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Leave-in conditioners offer extra moisture to the hair, help detangle the strands and protect the hair from damage. They can be a lifeline for adding hydration; however, not all hair types react the same way. If your hair is not cooperating lately, there is a good chance it wants the best leave-in conditioner.

Leave-in conditioners might sound extra, especially if you are already using a rinse-out one. However, that is because they are and in the best way possible. Consider everything your hair undergoes once you step out of the shower: combing, brushing, rough towels, heat styling, rough pillows, tying, twirling, and possibly bleaching. Leave-in conditioners are the easiest way to protect your hair from it all.

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Best Leave-In Conditioner - Reviews

If you are looking for the best leave-in conditioner that provides maximum moisture and strength to the hair, count on Jamaican Shea moisture black Castrol oil. This conditioner is formulated with a combination of Jamaican black cast oil and certified organic raw shea butter to moisturize, nourish, support your hair and protect it against breakage. Furthermore, the conditioner contains peppermint revitalize and moisturize dry hair ingredients.

For a damaged hair, this leave-in conditioner contains reparative omegas which are responsible for the repairs. If you want to smoothen your hair, the conditioner is also a perfect choice. The blend of black castor oil and certified organic raw shea butter is responsible for smoothening your hair and restore its shine. Additionally, the peppermint and Keratin in the conditioner provide enough hydration to the hair.

The Jamaican shea black castor oil conditioner will mend your hair ends, stimulate your scalp and detangle without ripping your nice hair out. It is also an ideal leave-in conditioner for anyone who regularly colors, perms, heat styles their hair.


  • Affordable leave-in conditioner
  • Provides moisture on the hair
  • Great conditioner for curly hair


  • The new formula smells awful.

If you are looking for the best leave-in conditioner for colored hair, We recommend Davines OI all-in-one Hair milk spray. This conditioner contains shine-boosting roucou oil, ellagic acid, and amino acids. This hair cream encourages hair growth, fights off free radicals, and protects strands from UV radiation. If you want silky, commercial slo-mo hair, use this smoothing leave-in conditioner. Apply it 10-15 times on the ends and roots of your hair after shampooing to keep them hydrated, soft, and strong.

The roucou oil in this product is responsible for the mirror-like shine on your hair. It also hydrates your hair. This lightweight leave-in conditioner comes with a citrus scent that is not overpowering. Additionally, apart from moisturizing your hair, this conditioner is a great detangler and protects it from frizzing.


  • Ideal leave-in conditioner for colored hair
  • It is a versatile product
  • Has a great smell


  • A bit expensive

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If you are looking for the best leave-in conditioner for dry hair, you found one Ouai leave-in conditioner. It is a powerful, multi-tasking conditioner for every occasion, which offers protection from heat damage, detangles, conditions every strand, and smoothens split ends and frizz. Furthermore, being a water-based conditioner gives more protein conditioning, meaning it won't weigh hair down.

The Ouai leave-in contains tamarind-seed extract, amino acid blend, and vitamin E, which protect, hydrate, and smooth your hair. Spray it lightly through your damp hair before styling it to get your desired look. Moreover, you can spray it on with the option of letting it air-dry if you want wavy hair because it also acts as a heat protectant.

The Ouai leave-in conditioner is used by celebrities like Jen Atkin and Rio, who use it to keep their hair silky smooth all through. If it works for them, be sure it will work for you. Conversely, apart from being color-safe, you will love the scent that the conditioner comes with. It has Italian lemon, bergamot, violet, white mask, and magnolia-laced scent.


  • Perfect for dry hair
  • Has a great smell
  • Ideal for daily hair care


  • Users complain of the product being fake.

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For an all-purpose conditioner, count on the Briogeo Farewell leave-in conditioner. This conditioner is suitable for all hair types. You can use it on straight, natural, wavy, or curly hair. You can also use it on frizzy, damaged, wet, or dry hair. Furthermore, it is ideal for straight, curly, or wavy when you are on the go or traveling.

The Briogeo Farewell contains essential oils and natural ingredients, including argan oil, Rosehip, and coconut oil for frizzing, detangling, and keeping your hair looking its best. The ingredients are 100 percent cruelty-free, have no sulfates, no silicones, no parabens, no phthalates, no DEA, and no artificial dyes.

Even if you have Keratin-treated and color-treated hair, you are not let out; you can still use this leave-in conditioner. It will still promote natural hair shine on your colored hair. Conversely, this lightweight comes with a coconut scent.


  • It is a versatile product
  • Great moisturizing leave-in conditioner
  • Leaves your hair smooth


  • Beware if you are allergic to rose oil.

Use carol's Daughter leave-in conditioner on your curly, damaged, or dull hair. This lightweight conditioner reverses your hair damage and also helps protect your weakened, over-processed hair from future damage. The Almond Milk Carol's Daughter conditioner includes shea butter, sweet almond oil, proteins, and aloe. These ingredients are ideal for curly hair, from the short-cropped 4chairstyle to 1c curly waves.

Furthermore, whether your curls are kinky, spiral, or loose, this leave-in conditioner will work out for you. For damaged hair, you are not left out either; this conditioner will repair daily damage.


  • Great leave-in conditioner for damaged, curly, and dull hair
  • Affordable leave-in conditioner
  • Lightweight doesn't weigh out your hair


  • Has a strong smell

The Main Benefits of Using the Best leave-in conditioner Products

1. curly or coarse hair

Coarse, curly, and textured hair may benefit much from the extra moisture offered by leave-in conditioners. Curly hair is vulnerable to dryness and craves extra moisture because the natural oils produced by your head scalp take longer to extend down the length of the curls. Applying the best leave-in conditioner and combing it into the length of the curls can help the curls be healthier and more outlined with less frizz.

2. Damaged hair

Hair easily gets damaged by using hot-styling tools, dyes, bleach, perms, or chemical straightening or if you usually pull it back into braids or ponytails. These practices may end up damaging the hair shafts, making hair dull or frizzy. Leave-in conditioners provide a protective effect when applied before using heat tools or when styling. It can as well add moisture to the hair.

3. Dry hair

Leave in conditioners provide many benefits for people with dry hair, as they can offer the necessary moisture. Dry hair can, in time, lead to damage, breakage, and frizziness. If your ends are especially dry, consider concentrating the leave-in conditioner there.

4. Fine hair

If you have lovely fine hair, you may realize that standard conditioners weigh down your hair, making it heavy and flat. Leave-in conditioners tend to be more lightweight however it still offers the extra moisture and shine that your hair needs.

You may benefit from using the best leave-in conditioner instead of a rinse-out conditioner. If your hair is limp or very fine, you may want to focus the leave-in conditioners only on the ends.

5. Frizzy hair

Curly hair is normally very dry. Even though you take great care of your nice hair, you may realize that it tends to be frizzier if you live in a very dry, hot, or humid climate or spend much time in the sun.

However, using a leave-in conditioner can help you fight frizziness by adding moisture to your hair and helping to smooth it out. As the leave-in conditioners coat the hair, they can also protect it from harsh environments and the sun's heat.

6. Color-treated or bleached hair

If your hair has been color-treated or bleached, it will tend to have some damage. Consider buying a leave-in conditioner made for color-treated hair, which will help add shine and lock in color.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Leave-In Conditioner

1. Ingredients

For instance, since curly hair can be prone to dryness, moisturizing ingredients in the leave-in conditioner should be a priority. Look out for oils like grape seed, argan, coconut, and similar emollients. Furthermore, it is best to keep away from leave-in conditioners that include sulfates, dehydrating your hair further.

2. Hair density

For instance, if your hair is thin/fine, and you have problems preventing it from being weighed down, then a lightweight, liquid leave-in conditioner should be your best overall pick. A creamy conditioner will cause your fine hair to droop under the weight, especially if it is heavy. This same leave-in conditioner may be ideal for women with thick or coarse hair.

3. Hairstyle

Whether you are after a smooth bob that blows in the wind or want a carefree wash-and-go, a liquid leave-in conditioner may give you better results. Liquid products are usually perfect for women's braided extensions or sporting weaves. It is easier to apply the leave-in conditioner directly to your hair without worrying that it will become tacky or build up underneath hair additions. If your hair is relaxed, a liquid leave-in conditioner is lighter on your straightened tresses.

4. The climate and season

You may realize a liquid leave-in conditioner is fine for the summer but not moisturizing enough in the winter. Equally, a creamy conditioner could be too heavy for summertime styling. It would be best to have more than one leave-in conditioner on hand; this way, you have a choice on which one to use depending on your tresses' need that particular day or season.

5. Texture

The texture depends on personal preference. Before, it used to be that creamer and thicker textures meant a more moisturizing formula nowadays; this "rule" has changed as technologies and formulas have evolved. The lightest formulas can now contain some supercharged ingredients, which means you finally get to select based on your hair routine and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Leave-in Conditioner

1. Can I use the leave-in conditioners every day?

Yes, but you don't have to use it every day. Once a week is perfect unless you have considerably damaged, dry or frizzy hair. It stays in your tress between washes, and if possible, you should only be washing twice or thrice per week. Perse, buy one of those washes to use your leave-in conditioner and apply the traditional conditioner on other occasions.

2. How long I need to leave in the leave-in conditioner?

This product stays in your tresses until your next wash. Leave-in conditioners are designed to be light so that they won't weigh your hair down, and you can dry the hair and style it as usual.

3. What role does the leave-in conditioner play?

A leave-in conditioner offers maximum moisture to the hair while defrizzing, detangling, and smoothing the strands. It is applied to wet tress, left to sink in. It doesn't get washed out till your next wash. Despite how moisturizing they are, they are relatively lightweight so that not to weigh your hair down. Leave-in conditioners also help to maintain styling and shield from heat and other environmental damages.

4. Can I sleep with the leave-in conditioner on?

Yes. It is fine to sleep with the leave-in product on. If you have washed your hair at night and then applied the product, it is best to wait for your tress to dry before sleep. Besides, you won't have to worry about your beddings sucking all the goodness of your hair.


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