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The Best Foundation for Combination Skin in 2023



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The skin can either be oily or dry. However, some people have a mix of both oily and dry skin at the same time. Combination skin is experienced on different parts of the face. The t zone, consisting of the chin, forehead, and nose, tends to be oilier than the rest of the face. This difference in skin type creates an inconsistency making it hard to know what foundations to go for. You can choose to use two different foundations at the same time on the dry and oily parts. Alternatively, you can look for one product that will do both at the same time. Here are our top picks for what you should go to get the right product for your face.

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The Best Foundation for Combination Skin

The Best Foundation for Combination Skin - Reviews

Revlon ColorStay is a medium-full coverage foundation with a matte finish. With a foundation SPF of 15 and an fps of 15, the makeup is perfect for your day-to-day activities. The product comes in 43 different shades, perfect for different tones. You can build up to your desired coverage look because of the versatility of the foundation. The product can be worn for 24 hours regardless of how the day looks like. With a lightweight formula, the foundation controls oil absorption and shine, resulting in one even tone across the face. Revlon enjoys a huge fan base, a great support community with different reviews and experiences to help you decide.


  • The foundation has a buildable to full coverage.
  • The price is pocket-friendly.
  • Revlon ColorStay is specifically made for combination skin to control oil absorption and shine.
  • The foundation SPF protects the skin from sun damage.
  • The liquid makeup features a pump to avoid a messy application.


  • The foundation is excellent only for oily or combination skin.

Glo skin beauty is an award-winning product with giving a flawless finish. The foundation has talc and paraben-free formula, which protects the skin from toxins. The foundation does not block skin pores leading to reduced blackheads, making it ideal for acne-prone skin types. With buildable coverage, the powder delivers a matte finish, keeping the skin protected, radiant, and healthy. The product is recommended for all skin types, including sensitive skin, because of its exclusive antioxidant blend of vitamin E, A, and C. You can layer the powder on top of a cream or liquid foundation to increase coverage. Glo skin is silky with a cream-like consistency and is available in 24 shades, making it easy to blend with different skin tones. The pressed base includes Zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide deflects sun rays, protecting the skin surface.


  • The foundation is paraben and talc-free and is safe for use on the skin.
  • The product is ideal for acne-prone skin types because it does not block skin pores after an application.
  • Glo skin has buildable to full coverage and can be layered on top of a cream or a liquid foundation.
  • The powder contains vitamin E, A, and C and green tea extract recommended for sensitive skin, placing it as one of the best powder foundations.
  • Zinc oxide and Titanium oxide available in the foundation protects the skin from dangerous sun rays.
  • The foundation comes in 24 shades, widening its possibilities.
  • The powder's absorption power is suitable for oily skin.
  • Powder foundations are always easy to apply.


  • The powder foundation can emphasize wrinkles and fine lines.

L'Oréal matches the natural skin tone with its medium coverage, which flawlessly blends with the skin, hence its name "True Match." L'Oréal will not clog pores and is free of fragrances and oils making it great for most skin types. The foundation can be applied using a makeup sponge or fingers, an experience you will love. True Match has a lightweight liquid formula that will minimize wrinkles and fine lines, making the skin vibrant. L'Oréal is a go-to product. L'Oréal has a broad spectrum SPF of 17, protecting the skin from harmful rays. With their patented color technology, L'Oréal stands out in the quest for the best foundation.


  • Liquid foundations are good for skin with fine lines or wrinkles.
  • L'Oréal true match has medium coverage with a flawless blend that will result in a natural finish.
  • The foundation is oil-free and is excellent for the oily areas on the skin.
  • The product is suitable for acne-prone skin because it does not block pores.
  • L'Oréal has a patented color technology, making it a unique product.
  • Has an SPF of 17.


  • The application of the product can be messy because it does not feature a pump.

Fenty matte long wear is probably one of the best foundations because of its oil-free, smooth, pore-diffused finish. Made with climate-adaptive technology, the foundation is resistant to humidity and sweat and will not clog pores regardless of where you are in the world. Fenty, therefore, is the best foundation for your travels because of its adaptive nature. The Pro Filt'r foundation builds to full coverage and can achieve medium coverage as well. Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty-free and is an Allure Best Of Beauty Breakthrough award winner, making it a favorite for any makeup artist. Fenty Filt'r is a long-wear product and has a light texture that you can not detect on the skin. The product is probably the best foundation for combination skin.


  • Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r foundation stick has an efficient dispenser making it easy to handle and apply on the skin.
  • It is medium coverage and a full coverage foundation.
  • The foundation is suitable for all skin types, including dry skin.
  • For oily skin, Fenty Beauty will not block any pores, reducing the risk of getting blackheads.
  • Fenty is an award-winning product and the talk among beauty product editors.
  • The production of Fenty Beauty products is 100% cruelty-free.
  • The foundation application is easy when blending, covering up any patches to give a natural look on the skin, and maintaining your complexion.
  • The oil-free foundation is highly adaptive, making it suitable for traveling to locations with different climates and skin types.
  • Fenty Beauty is a long-wear foundation.


  • Has to be shaken to activate, taking slightly more time.

One of the most successful beauty product companies is Armani, ensuring quality on any product you will get from them. With buildable medium coverage and a sheer finish, the foundation will capture the glow of your perfect skin complexion. The formula is weightless and suitable for any skin type.


  • The foundation has buildable coverage.
  • The formula is suitable for both dry and oily skin.
  • Armani has a wide variety of shades.


  • Armani products are expensive.

Everything to Know Before Buying Foundation

1. Shade Range

The best foundation for combination skin will have an extensive collection of shade ranges. Products have shades ranging up to 40 and above. Be sure to get the correct shade of color before buying a product. Sometimes a slight difference in complexion can make a significant difference in your appearance. Getting a shade guide is one of the ways of saving yourself the trouble of returning a product.

2. Skin Type

Your skin type determines the product you will go for. If your skin is both oily and dry, look for the best foundation for combination skin. Take note of the differences between your t zone and the rest of your face. If your skin has frequent acne break-outs, go for a foundation that will not block your pores. A good formula will absorb the excess oils on the skin without making it dry. The product you will go for should maintain the moisture in your skin. Serum foundation is good for hydration. A powder foundation would be ideal for an oily face and a gel foundation for dry skin. Liquid or gel foundation is suitable for a face with fine lines or wrinkles. Skin texture will determine the amount of coverage you will have.

3. SPF

Spf stands for sun protection factor. Most foundations should have this feature in their ingredients. A good SPF for day-to-day activities should be 15 and 30 or above for a day that will potentially spend in the sun. The best foundations have sunscreen in their formula to protect the skin from sun damage.

4. Ingredients

Foundations are made up of different elements and combinations that could be reactive to skin. Some elements like talc and paraben are getting used less in makeup because of their unhealthy side effects. Companies have to come up with formulas that will give the safest options to their users. Most companies have patented their formulas and use that as an advertisement strategy. The ingredients will affect the moisture content on the face. Therefore, know what works for dry skin and oily skin. Do some research on what experts have to say concerning the safety of the makeup ingredients

4. Coverage

Foundations have either sheer, medium, or full coverage. The best makeup foundation for combination skin will have buildable medium to full coverage. Your skin type determines the amount of coverage you will go for. Acne scars can leave patches or brown spots and a texture on the skin you might need to cover. Oily skin might need sheer coverage. A medium-coverage foundation is suitable for blending and is more flexible. The formula used on the product will determine how long the foundation will hold.

5. Finish

You have an idea about the kind of makeup you are going for that will work for combination skin. Whether you are going for a satin finish or a matte finish, your product should have the formula to take care of that. Consider your skin type, which is essential when choosing the type of look you want to achieve. A matte finish will work better for someone whose skin has a lot of oil and vice versa. Someone with combination skin can choose to use two different products or go for one product to do it all.

6. The Biology

Combination skin has an inconsistent skin type, with the t zone having more oil than the rest of the face, which is drier. The body produces hyaluronic acid to keep the skin, eyes, and connective tissues hydrated. Hyaluronic acid can be taken as a supplement to keep the skin supple and hydrated, helping even out the skin for a more even foundation use. You can use coconut water for hydration. Oil production takes place in the skin as well, and some foundations can block pores, leading to blackheads forming on oily areas of the face.

7. Authenticity

Most beauty products have a knock-off version out there. Take your time reading what every reviewer has to say about a product while keeping in mind that a reviewer is only giving an opinion. Do not click on links before researching thoroughly on the makeup. Look for products in well-known shops like Amazon or Sephora, and the chances are that you will get the best foundation for your combination skin type. A good store has its associate editor who probably loves their job and will give an in-depth and expert review on the product.


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