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Best Body Lotion With Retinol



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Are you looking for a body lotion that can combat many different skin problems through one powerful ingredient? If the answer is yes, then carry on reading because we may have found the answer to your problems. 

Retinol is essentially a form of vitamin A and is often an ingredient that is found in many anti ageing products too. The inclusion of retinol in a body lotion comes with many benefits, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, fighting acne, stimulating collogen and promoting cellular turnover. 

Introducing a body lotion with retinol to your skincare routine is super important if you want to start seeing noticeable results.

We've picked out the best body lotions with retinol and also included a little buyers guide below to point you in the right direction of the best lotion for you and  your skin type. 

If you're in a hurry and fed up with battling acne or wrinkles, do not worry, as we have chosen our top pick for the best lotion with retinol for you below.

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Best Body Lotion With Retinol - Reviews

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Our top is the Naturewell Retinol Advanced cream suitable for use on your face and body. Developed with microencapsulated advanced retinol for improved eficacy and enhanced delivery, this cream boosts firmness, whilst also giving noticeable results in overall skin tone and texture. 

Its retinol content brings many benefits to the skin such as improved skin hydration and smoothness as well as boosting texture, firmness, elasticity and tone. 

This product has also been clinically tested and feedback shows that as well as leaving skin feeling hydrated, this cream is also great for boosting the skin's radiance. It has been dermatologically tested too and also doesn't contain any parabens or dyes. 

It is suitable for use on both the face and body, so you can witness noticeable results wherever is necessary, a great option if you suffer with dry patches not just on your face but over your body too. This can tackle both.


  • It is a great affordable price for those who do not wish to spend much on a body lotion.
  • This product comes with a reusable pump which is super convenient in dispersing the product but also ensures that you are only using the amount you need, helping to reduce waste. It also makes the product last longer too.

  • Suitable for use on face and body, it is great for tackling a number of issues in one cream.
  • It doesn't have a greasy texture and it absorbs well and quickly into the skin. 

  • Raving reviews show that customers have seen great improvements in the appearance of their skin, almost immediately following application.


  • Some customers with dry skin found that this product caused irritations and some redness, therefore it is important to test it and ensure it is suitable for your skin type before purchasing it.

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Next up, we have chosen the Medix retinol anti sagging treatment with ferulic acid. This cream comes with a great combination of anti ageing ingredients and natural antioxidants.

The retinol helps to reduce the appearancce of fine lines and wrinkles whilst leaving your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. 

If you are looking for an anti ageing cream, then this is a great option for you. As well as targeting the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this cream also diminishes the appearance of dark spots and will improve your skin tone and give your skin a glow in next to no time. 

This cream is great for application around your face, neck, hands, body and decollatage.


  • This cream contains a list of natural ingredients such as shea butter, aleo vera and chammonmile which help to moisturise the skin.
  • It is a good affordable price for those who do not wish to spend a lot of money on a body lotion.

  • It is vegan and creulty free and also free from parabens too.

  • You can purchase this product in two different sizes; two smaller ones which would be ideal for travelling or one larger one.

  • Customers who have purchased this product noticed improvements in the appearance of their skin after a short amount of time and also stated how their skin felt a lot smoother.


  • It has a unique scent to it which some people may find to be too overpowering.

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The Advanced Clinicals Retinol cream's moisturzing formula helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkes and the retinol, which is a great anti ageing ingredient, also helps to boost the skin collagen production. 

As well as retinol, this cream also combines another ingredient which is great for the skin and that is hylauronic acid. This ingredient helps to hydrate and plump the skin giving you a healthier and younger appearance. The aleo vera and channomille also help to mousturise and nourish the skin.  

If you find that your skin is starting to sag or become irritated and prone to redness, then this cream is great for promoting your skin's radiance and also works to  combat sun damage and wrinkles through its anti ageing ingredients.


  • This cream comes in a two pack set, ideal for uses in salons, and the large bottles have plenty of product making them long lasting.
  • The pump ensures that you are only using the amount that you need.

  • This product is manufactured in the USA, therefore you know where your product is coming from.

  • It is a great price and the cream alone or in the pack of two, are good value for money.

  • Customers reported that they noticed great results and noticeable improvements in the smoothness of their skin.


  • It has a watery consistency which can make it difficult to apply to the skin.
  • If you have sensitive skin this product may be unsuitable for you as customers found that it caused irritations.

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Our next pick is the PH Factor 5.5 Retinol cream suitable for use on face and body. It combines two powerful skin ingredients, the first is retinol which is known for its anti ageing qualities and effects on reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The second is Ferulic acid which works to target sun damaged skin. 

Its advanced formula helps to firm and plump the skin helping to boost its overall appearance. 

Primarily this cream is an anti ageing cream but it also works to diminish dark spots and improve skin tone and elasticity. 

It is also ideal for use on the face, hands, neck, body and decolatage.


  • This body cream includes a range of great natural ingredients which also help to leave the skin feeling nice and smooth and moisturised.

  • The pump means that you only dispense the amount that you need so it ultimately lasts for a longer amount of time.

  • It is vegan and cruelty free, but also free from parabens, sulfats, dyes, PEGs and many other harsher ingredients.

  • It doesn't have a greasy texture and it absorbs into the skin quickly.

  • Older customers noticed visible anti ageing results.


  • It has a rather strong scent which some may find too overpowering.

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Last but not least we have chosen the Paula's Choice Retinol skin smoothing body treatment. This lotion is great for prodiving your whole body with the treatment and nourishment that it needs. The ingredients work to hydrate and smoothen the skin's appearance.

This non greasy, smooth formula works to rejuventate the skin's youthful appearance and can also be applied as a spot cream if needed. 

This cream is also great for catering to all skin types meaning that everyone can achieve results from using it. 

The antioxidants and emollients also give the skin a smooth and radiant appearance.


  • It is fragrance free so it is ideal for those who can't use strong products on their skin incase of irritations.
  • As it is specifically intended to be used as an all over body treatment, it works to give noticeable results to your whole body not just your face.

  • It doesn't have an oily or greasy consistency so it is nice and easy to apply to the skin.

  • Reviews show that customers noticed results from this product almost immediately, and it was particularly good at reducing the appearance of wrinkles.


  • It is slightly more pricey than some other products that we have included.
  • As it comes in a 4 ounce bottle it isn't very long lasting.

Best Body Lotion With Retinol - Buyers Guide

As with any skincare product there are certain steps and precautions that you will want to take before buying a lotion. Our skin can be a very sensitive area, therefore you want to carry out your research on a product before you buy it and start applying it to your skin. 

We have created a small guide for you below with some of the different factors you should be bearing in mind before going out and making your purchase. 

What is retinol?

First off, it is important to have an understanding of what this ingredient is. You do not want to be applying something to your skin if you're not quite sure of what it is, right?

Retinol is in fact a form of Vitamin A, which comes with many benefits for our skin. It helps to promote skin renewal and enhance the skin's collagens. It is also a great ingredient for reversing the signs of ageing and helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkes. 

The benefits of using products containing retinol

Retinol can provide our skin with many many benefits and not just our faces but our whole bodies too. As well as reducing the signs of fine lines and wrinkes, retinol is also a great ingredient in firming the skin and also helping to make its appearance a lot healthier and smoother. It is also great for targeting skin that is prone to dryness and flakiness and sun damage too. It is also really good for evening out the tone and complexion of the skin. 

Introducing retinol to your routine and how often you should be using retinol

The next thing you may be questioning is how often you should be using retinol. To begin, it is recommended that you use retinol one a week and also wait for around 30 minutes before you apply any other products to your skin after you have used it. Once your skin gets more used to retinol then you can slowly begin to increase the amount that you use it.

You may experience an initial reaction from using retinol if you have sensitive skin and this may trigger some redness and inflamation. The best option in this case is to begin with a low concentrated retinol body lotion and one that states it is suitable for sensitive skin. In this case, it is best to start off using this product in moderation and then building it up. 

Like with most products you do not want to be overloading your skin with a product that it is not familiar with, as this could potentially trigger an adverse reaction. If you haven't used a product containing retinol before, then it is recommended that you carry out a patch test to ensure that it is suitable for you and your skin type. If you test this product and do not find yourself experiencing a negative reaction then your skin should be accepting of this ingredient.

Brands and cost

You may think that a product is only good because of its luxury status and price tag. However, this isn't always the case. Of course there is no denying that a pricier product is going to be of good quality and bring many benefits to your skin, but remember that you can find cheaper products that do the same too. Of course you will want to carry out your research beforehand to ensure that they come from a reputable brand, but many good products are available at half of the price of  those luxury brands. 

There are a few more steps to follow before you purchase a body lotion containing retinol and we have outlined these below. 

Ensure that when you are looking to purchase a retinol lotion you pay close attention to the product labels and ensure that it does contain this specific ingredient. You may see some products listed that sound the same, but they do not actually bring the same benefits to your skin as retinol itself. Also, look at the products active ingredients, in a good retinol body lotion, it should be listed as the API, this is because it is a lot gentler than some prescription formulas. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use retinol on my body?

Yes, you can use retinol on your body. This ingredient is ideal for treating dry patches of skin but also those areas that are exposed to sun damage such as the back of the hands and decolletage. It also works great for the face too.

Is retinol bad for your skin?

Retinol is a powerful ingredient and can therefore bring many side effects with its uses. Introducing retinol into your routine too quickly and using it too much can cause the skin to redden and peel. After initially introducing retinol to your skin care routine, you may find that some parts of your body may become flaky and dry. Therefore, it is important that it is used in moderation and you follow our guidelines highligted in our buyers guide to ensure that you are introducing it slowly and then building it up once your skin has got used to it. 

How will using retinol benefit my body?

As mentioned previously, using retinol can bring many benefits to your skin. It is great for minimising the appearance of acne and fine lines and wrinkles. But in the form of a lotion it is also great for use all over the body as it can help with fading age spots and softening rough patches of skin.

At what age should you start using retinol products?

There isn’t a specific age in which you should start applying different products to your face or body. You may find that some people began applying these products at a younger age than you and others may not have even thought about introducing these products into their regimes yet. It often is dependent upon your skin type and the problems that you find yourself experiencing. Most dermatologists recommend introducing retinol products into your routine in your mid 20s, particularly if you suffer from breakouts or pigmentation. 

On the other hand you will find that retinol is a great anti ageing ingredient, hence why most creams listed above have anti ageing qualities in them. Therefore some people may not begin introducing this product into their routine until they find themselves experiencing signs of ageing such as wrinkles.


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