skin Tag Removal Remedies

Other home remedies are also used to treat skin tags. They are:

  • Rubber bands/ string. Specific rubber bands are made for skin tag removal. Placing the rubber bands or tying a string at the skin tag base should cause the skin tags to fall off.
  • Essential oils such as castor oil, tea tree oil, and cedar leaf oil, among others. Using these essential oils can cause irritation and burns on the skin, especially in high concentrations.
  • A mixture of baking soda and castor oil or liquid Vitamin E has also proven to be an effective method of shrinking skin tags.
  • Crushed garlic. Due to the anti-inflammatory property of garlic, its crushed form can help shrink skin tags.

When to See a Dermatologist About Your Skin Tag

Most skin tags are benign and pose no significant threats to your health. However, there are alarming signs that a skin tag can show. They are:

  • Bleeding from a skin tag or the surrounding skin surface
  • Discoloration of the skin tag and surrounding skin area
  • Swelling (either painful or not) of the skin tag and surrounding skin area

It is important to get an official medical diagnosis from your physician or dermatologist. Once skin tags are formed, they do not change color, form, or shape. If your skin tags present with any of these symptoms, you should see a doctor.

In any case, your doctor will prescribe the right drug administration, best suited for you, and the best skin tag removal technique.

Risks of Removing Your Skin Tags

Removing your skin tags may seem like a simple thing to do. But there are risks associated with doing it yourself with nothing but information from the internet. Some of these risks include infected skin tags, excessive bleeding from the skin tags, severe blistering, and scarring.

Without professional help and advice, you could end up removing a cancerous skin growth and spreading cancer cells further around your skin.

To add to that, some home remedies are not clinically or dermatologically approved; hence they are homeopathic treatments such as toothpaste, tea tree oil, and cedar leaf oil. Without approval from a licensed and credited board, it is difficult to say how effective home treatments are.

Home remedies are effective on medium to small skin tags. However, large skin tags are best left to a doctor and should not be removed at home. This is because they can cause prolonged bleeding and discomfort or turn out to be more serious than you thought.

Home removal for skin tags can cause excessive pulling and tearing. This may, in turn, lead to a permanent scar which may look worse on the skin surface than the skin tags themselves. If you must remove your skin tags, ensure that your equipment is sterilized with alcohol. Keep your skin as clean as possible before trying any home remedies.


Skin tag removal is considered a cosmetic procedure. There are dangers to having your skin tags removed at home. Unless your skin rubs against clothing and irritates your skin tags, there might be no medical reason to have them removed.

Before removal, make sure your doctor has advised you as to all the risks. In addition, it is important that you understand the methods you chose and what works best for your skin type.

When it comes to home remedies, ensure you have researched all the pros and cons of the remedy you chose. Ensure you have the best skin tag removal information. You should be aware that academic research institutions have not done much research on the efficacy of home remedies.

Conducting your research also comes in handy. Different articles will advise you on the best skin tag removers. Strict sourcing guidelines should be able to help you with the correct information.


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