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18 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions You’ll Find Helpful



by Lydia


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Fair skin or dark skin, it doesn’t really matter anymore. Tanning beds are becoming more and more popular every year. But for safe tanning, you require the best indoor tanning lotions. There’s no way these creams are overrated in any way.

Indoor tanning is more convenient and accessible than outdoor tanning. The former also gives you more control over how much your skin tans. Any way you look at it, indoor tanning lotions are necessary. Without them, you simply cannot expect smooth and desired results.

But it’s not easy picking the right indoor tanning lotion. The current market is up to the neck with so many options. And not all of them are worth your money or good for your skin. But the 18 I have reviewed in this article definitely are.

Top Tanning Bed Lotions

For a gorgeous and natural-looking tan, it’s important to use quality tanning lotion. You’ll find 18 different indoor tanning lotions below. And each of them serves a unique purpose. So you can select based on any specific requirements you might have.

Millennium Tanning Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion

Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning

Let us start off by saying that not all indoor tanning lotions work. But the one that does, above all, is the Millennium Tanning Solid Black Lotion. It works on most skin types right out of the box.

You can thank its 100x ultra advanced auto-darkening technology. We’re sure this indoor tanning lotion doesn’t give you a fake tan color. What it does is gives you an excellent jump start base tan. So you get a smooth and consistent tan even before the summer arrives.

Hold on, this tanning lotion doesn’t even leave streak lines? Now you have to try it!

Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X

Millennium Tanning

The Millennium Tanning Paint It Black is dead serious about tanning. And that’s why it brings you a multi-action tanning lotion. So you get a tan accelerator, bronzer, and silicone emulsion in one. Let’s not also forget that it has incredible skin-firming properties for loose and thin skin.

These indoor tanning lotions are hands-down a favorite! It doesn’t have an odd chemical-like odor to it. Even while applying it, you don’t have to worry about stains or streaking.

Even if you apply a little bit more, you won’t end up looking orange. It gives effective and long-lasting results.

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

Made from an exotic blend of coconut milk and coconut oil. It would be such a shame if you don’t try the Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Tanning Lotion. Imagine all the compliments you won’t get enough of after wearing it.

Though it is a melanin synthesizer, which is a major blessing as it is. This lotion protects your tattoos from fading. They will be as vibrant and bold after tanning as before it. Your skin will also reap its skin-firming and cellulite-fighting benefits.

How else do you plan on promoting skin smoothness while tanning? Buying the Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses is your only best option.

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzer

Australian Gold

How many times have you heard about fake tanners? The number of chemicals in them can damage your skin with or without tanning. So what’s the more natural alternative? The Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Tanning Bed Lotion is selling out fast.

Your skin will thank you for its vitamin A and E concentrate. With these best indoor tanning lotions, you can do two things. Either build a base tan with it or use it as intensifier to an advanced level. That is after you’ve already built a base tan with another bottle.

Either way, you don’t have to pay an extravagant price for a tanning lotion to work.

Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Leg Bronzer

Supre Snooki Ultra Dark Leg Bronzer

Snooki just dropped the ultimate product that will save your life. It’s the indoor tanning lotion of the century if you ask me. With a vitamin-rich blend, this works to darken, smoothen, soften your legs.

So you get that perfect toned look while reducing how often you need to shave your legs. Isn’t that the best possible combo you could ask for? It’s because of indoor tanning lotions like these that simplify indoor tanning.

No more struggling with buying lots of products. This tanning lotion has everything you’ve been looking for. Starting from its bronzing and UV-protection to skin-firming benefits!

Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion

Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion

We chose the Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond for its tingle factor. It’s hard to beat because it’s smooth and effective. You’ve never been a fan of tingle tanning lotions? Then maybe these best indoor tanning lotions will change your mind.

With a Tingle Power T2 formula, it is good for boosting blood flow. Without proper blood flow to the skin, there would be no tanning. But most importantly, it would cause faster aging, pigmentation, and thinning of the skin.

To avoid all this, a tingle lotion of this kind is necessary. So when you’re done tanning, you have a natural looking tan. And your skin smells great with the green citrus fragrance.

Australian Gold JWOWW One and Done Intensifier


Think you could possibly go without an intensifier for tanning? Well, that doesn’t mean you haven’t used the Australian Gold JWOWW Intensifier. You see it, you’ll use it, and you’ll love it.

It features a tyrosine and melanin-boosting concentrate. The kind that enters your skin layers to intensify a base tan. While the more natural components such as vitamin E, shea, and raspberry nourish the skin.

This is a product for preventing skin damage. It saves you from skin burns by providing excellent hydration. And if you have tattoos to protect, this takes care of that too.

Maui Babe Tanning Salon Formula

Maui Babe - Tanning Salon Formula

Are you ready for summer? You’re going to need the Maui Babe Tanning Salon Formula more than you think. This tanning formula has the same ingredients as an expensive product. Promising to keep your skin moisturized, rich, and streak-free.

What’s in it that makes it so popular? The Maui Babe contains coffee extra infused with vitamins. Giving you the brown tan that’s more natural than artificial. Even though you’re getting a tan indoors and in a lesser time!

If you’re in the mood for a quick tan, don’t forget to use the Maui Babe.

Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Tingle Tanning Lotion, 10 oz.

Do you prefer using tingle tanning lotions over regular ones? If yes, then make sure to check out the Devoted Creations Trinity Tanning Lotion. It’s definitely extra when it comes to accelerating the tan. And the “tingle factor” is a good example of it.

But these best indoor tanning lotions are best-selling too. With the thermal active blend, it has incredible black bronzing features. It’s tanning plus skincare all in one bottle.

You’ll see your skin getting darker after the first time itself. So you can trust it knowing that it gives results where it really matters!

Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter

Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter

These best indoor tanning lotions are spot-on for what they do. If you’re dreaming of a beautiful and moisturized tan this summer. Make it a reality with the Devoted Creations Hydrating Tanning Butter.

It contains Shea, which is probably the best skin-nourishing butter on the planet! Every skincare aficionado swears by this ingredient. It gives you real results without breaking up your skin.

Add this to your cart because you want a healthy and natural tan. It doesn’t irritate the skin, is more effective, and smells great.

Tanovations Ed Hardy Body Shots Double Shot Warning Mega Extreme Hot Tingle

Tanovations Ed Hardy Body Shots Double Shot Warning Mega Extreme Hot Tingle

Do you want to look like you’ve been to the salon? You know, without actually going to one? The Tanovations Ed Hardy Body Shots Lotion has that effect. It fills in all the holes other tingle tanning lotions can’t.

For example, the Quad Tyrosine Blend boosts melanin production. This is not only needed for browning your skin. But it makes sure the tan stays on your skin longer. The texture of this lotion is non-greasy and with no after-effects.

You might feel a weird sensation once you apply it. But that feeling dissipates in minutes. And the tingling effect just means that it’s working better and stronger at giving you a natural tan.

Ocean Potion Suncare Dark Tanning Lotion Spf#4, 8 Fl Oz

The Ocean Potion Dark Tanning Intensifier Lotion is a star. You’ll have great luck with these best indoor tanning lotions. Because they’re not just for indoor use! You can use it for sun tanning just as you would for tanning beds.

It contains a bronzing element to darken the skin. And no harsh tanning smell that lingers after you’re done. The texture is thin but it spreads all over without dripping or streaking.

Though it’s dark and intensifying, the stains come off easily. Wear it with sunblock and it’ll keep all your adventures summer-ready!

Supre Snooki Get Real Tanning Lotion

SUPRE Snooki Get Real Tanning Lotion

You can’t get any more real about indoor tanning than with the Supre Snooki Lotion. It even says so on its bottle! These best indoor tanning lotions are good for quick results. The tyrosine blend with vitamin-rich formula does just the same.

In addition to boosting tan, it transforms your skin on a cellular level. That means no burnt skin, inflammation, or aging. It softens the skin it’s on and reversing aging caused by environmental stress.

Does this mean this product is like skin therapy in a bottle? Yes, that would be the perfect name for it, we think so.

Hempz Hypoallergenic Dark Tan Maximizer


The ideal tanning lotion for sensitive skin is here! It’s the Hempz Hypoallergenic Dark Tan Maximizer. It tackles all your concerns of dry, patchy, rough, and peeling skin. The damage-reducing mango and hemp seed oil blend are to thank for.

The lotion is non-greasy which enters the skin effectively. Leaving no trace behind, it’s a natural tan enhancer with good reason. Along with moisturizing, it’s practically weightless.

It’ll give you a good sun-kissed appearance after the first use. Then it slowly activates your skin to allow a deeper but natural tan. A great choice for sensitive to super sensitive skin if you ask me!

Ed Hardy Peace & Harmony Tanning Intensifier Bronzing Moisturizer Lotion

Ed Hardy Peace & Harmony Tanning Intensifier Bronzing Moisturizer Lotion

The Ed Hardy Peace & Harmony Lotion is a no non-sense formula. It comes with ingredients and soothes and softens your skin’s complexion. More specifically it’s the ideal indoor tanning lotion for fair skin.

It does not burn the skin even if you’re sensitive to lotions. It offers both hydration plus tanning at a low cost. The caffeine in the blend keeps your skin plump. It not only does that but it also boosts the tanning process.

Most of its key ingredients come in the form of extracts. And that is the ultimate antidote to aging, skin thinning, and other problems.

Millennium Tanning Black is Back Tanning Lotion

Millenium Tanning Black is Back Tanning Lotion

I’d buy these best indoor tanning lotions just for their scent. It’s not a secret that the Millennium Tanning Lotion is popular. Offering a wide range of expert tanning lotions, their “Black is Back” is super-awesome!

I’d single this bronzer and tanning lotion for its intensity. It gives your skin a really nice and appealing color. Nothing that would suggest it’s fake or UV-damaged. The skin feels soft and plump after applying it.

It would be perfect for anyone showing early signs of aging too.

Devoted Creations Famous Faces Skin Perfecting Hypoallergenic Facial Tanning Lotion

Not all tanning lotions are fit for the face. But the Devoted Creations Tanning Lotion exceeds all expectations! It has a glow-boosting formula that works on many levels. First, it reduces skin damage from oxidation and UV rays.

Second, it contains a hypoallergenic facial tanning formula. It also has skin-firming and anti-aging benefits. The facial pores are the most sensitive to tan. So taking special care in this manner is important.

The bottle has a light palm garden fragrance. This is a good thing given that it’s a facial tanning lotion. You don’t want harsh chemicals entering your skin.

New Sunshine Swedish Beauty Bronzer Shea You Want Me

New Sunshine Swedish Beauty Bronzer

It’s always exciting to use a bronzer that suits your skin. New Sunshine Swedish Bronzer has that hydrating formula you’ve been dying for. It deals with dry and patchy skin for good. While the bronzer has botanical ingredients to do away with allergies.

Unlike other bronzers, this one doesn’t leave you smelling like plastic. It has everything to do with nature. It gets you that tan you’ve always wanted. Without giving you acne breakouts or sensitivity! So get ready to receive a bounty of praises about your tan and skin’s glow.

Why Use the Indoor Tanning Lotions?

Well, obviously the benefits vary depending on the manufacturer of the tanning lotion. But generally speaking, most creams offer the following advantages:

Moisturized/Softer Skin

I don’t need to tell you for you to know that tanning bed rays dry out the surface of the skin. So what an indoor tanning lotion does is lock in moisture. It can make your skin look healthy while also improving the tanning effect.

Tanning lotions are also packed with multiple nutrients and vitamins. That contribute to enhancing the tan and softening the skin.

Faster Results

Also important to note is that tanning lotions tend to intensify the tan. This means spending less time lying down on that tanning bed. And expecting better, faster results in a single

Longer-Lasting Tan

When the skin is moisturized, the tan goes deeper. And when the tan goes deeper, it stays for a longer time. If this makes sense to you, then don’t forget to use indoor tanning lotion.

Odor Prevention

Bacteria on the skin is as natural as the skin on your body. So during an indoor tanning session, the bacteria also heats up. And this might give rise to strange, unpleasant odors. In that case, it’s a good thing indoor tanning lotions contain antibacterial properties.

Types of the Indoor Tanning Lotions

No, there’s not just one kind. In fact, there are five different types of indoor tanning lotions.


The bronzer ingredient darkens and enhances the tanning action. Not all bronzing elements are the same. Even so, they are created to serve a single purpose. And that is to offer a natural bronzed look.

The only drawback of a bronzer is that it makes the skin look a bit orange-ish.

Intensifier or Accelerator

These types of indoor tanning lotions hydrate the skin while also tanning it. So if you have pale or sensitive skin, this is what you should consider buying. It gives off a more natural tan rather than an orange look.

The negative aspect here is that intensifiers and accelerators are expensive.


Coolant tanning lotions produce the cooling effect during the tanning process. They help your skin cool down much faster post-tan.

However, coolants fail to offer a deeper, darker effect.


Unquestionably, the tingle type improves your micro-circulation. In simple words, it makes your skin firmer.

But you shouldn’t use tingle tanning lotions if you experience skin sensitivities. As they are more likely to leave your skin feeling uncomfortable post-application.


As the name suggests, a maximizer provides a darker tan. However, it comes with poor moisturizing content.

Pre-Tanning Preparations

If you want to make the most of your every indoor tanning session, do keep the following pointers in mind.

  • Exfoliate to get rid of the dead or dried skin cells.
  • Remove body hair to prevent the accumulation of the tanning lotion around your hair follicles.
  • Apply the best indoor tanning lotions for an even, smooth tan.

Post-Tanning Care

Even after the session, you’ve got to follow a proper routine.

  • Avoid taking a shower immediately. Wait for at least three hours.
  • Moisturize your skin to eliminate common issues like dryness, itchiness, or cracks.


In the end, I would only like to say what matters the most. That indoor tanning lotions produce a deeper, darker tan that takes longer to fade away. But they’re not sunscreen lotions. Meaning indoor tanning creams offer zero sun protection. So you should be using them for tanning parlors and not when tanning outdoors.

As for the best indoor tanning lotions, you have 18 different options to choose from. So have a go at it once again if you like!


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