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Best Face Wash For Teenage Skin



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The teenage years are a wild ride. Filled with hormones, homework, and the blossoming of early love in some cases, it’s a pretty stressful and defining time in your life. 

You don’t need any extra stresses added to your mixing pot of crazy feelings, so it’s natural that when you get a pimple it can feel like the end of the world.

We get it, honestly. It’s hard to be a teenager, and it can be harder sometimes to know the right skincare products to use to combat your hormone riddled problem skin. 

That’s where we come in. Read on to find out some of our picks for the best face washes for teenage skin and handy buyers guide that will let you know what you’re looking for.

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Best Face Wash For Teenage Skin - Reviews

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The CeraVe face wash and cleanser is fantastic for particularly sensitive skin. It’s especially good for conditions such as dermatitis and eczema and has actually been recommended by the National Eczema Association. 

It was made with dermatologists too, so you can rest easy that this is properly tested and will work well for troubled skin. It’s an especially good choice if you struggle from acne or hormonal skin. 

The face wash doesn’t strip the skin of any natural oils which can sometimes be a worry for those with oily skin, it maintains the natural oil levels while still refreshing the skin. Tight skin is not a worry with this cleanser! At the same time, it’s made with ceramide s1, 3 and 6-II, hyaluronic acid, fatty acids, cholesterol, phytosphingosine and glycerin, all of which help to restore the skin’s natural barriers. 

It can be used for a lot of different skin types, and its foaming action helps to reach deep down into the pores to prevent future breakouts. It’s still pretty gentle so can be used well with acne-prone skin. With that being said, it’s not quite as effective for dry and combination skin.

Overall, if you suffer from oily skin, it’s a fantastic choice to get rid of some nasty breakouts, and will leave your skin feeling supple and soft for hours after use.


  • Made with dermatologists, so it’s been extensively tested
  • Smooth feel
  • Can be used with most skin types
  • Affordable


  • Not as good on combination or dry skin

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Natural is in the name, and natural is exactly what this face wash is. You don’t need to worry about any harmful synthetic additives in this face wash if you have particularly sensitive skin, and it works perfectly for both male and female skin. 

The vitamin C in this face wash is fantastic for helping to generate new cells and collagens and keeping the skin extra hydrated. It also contains coconut water and aloe vera, which awaken then skin and soothes it. 

It comes with sugar cane extracts too. The other ingredient is green tea which is helpful to female skin. 

This product is one of the best ones out there if you do happen to struggle with acne due to the above-listed ingredients. It also does a great job brightening the skin and is even helpful for older ladies due to its anti-ageing formula. 

The solution targets dark spots, any fine lines and dull skin, and helps with correcting damaged skin. It’s also free of parabens and synthetic ingredients, and can remove makeup really well. 

If you want a great improvement to your skincare routine that won’t cost an arm and a leg, this is your solution. It’s also really easy to use with a handy pump cap that will give you just the right amount of product to wash your face with.


  • Cleanses the skin
  • Fresh feeling
  • Aloe vera and coconut extracts to hydrate and awaken the skin


  • Some people have reported the smell isn’t that great

[amazon fields=”B002P3L99G” value=”thumb”]

This blend is highly versatile and fits a lot of skincare conditions really well, but it’s perfect for oily skin as the product name may suggest. It works wonders on hormone riddled skin, and you can use it as often as you like.

It’s very efficient in removing excessive oil from the skin.

Furthermore, it’s ideal for people that suffer from skincare concerns such as dermatitis and eczema. The La Roche-Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser solution contains glycerin and salicylic acid which balance the skin, and it doesn’t have any harmful parabens, soaps, alcohol or colorants that would damage the skin. 

This makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

It also aids in balancing the skin’s pH levels and helps to control oil levels. You’ll notice improvements in the skin in a very short span of time, but one thing to note is that the solution is not a miracle worker that will prevent breakouts. 

What it does do is minimize breakouts. 

Overall, it’s a wallet-friendly formula that rejuvenates the skin in a short span of time and helps to minimize breakouts, so what more could you want?


  • Ideal for both oily and sensitive skin
  • Clean feel
  • Helps to minimize breakouts


  • Does not eradicate breakouts completely

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If you need a milder way of combating acne, look no further than the Differin Daily Deep Cleanser. The formula contains no irritating substances that will harm the skin, and you can expect quick results that will make your skin look wonderful.

If you struggle with more sensitive skin, you may be concerned with redness or irritation. This is not something you need to continue worrying about with this skincare solution, as it thoroughly deep cleanses the skin. 

This helps to remove any toxins in the skin and the results are supple and soft skin that’s well hydrated. 

The solution is ideal for helping to remove excessive oil levels and can be used on a daily basis with fantastic results. You’ll also be pleased to hear that the formula doesn’t dry out the skin either.

It’s incredibly cheap and provides great benefits so we definitely recommend utilizing this in your skincare routine to see an improvement in skincare health in a flash.


  • Hydrates
  • No dryness 
  • Free of harmful substances
  • Affordable


  • Should be used with a good quality moisturizer in order to feel the effects fully

[amazon fields=”B082M9QJ22″ value=”thumb”]

You may have heard this recommended for acne. That’s because it really gets to the route of the skin’s problems and gets them gone in no time. 

The solution is a combination between the properties in a scrub, strips, liquid, mask and powder, all of which work together to help revive the skin. It absorbs the oil in the skin, minimizing breakouts as the excess oil is eradicated. 

You don’t need to worry about dryness either as it doesn’t dry the skin out. 

It’s very affordable too, so it’s a good pick for you if you struggle with acne.


  • Cleans out clogged pores
  • Exfoliated
  • Maintains the skin


  • Messy formula

Best Face Wash for Teenage Skin - Buyers Guide

So, how can you even know what you’re looking for in a face wash? With so many options out there, you don’t want to spend your money on something that isn’t going to help you. The products on the list have been tested quite extensively, but you should always test the face wash first.

So, what do you need to be aware of before purchasing a product?

Skin Types

We all have our own skin types, but why is this important? Your skin type largely dictates the types of skin care products that you can use. Using the wrong product for your skin type can be catastrophic for your skin and make it worse, especially on teenage skin. The skin types are as follows:

Normal Skin

Normal skin is as it sounds, normal. It’s not oily or dry. On the occasion where you do get oiliness and dryness issues, it’s pretty rare. It’s generally not hard to resolve any skincare issues that come with this skin type.

Normal skin tends to have smaller pores, and isn’t usually shiny like oily skin, nor does it often have dry and cracking skin as you would with the dry skin type. It’s usually easy to deal with too, but hormonal changes, such as with teenage skin, can change this and make it a lot more difficult to deal with. You should adapt your skin care to the changes you’re experiencing.

With normal skin, the chances are that your breakouts come alongside stress or diet changes, so it’s worth keeping this in mind. Try to avoid products that feel greasy and also try to avoid products that cause the skin to dry out.

Dry Skin

You should expect your skin to feel tight, and it has more chances of becoming flaky or scaly if you have dry skin. It’s not likely that you’ll be able to see your pores if you have dry skin, and later in life, you may get wrinkles.

You should always incorporate a good moisturizer designed for dry skin into your skincare routine if you do have dry skin. This will keep the skin hydrated. You might also expect to get an allergic reaction more easily if you have dry skin, so it’s worth using a cream moisturizer for your skin. This is because these types of moisturizers tend to have thicket consistencies and have more oil content in them so it’s easier to moisturize the skin. Always ensure you patch test the moisturizer first.

Try to also avoid harsh cleansers as these can reduce the oil content in your skin which dries the skin out. Also, it’s worth noting that sometimes dry skin can come in conjunction with deeper skin care problems such as dermatitis and eczema, so if you do struggle with this then you should visit a dermatologist. 

Oily skin

This may be a little similar to your teenage skin! Oily skin tends to be shiny and is usually caused by genetic and hormonal influences. Expect acne to be more common with this skin type, as you produce more sebum and thus more oil in the skin.

You should gently exfoliate the skin and avoid using products that dry the skin. You need to ideally be avoiding thick makeup as it’s more likely to look like it’s caked onto the skin. Keep it light! 

You should also try to use products that are free of oil catered to your skin type, and use a lightweight moisturizer. Any heavy moisturizers are likely to cause excessive oil production. 

Combination Skin

Combination skin usually consists of two or more types of skin - it could be a mix between dry and oily skin, for example. Usually in this case certain parts of the skin will be oily and some will be dry. Usually, the t-zone areas tend to have more oil whereas areas such as the cheeks have more dryness. 

If you have combination skin, you should try to use products with natural ingredients and products without fragrance. You should also try to use different types of moisturizers for different parts of the face, so one for the more oily areas and one for the more dry areas. 

Sensitive Skin

This skin type usually struggles with extra redness and irritation when certain products are applied to the skin. You need to be particularly careful about the products you use with this skin type - it’s worth looking for products that cater to sensitive skin. You can usually have sensitive skin along with oily, or dry, or some of the other skin types too. 

Skin Care Techniques for Teenage Skin

It doesn’t just come down to the types of products you use when it comes to treating teenage skin. There are some ways you can encourage healthy skin on your own account too! Keep in mind that there is no one way to do a skincare routine - your friend may recommend something else, but even though you’re all going through puberty together, everyone is different. You need to do what’s best for you!

Fully Cleanse the Skin

You should try to cleanse at least once a day, even twice if your skin is particularly oily or dirty. If you’re wearing makeup, try to remove the makeup on the eyes first and then follow this with cleansing the rest of the face with your fingertips using a gel or foaming cleanser. Try to cleanse the face before exercising, or if this isn’t an option, bring some facial tissues so you can blot the skin if it’s oily. If you have more dry skin, as we’ve previously said you should try to use a milky cleanser and moisturizer. 

Remove All Makeup Before Bed

You may have heard of some people that will wear their makeup to bed - you probably shouldn’t try this. Yes, some people respond just fine to it, but a lot of people can come out in breakouts if they wear makeup to bed. If you don’t have the energy to cleanse the face with a gel or cleanser, then try to use a makeup removing wipe to get rid of any makeup off the face. It’s best to not make it a habit to sleep with makeup on, as you can also get certain types of dermatitis from sleeping with makeup on. 

Oil Control

You may be more susceptible to oily skin as a teenager, so there are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of oil on the face. Firstly, try to use a salicylic acid cleanser if you have oily skin. Then try to apply an oil-free primer, as this will help to control the level of shine. Finally, blot oil off the face during the day using cloths and tissues designed for this purpose.


As we’ve previously mentioned, it’s important to exfoliate oily skin. Try to do this once or twice a week, but make sure it’s gentle. Don’t scrub hard as this won’t make the acne or ay blackheads any better. Also, don’t over exfoliate.

Don’t Share Makeup

Sharing makeup is a big no-no! Especially with eye and lip products as these are germ breeding grounds which will likely make your skin worse. 

Clean Hands

You should try not to touch the face too much as this can cause irritation and transfer bacteria and dirt onto the face, however, if you do need to touch your face ensure that your hands are clean! 

Don’t Use Toothpaste!

You may have heard the old myth that toothpaste can help minimize breakouts and various other old wives tales that usually don’t have any credence. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t use toothpaste at all to brush your teeth! Just don’t use it to try and get rid of pimples. There are so many wonderful skin care products on the market designed exactly for this purpose, so you should invest in one of those instead. 

Adding Supplements

Supplements can be super helpful for teenage skin going through puberty. It helps to balance the hormones, estrogen and progesterone, and this helps to keep the skin in proper order. You could take supplements such as agnus castus towards the end of the menstrual cycle which would help to avoid breakouts, or you could use something like a progesterone cream.

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