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Best Detangling Brush For 4C Hair



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Natural 4C hair is beautiful and vibrant, not to mention how easy it is to style, from cornrows to braids and bantu knots. However, when neglected, the kinks and coils tangle, making styling or wash day a nightmare.

The detangling process is an essential step of your wash day. It involves using an oil, deep conditioner, your fingers and the best detangler brush for 4c hair. Using these slip and slide products ensures that you are gentle with your natural hair to prevent pain and breakage.

If you are new to properly taking care of your 4c hair, finding, the best detangling brush will be challenging. Fortunately, we have scoured through the internet to find you the best detangling brushes for 4c hair, which will drastically reduce the time spent detangling on your washday.

Natural hair requires time, patience, proper care and maintenance, along with a good detangling brush. Stick around to see our top picks and tips on how to detangle naturally curly hair.

What Is A Detangling Brush?

If you have ever run a brush through your natural hair, only for it to get stuck through coils and knots, chances are you almost grabbed a pair of scissors to cut it all off. We have all been there, the pain and the hair breakage.

A detangling brush is designed to remove hair knots and tangles in kinky hair or curly hair. Unlike years ago when your mom would do your hair only to feel like your head is separating from your body, detangling brushes have revolutionized natural hair care and the detangling process.

Detangling brushes have long, flexible and spaced-out bristles that separate hair strands, hence removing the knots. There are many such brushes on the market designed for different hair textures.

Below are the best detangling brushes for 4c natural hair.

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 Best detangling  brushes for 4c Hair


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Best Detangler Brush for 4c hair- Reviews

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The Denman brush is a revolutionary detangling brush that detangles, separates and defines your curls. It is popular and a cult favorite in the natural hair community, and for a good reason. In addition, this Denman brush shapes and polishes your hair to achieve wavy, healthy hair.

Unlike other brushes, this Denman hairbrush has seven rows of nylon pins, sculped in a round shape to give your hair soft and dense curls. Additionally, this design increases movement as the brush glides through your strange to remove knots.

If you're looking for a detangling brush that will also smoothen your hair while blow-drying, this ultimate detangler by Denman brushes is an excellent choice. In addition, the nylon bristles are anti-static, while the natural rubber pad ensures you have a sturdy grip.


  • Has nylon bristles
  • Has 7 comb rows to detangle and define wet and dry hair
  • Suitable when blow-drying your hair
  • Has a rubber pad handle for grip
  • Reduces frizz
  • Smoothens out your hair


  • Some customers have complained of counterfeit brushes in place of the original

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Detangling thick hair can be a breeze with the right tools, such as this Tangle Teezer detangling hairbrush. Designed for thick and curly hair, this detangling brush has long bristles that allow it to get to the roots of your hair.

This Tangle Teezer brush uses Firmflex technology to detangle your hair without tugging or causing pain gently. Additionally, it is ergonomically designed to fit in your palms, so you are assured that it will not slip while detangling.


  • Has long bristles
  • Fits perfectly in your palms
  • Detangles hair without shedding
  • Uses Firmflex technology
  • Does not tug your hair
  • Works well for wet and dry hair


  • Holds water inside hence becomes moldy
  • A customer complained of dye coming off when detangling with oil

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Bestool detangler brushes are popular among people with naturally curly hair and for a good reason. This particular detangling brush has eight moving hands or flexible free comb arms that move quickly to detangle thick hair. In addition, these arms reduce hair damage by up to 80%.

Wash days are characterized by painful arms thanks to the tiresome detangling process. However, the Bestool detangling brush features an ergonomic rubberized handle to give a handy and sturdy grip. Additionally, you can use this revolutionary easy detangling brush vertically or horizontally to detangle then define your curls.


  • Has 8 free comb arms
  • Features an ergonomic handle
  • Detangles and defines your curls
  • Compatible with various hair textures
  • Suitable for wet and dry, curly and wavy hair
  • Reduces hair damage by 80%


  • The combs clip-on doesn't stay on 

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Stubborn tangles and kinks stand no chance with this Wet detangler brush. Unlike regular hair brushes, this detangling brush is designed to glide through wet or damp hair to remove stubborn knots. Additionally, this brush works well on all hair types and lengths, whether short and curly or long and kinky.

The Wet detangler brush uses soft IntelliFlex bristles that glide through your hair to detangle it. The sturdy bristles are great for scalp massage and stimulate blood circulation. In turn, this strengthens your hair and leads to hair growth.


  • Has soft IntelliFlex bristle
  • Deals with stubborn knots and kinks
  • It is a wet brush making it perfect for 4c hair
  • Massages your scalp
  • Stimulates hair growth and circulation of blood


  • Some customers complained that the brushes were knock offs

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This Tangle Teezer wet brush is designed to detangle any hair. Being a wet brush, it is an excellent choice for 4c, which needs to be wet for detangling. Additionally, this brush reduces breakage to ensure that your natural hair is healthy.

Since washing and detangling your own hair is an arm workout, this wet brush is fitted with a slim handle. This is so you can have a sturdy grip when working through the tangles. In addition, it is perfect for distributing conditioner throughout your strands for overall healthy hair.


  • Reduces breakage and hair damage
  • Utilizes two-tiered teeth technology
  • Has a slim handle for grip
  • Helps to distribute products like conditioner
  • Flexible bristles


  • You cannot use it with heat
  • Works well only on wet hair

Why Should You Get the Best Detangling Brush for 4C Hair?

1. Quick and Easy To Use

Unlike using other combs and brushes to detangle your hair, a detangling brush makes your wash day quick and easy. This is because it is specially designed to detangle hair.

2. Pain-Free

If you have kinky hair or thick curly hair, you are familiar with the pain when the brush gets stuck in your natural hair. This is significantly often when you are detangling dry hair, which we will talk more about below.

3. Gentle On Natural Hair

The chances are that you have experienced hair loss when detangling natural hair. This is because regular brushes apply a lot of pressure to your scalp and hair, resulting in shedding. However, the best detangling brushes for 4c hair are gentle on your hair and scalp to prevent split ends, hair damage and loss.

4. Multi-Purpose

The best detangling brushes are versatile, meaning that you can use them to detangle wet or dry hair. In addition, they are available for different hair lengths, so you can adjust as your hair grows. There are also brushes for black natural hair, thick hair, curly and kinky hair and other textures.

5. Compatible With Wigs and Hair Extensions

Now, if you like to switch up your hairstyle now and then with either a wig or a hair extension, you know that detangling your air makes it look neat and newer. Fortunately, you can use the brush you use for detangling natural hair on your wig or extension to get that professional snatched look.

How Do You Choose the Best Detangling Brush for 4C Hair?

The best detangler for 4c hair does more than remove knots and tangles on wet or dry hair. Below are features you need to look out for when choosing a detangling brush for natural hair.

1. Length of Bristles

You need the bristles of your detangling brush to be long enough so they can penetrate your roots easily. Flexible bristles are vital for running through your hair with flex to avoid damage and breakage. Additionally, look for bristles that will help distribute hair products as you work through each section.

2. Fast Drying Materials

When it comes to 4c hair, you must detangle wet hair and not dry hair. For this reason, you want the detangle brush to be made of materials that dry fast, such as hard rubber or plastic. Additionally, these materials help to distribute products more efficiently.

3. Additional Features

Your wash day length depends on how long your hair is and its texture. For people with long hair, detangling may mean spending several hours working on loosening all knots. However, there are brushes with additional features like two-tiered teeth or ergonomic handles. These unique features help to ease and smoothen the detangling experience while reducing the rate of shedding.

Finger Detangling Or Brush Detangling- Which Is Better?

Natural hair has a lot of dos and don'ts when it comes to proper care and maintenance. However, what stands out is the goal to have a pain-free detangling process. Finger detangling or using a detangling hairbrush are both effective ways of removing the knots and tangles in your hair.

Using your fingers to detangle allows you to be more gentle and loving to your hair and scalp. You're also able to get rid of the big curls by running your fingers from the roots to your scalp. However, some knots remain in your hair.

The best detangling brushes rift through your hair to detangle matted hair. Therefore, it is best to start the detangling process using your fingers then a detangling brush. This will ensure that you are gentle on your scalp while detangling the natural hair.

How to Detangle 4C Hair

  1. Damp your hair - Adding conditioner and water to a spray bottle and using it to detangle your hair makes it soft and more manageable. Unfortunately, raking your detangling brush through dry hair or kinky hair could cause unwanted shedding. Additionally, ensure to wet your curls and kinks as you go.
  2. Section your hair - Dividing your natural hair before detangling allows you to work through wet curls a section at a time. Apart from being overwhelming, working through all the hair strands in one go makes it vulnerable to breakage. In addition, for people with thicker hair, sectioning wet hair makes it more manageable.
  3. Use your fingers then brush - While it may sound somewhat counterproductive, using your fingers first removes the large knots, creating more surface area for the detangling brush to glide on.
  4. Start from the ends - Even though you are working on wet hair, starting from the root yanks it from your scalp, causing it to break. Therefore, use one hand to hold the hair on the ends or bottom and the other hand to brush it. Next, work your way section by section from the bottom to the root of your hair.
  5. Take your time - It is called a wash day for a reason. Depending on the length of your natural 4c hair, take your time detangling the wet hair to ensure you don't put so much pressure and tagging. Doing so will result in split ends.

What Should You Avoid When Detangling 4C Hair?

  • Detangling dry hair
  • Starting from the roots
  • Using a hairbrush with small bristles


Having 4C afro hair is a journey of love, patience and using the right products to maintain your natural mane. While it is easy to style, 4c hair type can be daunting to detangle, especially when using regular hair brushes. We hope that this article will help you give more love to your curls and kinks by switching out regular combs for the best detangling brushes on our list.


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