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There's something about having your nails done that instantly makes you feel as if you have your life together. Well, if you're reading this, you definitely love manicures, particularly the ones you pull off yourself. And you've probably tried every kind under the sun.

Recently, poly gel nails have come into vogue, thanks to their lustrous shine and finish. More so, you no longer have to worry about getting whatever length you desire. The best part is, you can simply get the best polygel nail kit to give yourself gorgeous DIY manicures at home.

What is Polygel for Nails?

Polygel, sometimes called hybrid gel, is a new nail treatment that gives you strong, light and flexible nails. This new formula is stronger than traditional gel treatments and, at the same time, lighter than acrylic nails. In other words, it's the best of both worlds in an all-in-one formula that's really easy to use!

It only takes a few simple steps. Plus, you can use polygel to overlay your existing nails or come up with a stylish full set. You'll need an LED lamp to cure the manicure, just like with gel nails, but this also means you have more than enough time to shape your nails. As such, poly gel nail treatment is just as ideal for beginners and non-professionals since you can take your time.

Polygel vs. Gel & Acrylic

Polygel stands out from gel and acrylic in quite a number of ways. For starters, polygel nails need to cure under LED or UV light, making them harder and better than acrylic nails. They're also stronger, lighter and more flexible than gel nails, hence less likely to break off.

Furthermore, polygel is fairly easier to apply than both since it doesn't involve the tedious mixing of powder. And unlike acrylics, polygel is odorless, barely releasing any chemicals into the air during application.

What Comes in the Polygel Nail Kit?

A good poly gel nail kit should include the following:

  • The PolyGel itself
  • Application tools for prepping your nails
  • A top coat and a base coat
  • Slip solution
  • UV light to cure the product, which is sometimes sold separately.
  • You might also have to get nail extensions and glue if you want longer nails before applying the polygel.*

The ease of application that comes with polygel means you won't be needing as many tools as regular gel products.

So, if you're ready to find the best polygel nail kit to give your nails a brilliant sparkle at home, let's get into our favorite picks: 

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Best Polygel Nail Kit - Reviews

[amazon fields="B07MTZJMX1" value="thumb"]

The Modelones Poly Nail Gel Kit comes with virtually everything you need to get started with poly gel nails. It comes in an elegant gift box with 6 different and brilliant color gels that are ideal for any skin tone. This also includes a detailed instruction manual to help you find your way through the process.

The gel nail polishes are top-quality, smooth, easy to apply and pretty long-lasting. The manicure will definitely last you well over 2 weeks without cracking or lifting. Additionally, the kit includes a top coat, a base coat, 36 straight dual forms in 12 sizes, 120 curved dual forms in 12 sizes, a slip solution, a nail file, a dual-ended nail brush and spatula, glitter diamantes and glitter dust.


  • Includes 6 colors
  • Includes embellishments for fancy manicures
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to apply
  • Comes with a detailed instruction manual


  • Doesn't include an LED/UV Lamp

[amazon fields="B07MWXW8QM" value="thumb"]

You've probably come across Gershion manicure products before, and for a good reason. The brand's Poly Nail Gel Kit is a perfect starter kit for beginners and non-professionals. It includes full-size tubes of 6 different colors, plus a top coat, a base coat, dual forms, a dual-headed pen and a nail file.

The Gershion nail extension gel dries up pretty quickly, meaning it only takes 30-60 seconds to cure the nails with an LED lamp. The poly gel nails will also last up to a month, or even longer, with the right nail prep ( cleaning, filing and buffering).


  • Long-lasting, up to 4 weeks
  • Dries quickly
  • Easy to shape
  • Non-sticky formula
  • Full-size tubes of nail colors
  • Comes with an instruction manual


  • Doesn't include a slip solution

[amazon fields="B07XBYR26M" value="thumb"]

The Saviland Poly Nail Gel Kit is an excellent option for people who are drawn to bright colors. Unlike other kits that come with 4 to 6 colors, this one comes with 7 colors. The polygel nail kit also includes a slip solution, a base coat, a top coat, a dual-ended nail brush, a nail file and a spatula.

Manicures done with this kit don't peel off easily, lasting for 2-3 weeks. They can even last longer with the right application and proper maintenance.


  • Includes 7 brilliant rainbow colors
  • Affordable
  • Non-toxic
  • Long-lasting
  • Chip resistant
  • Minimal odor
  • 24 dedicated nail forms
  • Comes in an elegant red gift box


  • Doesn't include an LED lamp

[amazon fields="B07Z35T5ZC" value="thumb"]

Makartt offers an all-pink poly gel extension kit that comes with everything you could ask for. It comes in six colors (5 shades of pink and one clear gel), a UV/LED lamp, a top coat, a base coat, slip solution, dual forms, a dual-ended nail brush, a nail file and a spatula. All these accessories make this polygel nail kit extremely easy to use and quite beginner-friendly.

Makartt polygel nail manicures can last up to 4 weeks, or even longer, with proper nail prep, application and maintenance.


  • Includes nail art glitter and rhinestones
  • Includes a 6W LED UV nail lamp
  • Easy to use
  • Dries quickly
  • Long-lasting
  • Cruelty-free


  • Can be sticky

[amazon fields="B07ZFSYF7Q" value="thumb"]

The Beetles Poly Gel Extension Nail Kit comes in 3 colors; clear, white and light pink. It makes up for the limited color range with plenty of fancy-dancy. The polygel nail kit comes with 6 different colored nail glitters, gems, rhinestones and even gold and silver nail foil.

The nail kit also includes a 48W UV LED lamp, slip solution, dual forms, nail forms, tweezers, stripping tapes, a base coat, a matte top coat, a glossy top coat and a nail strengthener gel. Beetles' nail extension gel can be applied in just 3 minutes and last up well up to 4 weeks with proper application.


  • Includes LED nail lamp
  • Includes both a matte and glossy top coat
  • Wide range of nail art gems, glitters and rhinestones
  • Easy to shape
  • Dries quickly
  • Comes with both dual and nail forms


  • Limited color options

What Factors Should You Consider in the Best Polygel Nail Kit?

Poly gel nail kits are practically hassle-free and pretty economical too. They help you get those lovely manicures at the comfort of your home without exorbitant salon appointments.

1. Material

It's essential to make sure that you choose a good quality product, and it'll probably not be the cheapest. Cheaper polygel nail kits can harm your nails and meddle with your natural nail growth and smoothness. Moreover, low-quality gels are not particularly durable and they tend to chip quickly also.

Just as important, you should also take a keen look at the ingredients used in the poly gel kit before buying. Keep away from toxic chemicals. And you can also look out for specifically cruelty-free products.

2. Quantity

Full-size products are definitely the best bang for your buck. That being said, the ideal quantity tends to be relative to the user. Whatever the case, it's only sensible to get an amount that lasts multiple applications.

3. Color Options

Typically, polygel nail kits have 6 color options, but some have up to 7 of them. Such a diverse spectrum allows you to try out different styles and combinations. Who's to say you can switch from an English to a French manicure on a whim?

4. Texture

Getting the glossy finish largely depends on a smooth texture. Furthermore, the texture also needs to complement the size and shape of your nails too. Therefore, it would be best to buy a polygel with a good consistency that doesn't dry up in the bottle.

5. Curing Time

Curing time is a crucial part of the application process, and it mostly depends on the lamp you use. There are two options for this: LED lamps and UV lamps. Generally, LED lamps cure nails quicker than UV lamps.

6. Removal Process

Poly gel nail kits typically come with a solution to remove the product. Occasionally, the hard coat can be quite pesky, requiring a bit of elbow grease and time to remove. You'll probably have to file and buff the nails extensively on such occasions, which you need to consider before choosing a product.

7. Price

Your ideal poly gel kit should fit within your budget. This mostly depends on the quality of the product and the tools included in the kit. It's worth noting that some nail kits don't come with the curing lamps, slip solution or even the top and base coats, which would then present hidden expenses.

How Do You Apply Poly Gel Nails?

1. Prep your nails with the recommended pH solution.

2. Prepare the poly gel nail and place its tip carefully at the top of the nail.

3. Put on an acid-free nail primer.

4. Dip the brush in solution, then smooth out the gel all over the nails to achieve your desired gel shape.

5. Cure under a UV or LED light.

6. Remove the tip or form.

7. File and buff the nails to give them the ideal shape.

8. Apply the gel top coat and cure under the UV/LED lamp to finish the process.

Tips for a DIY PolyGel Mani at Home

  • Watch a couple of YouTube videos before you get started to get a gist of what lies ahead.
  • Always keep the brush wet with alcohol or the slip solution to help avoid sticky polygel.
  • Take your time to learn how to achieve your desired results; there's no rush. It's all about practice.
  • Invest in good manicure tools, from the nail art jar and an LED nail lamp to a good nail drill.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Polygel Nail Kits

1. How long do poly gel nails last?

Poly gel will definitely hold for weeks. More so, it doesn't lift or crack as gel nail polish does. The best part is you can "fill in" a poly gel nail again like you would with acrylics. When the nail grows out, you can also rebalance the nails to extend your polygel manicure's life.

2. How do you remove poly gel nails?

Unlike gel nail polish, polygel extensions can't be soaked off- they have to be filed off. While you can still use a manual nail file, a nail drill machine is perhaps easier and quicker to use.

First, you'd have to snip off whatever length you can, then use the drill to file off the gel gently. But you also have to make sure that you leave a very thin layer. Getting too close to your natural nail means you could accidentally file into them and cause damage.

If you opt to use a manual nail file, you'll repeat the same process down to getting the thin layer. From here, you can either file the rest of the nail off with the file, then buffer or soak the last layer off with pure acetone. If the last layer is thin enough, you can also gently scrape it off after a bubbly soak. Then gently buff your nails and you should be good to go.

3. Can I use regular nail polish on poly gel nails?

Certainly! Regular nail polish can also be applied on poly gel nails. But if you want a long-lasting color, you're mostly better off using gel nail polish. 


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