Best Fake Eyelashes: Natural & Dramatic False Lashes



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If you love makeup, you probably know how a good pair of lashes can elevate your makeup. The best fake eyelashes are an amazing way to make your lashes look fuller without having to use mascara. It is one of those makeup things that can help boost your confidence and make you feel a bit put together, whether you're having a soft glam or a full glam of makeup. 

However, when it comes to getting the perfect eyelashes for you, it is definitely not a one-size-fits-all. Apart from the fact that we all have different preferences, our eye shapes, as well as other crucial factors, play a huge role in the type of eyelashes you choose. But with so many varieties in the market, it can be a bit challenging to find out which one works best for you.

We have compiled a helpful review of the twelve best false lashes and a buyer's guide that includes some crucial factors you should consider before purchasing false lashes. Hopefully, this guide will help you pick your favorite pair of lashes without much hassle.

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What Is The Best False Eye Lashes You Can Buy?

False lashes have been a game-changer with all makeup looks. If you enter the beauty of lashes, you will find out that nowadays, lashes come in a broad array of lengths and styles. If you're after natural and subtle lashes, then you should consider bundles or individuals that you can apply strategically. Remember, the thinner the weft of lashes, the lighter the lashes will be. This means that you get the most natural wear, regardless of the different lengths you look.

Ready to rock the best fake eyelashes? To ensure you pick the best of the best, here are the best false eyelashes in the market today. Then, read on to find your perfect pair of fake lashes.

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When you're just starting to use the best false lashes, and you don't really need which one to pick or how they will look on your eye, then you need to do lots of practice. The Eliace 50 Pairs 5 Styles 3D Mink Lashes Natural Look Wispies come with lots of pairs that any beginner can use. The eyelashes are easy to manage, soft, and come in five different styles, which you can try on your eyes to find the perfect style that matches you. Furthermore, you get a free pair of tweezers when you purchase this set.

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Looking for the natural-looking lash to upscale your lash lineup? This perfect set will help you elevate your lash as they are easy to apply and will blend seamlessly with your lashes. The KISS Products So Wispy Lashes are contacts lens friendly and are reusable, which means they provide a good value for money. They are also quite comfortable and lightweight to wear since they are made of 100% natural human hair. It comes with a silicone tool that ensures an easy application.

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Another one of the best fake eyelashes that look natural is the KISS Looks So Natural False Eyelashes Multipack that features a unique design. Every individual synthetic fiber will taper off at the end to mimic natural lashes. They feature a revolutionary Tapered End Technology to provide a natural look. These falsies feel weightless and provide the best value for money. As one of the best fake eyelashes, they are easy to apply, and you get ultimate comfort.

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The Newcally Lashes Natural Wispy False Eyelashes are great lashes that come at a very affordable price and excellent quality with a ten-pair set. As one of the best false lashes, these natural eyelashes are 100% hand-knotted, feathery look, and mixed length. It has perfect volume lashes blend with your natural lash seamlessly. In addition, the thin and soft invisible band makes the eyelashes comfortable to wear.

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Ardell is arguably the best when it comes to high-quality and affordable false lashes, no matter the design or style you want. For those people with sensitive eyes and who can't tolerate lash glue, then magnetic lashes are a great place to start. Your natural lashes are inserted in between the two layers of fake lashes, and they are attached together using a tiny magnetic strip. The Ardell Professional Magnetic Lash Accents stand out from other magnetic lashes since they are slightly shorter to ensure more definition in the outer corner and mid-eye area.

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The design and model of the Ardell False Lashes Faux Mink Wispies Multipack make them a suitable choice for all eye shapes. These Ardell lashes come in a four pairs-pack set that is high quality and great price. They are super soft and natural feeling hairs. They also feature a thin strip or band and come in a medium-size which makes them perfect for beginners.

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If you're looking to achieve the most natural-looking lash extensions, opting for individual false lashes instead of full strip lashes is a great place to start. The Ardell Individual Trios Eyelash is an effortless no trim natural lash collection that is easy to use. You just need to insert as many featherweight clusters when you want a long lash line. These individual false eyelashes provide a fluttery effect on the outer corners and can easily be added whenever your lash hairs look a bit sparse. With these individual lash extensions, you're assured of a beautiful definition as well as an undetectable boost of volume and length.

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The Ardell Natural Multipack 110 Black is a set of four that is quite easy to apply and time and very comfortable to wear. Moreover, they disappear into the natural lash line, making them look like they are your natural lashes.

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Users of Eylure Naturals False Eyelashes repeatedly claim how easy it is to apply and how beautiful these natural-looking false lashes look. With these false lashes, the effect can be amped up if you add mascara. Furthermore, these lashes are quite affordable, cruelty-free and can be reused up to five times.

The Ardell Demi Wispies Natural Multipack False Eyelashes are particularly great if you're looking for natural-looking lashes. This is because, just like your natural lashes, every individual lash varies in length. As a result, you get a much more believable result than the one you when your lashes have a uniform length.

As mentioned earlier, you can be wrong with Ardell's eyelashes. The Ardell "Best of" Natural Variety Pack of Falsies will easily apply to deliver a more natural and professional look. In the pack, you get four different styles that ar;e perfect for an everyday day look. These strip falsies compliment all eye shapes making it easier to wear and shape as the band and strip are not stiff. It allows for a more precise application, and the instant results are beautiful lush lashes.

What Do You Consider When Picking the Best Fake Eyelashes?

1. Eye Shape

When purchasing false lashes, the shape of your eyes is an important detail that you shouldn't ignore. For instance, if your eyes are hooded, you should consider lash strips that are longer as they ensure the eyes stay open. If you have a round eye shape, consider curly lashes as they tend to be more prominent on the outer corners.

2. Weight

If you're a beginner user of false lashes, then you should avoid a very heavy full strip of lashes. Go for small and lighter lashes that won't make you feel uncomfortable or weigh you down. A celebrity makeup artist also recommends bending the lash in half when the lash glue is drying to soften it. Additionally, looking down on a mirror will provide you with better visibility.

3. Design

The best false eyelashes come in a broad range of designs and styles to match different needs. If you're planning to wear fake lashes, then you have to pick a style that matches your needs. Some of the common styles include dramatic lash and natural-looking lash, which provide the most natural effect.

Furthermore, you also need to consider other details like the band color, especially if you want your lashes to appear extremely natural. For example, a transparent or nude band color will have a more natural look, unlike a black band color that is known to add more definition to the eyes. However, if you're going for a more natural look, consider applying a black liquid or gel liner to camouflage the lash band color.

How Do You Apply False Lashes?

The method used to apply the best false eyelashes differs depending on the type of eyelashes you're using.

For cluster lashes, where there is a small gathering of a few lash hairs, makeup artists recommend applying the lash glue along the root of your lashes, setting the cluster lash on the glue and pressing it gently to ensure it is well attached.

When it comes to individual lashes, you may only need to add one or two pieces on the outer corners to provide more extensions. However, if you want a fuller look or a full-on glam, the application process is similar to cluster lashes, except that you will be applying one lash hair at a time.

Strip lashes provide effortless application as you get to achieve a fuller volume in only one step. With these lashes, you can use the back of the hand to apply the glue but ensure you check if the lashes are a better fit for your eye or require trimming. You then apply the glue to the lash and stick it along the lash line.

With all the lashes above, apply mascara to ensure the false lashes blend well with your real lashes. Also, never be afraid to adjust your best lashes when the glue is drying to ensure they are in a perfect position.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on False Lashes

1. Can you reuse false lashes?

Most fake lashes can be reused as long as you properly clean them. However, the number of times these lashes can be reused ranges from one lash to another. However, you should never reuse another person's lashes, and makeup artists should always use a new strip lash on every client. To properly reuse the lashes, gently remove the lash glue from the false lashes, then use an oil-free makeup remover, rinse it off with a bit of water, sanitize with alcohol and allow them to air dry.

2. How long will false lashes last after application?

Generally, false lashes will last one or at most three days, depending on if you apply a good amount of adhesive and you don't touch your eyes a lot. However, it is recommended not to keep the lashes for more than one day.


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