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Best Eye Creams for Bags and Puffiness



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The eye area is one in which many of us struggle with, whether this be due to puffiness or under eye bags, and for some finding an eye cream that can tackle more than one under eye issue at a time can be difficult.

Our eye area is known to be one of the most delicate areas, as it is sensitive to stretching and sagging and this is why our eyes can often look puffy and develop dark under eye bags and circles. 

Therefore it is important to introduce an eye cream into your everyday routine if you feel like your eyes need a little bit of special treatment.

Some of you may think that it is virtually impossible to find an effective eye cream that can combat all of these issues whilst actually working to achieve what it says on the label. So, we’ve found our top picks of the best eye creams to help you tackle your issues of eye bags and puffiness.

In a hurry? Then just take a look right below at our top pick under eye creams.

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Best Eye Creams for Bags and Puffiness - Comparison Table


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Best Eye Creams for Bags and Puffiness - Reviews

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We’ve selected the M3 naturals eye cream as our top pick for you, it comes with an impressive 4.5 star rating and doesn’t have a price tag that is going to break the bank, making it an affordable and effective option.

This eye cream includes natural ingredients to brighten, hydrate, firm, lift and tighten giving the eyes a true feeling of rejuvenation. In fact, as a brand M3 prides itself on sourcing every ingredient that they use from its purest, most natural forms in order to offer you their highest quality products.

The ingredients in this cream also help to provide a potent anti-ageing treatment, which reduces the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles.

The impressive list of ingredients includes infusions of collagen and stem cell to boost natural collagen whilst increasing skin cell longevity and hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin, promoting smoother and softer skin, whilst also improving the skin's texture and brightness. 

The infusion of Vitamin C also helps to protect from sun damage, an added bonus when looking for any sort of skin cream, as it is essential to protect our skin when exposed to the sun.


  • All M3 products are made in the USA, therefore they are all sourced and produced on your doorstep, giving you a sense of reassurance as you know where your product is coming from
  • The serum is of a thin consistency meaning that application is light and you don’t feel as though you are caking a product onto your under eyes. It also doesn’t have an oily texture and allows you to build products on top of this
  •  Many of the reviews show that individuals are seeing noticeable results from the first application, and a reduction in the appearance of dark circles and fine lines
  • The cream  doesn’t have a particular scent and isn’t overpoweringly  fragrant, sometimes a fragrant cream can aggravate sensitive skin types
  • It comes with an affordable price tag. It’s slightly more expensive than your drug store options but still an affordable price


  •  The cream has quite a unique scent meaning that it may be unappealing to those who prefer a particular or more neutral scent
  •  Some people found the cream to be drying on your skin, therefore it is important to check your skin type and carry out a patch test, as is necessary with any facial product, before putting this product onto your skin

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Our next pick is the skin active clearly brighter anti puff eye roller by Garnier. 

This easy to apply gel texture eye cream comes in the form of a roller for easy, concentrated application to the under eye area. 

It helps to reduce puffiness and has a list of ingredients which help to target issues in the eye area.

The inclusion of cooling caffeine, mint and vitamin C in this gel formula helps to brighten the skin almost immediately! 

The vitamin C targets those dark circles whilst the cooling caffeine reduces under eye puffiness.


  • The compact design of this product makes it easy to pop into your bag to have with you wherever you go and to use throughout the day when necessary, making it a must have skin care staple
  • Reviews show that it has an almost immediate impact on getting rid of eye puffiness
  • As it is produced by Garnier, a well known high street skin care brand, it doesn’t have an eye watering price tag
  • It works effectively to tighten puffy under eyes


  • Some reviews state that it doesn’t get rid of dark eye circles for everyone and witnessing these results can take longer for some people than others
  • Due to it being an eye roller, the liquid can sometimes be hard to come out, as it can be prone to drying out

Next up we have the Organys rejuvenating eye formula which works to target dark circles, eye bags and crow’s feet (the wrinkles that can sometimes appear deeper than typical wrinkles and appear in the corner of the eye area).

This cream lightens and brightens the under eye area and refreshes the appearance of tired skin and eyes giving your face a healthy and radiant look. 

The use of procollagen peptide irons out the appearance of wrinkles and crow's feet and is formulated to achieve anti-ageing results.

The inclusion of soya based peptide reduces the appearance of dark eye bags, whilst the Hyaluronic acid works to deeply moisturise the skin. The vitamin C brightens the eyes, whilst the caffeine effectively tightens the under eye area. 

It's fair to say that this eye cream includes plenty of ingredients, to give those eyes the special treatment that they deserve, working to tackle those areas that we tend to struggle with the most.


  • It is an affordable option meaning that you can treat your skin without spending a lot
  • It has ingredients to cater towards a number of issues that we face with under eyes, as well as treating our eye bags and puffiness, it also includes ingredients to tackle redness, fine lines and crow's feet
  • Reviews show that people who have already purchased this product are noticing almost immediate effects with under eye bags being virtually gone within a few days of use
  • The cream comes with a pump making it easy to control the amount that you are using, it is also easy to apply to the skin and absorbs to most skin types quickly


  • Some customers have felt a burning sensation on their skin after using this product
  • It doesn’t have an impact on all skin types as some reviews show that for some customers it has been ineffective in giving noticeable results

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Developed by dermatologists, the CereVe eye repair cream is our next pick to tackle dark circles and puffiness. 

It restores and repairs the appearance of our eyes, by reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. 

This cream contains an array of ingredients such as Marine & Botanical Complex which repairs the delicate skin barrier around our eyes, and leaves our eyes looking much brighter and healthier.

It contains three essential ceramides which also help to restore the skin's protective barrier. 

If this wasn’t enough, this eye cream also includes MVE delivery technology which nourishes the skin by releasing a steady stream of moisture all day long.


  • This cream was produced by dermatologists and is safe for use on all skin types
  • It has a non-greasy fast absorbing formula which makes it easy to apply to your eyes
  • It is fragrance free which makes it suitable for all skin types as it is gentle on skin, without having a strong scent or fragrance which can sometimes cause irritations


  • Some reviews mentioned that this eye cream was a good moisturizer, but didn’t have the impact that they were expecting on reducing the appearance of under eye bags and puffiness

[amazon fields=”B0073YE95I” value=”thumb”]

This pure coffee bean caffeine eye treatment includes three different types of caffeine, making it a must have in your skin care routine to tackle those dark eye areas.

Ingredients such as rosehip oil and collagen boosting vitamin C, helps to tackle and reduce wrinkles, whilst brightening and lightening the under eye area and giving an anti-ageing effect. The aloe and rose hydrosol hydrates the skin giving your eyes a fresh and dewy appearance.

This caffeine eye cream also helps to refresh the look of tired eyes, by diminishing puffiness and dark circles. 

Caffeine in fact is an effective source of reducing swelling and promoting circulation to create a brighter appearance.


  • Caffeine is considered to be an effective ingredient in eye and skin care products as it has the ability to constrict blood vessels beneath the skin, which often appear as blue and dark under eye circles
  • This product is made of natural ingredients so is less likely to cause adverse effects on the skin and sensitive eye area
  • In the case of this product, a little goes a long way, as only a tiny amount is needed at a time
  • Reviews show that individuals have had noticeable and impressive results from using this product


  • Some reviews state that they didn’t receive a full amount of product in the tube and it is more of a tester size
  • It has a strong smell which some individuals may find unpleasant and comes across to some as overpoweringly fragrant, which may cause irritations for some skin types, particularly those with sensitive skin

Best Eye Creams for Bags and Puffiness - Buyers Guide

In order to maintain smooth and puff free under eyes that keep you looking youthful, then it is important to introduce an effective eye cream into your daily skin care routine. 

After all, if you aren’t using a cream as regularly as stated on the packaging, then it is not going to have the desired effect on treating your under eyes.

Cream Uses

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the best under eye cream. The first is to look carefully at what the cream mainly targets. You will find that some creams are specific to particular issues. 

For example, you may find an anti-wrinkle cream and whilst this is going to give you those wrinkle free under eyes in next to no time, it isn’t necessarily going to get rid of the under eye bags or puffiness.

The best eye creams will tackle a wide range of issues and not just focus on tackling one specifically. Therefore, you are better off choosing a cream that targets all of these issues in order to achieve the result that you want.


Next, make sure that you pay attention to the ingredients listed in the eye creams, different ingredients will affect different skin types in different ways. 

As the under eye area is known to be a delicate area you do not want to apply anything too harsh as this could cause adverse skin reactions.

A simple way to prevent these reactions is to carry out a patch test before purchasing. This is something that people often forget to do, you're so caught up in the hype of a new product that you add it to your basket, without checking if it is suitable for your skin. 

Just simply test the product out on a small area of your skin and if you do not react badly to it, then you can purchase the product without any worries of a reaction causing your eyes to swell.


Often you may hear about a product that has been raved about but when it comes to purchasing you come to notice the hefty price tag. However, don’t let this put you off. 

Above we have included a range of products that are rather variable in price, but still have some dazzling reviews, catering to everyone’s needs, to show you that there are creams out there that don’t necessarily have to empty the bank.

Frequently asked Questions

Do eye creams actually work?

As with any skin care cream or product, it isn’t possible to make the statement that all eye creams are going to work for all individuals. As mentioned, it is all about finding the right eye cream with the ingredients that are most suited to you and your skin type.

If you follow this guide and select a cream that caters to your skin type then the answer is yes eye creams do work.

It’s important to take note too that different ingredients in eye creams will cater to different areas, so make sure that you're paying attention to the labels before popping them into your basket to ensure that you have the right eye cream to work for you.

How do I choose the best eye cream for me?

The most important steps to consider before selecting an eye cream is your skin type, ensure that when you are browsing through the selection of eye creams, that you select the one that is most likely to work with your skin and not against it. 

For example, you will find that there are eye creams which cater to sensitive skin types and creams that cater to ordinary skin types and using the wrong one could cause your eye area to react negatively.

Know what areas you want to target before purchasing. If you are looking for an eye cream to diminish bags and puffiness, ensure that it says this on the label, otherwise you may not achieve the results that you were hoping for.

At what age should you start using eye cream?

There isn’t a set age in which you should start using eye creams. Many people don’t start using them until their 30’s whilst others begin using them in their 20s. As our eye area is a lot thinner than the rest of the skin on our face, it is a lot more delicate, therefore meaning that we sometimes have to start protecting this sooner as it can often dry out quicker.

Does eye cream make a difference?

Like any other product you aren’t necessarily going to see a drastic difference after one day of using an eye cream, although you may see a reduced appearance in redness and puffiness overnight. As with any other cream it is important that you give a new eye cream product the chance to work in order for it to make a difference.  

What causes baggy eyes?

There are multiple causes of baggy eyes, some being more common than others. Some of the most common include ageing, eye fatigue, fluid retention or chronic medical conditions. Others may include stress, infections, allergies, inherited facial features or smoking.


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