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Best Cleanser for Acne to Get a Flawless and Glowing Skin



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You can experience acne at any age; it is not only common among teenagers and adolescents. Acne affects over half of women in their twenties. No one likes to have acne on their face; we all hate the outbreak, teens, men, and ladies. What if you have tried to get rid of them, and they keep recurring? There may be a solution, and it begins by choosing the best cleanser for acne to use on your face.

It can be frustrating to have outbreaks after every few weeks or even throughout. So, if you get a good acne face wash, you may be nearer to your breakthrough than you thought.

The market is filled with face washes for acne that it can be a real task to get the best product. Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss the best cleanser for acne-prone skin. Let's get started.

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Best Cleanser for Acne - Reviews

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This may be the last time you look for the best cleanser for acne. The reason being; you may have just found the right product for your skin. This acne wash from PanOxyl contains 10% Benzoyl peroxide. That is the maximum strength, which means that you will get the best results.

It is a foaming facial cleanser with antimicrobial properties to kill acne-causing bacteria. It also lifts dirt from your skin pores to give you fresher and clearer skin. It is a perfect product to add to your skincare routine as the cleanser cleans and unclogs pores on the face, back, and chest.

PanOxyl foaming cleanser also helps to prevent new blemishes from forming and clears the one existing.


  • Contains 10% Benzoyl peroxide for effectiveness
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Clears acne


  • Bleaches fabrics
  • Not great for people with sensitive skin

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CeraVe is one of the best face washes for acne. It contains 4% Benzoyl peroxide, which helps clear blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples from the outer skin layer, hence preventing the formation of acne. It is specialized for people with oily skin types.

CeraVe acne foaming cleanser transforms in texture from cream to foam during use to gently remove makeup, dirt, and excess oil from your skin without drying it. It is also enriched with hyaluronic acid to retain the skin's natural moisture and niacinamide that ensures your skin remains calm.

This foaming cream cleanser also contains essential ceramides 1,3,6-ii that help to maintain the skin barrier. You will also love it as it is fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and paraben-free.


  • Clears acne without drying the skin
  • It is fragrance-free
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • It contains 4% Benzoyl peroxide for added effectiveness


  • Does not clean makeup well
  • Bleaches towels

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Another solution for your oily and acne-prone skin. La Roche acne cleanser is formulated with 2% Salicylic acid that helps it target excess oil and clears breakouts by unblocking clogged pores. This results in it leaving your skin balanced. It also reduces surface oil by up to 47%.

La-Roche is a gentle cleanser, and you can use it even if you have sensitive skin as it will not cause a breakout. Instead, it gets rid of acne, and you will have your smooth and balanced face back. In addition, this medicated gel is comedogenic and fragrance-free. So if you want a mild foaming cleanser that you can use twice a day, this La Roche Posay is the answer.


  • It is effective
  • It is great for most skin types, including combination skin
  • It is gentle on sensitive skin


  • Cause breakouts to some consumers

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If you have acne-prone skin worrying you and you feel it's time to try something different, try this oil-free acne wash. Neutrogena also contains salicylic acid that helps to fight acne and, in the process, cleanses the skin. It is a daily deep cleanser with a unique formula that removes excess oils that can clog pores. On the other hand, salicylic acid helps prevent future breakouts by preventing the accumulation of acne-causing bacteria.

Using this oil-free acne wash will help keep acne at bay. It is formulated with anti-acne ingredients like salicylic acid, which we have already mentioned, water and citric acid, among others. Its oil-free formula rinses the skin without drying or irritating it.

Neutrogena oil-free cleanser is not only used for acne treatments but also to treat existing breakouts. This means that it is a cleanser and a treatment, both in one. It is non-comedogenic and also residue-free, making it easy to use as it rinses clean.


  • Effective
  • It contains salicylic acid to help fight acne
  • It is oil-free, non-comedogenic and residue-free


  • Not for sensitive skin
  • Dries the skin, so you'll need to apply a moisturizer immediately

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We all want to have flawless skins. So, if you have acne-prone skin, here is the best cleanser for acne that you can use for clear skin. It comes in a liquid form. Mario acne cleanser prevents acne and heals the already existing condition.

Mario Badescu is formulated with acne-fighting salicylic acid to fight acne. It also contains natural and acne-fighting ingredients like aloe vera and chamomile that soothe your skin to ensure you don't experience any irritations. There is also thyme extract which exhibits antibacterial properties. Hence it kills acne-causing bacteria. This acne face wash is designed for individuals with oily and combination an skin types.

It is a gentle cleanser that deep cleans your pores to eliminate excess oils that may lead to further pore blockages. By doing so, it prevents further breakouts, ensuring you get a balanced and clearer skin complexion.


  • It is gentle on the skin
  • It contains naturally soothing ingredients


  • Not suitable for sensitive skins
  • Not for use when expecting

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Cleanser for Acne

Your skin is one of the most sensitive parts of your body. Therefore, taking care of it is a crucial task. So, if you are already planning to get the best cleanser for acne, you may need to consider a few important factors. Let's see what those factors are so that you go to the store prepared and informed.

a). Ingredients

If this isn't the main factor you consider when buying any skin products, it's time to make the right turn. Ingredients play a crucial role in the overall results you get when you use certain products.

A good cleanser for acne should have at least one of these ingredients; glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid. These ingredients unclog the skin pores and reduce the size of the existing blackheads if any.

Benzoyl peroxide works by treating acne-causing bacteria, while salicylic acid exfoliates and sloughs away dead skin cells and dissolves clogging impurities. Lastly, glycolic acid ensures your skin pores remain clear restores damaged skin.

On the ingredients to avoid, this will highly depend on your skin type. What works for your skin may not work for a person with a different skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, cleansers with coconut or mineral oil may not suit you but are okay for dry skin.

b). Skin Type

Your skin type may limit the type of products you use to care for it. You may end up aggravating your skin problem if you buy skin products blindly. The four main skin types including oily, dry, normal, and combination.

If you have oily skin, avoid acne cleaners intended for dry skin as they may make matters worse by adding more oil to your skin. Most skin cleansers are labeled according to the skin types they are intended for; therefore, that will not be an issue when you need to select the best one for your skin type.

c). Non-Comedogenic

As we mentioned earlier, your skin is a delicate and important body part that needs special care. Therefore, when you want to buy products to use, ensure that you select the best.

In this case, you will need a non-comedogenic cleanser for acne. Non-comedogenic means that it does not cause pimples, neither does it aggravate the existing acne problem. You can also check for other properties like "oil-free" and "non-irritating" labels.

d). Form

Face washes come in different forms, including liquid forms and in the form of bar soap. If the cleanser you chose is in both forms, select what you feel most comfortable using. For example, you may feel that a cleanser in liquid form is easier to use as you only have to squeeze the bottle and get a little amount.

However, the firm you chose is completely up to you, and none is better than the other, as they contain the same ingredients, provided they are the same product.

You also have the option to choose between foaming or non-foaming cleansers. Although, as a general rule, foaming cleansers tend to be more drying than non-foaming ones. Therefore, if you have dry skin, non-foaming cleaners or cleansing lotions are a better alternative.

e). Medicated or Non-Medicated Cleanser

You can get medicated acne cleansers over the counter and with a prescription. They contain salicylic acid, sulfur, or benzoyl peroxide. Medicated face washers for acne, if used regularly, can unblock clogged pores and minimize breakouts. They are the best if you are not using any other treatment product.

However, if you are already using a different treatment method, a medicated cleanser may dry your skin and make it uncomfortable. In that case, a non-medicated cleanser will be the best option.

What Causes Acne?

First of all, what is acne? It is a skin condition when the hair follicles become plugged with dead skin cells and oil. Acne can cause blackheads, pimples, or whiteheads.

This skin condition can be caused by:

  • Inflammation
  • Excess sebum production
  • Bacteria
  • Hair follicles clogged by oil or even dead skin cells

The body parts most prone to acne are the face, shoulders, chest, forehead, and upper back. These areas are usually the most affected as they have the most sebaceous glands.

The follicle wall bulges to produce whiteheads, or the plug may be open to the surface and become dark, leading to blackheads. Blackheads look like dirt stuck in pores, while the truth is that the pores are congested with oil and bacteria.

Pimples are raised red spots and have a white center that develops when bacteria infects blocked hair follicles. The following factors may trigger or worsen acne.

a). Certain Medications

Some drugs can worsen acne. Such medications include drugs containing lithium, testosterone, or corticosteroids.

b). Hormonal Changes

During puberty, androgen hormones increase in girls and boys. These cause the enlargement of the sebaceous glands, leading to more sebum production. Also, midlife hormonal changes can cause breakouts too, particularly in women.

c). Diet

Studies indicate that certain foods, if consumed can make acne worse. Some foods include; carbohydrate-rich foods like chips, bread, and bagels. However, more study is needed to examine whether people with acne-prone skin would benefit from eating certain foods and not others.

Using the best acne face washes is the first step towards achieving a glow and flawless skin that will give you unmatched flawlessness. Therefore, if you are trying to keep your skin flawless, there are face washes that you can try; for example, in the ones we mentioned above, you will find that they are available for people with different types of skin. So, no matter your skin type, there is always a product for your skin.

Therefore, before you make that order or go to the store for an acne face wash, ensure that you have your product of choice in mind. Also, ensure that it is suited for your skin and has only safe ingredients.



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