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Best Foot Massager For Neuropathy Relief and Relaxation



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The human body is prone to nerve damages that start in the feet and hands with presentations, such as muscle weakness, tingling, numbness, and even pain. Consequently, one of the ways of minimizing such neuropathy effects is improving blood flow through massaging the affected areas. Therefore, using a foot massager for neuropathy can help ease your pain, numbness and relax your feet.

In this article, we will provide you with a buying guide for the best foot massager for neuropathy. But before we dive into product reviews, let's get to know what a foot massager is and its connection to neuropathy.

What is a Foot Massager?

A foot massager can be defined as a machine that helps relieve pressure and pain from your feet, giving you a relaxed feeling. In the process of relaxing your feet, a foot massager also has the effect of restoring your natural body equilibrium through improved blood flow. Eventually, you will make your feet stronger, flexible, and healthier.

In connection to neuropathy, a foot massager helps improve blood flow to your feet for reduced numbness that may be caused by nerve damage.

Accordingly, different types of foot massagers apply different massage techniques. Having established what a foot massager is, let us look at the five best foot massagers for neuropathy. 

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Best Foot Massager For Neuropathy -Reviews

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A leading foot massager for neuropathy is the Miko Shiatsu which guarantees quality foot care. It applies its signature massage technique blend of a massage roller, rolling stick, rotation ball, heat, and air compression to target diverse pressure points across the entire foot. Additionally, the different massage methods can be easily customized using five pressure settings to provide you with a deep tissue massage for pure and thorough relaxation.

In addition to the heat, compression, deep-kneading, subtle vibrations, and rolling, it comes with washable foot liners, two wireless remote control devices, and an in-built timer. Therefore, you can sufficiently relieve fatigue and boost the flow of blood while keeping your feet warm. Moreover, the Miko Shiatsu leg massager can be used for pain relief through its special shiatsu nodes. Some of the known pains it is known to relieve include diabetic peripheral neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, muscle pains, nerve pain, tough knots, and chronic pain.

It is a portable, convenient and comfortable massager that you can use while working or at home working. Specifically, it is ideal for foot sizes up to 13. In case you encounter any issue with your Miko massager, you are covered by a 1-year warranty.


  • Portable
  • Easy to clean and maintain with removable covers and washable foot liners for hygienic foot sleeves
  • Has wheels for easy moving
  • Adjustable massage intensities and temperatures
  • Wireless operation.


  • Ineffective for calf and heel massages

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Another remarkable neuropathy massager is the Cloud Massager, which applies the deep kneading shiatsu technique. One of the reasons it ranks as the best foot massager for neuropathy is its ability to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, offer relaxation, stimulate muscle recovery, and improve the flow of blood. More so, it is ideal for individuals with arthritis and neuropathy conditions.

Furthermore, this massager covers the feet more holistically including calves, and ankles. Its operation is enabled through an adjustable bar on its console, which has diverse custom intensity settings from gentle to intensive. Also, depending on the function of self-care and pain relief, it has five comfort settings: compression massage therapy, rolling massage, heat therapy, sway function, and quiet mode.

This Cloud massage device can hold most foot sizes with an 11-inch long open area for toes and a 5-inch wide calf area. You will also benefit from the calming effect of air pressure cuffs which can be deflated depending on the user's comfort. If your Cloud massager malfunctions, you can benefit from the manufacturer's responsive customer care.


  • Suitable to a wide range of foot sizes
  • Adjustable comfort and intensity settings
  • Manufacturer warranty


  • Manually operatedIts timer cannot be extended.

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Renpho massager is another incredible feet massager that applies the Shiatsu massage technique. This massager is suitable for neuropathy and has the configuration options of three pressure intensities and three massage modes. Apart from the Shiatsu technique, this leg massager also comes with heating, a rotation ball, and a rolling stick. It also has a unique tapping movement with two motors to provide percussive heal care, reduce fatigue, relieve stress, enhance blood circulation, and mitigate pain, neuropathy, and plantar fasciitis.

Users can also benefit from the independent right and left foot chambers with air compression bags for simultaneous feet massage. It can also fit most foot sizes up to size 12 for men. Finally, this foot massager machine is safe and easy to use.


  • Easy to use
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Highly configurable
  • Heating function
  • Unique tapping function


  • Not suitable for squeeze sensitive feet

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The Human Touch Foot and Calf Massager is a unique machine that applies the patented Figure-Eight Technology to reduce muscle tension, enhance blood circulation and relieve sore feet. It is ideal for diabetic neuropathy, for relieving burning feet, muscle pains and eliminating poor circulation. Specifically, it also has strong reflexology rollers for massaging for relieving aching feet soles and heel pain.

This device features among the best foot massagers due to its suitability to a wide range of foot sizes up to 12 for men. Fundamentally, this feet massager will provide you with a professional foot massage to restore your body's natural equilibrium.


  • Portable
  • Non-skid feet
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable alignment angle for enhanced comfort


  • Relatively bulky

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Unlike the other closed and open massagers, the MedMassager is the only massager in our list with one function that it performs exceptionally well. Specifically, it only uses electric vibrations to provide pain relief and boost blood circulation. You can easily adjust the vibration intensity to suit your therapy regimen using an 11-speed setting ranging from 1,000 to 3,700 rpm. This massager also applies target therapy with an oscillating footpad and an arch bar for maximum therapy to your feet and calves.

This massager is most appropriate for plantar fasciitis, diabetic neuropathy, relieving foot pain, improving circulation, cold feet, and muscle tension, among other chronic pains. It would also help to know that this foot massage machine is preferred by therapy experts in improving blood circulation and easing painful feet.


  • Adjustable vibration massage with 11-speed settings
  • Versatile and comfortable to use
  • Portable
  • Comfortable footpad with arch bar and pressure points targeting surface
  • Efficient in improving blood circulation


  • Gets relatively loud on higher settings

What are The Different Types of Foot Massagers?

1. Manual Foot Massager

A manual foot massager is probably the most inexpensive alternative, which only requires rolling your feet under rollers or balls for relaxation. However, this type of feet massager can be tedious because you will have to roll your feet by yourself.

2. Electric Foot Massager

Unlike the manual alternative, an electric massager is automated by a motor. It provides massage effects through oscillations or rolling heads and comes with an additional heat feature. In most cases, electric foot massagers are powered through direct electricity instead of using power reserves such as batteries. Some of the common electric foot massagers include:

a. Shiatsu Massager

This electric foot massager simulates the Japanese kneading technique of massage by applying heating elements, rotating heads, and vibrators.

b. Infra-red Massager

This type of electric feet massager works through infrared lights that relieve feet pressure through vibration. Moreover, it uses heat to soothe your feet and stimulate blood circulation for reduced muscle tension. Therefore, it doubles as a massager and blood circulation stimulator. An infra-red massager is ideal for foot and calf massage.

c. Water Massager

The third foot massager in this category uses water to massage feet. Ideally, it applies hot water bubbles, lights, and vibrations to render the massage effect. You probably have seen one in pedicure parlors.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Foot Massager For Neuropathy

1. Size

Like buying shoes that fit your feet, you should also make sure that you buy a neuropathy massager that will accommodate your feet. Subsequently, you should be guided by the feet size specification of any massager you intend to buy. When you use a foot massager that fits perfectly and comfortably, you will obtain optimal neuropathy massage therapy benefits.

2. Foot Massage types

Foot massager machines for neuropathy come with different massage systems. The most common foot massages include oscillating, shiatsu, air pressure, and kneading. Depending on the technique you prefer, each of these massages offers different relieves and benefits.

a. Oscillating technique

The type of massage technique uses vibration when you place your feet on a massager. Consequently, the vibrations apply pressure on your feet pressure points, helping you relieve foot pain. This technique is known for its long-lasting relief effects, and it is mostly applied in open foot massagers.

b. Shiatsu Massage 

This is a Japanese massage method that is commonly used in both closed and open foot massagers. It also applies pressure on your feet using a kneading function. Considering it has a wide foot coverage, it offers relieving effects as those of a professional massage.

c. Air Pressure Massage

Thirdly, there is the air pressure massage that uses alternating inflating and deflating airbags found on the walls of a machine to give your feet a compression massage effect. This technique is known for its great effects and is commonly applied in closed foot massagers.

d. Kneading Massage 

The kneading massage technique is popular among neuropathy feet massagers, and it applies the method of spinning massage heads. You can find it in both closed and open machines. Moreover, the kneading technique is preferred to improve blood circulation.

3. Design

As we highlighted the different massage methods, there was the mention of both open and closed designs of massage machines. Fundamentally, a massager's design plays an important part in a user's massage experience.

On the one hand, an open design allows the user to place tired feet into a deck. Some of the benefits of this design include:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • It is low maintenance
  • Has a heating function to keep your legs warm
  • Stable and comfortable
  • Very silent

On the other hand, the closed design requires that you put your feet inside a massager and work on all feet angles, including calf muscles. Some of the benefits of this design include:

  • Diverse custom settings
  • Come with different foot massage techniques
  • Designed to soothe foot, soles, arches, and in some cases, even heels
  • Offer a relaxing heated feature for tight muscles
  • They have a heated feature that will warm your feet and provide a relaxed feeling.
  • Made for diverse massager users.

Therefore, the best foot massager for diabetic neuropathy is one with functions that suit your feet regimen. Eventually, we recommend that you buy a closed foot massager for more benefits and ease of customizing your massage.

4. Ease of use

Furthermore, you should get a foot massager that helps you relax with its ease of use. For instance, you should get an automated massager with easily accessible buttons and functions on its console. Ease of use is a good consideration for the long term without buying a new massager to help relax your legs occasionally. Additionally, it would help if you chose a machine with a clean and healthy environment for your feet with easy-to-clean features.

5. Adjustable Heating and Air Compression

Another important feature to consider for a good foot massager is adjustable heat and compression functions. Depending on the pressure or pain to be relieved, an effective massager should have a range of foot massage intensities for the appropriate kneading, heating, or vibration pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions on Foot Massager For Neuropathy

1. Do foot massagers help neuropathy?

Yes, foot massagers are an effective way of relieving discomfort caused by neuropathy conditions. Compared to hiring a professional therapist, getting a personal best foot massager for neuropathy is convenient and cost-effective. However, for persistent and severe neuropathy conditions, it is better to seek professional medical advice.

2. Do foot massages cause foot pain?

Depending on the massager in play, you should be able to work with comfortable settings. Considering some foot areas might be sore, more pressure might be applied, causing a progressive decrease in the soreness. Ideally, it is recommended that you always start with the lowest settings on your massager and progressively increase intensity depending on your comfort.


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