Best Jeans for Petite, Curvy and Plus Size Women



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Denim jeans, like black T-shirts, are one of those simple outfit staples that cannot miss in your closet. They always come in handy, especially when you need to work around a casual cum official day. Finding the best jeans for women that complement your personal style, body size, and shape and that are worth the buy can be a little deceptively overwhelming.

Most women who fall under different shapes and sizes want jeans that suit and complement their bodies, hold up to multiple washes, and pair up just as easily on those sneakers as they would on a pair of sleek heels. 

Denim is one of our closets' MVPs and makes up the base of everyday wear since they have that magic about them that basically goes with everything from tees, blazers, hoodies, boots, heels, sneakers, etc. And all the countless versions that make your bottom pop oh-so-well. Whether your style lands on the bootcut jeans, the high rise skinny jeans, high waisted straight, or wide-leg jeans, finding your new favourite pair in our round-up of best jeans for women is definitely going to be a hassle less.

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 Best Jeans for Women


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Best Jeans for Women - Reviews

While baggy jeans are the cool new kid on the block, it’s the straight-leg jeans that are unquestionably working hardest in most of our wardrobes, which is why they take the MVP, top on the list. So, why do you only own two pairs of the good stuff?

Granted, we all wear these straight jeans a lot, and there are plenty of new straight-leg styles in the market right now. That, combined with the laxity approach to regularly washing jeans (yes, you're not alone), mean that it’s officially time to add a fresh crop of straight jeans to your arsenal.

Different brands of straight-leg jeans come in different styles, but Citizens of Humanity come top with the best-fitting and most flattering pair. If you’re hunting for a fresh pair, they're worth investing in. Citizens of Humanity High rise straight jeans have a vintage-inspired silhouette that has been around for some time now with subtle nuances in style.

In this version by Citizens of Humanity, the 'Charlotte' jeans are inspired by the high-rise vintage styles. These classic high waisted straight leg jeans are made from a non-stretch denim fabric that is in either a blue wash and a lightly faded version. Since they are made of cotton, they will feel snug at first, then ease up with a few wears or washes.


  • It has a true to size fitting so go for your normal size
  • High-rise cut for a straight-leg fit
  • It is a mid-weight non-stretchy fabric
  • It has a partially concealed button fastening at the front
  • It is 100% cotton
  • It is safe for machine wash
  • It has a slim style without being too skinny
  • These straight-leg jeans fit snugly well
  • It has enough room for the bum without leaving that gap at the waist


  • It has a rigid fitting at first

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The skinny jean lives and no matter how much Generation Z disagree, skinny jeans will forever remain a staple in a millennial's closet. Notably, not all skinnies will fit your needs, but thanks to the enduring popularity, brands have been developing a slew of new shapes and styles that promise your body more comfortable wear. From the slim skin-tight denim to the tapered selvedge denim.

Otherwise known as the OG of denim jeans, Levi's is a stateside brand that has been equipping us with its expansive selection of skinny quality fits too since the late 1800s. Although it’s probably best known for its shrink-to-fit straight-leg 501s, the Levi's Women's 710 Super skinny jeans boasts of an elegant pair of skinny jeans that are lightweight denim with super-stretch that's a lot like wearing leggings. This pair will give you a supported feeling instead of that suffocating feeling that other skinnies give.

Crafted with 1 % elastane means that these high-rise skinny jeans will snuggle comfortably, giving your legs for days with a high-rise silhouette that 'elongates' the legs.


  • It accentuates and embraces your curves
  • It has a high-rise silhouette that 'lengthens' your legs
  • It has a 10-inch-high waist rise that is designed to hold, flatter, and give you a little firming lift
  • It has enough stretch to hug your curves comfortably
  • It 'elongates' and gives your legs for days
  • The stretch prevents any sagging and bagginess


  • This style doesn't work so well for ladies with a slim profile

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Vintage jeans are so versatile. You can create different outfits from that dressy, chic look to a casual, laid back look and take them from season to season. Vintage jeans come in a high rise, a slim tapered leg and maintain that classic straight leg that's just enough! More kind of like Mom jeans but better!

Madewell The Perfect vintage jeans maintain that vintage style that comes in different washes and lengths. Some Madewell jeans come as ankle jeans, crop jeans, wide-leg jeans and full-length jeans in so many washes and colours ranging from light washes to the black jeans.

Most people love the worn-in pairs edition. They come ripped and worn-in in areas that are just perfect without being too distressed for the liking. The accentuating high waist with tapered legs is denim with an authentic touch of old-school but with tons of comfy stretch for a much more figure-hugging fit.

The stretch also allows the denim jeans to fit a curvy body shape and plus size frame. These Madewell vintage jeans are much more suited for ladies with a higher waist to hip ratio. They have a slightly lower waist rise than the regular Mom jean. These specific vintage jeans are slightly more cropped as well, while Mom jeans' inseam is shorter. 


  • They are snug and stretchy like mom jeans
  • They have a true fitting size, so you can choose your usual size
  • They have an 11″ high rise/high waist
  • They have a comfortable fitting through the hip and thigh
  • They have a 12 1/4″ tapered leg opening
  • The jean is made of premium 95% cotton, 3% polyester, 2% elastane ISKO Reform™ XP denim.
  • The pair is safe for machine wash
  • They work well for people with a higher waist to hip ratio


  • The high waist is not best suited for people with a lower waist to hip ratio

If you like an artistic rip or two, then the distressed jeans are yours for the taking. Despite what most people think, these fashion jeans are ideal for both formal and informal setups. They are made to offer extra snugness and comfort and are also washable for easy cleaning.

Levi's Women's 721 High Rise skinny jeans come top in this category as well, but what makes the Levi's so good is the fact that Levi's uses a men’s sizing scale across all their denim for both men and women. For those not familiar with this scale, it gives you way more options to choose from, where the first number is the waist measurement while the second number listed is the length measurement.

Typically, Levi’s women's jeans have waist sizes ranging from 24’’– 34’’ and length measurements of 28/30/32 and 34’’. This gives more flexibility, so you can find one that works well for your body type.

The distressed fashion denim comes in such a wide range, but Levi’s skinny jeans are generally distressed in moderation. They work well with flats, boots and sneakers. They are made of 60 % Cotton, 1 % elastane, 16 % Polyester and 23 % Viscose for a stretchy, comfortable fit that doesn't fade easily. You can whether you want to hand wash or machine wash them.

These jeans give a retro and sleek young look with the slim fit and natural stretch that flatters your legs structure. They also come with both a zipper closure and button closure. 


  • They come available in sizes that work for both slim and curvy plus size ladies
  • The stretchy fashion fit works well to give a skinny figure
  • The fabric components don't fade easy
  • It can be hand washed or machine washed
  • It comes with both a zipper closure and button closure
  • These jeans look amazing and work for both a formal or informal setup
  • They have a waist-defining fit
  • It is slim through the hip and thigh


  • The sizing can be a little confusing for those who are not familiar with the mens' sizing scale

If you're under five foot three and petite, then you're well aware that it’s not easy to find a pair of jeans that won't leave a pool of fabric at the ankle or have the distressed details hitting the wrong spots. Finding the perfect pair of jeans for a petite body type can feel like searching for the holy grail.

Good American Good Legs high waist ankle skinny jeans try to be all about inclusivity since they offer sizes (00-24). This gives room for more diversity to accommodate people who are curvy up on the top and slim on the bottom or vice versa. Plus, the construction promises that you won’t experience any gapping with these skinny ankle jeans.

They have a slim-fitting from the ankle all the way up with a stretch that moulds to the body, meaning it looks great on petite body shapes as they would on curvy women.

These denim pair are made of soft stretch denim that stretches a little bit and that helps flaunt that curve, while the gap-proof contoured waistband reinforced with belt loops help give a precise, ultra-flattering fit at the waist so it won't gap. These high rises, sleek skinny ankle jeans, these jeans have a true to size fitting.


  • The pair have an impressive fit that doesn't whisker at the crotch areas
  • The back rise is long enough to cover your bum
  • The fabric for this pair is super comfortable and soft
  • They are high-waist and are ankle jeans
  • They are ankle length


  • Others experience a slight waist gap
  • They are a little pricey

Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Jeans for Women

As you shop for jeans, consider that not only should deluxe denim feel better, but it will also last longer. Quality is paramount.

A. Heavier Fabric

It's really all in the touch. Quality durable jeans are made from stronger, heavier fabric denim. This means that they should not only look luxurious but also feel luxurious. So try and get your hands on the fabric as you're shopping for jeans.

Generally, apart from summer jeans, lightweight denim (below 12-ounces) may equate to poor quality. Ask the salesperson for the jeans' denim weight if you can't find it on the label. If you're shopping online, check for the fabric weight, which is either 'light', 'medium', or 'heavy' and usually listed in the detailed product description.

B. Durable Stitching

The stitching around the side seams, pockets, and hems tell you of its quality. Carefully look for good, heavy stitching that won't split, pull or unravel under stress. Generally, chain-stitching (a looped stitch that resembles the links of a chain) and double-stitching (two close rows of stitching) are both great signs that some extra care and attention went into making these jeans. Alternatively, single row stitching is fine as long as they use a relatively thick and durable thread.

C. The Stretch Factor

If you prefer form-fitting comfort in your jeans game, then shop for stretch. Always check the denim label for the percentage of Spandex or Lycra in the fabric. It should have a 2 % max. Even though stretch jeans are designed to pull, they should stretch only so far.

As a general rule, 1 % should give you just a hint of stretch and comfort, while 2 % means a more stretchy and giving fabric. Anything more than that, and you can definitely expect the jeans to wear out really fast or become excessively baggy. Furthermore, stretch jeans are meant to give a snug-fitting size down, especially if you fall in between jean sizes since the fabric will loosen up a little after multiple wears. 

D. Price

Designer brands will be more likely (not always) to invest in premium materials and construction, but that doesn't mean that there are no other expertly crafted jeans at a more affordable price tag. Designer denim jeans can be your quality compass to help you get an idea of what high-quality denim should feel and look like. After which, you can take the lessons and apply them as you shop for quality mid-range labels. Iconic labels you can start with include Levi's and the eco-conscious Everlane.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Jeans for Women

1. Which denim jeans are most flattering for every body type?

Unlike skinnies, straight-cut and high-waisted jeans enhance and flatter every body shape. The fact they're a little higher up and still cut close to the body means they hone out your natural body shape. Additionally, the streamlined leg simply snugs and smooths over your legs.

2. What are the best jeans if you have a big tummy?

Go for a mid-rise or high-rise/high waist jeans, which have been proved to have the most flattering cut. They both help cover and support your tummy. Avoid low-rise or low-cut jeans.


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