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In the beauty and makeup world, pencil eyeliners are the easiest makeup products to spot, and they are created by almost all upcoming and existing companies. These eyeliner pencils have been utilized and loved for ages since they are suitable for several ever-evolving looks and can handle all the tasks. In addition, the eye makeup product is versatile and should be in every makeup kit since it's beginner-friendly and is also used with expert makeup artists. 


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What is an Eyeliner?

Eyeliner is a highly pigmented makeup product used to bring attention to your eyes, and it's applied around your eyes contour to give them a definition. Eyeliner can make your eyes appear smaller or larger depending on where you apply it, and they add drama and depth to your look. Eyeliners can also be worn in different ways, and these effects will depend and vary on the type of eyeliner used and how the strokes were made.

However, eyeliner can be a blessing and a curse to the makeup wearer, and if you use the best eyeliner pencil, it can enhance your eyes and make them stand out. However, since there are sought-after items, it can be hard to find the best one and to ease you from the confusion, we have listed some of the best eyeliner pencils in the market today.

[amazon fields="B07GX832KD" value="thumb"]

This liner is one of the best drugstore eyeliners with a long-wear formula of up to 36 hours with no smudge, smear or budge, and it's a makeup-artist favorite. The pencil eyeliner has a gel matte formula that defines designs you may wish to draw, and it has your back if you have oily skin as it will keep your eyes fresh. You can pair it perfectly with a nude eyeshadow or use a sharp stroke using this liner, and it will stay as you drew, but it's not the best for waterline application

[amazon fields="B005G9E9AW" value="thumb"]

This is one of the best eyeliner pencils in the market today as it is a retractable or twist-up eye pencil that doesn't need any sharpening and doesn't have uneven nibs. The pencil eyeliner has a creamy formula and still gives you maximum control over precision, and it glides smoothly on your lower and upper waterline or the lids. You can rely on this NYC eye pencil for any occasion as it is waterproof, lasts all day long, is highly pigmented, and you won't experience any smudging as it will fight any tears, sweat or rain. 

Urban Decay 24/7 option defies the odds as it has a rich, creamy formula that doesn't budge once it's set. Therefore, it can be used on the waterline area, which is usually a tricky area to wear the eyeliner. The smudge-proof pencil eyeliner can handle any look you throw its way, whether tightlining, perfect cat eye, creating unique graphic lines or precise lines.

It is a long-wear formula for up to 24 hours, so it's worth using effort knowing your look won't move unless you use a makeup remover. Once you apply this best eyeliner pencil, you should hold your eyelid for some time and give it a chance to dry down. 

[amazon fields="B00CLASIBU" value="thumb"]

Enter your text here...Covergirl eye pencil comes in a retro packaging with a pleasing twist in the built-in smudger attached at the opposite end, and this pencil format allows a user to create a sharp fine line or leave a dramatic eye look. The waterproof eyeliner has a creamy texture, which prevents any dry, wrinkly or tugging effect and since it's infused with plenty of hydrogenated oils such as castor, kernel or vegetable oil. The classic liner is a makeup-artist favorite, and it allows you to smoothen harsh lines giving the proper depth and definition for a perfectly fine point. 

L’oreal’s Never Fail mechanical eyeliner will give you both a classic look and a bold look, and it's super pigmented, meaning it will last for 16 hours. The classic black liner packs olive oil, candelilla wax and echium plantagineum seed oil that gives your liner a soft feel, and it glides on the skin effortlessly. It stays all day no matter the moisturizer, sweat or oil secretion and has a built-in sharpener to give you a pointy tip for a perfect cat-eye look. 

[amazon fields="B01LY37INV" value="thumb"]

This gel eyeliner in pencil format is the perfect solution for anyone who wants subtle hints of tints, as this Julep liner promises a youthful look with all its shades. With glitter, shimmers and high pigmentation, the eyeliner will set your day makeup in place, and it is made with a blended wax that glides smoothly on your waterline. This liner can also be used as an eyeshadow to pop your eyes and also as a brow highlight to bring some attention while still maintaining a long-lasting cruelty-free formula.

[amazon fields="B00NLDWWYK" value="thumb"]

Marc Jacobs is one of the best eyeliners if you want a high shade range as its ranges from shimmer to satin to matte, meaning there will be a shade for everyone. Also, the pencil is made of a creamy and pigmented formulation that gives a user a strong yet dramatic line, and once it has set, it doesn't move so that you can use it during the long days. Also, it has a built-in sharpener to keep it fresh and with the creamy texture, you can smudge it into a crease-defining shadow.

[amazon fields="B000H3EO3O" value="thumb"]

Revlon ColorStay eyeliner is a hassle-free long-wearing eyeliner that will stay on for hours without smudging, fading and while still being waterproof for 16 hours with a fresh look. The lightweight and waterproof formula is Ophthalmologist-tested and maintains a clean and creaseless line on your lids, and it comes in a retractable tube that prevents any breakage. In addition, it has a built-in sharpener that maintains a sharp nib every time you want a crisp wing and, on the other end, a smudging tip for a smokey eye effect. 

[amazon fields="B00SXOBRDO" value="thumb"]

Estee Lauder is a double-ended pencil with a smudger on one end and color on the other end, and it can work for over 24 hours after setting in just a few seconds. The long-wear waterproof eyeliner defines and lines with a smooth feel and even color that gives a fresh look all day and night. In addition, the lightweight and creamy formula creates a perfect line and glides on effortlessly. The rich stay-true color doesn't smudge. You can sharpen this liner using the Estée Lauder Pencil Sharpener.

[amazon fields="B00NJX1CZM" value="thumb"]

Jilian Dempsey is a jet black eyeliner made with a natural formulation that mixes organic shea butter and jojoba oil. It effortlessly glides into your eyelids while still being water and transfer-resistant. It also has a dual end with a sponge applicator to blend or smudge the liner as much as you would like to. 

[amazon fields="B00DNK5UR2" value="thumb"]

When it comes to minimum smudging, gel eyeliners will always take the crown, and on top of it, this gel eyeliner pencil is well pigmented, maintains crisp and sharp lines and uses a long-lasting formula. It is the best eyeliner pencil for locking in hydration and moisture, thanks to coconut oil and aloe leaf extracts that prevent your eyelids from drying out. The eye pencil formula is rich and intense, and it won't smudge, run-down or smear, and it gives a user maximum control to be creative. 

[amazon fields="B07JDDXHLY" value="thumb"]

Neutrogena Smokey eyeliner is one of the best drugstore eyeliners and is formulated with Vitamin E and antioxidants and has a creamy texture offering a long-wear finish. The finish gives a less stiff feel than the traditional blackest black Kohl eyeliner, and the liner is smudge-able for about 30 seconds after you apply it. In addition, you can blend it however you may want before you let it set. 

What are the Other Types of Eyeliners?

a). Liquid Eyeliner

A liquid eyeliner pencil is a versatile, easy to use and long-lasting liner made of a high pigmented formulation, and it comes in a tube with a felt tip or a brush applicator. A liquid liner is considered the hardest to apply since it has a thin consistency, and it can be used to apply precise lines and is therefore called a precise liquid eyeliner. In addition, liquid eyeliner will help a user evade the dreaded raccoon eyes since most liquid eyeliners are waterproof and smudge-proof once it has dried. Finally, a liquid liner is the best solution for pointed, fine edges and sharp strokes, but it looks better with a foundation base.

b). Gel Eyeliner

A gel liner is a recent introduction, but it has already gathered some die-hard fans and is also a favorite to some makeup artists. This type of liner gives you the benefit of a pencil liner and a liquid liner in one, and you can create perfect cat eyes or sharp strokes. You can also smudge the gel eyeliner for a casual or natural look, and it has a long-lasting formula. However, they are slightly expensive, and you may need some practice to master, but it's worth it once you do.

c). Powder Eyeliners

You can use your eye shadow powder as an eyeliner using this method, and you will need to dampen an angled thin brush, dip into your eyeshadow then brush your liner into your eyes. This liner type allows you to experiment with many colors, and you don't need to choose a different shade for your eyeshadow, which saves you some money. However, just like the Kohl eyeliner pencil, it isn't easy to use this eyeliner on the go and may not give you an excellent cat-eye look.

d). Gel Pencils

These liners look more like felt pens and may sometimes smell similar, and they are sharp and have a perfect point and are darker than most eyeliner types. It is the best liner when you are in a hurry because it dries up fast, and like felt pens, it will dry up and lose its effect if the lids are not appropriately capped.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Eyeliner Pencils

1. Shade

Eyeliner pencils are super versatile, and therefore they come in different colors, and you can experiment to find out which shade works perfectly for you and your skin. For a soft look, you can try opting for a plum, gray or brown, and daily use as neutral colors are recommended for daily use thanks to their safe hues hence perfect for the office. However, for evenings, you will need more dramatic effects, and this is where blue and violet shades come in and also, when you apply white eyeliners on the lower lid, your eyes will appear wider and more open.

Below is a guide on complementary shades, and they include:

  • Dark brown eyes- deep brown shades, black or navy blue
  • Blue eyes- Bronze shades
  • Light brown and amber eyes- dark blue, plum and green shades
  • Green eyes-violet and purple shades

2. Long-Lasting

Pencil eyeliners wear off quickly, but there are products known to give longevity, and there are brands that will guarantee to last up to 24 hours. However, depending on the circumstances, you may not need a long-lasting effect in that extreme, and you may need to settle for a pencil eyeliner that offers less longevity.

3. Smudge-free or Waterproof

If you are looking for crisp and well-defined lines, you should opt for a smudge-resistant eye pencil that firm pencil eyeliners are on the way to go. Some effects are best pulled off with smudgy eyeliners, and such effects would be like a smoky eye effect, and soft pencil eyeliners are the most suitable choice.

However, if you are planning on getting wet or are scheduled to be crying and you don't want to have raccoon eyes at the end, then you should opt for pencil eyeliners with waterproofing properties. In addition, waterproof eyeliners will be long-lasting because of their formulas; hence when you choose waterproof pencil liners, you are also choosing waterproof eyeliners.

4. Formula

One of the main concerns of choosing a pencil eyeliner is how safe it will be for the eyes. Therefore, ensure you choose an eyeliner with only the necessary ingredients and with no fragrance to avoid the eyeliner irritating your eyes. A well-formulated pencil eyeliner will not tug on the skin, and good pencil eyeliners will glide on smoothly and hence become gentle to your sensitive skin.

5. Budget

Users can choose to ignore the budget with pencil eyeliners since they are super affordable, but even if they are, you should try and get the most value for your money. Even though they may be cheap, you need to consider whether they will accomplish their purpose and not overspend. You can get value for money from your research and compare the available brands.

6. Finish

The type of finish should determine the type of eyeliner you choose, and it depends on where you intend to wear it, either for a sparkly event or for a casual day. Eyeliner with a matte finish works well for daily use, and it's perfect for subtle is what you want, but for an evening event and you want a lot of attention, apply eyeliner with shimmery effects.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Eyeliner Pencil

1. Why is a black eyeliner pencil fancied by most people?

Some of its advantages include that it is easy to use, portable, ideal for people interested in touchups even on the go, ideal for everyday use and works well when someone is also feeling dramatic and adventurous. In addition, pencil eyeliners don't have any boundaries and can be worn by anyone.

2. How do you apply an eyeliner pencil to your lash line?

To apply your eyeliner to the lash line, gently pull your lid out with one hand and hold your pencil horizontally using the other hand so that you are drawing with the tip's side instead of the pointy tip end. This makes it easy to ensure a smooth straight line.


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