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Applying mascara may require you to consider some factors first. Once you know the type you would want to apply for, you can only know whether you like it. If you want lashes with that striking look, getting the best mascara for length may be your only option. There are many brands of mascaras available online and in stores where you can buy them from.

Also, if you are unsure what brand of mascara you want, you have not to worry; we have reviewed the best mascara for length and see what you'll go with.

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 Which is best mascara for volume and length?


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Types of Mascara Formulas

There are two types of mascaras; water-based and oil-based or waterproof. Let's learn more below.

a). Water-Based Mascaras

"Water-based mascaras are chemical-free since they have no added oils and have a neutral pH," says celebrity makeup artist Lisa Aharon. It's also the only type of mascara that's safe to use with lash extensions, according to celebrity makeup artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen: "An oil-based mascara would break down the adhesive and remove the extensions," she adds.

b). Oil-Based Mascaras-Waterproof Formulas

Waterproof formulas include nearly identical ingredients to water-soluble formulas, with one key exception. The presence of dodecane, a lengthy, saturated hydrocarbon also used as jet fuel, gives the waterproof superpower. Unfortunately, this makes layering and removing it challenging.

Best Mascara for Length

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If you want a mascara that will leave your lashes well-defined and thick, Covergirl has got your back. It is polymer enriched to enhance thickening and also helps in defining the shape of your lashes. The lash teasing comb also gives a fine-tuned separation with full and long lashes.

The formula is also not messy and will not smear or smudge, so you do not have to worry about it getting on your face or messing you up. To remove it, simply wash with soap and water or use make-up remover. You can also remove it with baby oil.


  • Gives a natural look
  • Defines lashes perfectly


  • Not enough bristles

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The so-called "wide-eye brush" is one of the fascinating features of L'Oréal Paris Bambi Waterproof. It contains a mix of short and long bristles that should catch every lash – regardless of length – on each swipe. As a result, it's ideal for days when you want your makeup to seem as natural as possible, with no clumps visible after application.

Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara is a breakthrough lash extension effect mascara that produces up to 80% longer-looking, nourished lashes in just two steps. L'Oreal mascara is also safe for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes, so your eyes are safe.

With the best mascaras and primers, you can achieve the long, thick lashes you desire. Create the perfect eye makeup look with L'Oreal lengthening mascara collection, get straight lines with smudge-proof eyeliner, define your brows, and explore eye shadow palettes with colors for every eye color.

Because you are valuable, this product, L'Oréal Paris lengthening mascara, can help you achieve the look you want.


  • Smudge-proof
  • Double extend to make them longer
  • Adds volume and length of the lashes

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Maybelline Lash Discovery is one of the best mascaras for length if you're looking for a mascara for your no-makeup makeup looks. It has a natural-appearing effect on the lashes. But, like other tubing mascaras, it wraps your lashes and makes them look like you have fake lashes on.

Your lashes won't appear super-thick or dramatic. Instead, you'll receive just enough curl to draw attention to and open up your eyes with this mascara's modest lift and color with no apparent clumps.

And, because Maybelline volumizing mascara is more affordable, this is an opportunity to stock up on two tubes: the usual one for your top lashes and the waterproof version for your bottom lashes to avoid raccoon eyes. However, it is more difficult to remove waterproof mascara. You will love the results either way.


  • Easy to apply
  • Gives a natural-looking length
  • Sold at the price of a drugstore mascara, affordable


  • Hard to get off the lashes

Even famous makeup artists like Jessica deBen prefer Cosmetics Superhero waterproof Mascara because the deep pigment produces a lash-extension illusion with just one coat. In addition, this Cosmetics Superhero mascara covers lashes in polymers to give them a more elastic length that neither flakes and non-smudges.

Remember that mascaras typically have a three-month shelf life when it comes to flaking, so note the date you opened it. If your mascara clumps up before three months, there is another great idea you can try; to thin it down again, add a few drops of Visine.

This Cosmetics volumizing mascara works to boost the length and volume of your lashes.


  • Lasts longer
  • Boosts length and volume of the lashes
  • Waterproof, hence tears or rain cannot remove it


  • Waterproof, hence not washable

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Milani is also known for its skincare and beauty products. Their products are totally cruelty-free and tested solely on humans and not on animals. For example, Milan lash mascara not only adds the length and volume of your natural lashes but also curls, lifts and separates them.

Although Milani lash mascara is not waterproof, it is one of the best you can get. It also comes with a small brush, ideally suited for even the tiny lashes. It is also clump-free, so you can apply even multiple coats and still look amazing.

As one of the best mascaras, Milan does not smudge under the eyes and keeps them clean all day.


  • Smudge-free
  • The small brush is excellent for thin and short lashes
  • Easy to wash off
  • Cruelty-free


  • Strong smell for some individuals

Full volume meets unlimited length for a lash impact from any angle. The revolutionary flex tower mascara brush in Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High mascara bends to volumize and stretch every single lash from root to tip.

Maybelline's volumizing and lengthening mascara contains bamboo extract and fibers for long, thick lashes that are never weighed down. Maybelline Sky High Waterproof mascara comes in two versions: washable and waterproof.

Maybelline volumizing mascara has been allergy tested by an ophthalmologist, is suited for delicate eyes and contact lens wearers. This mascara makes your lashes more defined with zero clumping and smudging.


  • It is washable
  • It is ideal for use by contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes
  • Makes thin lashes noticeable
  • Boosts volume and length


  • Not easy to remove

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Milk Makeup has created a unique mascara that conditions lashes with hemp-derived cannabis seed. It also employs rich pigment for the blackest of black finishes. Maya Renee, a professional makeup artist, has begun utilizing Kush for her customers and loves it.

The makeup artist confirms that it gives you long and fluffy lashes, and the volume is incredible. Unfortunately, it isn't waterproof. You never know when a tear may fall. And there may be some clumping on the first coat, but this is easy to comb through when applying the second layer.


  • Easy to apply
  • Boosts length and volume


  • May be clumpy when you apply the first layer
  • Not waterproof

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If you are looking for an affordable mascara to give you the false lash effect, this is the one you are looking for. You do not need falsies once you have this Essence mascara, as it will define and separate lashes while giving you a bold look.

Did I mention how it boosts your volume? So it is with the conic shape fiber brush that you get dramatic volume and significant length boost. It is also clump-free and will keep your eyes popping and amazing.

This mascara lasts all day, by the way. It does not fade or flake. How amazing!. It also does not wear and is the perfect mascara if you want to wear it all day without reapplying. PETA acknowledges essence cosmetics as a cruelty-free cosmetic brand. Therefore, their false lash effect mascara is made without harming any animals.


  • The conic fiber brush captures even the short and bottom lashes
  • Long-lasting
  • Cruelty-free
  • Affordable


  • Not waterproof

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Mascara for Length

So you also desire to have fluttery lashes by ensuring every lash is defined perfectly. Well, you can achieve that by trying some of the best mascaras for lengthening and seeing which one is best for you. However, not all mascaras will suit you. So, you should check what is best. To achieve that, you may need to consider a few factors, which we shall discuss below.

a). Easy to Apply

Nothing is more irritating or unpleasant than a mascara wand that is too large and difficult to use. The best mascara for length is designed to lengthen and define lashes. It does so by applying more product to the middle of the lashes and less product to the outer lashes.

If its wand is thinner and easier to use, you don't have to worry about poking your eye out or producing a clumpy overdone look. The result is a set of large, well-defined lashes that instantly add drama and sensuality to any appearance. No matter the time of the day it is, making your eyes pop and light up regardless of what you did the night before.

b). Easy to Wash Off

Nothing is more irritating than washing your eyes while stubbornly attempting to remove mascara, especially when you're weary and simply want to sleep. Unfortunately, when things become too complicated, we often give up and wake up with the dreaded morning after panda expression.

It can also be harmful to your eyes if mascara is too difficult to remove, and it can significantly harm the sensitive skin around your eyes. The best mascara should not smear and should be removed easily. Then, even if you arrive late, there's no need to worry about having to spend half an hour or more trying to wash it off.

c). Long Lasting

Mascara must last all day. High-quality ingredients are vital for holding color and length to the lashes, but it's also critical that harmful preservatives like parabens are avoided to ensure the mascara's lifespan.

Because the product is on your eyelids for so long, and most women wear it every day of the week, sometimes all night if they don't remove their makeup, it's crucial to think about the ingredients in mascara that will help it last longer.

Smudge-proof and safe mascaras can be used for a flirtatious day appearance or layered for a more dramatic look in the evening. You may wear it all day and night because it works on your lashes as well.

d). Dries Quickly

We are always on the go these days, and even when we aren't, we don't want to wait for mascara to dry. A decent mascara dries slowly enough to allow you to apply many coats but quickly enough that you don't waste time waiting for your lashes to dry when you could be doing something else. It should give you enough time to apply many coats without making you late as you wait for the product to dry.

e). High-Impact Wand

If you want to add a lot of length to your lashes, makeup artists recommend using products with high-impact wands, which will assist shape your lashes and evenly distributing the product without clumping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you remove waterproof mascara naturally?

To remove waterproof mascara, use oil. Instead of using water, you can use olive oil, castor oil or argan oil. Oil will break down its waterproof properties and make it slide off your lashes with minimal wiping and scrubbing.

2. Are eyelash curlers bad for your eyelashes?

If used correctly, an eyelash curler is not damaging. However, it is safer to use a lash curler before applying mascara as the latter can stick to your tool. If this happens, you will risk getting your lashes stuck, broken or pulled.

You can use the best mascara for length to get long and separated lashes. We have reviewed some of the best to help you make an easy choice.


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