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Keeping the air inside your space clean and breathable is crucial to comfortable living. That's why there are various ways to improve aeration and bring fragrances into your space. An effective way to achieve this is to get the best Scentsy scents for your home.

This write-up reviews the most suitable options, the things to keep in mind when selecting your Scentsy product and some tips on using Scentsy products. 

What are Scentsy Products?

Scentsy products are wax-based formulas that you can meet with a warmer to release a sweet smell in your home. They are designed to deliver a pleasant and relaxing smell in the house to help you feel more relaxed. The Scentsy warmers can also help you access distant memories linked with specific scents.

Scentsy is dedicated to bringing value to your world and has over 100 warmers products you could choose from. The fantastic thing is that the best stores sell the products worldwide, and you will find a perfect style for your space. Scentsy warmers are designed with the health and safety of the customers in mind. They have different fragrance families that range from; bakery, citrus, floral, fresh, fruity, spice and woods.

Bakery is made from sweet goodies like Vanilla, caramel, cocoa, chocolate, and pie crust. Citrus products are from citrus blends with orange, grapefruit, and lemon notes. Floral are products from real-life flowers like hibiscus, lilac, and blushing rose. The fresh fragrances are made to scents like the beach, the spa, and a sunny meadow stroll. They have cool mint, lavender, linen, just-cut grass and fresh air.

Then you have the fruity from freshly squeezed fruits with notes like peach, pineapple, strawberry, apple, cranberry, and raspberry. Next, spice gives a sense of comfort and warmth, and they have notes that include cardamom, pure peppermint, black pepper and cinnamon stick. Finally, the wood fragrances are masculine and full-bodied, and they come with notes like sandalwood, pine, soft suede, and cedar.

With this understanding of Scentsy, let's get started on the best options available on the market. 

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You can fill your life with this Wickless Tart or Bar made from wax. The Blueberry Cheesecake Wickless Candle is fairly strong-scented, so if you prefer weaker scents, you may want to settle for another weaker scent. This product has a unique smell that is almost implicative of the beach ut more sweet and less sand.

The Blueberry Cheesecake, Wickless Candle will last for days and will keep your room and especially your kitchen smelling fresh. This Scentsy warmer is formulated with a light graham cracker crust and delicious blueberries to make fine fragrances. Using this Scentsy warmer is relatively easy because you only need to break it apart and add a cube or two to the Scentsy Warmer.

You will fall entirely in love with this one if you want a safe product for your children and pets. Also, the Scentsy warmer is a perfect choice for dorm rooms and seniors.


  • Has a tremendous strong scent
  • Smoke-free
  • Offers long-lasting fragrances
  • They are formaldehyde-free
  • Safe to use around children and pets


  • The fragrance can be vital for those who prefer weaker scents.

Scentsy Bar Scentsy classic wickless candle is among the best Scentsy fall scents. It is perfectly made with a variety of wax and finely made fragrances. Mainly these Scentsy fall scents will fill your life with great fragrances from Black Raspberry, vanilla drizzle insist, and sun-sweetened dark berries warmed with Vanilla.

The Black Raspberry Vanilla Wickless Candle contains eight cube segments of warmer wax that will keep your home with warm, soothing fragrances. In addition, these Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy warmers are low-temperature safe for pets and even children.

Scentsy Bar Scentsy's classic wickless candle will fill your life with fragrance, and we're completely in love with fragrances from Scentsy because they are long-lasting. These Scentsy warmers are ideal for filling your home with a warm and soothing fragrance. 


  • The Scentsy fragrances last for hours
  • Perfect to use in rooms with kids and pets
  • Straightforward to use
  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Smoke-free 


  • Pricey

Scentsy, Christmas Cottage, Wickless Candle Tart Warmer is an excellent option if you want a harvest collection or the perfect holiday collection. You will fall in love with inspiring fragrances since they are adorable and perfect for your home. The Scentsy warmer is also a perfect gift to gift your loved one, especially during the festive seasons.

 Scentsy Christmas warmers are formulated with cinnamon freshened by fir needle and other spices that give the Scentsy warmer a great scent. Cinnamon sticks and cloves are the two main ingredients to formulate this warmer.

The fantastic thing is that this Scentsy warmer will never fail to bring the spirit of Christmas straight to your space.  Additionally, this Scentsy warmer garnished with the cinnamon stick will allow you to share the Scentsy Love with inspiring fragrances with your loved ones.


  • The Scentsy fragrances last for hours
  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Offers long-lasting fragrances
  • Perfect harvest collection or for holidays
  • Formulated with warm cinnamon scents.
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive

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SCENTSY perfect peppermint warmer wax is another excellent product that gives you new ways to show off your style while still sharing the Scentsy Love with inspiring fragrances. These bars are formulated with high-end paraffin wax that gives you long-lasting fragrances.

The Scentsy bars are eight break-apart cubes made with a fragrance like pure peppermint. Pure peppermint is the popular kid you will love to have in your home. This Scentsy scent is pretty easy to use, and it will give you an inspiring imagination and memories.

The best part is that this scent does not contain toxic ingredients, making it utterly safe t use in a space with kids or pets. Instead, this peppermint warmer allows you to Experience the Scentsy Love with inspiring fragrances and new ways to display your style. 


  • Offers long-lasting fragrance
  • Safe product
  • Smells great
  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Formulated with pure peppermint
  • Smoke-free 


  • No peppermint scent

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Scentsy Hug In A Mug Wax Bar is one of the top-selling fall Scentsy scents in the market. This Scentsy warmer is made with high-quality paraffin, which ensures that you have long-lasting fragrances. In addition, these Scentsy Bars are made with chocolate, hazelnut and cookie dough.

The Scentsy Hug In A Mug Wax Bar is made with eight break-apart cubes designed to use together with any Scentsy Warmer. As these cubes melt, your house is filled with warm and exclusive scents.

What's more, the Scentsy Hug In A Mug Wax Bar is entirely safe to use in a room with kids or pets. Also, it does not emit smoke, flames or soot, making t a safer and healthier option. The Scentsy bars ensure that your home is filled with a warm wrap of hazelnut and cookie dough.


  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Provides a comforting and calming effect
  • Fills your life with fragrance
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Offers long-lasting fragrances


  • Tends to be a bit strong for people who love weaker scents

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Today's top pick is the Farm-Raised Candles Fall Spice 5 Pack Wax Melts made using soy wax. It's a great way to make the air inside your home more pleasant to breathe since it comes infused with various essential oils. As a result, you can ensure your space smells fresh and welcoming tanks to the fragrances produced when the wax melts.

The pack contains small batches that you can consistently use to add a sweet smell to your indoor space every day. In addition, the 30 scented cubes will keep your home cozy during the warmer days of summer. Unlike regular candles, this Scentsy product doesn't produce smoke and uses paraffin, making it a safe selection for residential use.

You don't need to have the wax melting every day since they have a potent smell. Instead, you can turn it on for 4-5 hours, and the fragrance will fill every room for the day.


  • Smells great
  • Smoke-free
  • 30 cubes included 
  • Safe to use
  • Offers long-lasting fragrances
  • 100% Paraffin Free and Flame-less 


  • The fragrance doesn't spread over large areas

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Next up is the One Fur All, specially designed for pet-loving homes to provide a fresh and relaxing scent that can eliminate pet odors. It's an excellent pick for anyone looking for a way to make the room smell less wildly and more welcoming.

The premium-grade fragrances infused into the wax deliver a rich aroma that can make your place feel more inviting to friends and family. While this scented warmer is meant to add a natural fruity smell, it won't overwhelm your senses or trigger allergic reactions.

The manufacturing process for the One Fur All Natural Wax Melts doesn't include any harmful chemicals like paraffin, phthalates, dyes, or parabens. The ingredients are all naturally derived to ensure they don't threaten the environment, pets, or the people in the room.

Thanks to the customer satisfaction guarantee, you can get a refund if this item doesn't feel like a good fit for your home or causes any harm. 


  • Amazing scent
  • Gets rid of odors
  • Fills your life with fragrance
  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Offers long-lasting fragrances
  • Suitable for homes with pets


  • Brittle wax 

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The third best Scentsy scents product is the Happy Wax Scented Wax Melts which offers a touch of various sweet-smelling ingredients to provide a cocktail of fragrances. The wax melts inside the package resemble gummy bears, making them a fun addition to a home with kids. Unfortunately, the misleading appearance could encourage children to eat this scented warmer, so you should keep it out of reach.

Since the fragrance will last for a maximum of 200 hours, you can rest assured that it can spread to every part of your home. It's among the best Scentsy products because it packs a distinct aroma that will make your establishment relaxing for your family and friends.

Since the wax melts have two different sizes, you can choose the smaller one to see whether it's a good match before buying the larger batch. The wax will melt slowly in your warmer until the fragrance diffuses into the air. There are no phthalates, parabens, or paraffin in this product, making it a safe and reliable option for your household. 


  • The scent lasts up to 200 hours max
  • Two sizes available
  • Cute-bear shapes 
  • Fills your life with fragrance Safe to use
  • Amazing scent


  • Can be confused for gummy bears by children

We can't fail to mention the Candlecopia White Sage & Sea Salt Vegan Wax Melts which can leave your home smelling like Spring season thanks to the natural blend of sage and sea salt. It's formulated to produce an aroma that can help add a hint of tranquility to your indoor space. The primary ingredient in this product is soy wax, and you can rest assured that it's free from animal testing or the use of animal products.

You'll love how slow this fragrance-infused melts since it features a cool, clean burn that doesn't leave a mess after use. This means you won't have to clean the wax off your surfaces as you usually would with standard candles. Even if the wax spills on your desk, you can easily clean it with some soap and water.

With six cubes inside the container, you can use two at a time and distribute them according to preference around the house. In addition, since the cubes are made from different scents, you can mix them to create a unique scent based on your preferences. 


  • The Scentsy fragrances last for hours
  • Smells like candy
  • Vegan ingredient
  • It can be mixed for a personalized scent
  • Harmonic effect


  • Greasier feel
  • Challenging to clean

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The last option among the best Scentsy warmers available is the YCYH which features eight different scents with six cubes for each. You'll get Vanilla, lemon, rose, spring, lavender, and bergamot Scentsy bars which can last for more than a month with regular use.

You can mix two different scents to make a new fragrance that can introduce interest and style into your home. This means that you can enjoy a smell that you won't find in a single cube. The smell won't be overwhelming, but it's strong enough to fill all your rooms.

Plus, the sweet fruity aroma can last for hours to keep your air feeling fresh to breathe. The only downside to this product is the steep price. However, this won't be an issue once you see the amount of wax you get in exchange. 


  • Eight different scents
  • Six cubes in each bar
  • Fills your life with fragrance 
  • It can be mixed for a personalized scent
  • Smells awesome


  • The scent doesn't last long
  • Expensive

Why is a Wax Melt Better than a Scented Candle?

A scented candle looks like a standard candle, but it's infused with essential oils that diffuse into the air when the wick burns. Likewise, a wax melt is made from wax-like a candle, but it comes without a wick. Instead of a flame to melt the wax, this Scentsy product uses a warmer to deliver the required heat.

Wax melts aren't used for lighting, so they are only found in aromatherapy. However, they offer a unique advantage over candles since they don't produce any smoke or soot because they don't have a wick. That's why they are a better option when you want to keep your air clean and fresh.

They offer the ability to combine different scents in the warmer. As a result, your only limit is your creativity since you can create new fragrances that can make your home more lively and relaxing. Plus, if the smell isn't strong enough, you can use more than one cube to strengthen the scent.

What are the Benefits of Scentsy Products?

1. Lighting

While scented candles add sweet smells to the room, they are still a source of light. Sometimes, the natural light from the sun or the one from your bulb could be unnecessarily bright for your handling task.

In such a case, there's no need to raise your electric bills when you can light up your scented candle to add a small and controlled amount of brightness to your space. So, even if you don't need the air to smell better, you can still use Scentsy scents candles to boost your home lighting.

2. Relaxation

The essential oils infused into the wax of Scentsy scents products are slowly released into the air as the heat melts the wax. The smell of these oils can deliver relaxing effects to anyone in the room. So, if you are looking for a way to unwind after a tiring day, you can turn on the warmer and enjoy the sweet smells of Vanilla, coconut, cheesecake, or any other scent that you prefer.

Since the air will be more pleasant to breathe, you can sit back and take deep breaths that will help you feel nice and cozy.

3. Style

The best Scentsy scents can also help set your home apart from the others in your neighborhood by adding a hint of elegance to your interior space. A home that features the fragrance of natural spices and plants can make your home more stylish by stimulating the sense of smell of anyone who enters it.

Additionally, candle lighting offers a classic, romantic feel to any room. So, if you are looking to make your home more cozy or welcoming, you can arrange several scented candles and light them up. As a result, you will introduce interest in your home, which can help make the interactions with others more satisfying.

Candleholders can also add an aesthetic effect to the design of your home. If you have candle holders around, you can place some scented candles on them to complete their appearance, introducing a sense of style.

4. Air Purification

This might sound obvious, but one of the primary reasons people search for Scentsy products is to make the air more breathable and clean. Unfortunately, if you have a pet or some animals on your premises, the scents they produce could make your home smell unpleasant.

Fortunately, you can make the air better by setting up a scented warmer in specific areas around the house. This will help eliminate any animal smells and make your home more inviting to guests and neighbors.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Scentsy Scents

1. The Scent

The first factor to consider when looking for the best Scentsy scents is the type of smell you prefer. Everyone has a scent that they find calming or relaxing, so this choice depends on personal desires. You can go with any scent, including fruity or plant-based ones like lavender, cheesecake, apple, rose, raspberries, cranberry, coconut, Vanilla, spices, etc.

2. Ingredients

The materials your scented products are made from could make your home safer or dangerous. This is especially the case with candles since they produce soot and smoke. You should avoid the Scentsy candles made from paraffin, phthalates, parabens, and other toxic chemicals.

Since you'll be breathing the Scentsy fragrances for hours at a time, you should only select the safest options. The best alternative is taking wax melts or candles made from soy wax since it's a safe, plant-based product that doesn't release harmful fumes into the air.

3. Burn time

The last thing to consider is the time it takes to burn the Scentsy products completely. The benefits of the products are only available while the wax is melting since only heat can release the essential oils into the atmosphere. So, you'll need to find out the burn time the Scentsy warmers offer to help you plan on how much you need to buy. The best Scentsy scents should last several hours and spread to different rooms without hassle.

How to Extend the Life of Your Scentsy Products

Scentsy warmers are an investment we make to keep our homes clean and breathable. As such, you must store your Scenty products properly to extend their lives. It is necessary to note that how you store your products will affect the scent's character, performance and duration. We have reviewed some tips to maximize the shell life of your Scentsy warmers.

  1. You need to ensure that your Scenty products are stored in a cool dark place. For example, you can store it in a closet where you store your towel or your sheets.
  2. You should lay your products flat. Most Scentsy consultants advise that you should place your scents laying flat whenever possible, but you can peg them temporarily for a while.
  3. You should never leave your Scenty products in direct sunlight.
  4. If you use your Scenty products in the kitchen, you need to store them far away from the stoves or ovens.
  5. If you are using Scentsy scents in your car, you should avoid leaving them in the car for too long because some tend to melt.
  6. Also, if you have a couple of scents in your drawer, you should ensure that the first in is the first out. To ensure this is followed, you could rotate older scents to the front to ensure you use them first.

Tips to Find Your Perfect Fragrance Match

With Scentsy's many scents, it can be tricky to find the perfect scent for you. However, you could follow the few guidelines we have provided to help you find the fragrance that suits you best.

  1. First, you need to understand your taste before you even begin to look for the scent you will purchase.
  2. Second, you could know the fragrance that will please you the most by trying a smelling tester at a Scentsy party.
  3. Find or identify your fragrance family: This means that you choose a family scent you love the most from the bakery, citrus, floral, fresh, fruity, spice and woods. If you want Scentsy life helpful links, you could go directly to their website and get some help. If you find the scent that you love the most, you could go to the website and at the footer menu, fill your life with fragrance. Enter Search Text English Where are you for delivery
  4. It would also help to ask for recommendations from friends or family that might have used the products before. It would also be great to find the best people ever, Scentsy Consultants to recommend the perfect scents for you.
  5. If you have used Scentsy scents before and dint like them, you could try something new. The fantastic thing is that Scentsy allows you to have inspiring fragrances and new ways each time. Once you know which family category you gravitate towards the most, you can try as many products as you wish. Not to mean you can't try new families, especially those near the family you love. Remember, the Scentsy products are sold worldwide by the best people ever, Scentsy consultants who could also help you find the fragrance that fits you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best Scentsy scents product available?

Scentsy has a couple of products available that range from wax bars to lotions. The best product will mainly be determined by your preferred scent from the hundreds available. You could go to the scent website if you want Scentsy life helpful links to buy the products. The good thing is that Scentsy products are safe and healthy to use. This article has listed some of our favorite scents from Scentsy that you could try out.

2. Are candles better than wax melts?

Candles and wax melt have pros and cons, but they will work perfectly to provide the sent you want. However, wax melts usually have a longer burn time than candles since they absorb heat slower. The wax melts are also relatively cheaper than candles because they will waste less fragrance and burn longer.

In addition, candles use open flame while wax melt only needs a warmer. Remember, open flames are more dangerous to use, especially with kids and pets. Wax melts are safer to use since the candles will release harmful toxins.

3. Are Scentsy products dangerous to breathe?

Scentsy products are safe to use. However, some people complain that they tend to cause headaches since they are made from paraffin. The good thing is that Scentsy does not use harmful natural or synthetic ingredients to make any of their products, making them super safe to use. All Scentsy products are lead, BPA, gluten, egg and formaldehyde-free.

Additionally, they do not contain nut oils or mineral oils or parabens. Most of the body products from Scentsy are formulated using aloe vera, shea essential oils and sunflower, which are super safe to use on your body.

4. Can I reuse wax melts?

Yes, melted wax does not evaporate, meaning you can reuse Scentsy cubes and wax melts. Ensure that you remove the wax from the warmer before using another new wax melt or cube. If you decide to change the wax scent to test a new one, you can keep the wax to use later. The fantastic thing is that you can use the wax as many times as you want until the scents are all gone. If your wax loses its fragrances, there is no need to reuse it. You could also add more fun and try out different scents by using saved wax (ones that still have a scent) with other used wax to make a new scent.


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