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August 3, 2021

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With the best incense sticks, you'll be able to achieve the scents, aromas, and fragrances that you have been looking for. You can use them to encourage relaxation, promote concentration, aid sleep, increase motivation and stimulate creativity. Besides, you can use them for religious, aesthetic, meditation, aromatherapy, and practical reasons, just like in the ancient days.

What is Incense?

Incense is an abiotic substance that produces sweet-scented smoke when burned. Thus, the term incense is used for either the substance or the fragrant. On the other hand, an incense stick constitutes aromatic plant-based materials, like the bark of the tree and plants.

When you light an incense stick, a sweet-scented aromatic smoke is released, covering the whole room with a welcoming smell. Some of the incense sticks use are; Aesthetic reasons, meditation, aromatherapy, ceremonial and religious activities. Also, you can use it as a deodorant or an insect repellent. Now that we know what incense sticks are let's look at the five best-rated incense sticks.

 Best Incense Sticks 

Best Incense Sticks - Reviews

As the name suggests, Bless Frankincense and Myrrh Incense Sticks are mostly used in worship. However, you can still use them to practice yoga, encourage emotional release, deepen spirituality, meditate, and heal. They come with a soothing aroma that will calm you and keep you relaxed.

Each 100 incense stick is around 8 inches and has a burn time of about 40-50 mins, and the fragrance lasts as one day in a room. The incense sticks are also 100% natural organic and are chemical-free, strongly scented with Frankincense and Myrrh premium aroma essential oil. Finally, we cannot forget to mention that these Bless Frankincense and Myrrh Incense Sticks come with an exclusive bestseller-eBook Health Rich Wealth.


  • Ideal for worshipping
  • They are 100% natural and contain no chemical
  • Come with an exclusive bestseller eBook for health-related lessons


  • Customers complain of receiving the wrong product.

Hem Lavender Fragrance Incense Sticks have a soothing, gentle scent. They also have calming properties, which will greatly help you if you have insomnia by promoting a night of peaceful sleep. Besides, these incense sticks are extracted from fragrant oils obtained from seeds, plants, and bark extracts.

The incense sticks have all-natural aromatic and biotic components, and the combination of these ingredients will have positive physical and psychological effects. So, using these incense sticks will offer you a lasting scent in the room for some hours, making it ideal for large rooms. Moreover, the 120 count pack has 9 inches long incense sticks with a burn time of about 30 minutes.


  • The aroma of these sticks also lasts for hours
  • They are natural and contain no chemical
  • Produces a pleasant scent that is welcoming


  • Usually, burn out very quickly.

If you're looking for the best incense sticks handcrafted with quality fragrance, look no further, the Hem Incense Sticks is the best alternative. These incense sticks purify your surroundings and offer a healthy atmosphere for prayers and meditation. In addition, they feature various fragrances to set moods accordingly to needs and preferences.

Hem Patchouli usually comes with a deep, and woody fragrance of precious Patchouli induces mystic healing. This Patchouli scent is very particular, and most seem to love or hate it due to its unique blend of flavors. The scent is strong and a bit sweet that can help promote grounding and balance. Besides, these incense sticks are ideal when you are feeling a need to reconnect to yourself.

This Hem Patchouli comes in six packets, each containing 20 sticks adding up to 120 incense sticks. Each stick has a burning time of 35-40 minutes. Moreover, they come with dark and musky undertones making them great if you're looking for something more strong.


  • Very strong for those who prefer a strong aroma
  • Offers a healthy atmosphere for prayer and meditation
  • Features various fragrances to set moods accordingly to needs and preferences.


  • Strong for migraine sufferers

The Raajsee Japanese Incense Sticks are hand-rolled made from scratch by blending natural spices, resins, herbs with aromatic wood powders, honey, and charred coconut powder fragrant oils. These natural incense sticks have a more sensual and romantic note due to the infusion of rose matched with the warming spices. Moreover, these incense sticks are made in India with Indian traditional techniques, which usually last longer.

These Japanese incense sticks are free from chemicals like charcoal and other accelerants. Instead, they are pure and organic; you can use them for meditation, worshipping, wedding events, aromatherapy, spa, yoga, or reiki practices. They come in 8 to 8.5-inch length, with each of them burning for 45 minutes in an indoor environment.

Additionally, these natural incense sticks offer you inner peace, relaxation, well-being, increased vitality, a feeling of compassion, and embodiment of oneself to increase your vibrations. Finally, we can't forget to mention that the manufacturer allows you to free return for any reason.


  • Natural and free from chemicals
  • The manufacturer allows free return if you're not happy with the product
  • Great for meditation, worshipping, wedding events, aromatherapy, spa, yoga, or reiki practices


  • Comes with a perfume smell causing respiratory irritation

If you prefer a variety pack set of Incense sticks, count on the Raajsee Incense sticks Six Pack Variety Set. This incense set comes with six traditional scents, including sandalwood, lavender, Japanese rose, nag champa, white sage, and Patchouli. Furthermore, with these uniquely blended incense sticks made with premium quality ingredients like all-natural resins, herbs, spices, fragrant oils, aromatic wood powders, honey, and charred coconut powder, you'll enjoy specific health and wellness benefits.

The Raajsee Incense Sticks are hand-rolled and made in India. The sticks have a long-lasting burn time of 45 minutes in the indoor environment. If you are a beginner using incense, the variety packs will help you experiment and discover the most pleasing scents. Moreover, the natural incense sticks offer you a feeling of compassion, inner peace, relaxation, well-being, increased vitality, and embodiment of oneself to increase your vibrations.


  • The package comes with six different pack sets, allowing you to choose the best fragrance
  • Ideal for a beginner in using incense
  • Easy to light and burns evenly


  • Strong for migraine sufferers

What are the Main Benefits of Burning Incense Sticks?

1. Boosts concentration

Burning incense usually promotes mindfulness and enhances your ability to focus and concentrate. So, people love to use natural incense sticks when they feel they need to reconnect to their spiritual selves and be aware of their surroundings. And for this reason, you can as well burn incense while studying, working, doing yoga, or meditation.

2. Relieves anxiety and stress

Scientific study has established that some incense ingredients like frankincense and myrrh can activate brain channels that relieve anxiety and stress. Other ingredients like pine and lavender calm down your nerves and aid in releasing tension. Also, they soothe your nervous system and slow down your heart rate.

Furthermore, some ingredients can even relieve tension in the muscles and relax them. Hence, you can curb anxiety, stress, and depression with regular incense burning. Just ensure to buy the right ingredients for it.

3. Stimulate creative

Since the pleasant fragrance of natural herbs, flowers and spices have the power to incite your brain; it is believed that incense burning also helps people feel inspired and identify the surrounding beauty since they are made from natural ingredients. Moreover, because of the calming effects of various scents, incense allows you to have peace of mind. Also, they help your imagination run free.

4. Freshens the air

Freshening the air is one of the most popular reasons why people burn incense sticks in homes. The organic incense fragrances are not only pleasing to smell, but they also can deodorize and purify the air inside your house. So, you can use the incense sticks if you are living in a home that lacks adequate ventilation or is much crammed up. Besides, the fresh scents from the pack of incense will keep your homes smelling like nature all day long. We recommend you essential oil nebulizers if you don't like the smoke of incense sticks.

5. Helps you sleep naturally

Burning incense sticks is an effective remedy for you if you're having trouble falling asleep or struggle with sleep-related disorders. The ingredients' sedative properties in incense sticks like lavender make incense a great natural treatment to help with insomnia. So for your sleep troubles, try sleep meditation with these lavender incense sticks. Besides, it's ideal for inducing drowsiness.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Incense Sticks

1. The number of scents in a pack

When shopping for the best incense sticks, it's important to consider the number of scents in the pack. So, if you are a big fan of different scents or usually use incense in a wide range of activities, you'll soon burn through them and eventually need frequent restocking. Therefore, most incense brands usually provide their products in different pack sizes, with the most popular scents being 50 scents in a pack, although some offer as many as 120 scent sticks or more.

Besides, different packs are a great choice for a beginner. Those who are conversant with scents will want to buy the ones that they love.

2. The length of the incense stick

When looking for the best scent sticks, considering the stick's length is crucial since it affects the burn time. Incense sticks are usually easier to use. Generally, the longer the incense stick, it means the longer it will burn. For example, a stick length of about 10-12 inches can burn for almost an hour. However, most incense sticks burn for about 30 to 90 minutes.

3. Quantity

When you are looking for the best incense sticks, you'll want to settle for an option that comes with a higher number of sticks but still at a fair price. Most packages will have 50-120 or more sticks, and it would be wise to maximize on that. Nonetheless, if you're buying a pack of incense for the first time, you can choose a smaller batch pack; by doing this, you will be in a position to choose the favorite scent for you.

4. Natural vs. synthetic scents

Natural incense is made from plant-based materials and essential oils, which is much healthier and provides far more benefits than synthetic scents that give off artificial scents.

Conversely, synthetic incense sticks have a combination of natural ingredients and synthetic materials. Sometimes, they tend to be very strong and may smell awful. They contain dyes that can look more appealing and release toxic fumes when burned. And this can be a problem for those with respiratory issues like asthma.

So, we recommend you to check the ingredients list on the pack and pick a product with natural ingredients only. Hence, it ensures better health for you and those around you.

Frequently Asked Question on the Best Incense Sticks

1. For how long should one burn incense sticks?

Incense sticks burning time ranges from 20 minutes up to 2 hours. Nevertheless, if you want to use a larger stick for a shorter period, consider breaking off the tip where the burning stops to use it another time.

2. Are incense sticks bad for your health?

Incense smoke contains carcinogens and irritants, which can lead to various respiratory diseases like asthma. However, they have numerous benefits like purifying, cleansing, and even relieving some symptoms of some conditions such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

3. Which incense sticks are excellent For anxiety?

When you choose a fragrance to calm your anxiety, it can be a very personal choice because one may find it relaxing while others May not. Lavender is an excellent soother of anxiety which comes as no surprise to most people. Over the years, people have also used frankincense, nag champa, and sandalwood for meditation.

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