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There's nothing as frustrating as fumbling around your cluttered makeup bag searching for that one mascara or lip liner that always seems to disappear, most especially when you're running late. Yet, you keep telling yourself that you'll eventually get around to sorting them out. A cluttered makeup bag can be a pain which is why you'll need the best makeup organizer that's ideally suited for your space and the number of products you regularly use.

Spring cleaning will involve taking inventory of all the lip glosses, lip liners, makeup brushes, foundations, and other makeup products you have. Besides tidying things up, it'll help you avoid making any unnecessary purchases of things you already have but forgot all about and get rid of anything you might not use again. Once all your stash is pared down, you'll need a great solution of where to stack them up.

Makeup organizers come in different sizes and designs; some operate as a mini vanity with an LED mirror. Some come in varying sizes with a drawer organizer to accommodate everything you might need, ranging from an eyeshadow palette organizer to lipsticks. Some are clear plastic or acrylic, some rotate, while others can be easily packed up and portable for the go.

Types of Makeup Organizers

a) Makeup trays

A makeup tray is generally partitioned into sections that give you several palettes for storage. They might require more space and are perfect for your counter, plus they have more room to hold your items. However, since they don't use a cover, beauty items stored on the tray will need regular cleaning up.

b) Makeup bags

Makeup bags are more like holders than organizers of beauty products. As a result, they're more ideal for people on the move or people with relatively fewer cosmetic products.

c) Makeup caddies

This is probably the most popular option. These caddies come in different sizes, shapes, designs, and materials. However, most makeup caddies will have small boxes/drawers that you can use to hold various products.

d) Makeup carousels

These are fashionable organizers that consist of bins used to hold stacked items. Typically, they'll take a tree-like design and often swivel using up vertical space.

e) Makeup case/box/train

A makeup case is a lifesaver option for gurus and professionals who'll need to hold a lot of beauty products or cosmetics. This is a great solution that comes with shelves for easy access and storage of items.

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Best Makeup Organizer- Reviews

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The Sorbus makeup and jewelry storage case display is incredible since it comes in many compartment sizes that will hold everything ranging from mascara to big jars of skin care products. Not only does it come with a spacious design, but it's also detachable. With this, you can mix and match different compartments depending on what you need most.

It's sturdy and looks quite appealing, unlike many other organizers. The Sorbus storage case display is transparent enough to tell where each of your products is precise. The stack comes in different colors, including marble, for the minimalists.

There are 3 wide drawers for palettes and 4 half-size drawers for small items. That's, of course, not to mention the brush holder and dedicated lipstick compartment. This is the perfect organizer if you like to have everything in its own home.


  • Enough storage with 16 slots, 3 large and 4 small drawers
  • Elegant and chic exterior
  • Clear slots to create a visually appealing display that works beautifully well with a lot of décors
  • Constructed using durable clear pink plastic
  • Organizer that's perfect for tidying up the vanity
  • Enough storage for neat and easy access
  • Tiered cosmetic organizer that helps maintain a space-saving design
  • Drawer container store that slide open smoothly, and handles that are easy to grip


  • Nail polish bottles don't perfectly fit in the holes
  • Relatively small pockets

[amazon fields="B073TYXRYG" value="thumb"]

The Jerrybox 360 degree Rotation makeup organizer is a cylindrical shelving system that spins most conveniently. It has 7 tray levels that can be adjusted to the most suitable height and are small enough not to consume a lot of your countertop space. It silently rotates fully with no squeaks and is also easy to clean.

Now you actually have a shot at cutting down on your get-ready time with this perfect piece. Since it is also height-adjustable, you can squeeze in all your perfumes, foundations, and skin care products all into one place. Yes, this makeup organizer is a little tall, but it's still compact and sturdy. It's also easy to assemble.


  • 360° rotation to perfectly organize, store and easily access all your cosmetics and accessories
  • Extra-large capacity 12 well-sized compartments that accommodate at least 60 makeup brushes, 30 skin products, and more accessories
  • 6 adjustable levels that allow height adjusts of the trays to accommodate different cosmetics and containers
  • A steady base that rotates smoothly and silently to ensure that the cosmetics stay in place
  • Thick, strong, and durable trays that can hold heavy products
  • Easy to wash and clean


  • Not as easy to install and assemble container store

[amazon fields="B0783QJST4" value="thumb"]

If you'd like to save the planet and still shelve your makeup practically, here's an organizer that's created from bamboo. It may not stand rival to the acrylic competitors in the many specialized compartments, but it does a great job in keeping you covered with the necessities. It has holes for brushes, shelves for different product heights.

It's double-sided, so this tabletop carousel comes with a lazy susan swivel base that rotates for you to access your everyday essentials quickly. You can use it to store anything from lipsticks, foundations, lotion, shampoo, or grooming tools.

The top compartment has three specially crafted openings for brushes, lip pencils, eyeliners, and other slim makeup items. Take it for a spin to store or retrieve items from the multi-level trays. It has a sleek open concept that provides an effortless view taking up minimal space.


  • Lazy susan swivel base carousel that fully rotates at 360 degrees
  • 8 different-sized compartments and 3 openings to hold slim products
  • Beautiful storage and display Items are easily accessible for maximum convenience
  • An organization that reduces clutter saves time getting ready and saves on counter space
  • Eco-friendly, bamboo wood construction
  • Great storage rack for bathroom, bedroom, closet, etc.
  • No assembly required


  • It spins so it can't be mounted on the wall
  • The base is relatively flimsy and too small to put heavy bottles

[amazon fields="B07GTXSN31" value="thumb"]

July's song is a large capacity makeup organizer that consists of 13 compartments on top and 3 storage drawers. The makeup tray can be set apart from the drawers, with a movable and functional cosmetic organizer.

It's sturdy and easy to clean since it's made of quality PP plastic, that's lightweight but sturdy. This is definitely one of the best makeup organizers in plastic that has great storage and discreet container stores for your items.


  • Discreet container store to hide products
  • Perfect height so you can lean over and pick what you need
  • Side compartments can carry roughly 3 bottles or tubes
  • A smooth pull on drawers
  • The top tray is separated from the drawers
  • Comes in a large or small size, so you can choose the size that's best for your needs
  • Roomy
  • Can put it on the bathroom counter or under the sink
  • Constructed using environmentally friendly PP materials that are completely waterproof and washable
  • Delicate, elegant, and beautiful colors
  • Multilayer design
  • Saves on space
  • Perfect organization and storage of cosmetics and accessories
  • Easy access to the makeup products


  • Can topple if items placed at the top are a little heavy

[amazon fields="B07D27BY4C" value="thumb"]

The DreamGenius makeup vanity organizer is an ultra-luxe 4-piece makeup organizer with 9 drawers and 2 top racks that will help keep all your cosmetic items in order. Each drawer comes with a removable black velvet padding to help keep everything in place. In addition, these 4 pieces can be stacked or interlocked to each other to create your DIY structure that perfectly fits your counter.

If you have ample counter space or plenty of makeup, this is the cosmetic vanity declutterer for you. It's also quite long, at 9 inches in length, with impressive storage in the 4 bottom boxes, 3 medium-sized drawers, and 12 top compartments. This also includes the hard-to-store palettes. The clear acrylic means that you're able to know exactly what's inside even before opening it.


  • Plenty of storage and room for brushes, lipstick, nail polish Palettes interlocks together to stay sturdy
  • It has a brush holder and drawer liners
  • Large capacity with 12 lipstick compartments, 4 open compartments, 4 small drawers, 3 medium-sized drawers, and 2 large drawers
  • Waterproof
  • Made of premium acrylic materials that can be dried or cleaned quickly by wiping it using a dry cloth
  • 4-piece makeup organizer boxes that securely interlock with anti-slip mats
  • 4-piece vanity case set that can be disassembled and freely stacked according to personal preferences and needs
  • Smooth-opening drawers 


  • Needs ample space since it won't fit in small counters and spaces

What Factors to Consider for the Best Makeup Organizer?

A) What Can it Hold?

The best makeup organizers should allow you to store, hold, arrange and access various things in your makeup collection easily. For optimal experience, it should be a functional piece that's some form of drawer organizer, shelves, or compartments, for simple classifications and easy identification of all your favorite products.

B) What's the Capacity?

The capacity an organizer can hold will mostly depend on your skincare needs. If you regularly use many cosmetic products, you should go for the best makeup organizers with a sizeable holding capacity.

C) Dust Protection?

If your products are prone to dust, you need a makeup organizer that protects your cosmetic products from dust. When your cosmetics are exposed to dust and other elements, it might affect your product's integrity, and they might even work terribly against your skin.

D) Easy Access?

It's nice for the organizer holding makeup brushes, lipstick, and cosmetics to protect them from dust and other external elements. However, you still need them to be easily accessible to use them regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Makeup Organizer

1. Should beauty products be stored in the bathroom?

Most people do their everyday makeup and beauty routine in the bathroom since it's where there's enough room most of the time. However super convenient it might be, it might not be the ideal location for makeup storage due to the high moisture levels and ever-changing temperatures there.

These conditions can spoil your makeup collection quickly and create perfect breeding grounds for bacteria on your beauty products. So, like your medicine cabinet, your makeup storage should be in a cool and dry space.

2. What's the best way to organize makeup or skin products?

The best way to organize makeup that you use every day will depend on the amount of space you have and your makeup. Clear acrylic makeup containers with removable dividers or clear drawers are best if you have a generous amount of bench space. In contrast, tall rotating clear acrylic or plastic organizers make good use of vertical space. If you find you're usually on the go a lot, you can use a train or travel makeup case or makeup bag.

3. How to organize a lot of beauty products in small spaces?

You can use acrylic makeup gold-colored trays or completely customizable clear containers in your makeup case to complement your bedroom or bathroom decor.


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