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A person's scent makes up the first impression you have of them. Scents determine how you feel about yourself while helping to complete any outfit. From boosting your confidence to affecting your mood, smelling good can take you from zero to hero. However, you need to find the right notes for you and the best Jo Malone Scent guide is a good place to start.

Whether you are beginning your Jo Malone journey or looking to expand your collection, we have rounded up some of the best Jo Malone scents below and a guide on choosing your scent.

Who is/are Jo Malone?

Jo Malone London is a British luxury perfume founded in 1994 by Jo(Joanne) Malone. The brand began as a collection of simple scents and evolved into an iconic luxury fragrance brand that is popular worldwide.

You can count on Jo Malone London scents to evoke emotions and memories of people and places. Britain inspires natural scents. In addition, the fragrances range from mysterious spicy scents to elegant floral perfumes.

Now that we know what Jo Malone is, let us look at the best scents in this category.

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Best Jo Malone Scent - Reviews

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The Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt feels like a breath of fresh air. It is uplifting and refreshing, capturing the woody notes and mineral scents of the coast. This perfume will suit you, especially if you need to be reminded of the ocean's waves.

As you open the bottle, the Wood Sage & Sea Salt feels like a refreshing sea salt breeze coupled with somewhat sweet citrusy grapefruits. The citrus slowly fades as the cologne is drying down and is replaced with woody, herbal, earthy tones of Sage.

The Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne from Jo London is versatile and can be worn day and night for just any occasion. It is subtle and more suitable for beautiful daytime wear during Spring or Summer.

Ambrette seeds make up the top note of the perfume. The seeds have a quality texture that adds sophistication to the fragrance. Sea salt is the heart note and adds a feeling of freshness. Finally, the base note is Sage. Its aromatic, woody and earthy scents bring a natural depth to create the sensational Wood Sage & Sea Salt fragrance.


  • Light and natural scented
  • Unisex
  • Subtle


  • It cannot be used as a room filler

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Lime Basil Mandarin is another Jo Malone bestseller and the brand's signature scent. Upon opening, the Jo Malone fragrance has a Fresh and Zesty scent that is instantly uplifting. In addition, the scent is accompanied by a bitter green lime scent that might feel a bit sharp.

The fragrance blends aromatic thyme with lime to create an everyday wear perfume. As it dries down, the Lime Basil Mandarin perfume gives floral hints of lilac and iris and slowly settles into a woody, earthy tone with hints of vetiver and patchouli.

The fragrance notes include Mandarin, Basil and Amberwood. Mandarin blends with lime to bring out active freshness and aroma to the top notes. Basil as the heart note is warm and has a peppery edge, adding an instantaneous twist to the citrusy notes. Lastly, Amberwood brings the woody amber-scented base notes that add warmth to the fragrance.


  • Light and easy to wear
  • A subtle scent that doesn't call for attention
  • Unisex


  • Not a girly scent

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Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede is a soft floral fragrance fresher than your normal traditional and regular floral scents. The fragrance opens up with a fruity and floral burst of sweet apple blended with peonies, rose and a pinch of jasmine.

As it sits and dries on your skin, peonies and rose notes are more prevalent. The sweet apple quickly fades away, leaving a powdery suede leather scent. Peony & Blush Suede is a go-to perfume if you love luxurious and seductive feminine fragrances.

Red apple makes the top note creating a fruity, juicy, mouthwatering apple scent. The peonies are in bloom in this cologne, giving subtle green freshness with honey and rose accents. For the base note, suede takes the lead to complement the opulence of peony while adding a luring emotion to the peony & blush suede fragrance.


  • Versatile
  • It can be worn all year with the exception of high summer temperature
  • Feminine


  • Not suitable for younger age

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English Pear & Freesia Cologne from Jo Malone London brings out the fresh drops of Autumn. It is a blend of ripened pears and white bouquets of freesia. In addition, the blend is mellowed by amber and patchouli to give a woody base.

The Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne opens up to a clean white floral scent, thanks to the freesia combined with rose and a fruity, ripe pear undertone. As it dries on the skin, the juicy ripe pear scent becomes more striking with a hint of rhubarb and patchouli.

The fragrance notes to the English Pear and Freesia perfume include King William pear, freesia and patchouli. The top note is ripe, juicy, fresh and scented, traits of the King William pear. The cool and white freesias make the heart note by adding a characteristic scent. Finally, patchouli is the base note and provides a strong woody scent while enhancing the English pear & freesia perfume duration.


  • Suited for a mature 25+ population
  • Light
  • A safe choice for work


  • Not a striking perfume

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Nectarine Blossom & Honey cologne is another favorite from Jo Malone London. This scent is designed with London's Covent Garden in mind. It has notes of peach, cassis, nectarine and spring flowers that blend to give a softly sweet and fruity acacia note.

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey cologne opens with a fruity, juicy nectarine/peach sweetness with a fresh green note and a pinch of blackcurrant. As it dries on the skin, a hint of white florals with honey sweeten things up to give a fresh, bright and clean feel.

Cassis is the top note. It is ripe and juicy to give a flaky end to the perfume. Next, the acacia honey heart note infuses the scent with beeswax and blossom accents. Lastly, the base tone, peach, has a juicy velvety texture to complete the blend.


  • Super light
  • Sweet and fun scent
  • Work-friendly


  • Not a powerhouse perfume

What are the Best Jo Malone Scent Combinations?

Jo Malone London emphasizes the importance of layering unique scents to create the best combinations that feel unique to you. In addition, layering different combinations gives you the ability to explore various scents for different occasions. Below we'll show you how the best Jo Malone scents can be layered with other fragrances, not on our top 5 list.

The Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea salt blends well with Lime basil & mandarin to give a fresh woody scent. If you are looking for a warmer scent, layering Wood Sage & Sea Salt with Myrrh & Tonka will give a creamy depth. In addition, Lime, Basil & Mandarin can be layered with English Pear & Freesia to obtain a softer, fresher scent.

The Nectarine and Blossom Honey and English Pear and Freesia cologne from Jo Malone London separately blend with Wild Bluebell to create a floral match while adding Dark Amber & Ginger Lily produces a vibrant woody depth. In addition, Peony and Blush suede scent marry well with Wild Bluebell to give a floral pairing. Finally, layering the peonies with Mimosa and Cardamon scent will have you feeling like a warm spicy cup of tea on a cold December.

How Do You Choose the Best Jo Malone Scent?

1. Choose Your Notes

The notes of a perfume determine its overall scent. The notes, which include top or head, middle or heart and base notes blend together to give a specific smell. For example, floral scents may contain geranium and rose, while fruity scents have citrusy or apple undertones. In addition, exotic perfumes may have spicy undertones like cinnamon. Therefore, recognizing the types of perfume you prefer and counterchecking the notes they contain will help you choose the right scent for you.

2. Choose Your Concentration

Typically, scents come in various concentrations. The more the concentration, the more the scent will last after a single application. For example, Perfume or perfume has the highest concentration and lasts all day after one application on the pulse points. Eau De Parfum is second and lasts about 6 hours, while Eau De Toilette requires more than one application to last through the day. Lastly, Eau De Cologne has the least concentration and will last about 2 hours.

Knowing how you prefer your scents to be concentrated will influence the choice of the Jo Malone London scent to buy. In addition, it is important to know that the more the scent concentration, the more expensive it is.

3. Try the Fragrance

Sampling the scents of your new favorite fragrance is the next important step in finding your Jo Malone London scent. To do this, you will spray the fragrance on your pulse point because that's where your skin is naturally warm. This will give the fragrance time to heat up and slowly unfold its scents.

Base notes of a fragrance have to mingle with your body's chemistry before they are revealed, unlike top notes, which wear off fast. This is why buying any Jo Malone Perfume off a first impression is not recommended.

One way to go around this, especially if you are shopping online, is to check the customer reviews. However, keep in mind that the same scent will have a different smell on two people. This is because diet, hormonal levels and body chemistry affect how the perfume smells on you and how long it will wear. In addition, wearing the fragrance in two different environments will give a different outcome.

4. Associate With Something You Love

The natural and synthetic elements in your fragrance affect how long it will wear and how the scent will interact with your body. For example, natural scents like citrus are more fizzing and last shorter than synthetic notes like patchouli and vanilla. In addition, natural fragrances wear off fast and have a shorter shelf life compared to their synthetic counterparts. Furthermore, most all-natural fragrances are known to cause allergies, so keep that in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Jo Malone London Scents

1. What is Jo Malone Signature Scent?

The brand signature scent for Jo Malone London is Lime, Basil & Mandarin cologne. The perfume has aromatic white thyme and peppery basil notes with a hint of lime to add a fresh summery feeling.

2. Which Jo Malone fragrance lasts the longest?

The longevity of Jo Malone fragrances depends on several factors, such as your body's chemical makeup and hormone levels. Synthetic fragrances like oud and amber based, leather, woody and smoky scents will last longer.

3. What Jo Malone scent does Kate Middleton wear?

Jo Malone London Orange Blossom is Kate Middleton's favorite perfume. The scent infuses water lily, lilac, violet and a greenery freshness that feels like you are in an Orange vineyard.

4. How do you choose a Jo Malone fragrance?

Choosing any Jo Malone Scent will highly depend on your choice of notes and scent families. The range of scent families by Jo Malone London includes floral, fruity, woody and citrusy scents. Knowing the top, heart and base notes that you like will help you pick an elegant scent.

In addition, you might have to sample several Jo Malone fragrances before landing on the one that suits your preference. Layering your current Jo Malone favorites is also a good way of finding your personal scent.


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