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Best La Roche Posay Face Wash Review for Any Skin Type



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Cleaning your face once or twice a day is your best defense against acne and other skin problems. But, not all cleansers are formulated with healthy ingredients, so you need to buy from a brand you can trust. Therefore, we have come up with this La Roche Posay face wash review to explain why the brand is worth your trust.

Is a La Roche Posay Face Wash Good?

La Roche Posay is a leading skincare brand that makes excellent face products. Founded in 1975, the brand belongs to L'Oréal today. When buying a good face wash, you can get any La Roche Posay cleanser since they are formulated with ingredients to help sensitive, oily, and acne-prone skin. These cleansers are recommended by dermatologists globally, which means they are suitable for preventing acne.

If targeting skin problems like acne, aging, and hyperpigmentation, you can choose between different cleansers from La Roche Posay. The formulations are strong and effective with surface-active agents or surfactants. When cleaning your face, surfactants, which lower the surface tension between two substances like water and oil, attract, suspend, and clean away excess oil, dirt, and other impurities.

The La Roche Posay cleansers are grouped in different categories: Toleriane, Effaclar, and Lipikar collections. The facial washes come with ingredients such as niacinamide, ceramides, salicylic acid, and sodium Laureth sulfate. Unlike the famous Sodium lauryl sulfate, Sodium Lureth sulfate, SLES, does not cause dryness, tightness, or irritate the skin. La Roche Posay cleansers also use Thermal Spring Water which has selenium and oligo-elements and prebiotic properties to soothe and protect your skin barrier.

If you have decided to buy the best La Roche Posay face wash, you need a reliable review to understand if you've made the right decision. With this in mind, we have researched the best five La Roche Posay face washes for you. Read on to find which ingredients are in the formulations to understand how they can clean, heal, and protect your skin.

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Best La Roche Posay Face Wash 

Best La Roche Posay Face Wash Review 

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This La Roche Posay foaming gel cleanser is great for removing dirt, oils, and makeup. It is a daily face wash with effective ingredients designed to remove pore-clogging residue from normal to oily skin. The formula comes in a 13.52 oz bottle with a pump, so it is easy to retrieve.

The cleanser is formulated with niacinamide, ceramide 3, and the company's Thermal Spring Water to clean your skin without irritation. It also contains glycerin, a hydrating agent that will leave your skin feeling soft after each wash.

The facial cleanser comes at an affordable price. In addition, the unscented formula also comes with excellent reviews from satisfied users to give you a quality guarantee. It is easy to use daily with warm water, after which you pat dry your face before applying a moisturizer. The cleanser is dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, oil-free, and paraben-free. However, it is not the best face wash for people with dry skin.


  • Excellent reviews online
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben-free
  • Contains powerful ingredients to help oily and sensitive skin
  • Easy to wash off


  • Not great for dry skin

Respecting skin's pH balance is excellent when fighting imperfections like aging, hyperpigmentation, and acne. This La Roche Posay cleanser is formulated with Zinc Pidolate, an agent that, according to dermatologists, does not affect the skin pH and is effective for cleaning dirt and oils. As such, this face wash is best for cleaning away impurities like makeup after a long day.

The formulation, which also uses the company's Thermal Spring Water, is dedicated to oily and acne-prone skin. It is a gel-to-foam cleanser that is easy to lather and rinse off. It comes in a 13.52 oz bottle with a pump and comes at an affordable price. In addition, it contains no oil, fragrance, parabens and is non-comedogenic so that it won't clog your pores.


  • Contains Zinc Pidolate to respect your skin's pH balance
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Works best for oily skin
  • Lathers on your skin gently and is easy to rinse off
  • Parabens and oil-free
  • Affordable


  • Not ideal for dry skin

When you have acne, you need a good face wash formulated with agents that can dry the pimples without causing irritation, tightness, and dryness. This La Poche face wash is medicated and contains 2% salicylic acid, an effective agent able to penetrate clogged pores to clear acne.

In addition, the Effaclar gel facial wash is dermatologist-tested to cause no skin irritation. It is ideal for all types of acne, including whiteheads and blackheads, and the formula is ideal for use twice daily. It comes in a 6.06 oz bottle, and the gel to foam formula is easy to rinse off. In addition, the formula is paraben-free, non-comedogenic, and fragrance-free.


  • Affordable
  • Great for acne
  • Medicated gel-to-foam face wash
  • No parabens, oils, or fragrances
  • Made with 2% salicylic acid


  • It can irritate people with dry skin

Do you also get acne on other body parts, such as the neck, chest, back, shoulders, and thighs? Do you also have dry or sensitive skin? If so, this La Roche Posay Lipikar wash is your best buy. The formula contains niacinamide, Thermal Spring Water, and shea butter. Therefore, it will remove excess oil, dirt, and other impurities that can clog your pores to cause acne.

While cleaning, the cleanser also moisturizes your skin to prevent irritation and dryness. It is a soap-free formula containing glycerin, so it leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. It is tested for allergies so that you can use it even on children. In addition, the cleanser is paraben-free, fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic.


  • Best La Roche Posay cleanser for face and body
  • Formulated with sensitive skin key ingredients
  • Will not irritate skin
  • Contains shea butter and glycerin to provide skin with essential moisture
  • Ideal for sensitive skin with acne
  • Paraben, fragrance, and soap-free
  • Allergen-tested
  • Non-comedogenic


  • It may not work for oily skin

When you have sensitive skin, this La Roche Posay Toleriane hydrating gentle facial cleanser comes in a creamy consistency making it easy to lather and rinse off. It is formulated with gentle ingredients such as niacinamide, ceramide 3 and Thermal Spring Water. Thus, it is a very gentle cleanser that will remove all impurities such as dirt, oil, makeup, and more.

The fragrance-free hydrating cleanser is affordable and ideal for normal to dry skin. Then, it also contains glycerin, so the skin retains essential moisture to prevent irritation and dryness. In addition, the Toleriane hydrating gentle facial cleanser is non-comedogenic, soap-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free.


  • Affordable
  • Ideal for any sensitive skin
  • Fragrance, paraben, soap, and sulfate-free
  • Contains gentle ingredients to clean and moisturize skin
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Ideal for face and hands


  • It may be too mild for oilier skin

Why Should You Trust La Roche Posay Cleansers?

When reading a La Roche Posay Face Wash review, you may wonder what sets the products apart from other brands. With La Roche Posay, you can find a face cleanser for any skin type, and it keeps skin clean without causing any more damage.

As a product you need to use daily, La Roche Posay understands the different needs of each user, which is why you find face cleansers with different ingredients, textures, and soothing properties. Here are some reasons you can trust this La Roche Posay brand.

  1. They offer a wide array of facial cleansers to choose from
  2. La Roche Posay has a gentle face cleanser for each skin type
  3. The La Roche Posay cleansers are affordable
  4. The cleansers protect your skin barrier, which is why you will not find a face cleanser with harsh scrub particles
  5. The best face cleanser comes with a rich lather, so it's easy to use

What Are the Ingredients In Each La Roche Posay Gentle Face Cleanser?

Since the company offers a daily facial cleanser for everyone, they use these main ingredients to formulate the best facial washes.

a) Surface-Active Agents or surfactants

As earlier mentioned, any La Roche Posay facial wash for oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, and combination skin contains surfactants. These agents lower the surface tension between two substances such as liquids, liquids and solids, and liquids and gas. In skincare products, the surfactants have a molecule attracted to two substances such as two liquids, water and oil, water and dirt, and more.

Since surfactants help the facial wash attain effectiveness, you will find only the best in La Roche Posay cleansers. Some of the primary surfactants found in these cleansers are sodium Cocoyl glycinate, sodium Laureth sulfate (SLES), and coco-betaine. These agents help clean off impurities on your skin without causing irritation or dryness on all skin types, even sensitive skin.

b) Niacinamide

It is an essential nutrient used as an amide form of vitamin B3. This agent is known to repair the skin barrier with each use, and it also reduces inflammation, improves skin moisture, and helps heal acne and hyperpigmentation.

In your La Roche Posay facial wash, niacinamide can be found in many Toleriane and Effaclar collections. It is the main ingredient in the Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Cleanser, the Toleriane Purifying Foaming Facial Wash, and the Lipikar Wash AP+ Body & Face Wash.

c) Ceramides

When added to skincare products, ceramides help protect the skin barrier, thus preventing itchiness, dryness, and skin tightening. In addition, ceramides also help the skin maintain epidermal hydration, making it easier for your skin to withstand environmental stressors and allergens. Most La Roche Posay Toleriane cleansers have ceramides.

d) Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is used to treat mild forms of acne. The agent can penetrate clogged pores so it can break down the residue. Then, the residue comes off easily when you wash, thus reducing acne. The La Roche Posay medicated cleanser contains 2% salicylic acid and is ideal for skin types that struggle with acne outbreaks.

e) Thermal Spring Water

All La Roche Posay cleansers contain Thermal Spring Water which has scientifically demonstrated soothing properties. So whether you want to clear acne breakouts or improve your skin texture, your favorite facial wash provides enough skin comfort for daily use.

In addition to soothing, Thermal Spring Water offers prebiotic properties, so it helps purify skin and repair the skin's microbiome.

Factors to Consider When Buying a La Roche Posay Cleanser

Here are the features to consider in a La Roche Posay facial wash when you want to cleanse and maintain your skin's pH balance.

a) Texture

Your La Roche Posay products should come with an easy-to-use consistency. You can find the best cleanser with a gel, cream, or foam texture. While choosing the texture, understand how good it is for your skin type. Generally, a gel cleanser is drying, so it is ideal for oily skin types. On the other hand, a cream cleanser is ideal for dry and sensitive skin as it has lesser drying ingredients.

When buying gel cleansers, you can also look for a La Roche Posay pump cleanser to make it easy to retrieve from the bottle.

b) Ingredients

Most La Roche Posay cleansers have niacinamide, ceramides, salicylic acid, and other surface-active agents. While these ingredients are safe and easy to clean off, ensure, you buy the right product for your skin type. Also, unlike other brands in the market, most La Roche Posay cleansers do not contain parabens and harmful sulfates.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best La Roche Posay Cleanser

a) Is La Roche Posay a good skincare brand?

Yes, the company makes dermatologist-recommended facial washes for all skin types. In addition, the brand uses the best ingredients to target acne, aging, hyperpigmentation and other imperfections. In addition, the brand is part of L'Oréal that is one of the most famous skincare brands.

b) Does La Roche Posay make different facial washes?

You can find gel cleansers, cream cleansers, and foaming cleansers. In addition, the company offers cleansers for different targets such as oily, sensitive, acne-prone, and aging skin.

c) How often should I wash my face?

It is best to wash your face daily. If you have oily or combination skin, you can cleanse in the morning and the evening. However, if you have sensitive or dry skin, you can wash once daily to maintain a moisture barrier.


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