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Best Moisturizer for Black Skin in 2023



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Getting the best moisturizer for black skin can be a hassle, especially when you don't know where to start. People with dark skin tones had difficulty finding the right foundations, moisturizers, and more until recently. But, thanks to very progressive minds, more brands are producing products fit for your beautiful dark skin. 

Today we'll look at the best moisturizers for black skin so that you can have an easy time keeping your skin healthy, moisturized, and soft. We've gone through hundreds of reviews to get you a skin moisturizer that will work for you whether you have normal skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, or oily skin.

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 What is a good moisturizer for black skin?


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What Is A Moisturizer?

A moisturizer is an ointment that prevents your skin from drying. You can also use it to treat dry skin and return it to its original healthy state. Another advantage of using a moisturizer is protecting you if you have sensitive skin.

Although you've been blessed with beautiful melanin, you should still protect your skin. This is why we selected the best moisturizers for black skin in the market that you can use.

Which Is the Best Moisturizer for Black Skin?

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The CeraVe Moisturizing Cream has hyaluronic acid that will provide you with 24-hour hydration. The ceramides and MVE technology used to make this best moisturizer for black skin also add to its effectiveness. Ceramides are often found in your skin and makeup around 50% of the lipids in your skin barrier.

This skin moisturizer has ceramides 1,3 and 6-II that maintain this natural barrier. If you choose any other CeraVe product, you'll find that this is still the case. The advantage of this moisturizer is that it gets absorbed quickly into your skin. It also doesn't leave that annoying greasy, and sticky feeling. Instead, you will feel your skin going soft within no time.

One of the most common reasons for dry skin is that the ceramides have decreased. This is why this moisturizer for dark skin is very effective. It adds to the ceramides count. This prevents your skin from looking and feeling itchy, flaky, and dry.

You should start seeing good results in about four weeks. The reason this brand is loved and trusted by many is that it was developed by dermatologists. This product works for you iSo if you have oily skin, acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, or dry skin.


  • It can be used as a facial moisturizer
  • Doesn't leave a sticky and greasy feel
  • Created by dermatologists
  • Great for acne-prone skin and oily skin
  • Perfect as a hand cream
  • Paraben-free
  • None-comedogenic
  • Great for itchy skin


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Our second pick is another CeraVe moisturizer for dark skin that works as a great daily moisturizing lotion. If you have dry skin, this cool moisturizer is perfect for you. Your skin will be left hydrated, smooth, and ready to take on the world. You also won't have that annoying greasy feeling associated with some moisturizers.

Hyaluronic acid enables your skin to retain its natural moisture. The MVE technology used to make this moisturizer provides your skin with 24-hour hydration. You'll have healthy skin that's adequately moisturized in no time.

The lightweight texture adds to its appeal. Just like in our above pick, this moisturizer contains ceramides that help maintain your skin's barrier and aid in its ability to retain moisture. Therefore, you can think of this facial moisturizer as a protector rather than actively adding so much hydration. It protects what your skin is already producing. 


  • Offers you 24-hour hydration
  • Contains ceramides to aid your protective barrier
  • Easy to apply
  • It can be used as a daily moisturizer
  • Gets easily absorbed into your body
  • Leaves no stickiness on your skin
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Gently on your skin
  • Works on eczema-prone skin


  • The smell may be annoying to some

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This best moisturizer for black skin contains an oxybenzone-free Broad Spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen which protects your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. It also harnesses the unique natural light diffusers and reflects light to naturally and visibly smooth any imperfections on your skin.

You may not even need to apply any foundation after using this product. This daily face moisturizer comes in a 4-fluid ounce bottle that you can easily carry around. This moisturizer for dark skin tones is clinically proven to give you natural and radiant skin within a week of use.

Powered by Total Soy Complex, this oil-free moisturizer will even out your tone and texture. You can think of this moisturizer as an all-in-one package. It helps reduce early signs of aging, remove dark spots, leave your skin glowing, and improve skin dullness.

Another great feature of this skin moisturizer is that it is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and oil-free. You don't have to worry about it clogging your pores. You can comfortably wear this moisturizer for African American skin under your makeup


  • Oil-free
  • Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic
  • Protects your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • Leaves you with glowing skin
  • It can be used as a daily facial moisturizer
  • Gives you an even tone and even texture
  • Works within a week
  • Great for sensitive skin


  • May not always give tone correction

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This Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer improves your skin's ability to retain its moisture. It does this without clogging your pores at all. The SPF 15 in these moisturizers for black skin protects your skin all day. These moisturizers for black skin are lightweight and get absorbed quickly into your skin. Your skin will be left feeling hydrated and nourished.

You'll notice that your skin becomes smooth with the continued use of this moisturizer for African American skin. Your skin will remain protected from UVA and UVB rays. This helps in keeping your skin young and vibrant. If you have a normal skin type, this is the moisturizer for you.

Nonetheless, you can still use it if you have other skin types. This is a fragrance-free lotion. Therefore, if you don't like scents, use this lotion for black skin. Because it doesn't clog your skin, you'll hardly get skin irritation. If you have eczema-prone skin or even acne-prone skin, you can use these moisturizers for all skin types.

For the best results, use this moisturizer after you've cleaned your skin. This will keep your skin smooth and prevent skin damage from dehydration. If you apply this sunscreen when your skin is wet, you'll get better results.

Apply this moisturizer at night to allow your skin to repair, renew, and rehydrate as you sleep. This will ensure your skin stays hydrated throughout the night. Even if you have oily black skin, you can comfortably use these skincare products. 


  • Rehydrates renews and repairs your skin
  • Protects you from harmful UV rays
  • Doesn't clog your pores
  • Allows your skin to retain moisture
  • Light and silky smooth


  • Burns if applied near your eyes

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This moisturizer is perfect for dry skin. It comes complete with African Black Soap with Shea Butter 2 oz. This face lotion balances oily to combination skin and keeps your skin hydrated no matter the weather. In addition, this lotion improves skin health and doesn't have mineral oil, parabens, or phthalates.

The Shea Butter that's used in this lotion is ethically sourced, and you can use this lotion as a hand lotion or moisturizing cream. For the benefit of your skin cells, this moisturizer is blended with black soup and shea butter. This gives it a rich texture you'll love.

If you have dry skin, this moisturizer is beneficial. You can also use this moisturizer for dark skin as hand therapy. If you have dry and flaky skin or sensitive skin, you can use this product. 


  • Doesn't clog your pores
  • Great for dry and sensitive skin
  • Contains no parabens, phthalates, or mineral oil
  • Lightweight
  • Makes for a great face lotion 


  • The smell can be unpleasant to some 

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Moisturizer for Black Skin?

1. SPF

As climate change and global warming continue to be a problem, you want to get yourself a moisturizer that will protect you from the sun's harmful rays. Using SPF is essential in your daily skincare routine.

Having a moisturizer that acts as sunscreen will save you time and energy since you'll be applying it once. You also won't have to mix brands of a different lotion and sunscreen. Instead, get a moisturizer that has SPF 15 or higher to keep your skin healthy.

Broad-spectrum SPF means that the product will protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Having this two-in-one blend is a life changer.

2. Labels

Before you settle on the best moisturizer for black skin, read the label to know what you're getting. Some labels you should pay attention to include allergy tested and non-comedogenic. The first means that you will unlikely get an allergic reaction from using it.

Non-comedogenic means that it doesn't clog your pores. However, read the product details and reviews a bit more because these labels aren't always an assurance that you won't experience skin irritation.

3. Active Vs. Inactive Ingredients

What are active ingredients? These are ingredients that ensure the moisturizer does what it's meant to do. The inactive ingredients are more of "helpers" to ensure that the active ingredients do their job.

For example, for a moisturizer with SPF, some of the active ingredients include titanium oxide. This ingredient often acts as a principal sunscreen agent. Some inactive ingredients include what is used to make the final product become a cream or lotion.

4. Skin Type

While choosing your moisturizer, consider your skin type. Some moisturizers are suitable for all skin types. However, ensure you choose the right product for your specific type. Getting a moisturizer made for your specific skin type will give you the best results.

If you have dry skin, consider a moisturizer that is oil-based and is heavy. If you have oily skin, you should go for a lighter and water-based product. If you have normal skin or combination skin, opt for a moisturizer that is also water-based and light.

Ensure you pay close attention to the product details for those with sensitive skin to know if the product is safe for you. Ingredients such as aloe are great for this skin type. If you've got mature skin, go for oil-based moisturizers to preserve as much moisture as possible.

5. Texture of Moisturizer

We've mentioned above that different skin types benefit from different textures of moisturizers. For drier skin, go for heavy and creamier textures to protect your black skin further.

The texture will also affect how you feel after you apply the product to your black skin. Once you've discovered where you lie with the skin types, you'll be able to choose the right texture.

6. Hypoallergenic

What does hypoallergenic mean? It means that you will likely not experience allergic reactions by using the moisturizer. This is because your skin cells will not get irritated. However, as we mentioned above, please go through the reviews and the product details to ensure the product doesn't contain ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction.

If you've used cream, lotion, or oil in the past and you got an allergic reaction, check what ingredient was in there and ensure it's not in the option you want to get.

7. Fragrance-Free Vs. Unscented

What is the difference between these two terms?

Fragrance-free means that the moisturizer cream doesn't have any added fragrances. However, note that your moisturizer can be fragrance-free and still have a scent. This is because of the natural ingredients used that have their fragrances.

For example, essential oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, or other natural ingredients can affect the fragrance. If you have sensitive skin, try your best and avoid using scented moisturizers that have strong fragrances.

Unscented moisturizers also have a fragrance. Ensure that when choosing the suitable body lotion for you, you check what fragrances you'll be getting. You don't want to be getting irritated by the smell every time you open the bottle.

What Are the Benefits of Moisturizing?

1. Keeps Your Skin Younger

Using a moisturizer, whether it has hyaluronic acid or not, ensures that your skin never gets dry. However, the truth is that the skin on your face, neck, ears, and chest replaces itself very fast. This is more than any other part of your body. Therefore, when this turnover happens, the skin on those parts becomes extra vulnerable.

This is why moisturizing is very important. It ensures that the skin around this area doesn't become dry and get attacked by the elements. This is one of the reasons that cause premature aging. Choosing a moisturizer that has SPF is also an advantage because it protects you from the sun.

You can also use your moisturizer alongside anti-aging creams of your choice. However, if you opt to use your moisturizer on its own, you'll still get results. In addition, you can say goodbye to wrinkles, cracks, flaking, and any other aging features.

Another advantage of moisturizing is that you enable your skin to repair itself and produce collagen. This collagen ensures your skin stays vibrant and youthful.

2. Fights Wrinkles

Fighting wrinkles is part of looking younger. However, we felt it deserved a point of its own because of how major it is. You'll notice that when you use your moisturizer, you'll get this firm and plump feeling on your face.

This is not just the product sitting on your skin. It helps tighten your skin and reduce any appearance of wrinkles.

3. Keeps Skin Problems at Bay

Today we've looked at moisturizers for black skin because choosing the right moisturizer for your skin type is essential. When you use the perfect moisturizer for your skin, you help your beautiful skin maintain its balance.

Your skin isn't too dry, oily, or prone to acne. Remember to pay attention to your skin type so that you can choose the right moisturizer for you.

4. Keeps Blemishes Away

Believe it or not, you can have flawless skin without makeup as long as you take care of your skin. Using the right moisturizer can reduce the appearance of blemishes on your skin. Once you apply it, you'll notice a healthy sheen on your skin.

Some products are even designed to correct uneven skin tone and reduce fine lines. Therefore, if you don't want to apply foundation or concealer every day but still look fabulous, consider using one of the moisturizers above.

You can choose products that have ingredients you like, such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, aloe vera and more.

5. Prevents Dullness

You can spot skin that isn't well hydrated. Even if you use makeup to cover it up, you'll still notice some clumped areas, and your skin will still look dull. In extreme cases, you'll find that your skin peels. One way to avoid this is to moisturize your skin right after a hot shower.

Although hot showers are amazing, they can leave your skin looking and feeling dry. This is because a hot shower strips moisture from your skin. Therefore, to keep your skin looking fabulous, use one of these moisturizers above after your hot shower.

You will notice that your skin tone improves, and your skin feels soft to the touch.

6. Repairs Skin

Using a moisturizer after shaving can protect your skin and help it repair itself. This is where the term ashy comes from. If you've shaven and notice a white color on your skin, this is because shaving can cause your skin to become excessively dry.

Although shaving is excellent and leaves you feeling clean and lighter, it also leaves your skin sensitive. Therefore, have a moisturizer handy after you shave to help your skin get back its moisture.

7. Promotes Cell Turnover

Your skin is constantly producing more skin cells to replace the ones it's losing. This is a great process that leaves you looking younger and fresh. Your body gets rid of the old and worn-out cells and replaces them with new and fresh ones.

However, the more you age, the slower this process becomes. Therefore, any imperfections you have, become more apparent.

Moisturizing helps with this. It encourages cell turnover, and this keeps your skin looking fresh and pure. Not only does this improve skin texture, but it also adds nutrients to your skin. You can use your face moisturizer after cleansing and exfoliating your skin for best results.

8. Protects Your Skin After Sun Exposure

Although using a moisturizer and sunscreen is advised before going to the beach, using it after is also a great idea. After your skin is exposed to the sun allows it to recover. When you apply a moisturizer after being in the sun, a new layer of skin cells rises to the top to replace the ones damaged by the sun.

If you live in a sunny region or love going to the beach, consider getting a moisturizer with SPF.

9. Reduces Itchy Skin

If you often itch your skin, consider getting a moisturizer. Sensitive skin and dry skin are often prone to becoming itchy and even flaky. The last thing you need is to have itchy skin as you go about your business.

Therefore, applying a moisturizer eliminates this itchy skin and leaves you feeling more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moisturizers

1. What does hyaluronic acid do in moisturizers?

Hyaluronic acid can draw and hold water. Therefore, when it's used in moisturizers, it brings moisture up to the surface of your skin. This ensures that the external surface of your skin is always moisturized and the barrier is in place.

2. Does skin need moisture to heal?

Yes. Using a moisturizer can help your skin get more rejuvenated and able to produce more skin cells. When your skin is dry, it becomes fragile and prone to damage. It also doesn't have the space it needs to heal.


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