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A good manicure can make all your troubles feel so insignificant. As the saying goes, there's nothing a good spa time can't cure. Having the best press on nails can make you feel like the queen you are. Whether you want to do it yourself or have a professional do it for you at a nail salon, getting the best press ons is vital.

Unlike the press on fake nails you probably remember from your childhood days, press ons have evolved to include unique nail art that would otherwise take so much time at the salon. Today, you will find the best press on nails in all types of colors, styles, lengths, designs, and shapes. So you can get bold nail art or subdued nudes if you'd like.

The application process of press-on nails is easy, and you can also remove them without much worry when you're done. So if you have an event that you need to attend on short notice or simply forgot to book an appointment at your nail salon, these fake nails will quickly come to your rescue and save the day.

What Are the Best Press-On Nails to Get?

Press-on nails are typically acrylic or gel resin fake nails painted with nail polish featuring different nail arts. Putting on press ons takes only a few minutes and you will need either nail glue or adhesive tabs to stick the nails to your natural nails. In addition, the quality will resemble salon acrylic mani, only cheaper.

The best press-on nails will vary from person to person, depending on your size, color and nail art preference. For example, if you prefer short nails, you could go for a fake nail set with short nails rather than long ones. The same case applies to the nail styles you like, be it a french manicure, stiletto or coffin style.

The application process also differentiates between what press on nails are best for one person and another. For instance, if you are non-commital and only want to have the nails for a short while, say a day or two, a nail glue will be best to stick the nails. However, false nail sets with an adhesive back tend to stick to your nails longer.

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Why Should You Get Press-On Nails?

You may be wondering what the press-on-nails hype is all about. If so, below are a few reasons these nails are here to stay.

  • Super convenient- Press-on nails deliver a salon-quality mani, whether you want a simple gel manicure or acrylics. So if you are busy at work or simply don't want or don't have the time to go to nail salons, you can pop these fake nails on for an instant makeover.
  • Simple application- The application time and steps are effortless for a last-minute event or photoshoot. Removing the nails is also relatively easy, bearing in mind how long it takes to get nails done or removed at a salon.
  • Flexible- Press-on nails give you the convenience of having your nails done when meeting your friends over the weekend and taking them off before heading to work the following week. Instead of spending money getting your nails done only to remove them that first, you are better off with press-ons.
  • Reusability- Don't shy from reusing your favorite press-on set over and over. However, be sure to check whether a set is reusable or not before buying.
  • Affordability- Saving for a trip or house doesn't mean that you should neglect your nails. On the contrary, press-on nails are very affordable compared to how much you would spend for a salon visit.

Let's look at some of the best press on nails in the market. 

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These press-on nails have given many women incredible results that make them not have to go to the salon to look fabulous. This best French manicure kit contains 28 nails that come in varying sizes. Each nail has a flexible and comfortable fit that perfectly sticks to your nail.

You don't have to worry about the nails chipping, as they are designed to last for a week without the smallest chip. The glossy finish on these press-on nails will make your nails pop with glamour. This Kiss everlasting French nail kit infinite has Flexi-fit technology that ensures that you are comfortable throughout.

The best part is that this Kiss French manicure will last longer than the usual salon manicure. You'll also have minimal damage to your nails once you remove this press-on manicure after a week.

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Our second option comes in a pack of 240 assorted coffin nails. This selection of press-on nails includes various earth tones, neon colors, and other colors that will make you smile. These colors make these press-on nails a great foundation for nail art.

These highly pigmented and extra-long nails have got many women raving about awesome they are. You can create your own nail art on these nails. Simple nail glue plus these press ons that are made of quality ABS material will have you looking like a queen.

The material of these press ons is also non-toxic, durable, not easy-to-scratch, and gentle on your skin. The best part is that these press ons won't hurt your nails and fit well on them. So be prepared to have a cool and breezy manicure experience with these coffin nails. 

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If you are tired of having gel nails and want something different to brighten up your day, these best press-on nails are for you. Thanks to their built-in adhesive, you won't need nail glue with these press ons. These press-ons will make you fall in love with fake nails with their adorable rhinestone accents, affordable price, durable topcoat, and superior shine.

These press-ons go onto your nails as seamlessly as stickers. Coming as a set of 30 nails that have a short length, this pack will not stand in the way of you washing the dishes, writing emails, or taking care of your babies. The shine lasts up to a week, and the topcoat will not chip.

These press-on nails are easy to apply and easy to peel. All you have to do is peel, press, and enjoy your new nails. After one week, gently peel these nails from the sides. You can also apply some polish remover around the edges and peel off after a minute. 

When was the last time your nail artist impressed you with some out-of-the-world nail art? Well. These press-on manicure nails will blow your socks off with their unique designs. You've seen marble bedding and iPhone cases, but have you seen marble press ons?

This unique manicure will have you feeling like the true modern woman. So be prepared to rock the world with these fabulous press ons that are affordable and give any nail lacquer a run for its money. If you are looking for the best nails to rock quarantine with or want a small pick-me-up, these independently selected press ons are for you.

This nail kit comes with adhesive tabs to easily apply the nails. The adhesive tabs make the process easier. You can get these press-ons in rhinestone, neon, holographic, and metallic designs. 

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These press-on nails are the best gel-effect press ons you'll find in the market. To be honest, gel manicures can be both expensive and time-consuming. You can spend hours only for the gel to come off after just two weeks or less.

Thankfully, the Kiss brand has got you covered with this nail kit that will make going to the salon an unnecessary mission. You no longer have to damage your nails with a gel nail polish appointment. These best press-on nails have a smooth matte finish that makes you look like you have great gel polish.

You also don't have to worry about these stick-on nails streaking or smudging. The removal process for these press ons is also simple. You don't have to worry about damaging your press-on nail as you wrap gifts, cook meals, wash dishes, or even do laundry. 

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The good thing about coffin nails is that they are narrow at the bottom, wide at the mid-section, and have a square tip. This makes these press-on nails unique and fun to have on. In addition, you don't need a nail file to make them get this shape. In fact, you can put your nail file to better use after you get these reusable nail tips.

You can use your nail file to shape these reusable nails into the size and shape you want. These press-on nails are made of quality ABS plastic. They are also chip-resistant, strong, and beautiful. So if you are not a fan of nail art and want something simple and clean, you can get this nail kit that comes in 20 pieces in 10 different sizes.

These reusable coffin-shaped, ballerina-shaped, and stiletto-shaped nails do not damage your nails, thanks to their high-quality material.

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Have you ever envied the nails on celebrities and wished that you'd also rock a look like that? These magic press ons will make your dreams come true. In addition, their extra-long nature will make you look like you've just left an expensive salon visit.

This nail kit comes with 24 nails, a nail file, nail glue, a nail art stick, alcohol wipes, and nail stickers. You can say goodbye to your nail artist as you'll be able to give yourself the look you like with this purchase. Your press-on nail will leave you feeling fantastic and grateful that you were able to find

this brand. 

These blue press-on nails make a bold statement. You can rock these low-maintenance, super-strong, neon-colored nails anytime you want. The removal process is fairly simple, and you'll find that these nails are shaped in a way that allows you to create the look you want.

If you want to buy something that will enhance your beauty and make a bold statement about your personality, these beautiful blue lengths will do a great job of that. These bold lengths come in a set of 20 coffin-shaped nail tips.

You'll find ten different sizes, and you can pick from the colors electric blue, yellow, and red. Your beauty is meant to be showcased, and this means that you can buy something that speaks to that.

This brand gives you nails in three sets of solid shades, including caramel macchiato, blue-green, and pink. In addition, you'll find 96 nails once you get yourself a pack of these nails of various lengths. These nails are long-lasting, matte, and don't chip.

You can also choose to apply a top coat to ensure that they don't chip or get damaged easily. Finally, you can use nail glue to apply these nails. Unfortunately, the glue doesn't come with the package. 

[amazon fields="B08FLVL69Q" value="thumb"]

Thanks to this affordable option, you don't have to get an impress press-on manicure. These nails come in a set of 240 nail tips. You can enjoy 24 manicures with just one set. You'll get beige, pink, and white

shades with this brand.

The color and shape of these nails in neutral enough to give you a stunning look and still keep you under the radar. This set comes with nails that can last you for weeks without having to apply glue again or replace it. The designs include long stiletto, long coffin, and short stiletto.

How to Apply Press-On Nails with Ease

Although these nails are great and convenient, knowing how to apply press-on nails properly will allow you to have a good experience. You won't hurt your nails, and you'll stay looking fabulous for longer. Here are some simple steps that you can follow to ensure that you have a longer and safer experience.

1. Clip your Nails

This important step can be easy to miss, especially when you want to have it all. We understand that growing your nails can be an uphill battle, and the last thing you want is to chop your nails. Nonetheless, for you to have an easier time and have a long-lasting press-on mani, you need to have your nails short. In addition, you can use a nail file to ensure that your nails don't have any rough edges.

2. Clean Your Nails

This goes without saying, but we'll say it because we don't want to miss anything. If you have any former nail lacquer on your natural nails, take that off. In addition, you can use a cuticle pusher or a cuticle stick to get rid of excess skin before cleansing.

Use clean water and some soap to clean your nails to have a clean base for your new nails. You can also use an alcohol prep pad or a cotton ball soaked in alcohol to ensure that they are extra clean. After you're happy with the result, dry your nails.

3. Choose your Nail Sizes

This is an important step before you even take out your glue. Ensuring that you have your sizes picked out before you start applying is crucial. Whichever set you've chosen from our above options will have different sizes. Therefore, pick out your nail sizes first. You can even use a mini nail file to file the sides of your chosen nails so that they fit perfectly into your nail bed.

4. Apply One by One

For longer and better results, take your time and apply one nail at a time. You want to take your time as you apply the independently selected nails on each finger. First, cover your nail with glue, then align the press-on nail with your nail bed. Press firmly for about 20 seconds to ensure that it has stuck properly. Once you are sure that it's fine, move on to the next nail.

5. Paint your Nails (Optional)

This last step is optional, especially if you have selected one of our amazing options above that comes complete on its own. Nonetheless, if you opted for clear faux nails, you can add your own polish or create your nail art once you are done applying the nails. In addition, don't be shy to go for colors that enhance your beauty if you want to change the color that comes with the original nails. 

How Long Do Press-On Nails Last?

Press-on nails can last anywhere between one to two weeks. However, this will depend on the nail brands and your application process. Below are a few tips to help your false nails last longer.

  1. Ensure that you have a clean application base before applying your press-on nails. Cleansing your nails with rubbing alcohol ensures that oils, dirt and debris that prevent glue or adhesive from sticking on your nails are removed. In addition, you can use one alcohol prep pad that comes with most sets to clean your nails.
  2. Apply the glue depending on how long you want the nails to last. For example, if you wish to have press-on nails for a few days, a few drops of glue will suffice. However, applying thin layers of glue to your natural nail and the entire press-on nail will ensure that it lasts longer.
  3. Press each nail for about thirty seconds before moving to the next. This ensures that the adhesive evenly spreads to create a stronger bond.
  4. Go for shorter nails to prevent them from snagging on things and, after that, popping off. Long press on nail styles like almond shape, stiletto, or coffin nails are more likely to come off sooner due to their length.
  5. Consider using a different nail glue than the one in the kit. The Mia Secret, for instance, is a stronger nail glue than the one that comes in most kits.
  6. Avoid getting your hands wet for at least two hours after application. This gives the adhesive adequate time to dry completely. In addition, you could avoid submerging your hands in water or ultimately skip baths since soap and water will shorten wear time.
  7. Another tip is to use a hardening topcoat, like OPI, to polish the faux nails and harden the surface, making them last longer.

How To Remove Press On Nails

The goal when removing press-on nails is to be gentle with your nails. In addition, if you have reusable press-ons, you want to ensure that you handle them well to maintain the nail art design and prevent breakage.

You could use any of these methods below.

1. Soak Off Method In Warm Soapy Water

This gentle method is kind to your natural nail and allows you to reuse your fake nails. Dip your hands in a bowl of warm soapy water and let them soak for about 10 minutes. In addition, keep checking if the nails are coming off, then gently pull them off once they feel loose. This method works because warm soapy water weakens the adhesive bond.

You could also use a cuticle stick or cuticle pusher to lift the edge of the press on the nail then saturate with rubbing alcohol to dissolve the adhesive.

2. Double Boiler Method

As the name suggests, this method involves two bowls, one with hot water and the other with acetone. First, place the smaller bowl containing acetone inside the hot water bowl and wait for the acetone to warm. Next, soak your fingers in acetone and wait for about 5-10 minutes.

The downside to this method is that acetone is very drying to your skin and nail bed. In addition, you will not be able to reuse your press-on nails. However, you can slather your fingers with olive oil before soaking them in acetone to prevent drying.

3. Cuticle Oil Method

This method involves using a cotton ball, or a Q-tip dipped in cuticle oil. Dabb the cotton ball on your nails, focusing on the edges and let it sit for a few minutes. You should see your false nails coming off in no time. Ensure that the oils are completely wiped down if you wish to reuse the nails.

4. Nail Clips Method

The nail clips method is convenient for removing fake nails and even gel manicures. You can use cuticle oil or acetone, depending on your preference. Place a cotton ball dipped in acetone or oil on your nails, then stick the nail clips to your fingertips.

Next, scrape off the nail starting from the cuticle. If you find it difficult to scrape, put the cotton ball and clips back on and wait for a few more minutes. Additionally, you could use this method alongside the cuticle oil soak off.

How To Reuse Press On Nails

If you have a reusable press-on nail set, it is important to gently remove it then prepare it for the next use. To do this, use the warm soapy water to remove the nails or gently lift using the cuticle stick to avoid damaging them. Unfortunately, acetone eats away the acrylic nails, so using this method will only destroy your falsies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do my press on nails keep falling off?

Press ons will often fall off if the adhesive bond is weak. This could be because you applied the adhesive on oily or dirty nails, applied a few drops of glue or the nail glue itself is not strong enough. Ensure that your nails are clean before applying glue to prevent falling off. In addition, use a different nail glue than the one in the kit.

2. Can you shower with press-on nails?

Yes. However, avoid having your nails in hot soapy water as this weakens the adhesive and reduces wear time.

3. Are press-on nails better than acrylics?

Yes. Press on nails are better than acrylics in that they protect your nails, are cost-effective and very convenient.


Press-on nails are an excellent alternative to a gel manicure and acrylic nails. They are affordable, convenient and super easy to pop on for when you don't want to go to the nail shop or your schedule is too tight. In addition, with various press-on nail styles, it is easy to find your preferable design suitable for any occasion. 


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