Best Friend Care Package Ideas To Try Out In 2023



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Are you looking for best friend care package ideas to try out? Or you weigh between the perfect gift to give your best friend on their occasion.

A care package could be that perfect gift you can come up with to make your friend feel special. You can include all your friend's favorite pieces in there. But, before we get to discuss care packages ideas, let us define what a care package is for better understanding.

What Is A Best Friend Care Package?

A care package is an excellent way to show a loved one or a friend that you care. The package is usually sent to a loved one away from home; the gift box can include money, foodstuffs, or even luxury items such as champagne gummy bears.

Your best friend could be going through something, and what an excellent way to make your presence felt than to pack a care package for them! The care package will bring ripples and light up their mood. Different care packages are customized to blend with the situation you want to fit in. In this article, we discuss a few of the many care packages ideas that will help you include or not make your best friend smile.

1. Birthday Care Package Ideas

It is not only in difficult times that we support our best friends; we can also offer support in celebrations such as birthdays by coming up with a best friend care package. You can come up with a creative idea that will blow their mind. For example, you can implement the following ideas to make your friend's birthday look special.

a). Birthday Care Package For Women

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This gift box is impressive at first sight; it is modernly designed with a touch of elegance and class. Make your best friend's day special with the birthday care for women package, which has a complete spa gift set that will make her love receiving.

The set includes a stainless steel tumbler with a 'drink happy thoughts' quote, one ocean rain bath bomb, one premium chamomile bar soap, one super soft reading socks, one soy wax summer flower, a fruit scented candle and a gift card to customize your note. So rise to the occasion with this high-quality premium product and make your best friend feel loved.

b). Party Box Care Package

You can put everything your friend loves and need in one gift box to make a fantastic birthday party care package. Include a good playlist, most preferably the one they love, confetti, streamers or even a box cake with sprinkles to light up the mood.

c). Birthday Cake Package

A birthday care package can also be a simple birthday cake, don't struggle to think of something complicated, yet a cake can light up the mood of any event.

You can even get a themed cake by incorporating what your friends love and adding sprinkles as well as a stable frosting.

d). Pop Up Ribbon Box

A pop-up ribbon box can be fun and interactive, especially when you open a gift box and the ribbons pop up to your surprise. You can achieve this by using some crafty springs, which you string across the opening of the box to form a colorful decoration that will be attractive when your friend opens up the box.

e). Movie Night Care Package

Not all birthday parties are a pomp and color every time. However, sometimes it is relaxing to celebrate your birthday indoors when relaxed and glued to your favorite show.

You can give your friend a surprise of a movie night care by popping some popcorns in a custom-made dish, wrapped up in a cozy blanket with their favorite films on DVD.

2. Friend Care Package Ideas

Let your friend know you miss them and care about them through the "I miss you coffee" care package. Get them a boost of their energy as well as the coffee package. Put things like a unique coffee mug, flowers or a gift card. You can also purchase the Unboxme gift box from Amazon, a perfect care package.

1. Unboxme Sending Sunshine Care Package

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Spread love to your best friend through this assortment of goodies and light them up. You can have it as a birthday package as it has a cup of sunshine herbal tea blended with turmeric and ginger. The tea is meant to relieve stress and soothe you, just like sending hugs from a distance.

It also comes with ultra-luxe cloud socks made with the softest fabric to make you feel warm and a wildflower honey bear made locally to add to your warm cup of tea, without forgetting the honey sheet mask that soothes your skin.

3. Care Package Ideas For Long Distance Best Friends

a). Unboxme Hug In A Box Care Package

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The only remedy for a long-distance friendship to last is constantly reminding each other of your presence in that relationship. There is no better way than to send a heart-warming care package.

Send a hug in a box with the Unboxme Hug In A Box care package. The box includes an organic cup of love tea that is caffeine-free and blended with rose to soothe your soul. It also includes a love bath with rose, hibiscus and pink Himalayan salt that cleanses you. Also, it has shea butter hand cream to nourish and hydrate your skin, luxe cloud socks to keep you warm, and a pearl sheet mask to rejuvenate your skin.

You can be thoughtful enough to send a package that includes things that remind them of you and your friendship. Below are some care package ideas to incorporate for your long-distance best friend.

b). Photo Care Package

You want to bring up memories of a long-distance friendship. Show your friend you think of them often by creating a photo-themed care package. You can include photos of you together, photo strings or even fairy lights as gifts.

c). College Care Package

You can get separated from your friend due to studies switching your relationship to long distance. It can be challenging to get used to a new environment if you are a college student. To add to it, balancing studies and social life can be hectic too. Come up with a college care package for your friend and make things look manageable.

Include the following on your package:

  • A study planner so they can lay down their tasks for the day.
  • Your friend's favorite foodstuffs or snacks that may keep them busy while studying.
  • Stationery packs may include pens, markers and highlighters.
  • Flashcards to use to study with during a video chat together.

Factors to Consider When Selecting The Best Friend Care Package

1. Putting Food In A Care Package

Foodstuffs are delicate when sending them as a care package; below are a list of what you should know about packaging food items:

Best Before Date: Estimate the delivery time and pack food that will still be fresh until that day. Do not pack food that will have expired by the time it arrives because you don't want your friend to be surprised by smells.

Know The Law: Different countries have different laws on shipping foodstuffs, so make sure you know the country's requirements you are shipping to. For example, many countries are ok with shipping dried food products sealed with commercial packaging compared to homemade foods in most cases.

Temperature Control: Avoid packing foods that require specific temperatures to remain fresh. Any food that needs to be frozen or refrigerated to remain fresh will cause you a disappointment as it will be stale or inedible when it is delivered to your friend.

2. Fragile Items

When you pack fragile items, you consider the risk of breaking and the amount of space they take up when wrapped to minimize the risk of breaking. Even after you wrap the gift, you want to minimize its chance of moving around the box.

A good example is if you pack a customized wine glass, these gifts are at a high chance of breaking compared to bottles of spirits made with much thicker glass. If it is too harsh for you to pack something like wine glasses, you can instead customize a mug since it requires a minimum of padding for it not to break, making it a more reliable option.

3. Cost Of Items

Consider the cost of the items you include in the care package. If you go for more items, be ready to dig in your pockets. You can create some DIY gifts to cut costs, which can even mean a lot than a bought gift. A DIY gift shows how you took your time to create something according to your friend's likes.

It is ok not to afford everything at once but to show love still and care in different ways. To avoid creating DIYs because of lack of money, you can think of what you want to include in the package before time and purchase the items when you can afford them.

4. Delivery Times

It is often frustrating to get someone a gift that will end up being a spoiler by not being delivered the exact day of the event. You want to feel present in your friends' lives and feel appreciated as much as you could not make it for that event. To achieve the exact delivery times:

  1. Align your schedule to have proper time to plan out the timings and put together the care package on time.
  2. Avoid being the last-minute person and rushing to beat deadlines to prevent late deliveries.
  3. If you send the package late, be sure it will be delivered late and cause you a disappointment.

Check out your local postage services to align with the timings of the delivery care package destinations. For example, if you are sending the care package on a busy holiday, double the expected time the package may be delivered and send it earlier enough to avoid the overcrowding of parcels. Remember, the earlier you send the package, the earlier it will be delivered.

5. Shipping Costs

If you send friend care packages to your long-distance friend, shipping costs should be on your budget. A large, heavy box will be costly than a small, light parcel. Have a background check on the shipping costs to a different country to get a rough idea of what you will pay. If you can't afford the cost, it is better to switch to a smaller box and remove items that will make the box weigh heavier.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Best Friends Care Packages

1. What Should I Never Miss On My Care Package?

As you exhaust information on the friend care packages ideas, there are important notes you should take on the things that you should never miss on your package, even if you have already included a gift.

Notes: Make sure you write a personalized note to show how much a friend means to you. It is heartwarming to read a note written on someone's ideas and feelings about a specific person.

Pictures: Sending a picture is lovely, especially if you are together in the photo. It brings up nostalgic memories of when you were together and makes you think of that person and the event you took the photo. You can include recent photos or childhood memories to drive emotions and thoughts.

Quotes: You can also add in some glitter with an inspirational quote or motivation to keep your friend in high spirits or light their mood with the thought that you are thinking of them positively.


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