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15 Best Antibacterial Body Wash & Soaps For a Clean and Fresh Day 2023



by Speedy


Finding the word “antibacterial” on products is very common now. But does that mean all of these products are really antibacterial? Do you actually believe this to be true? If you’re anything like me, which is skeptical. Then what you really need is the best antibacterial body wash.

There are products that genuinely fight bacteria and eliminate them. Before they can cause damage to your skin and in your body. Effective antibacterial products like these body washes do indeed kill bacteria. Right on contact!

And you know you can trust them because each product is well received on Amazon. But more importantly, the body washes clean both easily and thoroughly.

The goal here is to prioritize maximum self-hygiene and protection against bacteria. Time to look at what’s in store for you!

#1 Dial Antibacterial Bar Soap

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Dial Antibacterial Bar Soap

Now it goes without saying that there are many things to like about the Dial Bar Soap. But the most attractive quality is its trusted antibacterial technology. The deodorant protection eliminates odor creating bacteria. Not just while you’re in the shower. But long after the wash as well. Isn’t that something!

Dial Antibacterial Bar Soap

Image source: amazon.com

The bracing scent and rich golden glow of the bar soap are two very appealing factors. The protection here is unremitting. So you can feel fresh and clean throughout the day.

What’s also quite impressive and healthy actually is the moisture balance of the soap. The formula doesn’t just thoroughly rinse. It also hydrates your skin to keep it moisturized. It’s the moisture-rich, creamy lather that does this. Basically, it does away with germs without drying out your skin.

As for the most unfortunate part, this Dial bar soap dissolves quickly. Maybe that’s why the price is so cheap.

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#2 Natural Riches Antifungal TeaTree Oil Body Wash

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Next up is a body wash equipped with bacteria- and fungus-destroying tea tree oil. There’s a huge combination of other potent oils as well. Such as oregano, eucalyptus, jojoba, peppermint, coconut, rosemary, and aloe. That means all-natural ingredients. It also implies places into immediate action the excellent antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Image source: amazon.com

What the body wash also contains is plenty of vitamins. Like E, D, C, B2, B1, and A. They are very useful for soothing and healing inflamed, itchy sensitive skin. And here’s something you might want to hear. The product is cruelty-free i.e. no animal testing.

Apart from washing away harmful microbes, fungus, and bacteria, what else is there? The body wash gets rid of bad body odor too. The foaming action is rich yet gentle to use on a daily basis. The combination of so many essential oils has the power to destroy stubborn infections as well.

So if you want to prevent the recurrence of bacterial and fungal impurities. Then turn to Natural Riches. But if I had to pick a flaw, it would definitely be the lack of a more pleasant scent.

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#3 Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar for Dry/Sensitive Skin

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This detergent-free, soap-free gentle formula is created for those with skin sensitivities. The Cetaphil Cleansing Bar is a mild product that rinses thoroughly. It even moisturizes the skin while doing so. The natural protective emollients and oils on your skin are restored. After every wash!

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar

Image source: Cetaphil 

The beauty of this antibacterial soap lies in its ability to clean without causing any dryness or irritation. What also takes the load off the mind is the absence of even a single harsh detergent. In fact, the product is gentle enough and safe to use for children as well.

By far on this list, the Cetaphil Cleansing Bar is the most effective in treating skin conditions. Such as eczema psoriasis, and the like. Or simply just sensitive or dry skin! If you start using it, chances are your whole family might.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar for Dry/Sensitive Skin

Image source: amazon.com

After all, not all cleansing bars have the ability to not cause breakouts during the first few washes. And lucky for you, this one does. But being a hypoallergenic soap, it does have a very strong odor.

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#4 Clauson Naturals Organic Tea Tree Soap Foot & Body Wash

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Image source: Clauson Naturals 

What caught my attention here is the word “organic” in the product title. There’s a combination of natural and organic ingredients. One that does nothing but benefits your skin and health!

Along with tea tree oil, there’s eucalyptus and peppermint oil too. But it’s the concentrated tea tree oil that works best. And why not when it has potent antibacterial, antifungal, AND antimicrobial properties! That’s complete protection against bacteria and fungus.

As for hydrating your skin, coconut and aloe vera take care of that. Along with rosemary and peppermint. No matter the infection or skin condition. This body wash delivers clean and moisturized results.

Image source: Clauson Naturals 

If you think the smell is overpowering or medicinal, you’re wrong. The wash even lathers quite beautifully. And the concentration isn’t too thick or too thin in terms of consistency either.

To be completely honest, most people buy this because there are no harsh surfactants packed in the body wash. But the size of the bottle is a bit disappointing. However, to be fair, the manufacturer has offered a fair price.

#5 Derma-nu Antifungal Antibacterial Soap Foot & Body Wash

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Antifungal Antibacterial Soap & Body Wash

Image source: Derma-nu Miracle Skin Remedies

Yet another tea tree oil-infused body wash. But this particular remedy is very effective against the most unyielding skin conditions and infections. Be it ringworm, jock itch, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, etc. Or any other form of skin irritation caused by bacteria and fungus.

The current antibacterial defense is created for those who love to be active. So you can expect it to eliminate pesky germs every time you work up a sweat. In short, you’re highly likely to smell clean and fresh throughout your busy and hectic day.

Derma-nu Antifungal Antibacterial Soap Foot & Body Wash

Image source: Derma-nu Miracle Skin Remedies

Does it matter to you that there are no artificial or harmful ingredients in this thing? Well, it should. At the same time, the body wash is not animal-tested. And it’s safe to use on the most sensitive skin types.

The list of soothing and cooling essential oils is quite long. There’s eucalyptus, tea tree, spearmint, wintergreen, menthol, and of course tea tree oil. Together or individually, these essential oils relieve skin irritation and discomfort. No matter how inflamed, dry, or itchy the surface is.

So is there a problem you should look out for? Well, yes. The body wash is more like a watery, hence slippery oil.

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#6 Purely Northwest Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Foot & Body Wash

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Image source: Purely Northwest

When a product has over 6,000 reviews on Amazon, that certainly means something. And when the greater part of these reviews are positive, you know can place your trust in it. I’m talking about the Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil Body Wash. A formula enriched with skin nourishing, powerful botanicals and essential oils.

Image source: Purely Northwest

The extra-strength in here is perfect for bringing about antibacterial and antifungal effects. Expect to read about NO parabens, synthetic fragrances, silicone, or animal testing.

The body wash washes away bacteria and fungus from the surface of your skin. And it defends your body against bad odor.

For natural conditioning, there’s Atlantic Sea Kelp and Aloe Vera. Infused with Vitamins like E, D, C, B2, B1, and A. And the presence of a blend of essential oils further helps in soothing damaged skin. Thus, leaving it feeling healthy and soft.

Toenail fungus, ringworm, cystic acne; no matter the problem. The body wash makes all of it disappear in a short span of time. The only issue that might bother you is the slightly overpowering smell of the tea tree oil.

Video source: youtube.com

#7 Fieldworks Supply Company Organic All Natural Body Wash Soap

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No other body wash is more suitable for camping than this one right here. And the good news is that this all-natural body wash is gentle on not just your skin. But the environment too!

Fieldworks Supply Company Organic All Natural Body Wash Soap

Image source: Fieldworks Supply Company

So what’s the unique element in this case? It’s none other than Bentonite Clay. This particular ingredient offers natural detoxifying and healing properties. When it comes to absorbing and washing fungus, bacteria, sweat, and grime. Bentonite clay does it all. So you can go about your day without worrying about body hygiene.

It’s made of plant extracts, essential oils, and botanicals. That are perfect to pair up with sensitive or dry skin. They also rejuvenate and hydrate your skin like no other.

Image source: Fieldworks Supply Company

The body wash is quite concentrated. That means you don’t need too much water for lather-activation. Perfect for basic camping trips where water supply is not very generous. Plus, your skin can be as oily as it is and expect no breakouts.

Lastly, the scent is a bit too earthy. So if you mind smelling like a forest, you might not appreciate the muddy fragrance.

#8 Dettol Anti-Bacterial Hand and Body Bar Soap

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Isn’t the name Dettol synonymous with hygiene products? So there’s no need for me to tell you that it washes away impurities and germs. The bar soap protects your body from germs and bacteria quite effectively.

Image source: Dettol

Gentle to use on sensitive or dry skin. Dettol Anti-Bacterial Soap ensures maximum softness and freshness. Also, you can belong to either sex and not worry about the results or the scent.

If you’re looking for any complaints, there aren’t any. In fact, this product has worked on eliminating flare-ups triggered by eczema as well. That too without causing any sort of excessive dryness! Chances are you’ll end up using this bar soap for many, many years. That’s how effective it is as an antibacterial product.

Video source: youtube.com

#9 Defense Soap 4 Ounce Bar

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Let’s start with clinically proven. Yes, that’s right! This Defense Soap Bar contains clinically proven tea tree and eucalyptus oil. That, together, effectively wash away fungus, viruses, and bacteria.

Defense Soap 4 Ounce Bar

Image source:  Defense Soap

If you find yourself constantly in contact with germs, as one does in the case of sports. Then you require something heavy-duty. Something that removes sweat, allergens, dirt, grime, etc. Enter the Defense Soap 4 Ounce Bar.

The rinsing action is both superior and high-quality. In all, it restores your skin’s natural protective barrier. And helps in controlling the formation of dead skin cells and sebum.

For skin sensitivities, the manufacturer added a safe eucalyptus essential oil scent. And hypoallergenic properties to the soap. The bar is triple milled. To bring factors like longevity, quality, and consistency into the mix.

However, it doesn’t prove to be quite effective against persistent patches of stubborn skin conditions. Such as ringworm, for example.

Video source: youtube.com

#10 Noble Formula Original Emu Bar Soap

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Image source:  Noble Formula

The first noteworthy ingredient in here is 2 percent ZnP (Pyrithione Zinc). This particular element, and in this particular quantity, offers antibacterial and antifungal benefits. The cleansing bar is ideal for daily use. Even for sensitive skin.

The comedogenic properties are quite low. This is great news for skin prone to developing acne. The product does away with irritation, flaking, redness, and itching. While also destroying debris, dirt, and oil.

It’s formulated with antioxidants in the form of olive oil. The emu oil is what moisturizes your skin. And last but definitely not the least is the content of milled oats. For calming and exfoliating your skin, gently that too!

An improvement in skin texture is inevitable. And don’t just expect acne-clearing results. This bar soap can even treat harsh and recurring conditions. Such as seborrheic dermatitis. But I would advise you to choose another product if you don’t have combination or oily skin.

Video source: youtube.com

#11 Heyedrate Tea Tree Oil Face Soap for Acne

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Have you ever used soap with tea tree oil? I mean there are so many body washes with tea tree oil. But when it comes to soap, this ingredient is almost always missing. But not in this case! The Heyedrate Tea Tree Oil Face Soap supports all types of skin conditions. Be it inflamed, irritated, itchy, or blemished.

Heyedrate Tea Tree Oil Face Soap

Image source:  Heyedrate

The tea tree oil content gets rid of contaminants, no doubt. But what it also does is prevent the reformation of such unwanted and impure elements. It’s actually a very effective natural remedy.

On top of that, organic ingredients are used. This includes olive oil, green tea, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and shea butter.

Image source:  Heyedrate

If you think using the soap is a tricky business, then please relax because it’s really not. Just lather the soap, which is a quick task. Massage this lather onto your skin in a circular motion. And then rinse. It’s safe to use every single day for the most favorable results.

But how is this brand any different from the others? A part of their profits is donated to charity. That’s how! So it’s not such a problem to overlook the one drawback I stumbled upon. Just make sure it doesn’t come in contact with your eyes.

#12 Vi-Tae Anti Cellulite Soap

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Cellulite-stopper and an antibacterial wash? You might think this is not possible. But it is! Thanks to products like the Vi-Tae Anti Cellulite Soap. And if that wasn’t enough already, the soap is organic too!

Anti Cellulite Soap

Image source: Vi-Tae®

Now please remember there’s no need to freak out about your cellulite. It is only natural for cellulite to develop as a result of genetics, hormonal changes, and age. Wrinkles and lines on your skin are also no reasons for worry. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to want the skin to look healthy and youthful. At such times, you can rely on skincare products like this organic soap.

It has the power to improve the elasticity of your skin. Apart from fighting free radicals present on it! The soap even moisturizes the skin for a shiny, healthy glow. It minimizes blemishes and maximizes skin tightness. The latter part is what reduces cellulite.

Image source: amazon.com

But your main concern here is antibacterial, right? For that, there’s Bladderwrack Powder. This is very effective at cleansing toxins from your skin. Even the antioxidant-rich aloe vera content does wonders. When it comes to fighting impurities!

100 percent pure, safe for whatever skin type, vegan, organic, paraben-free, and more. Lots to look forward to here! Just a small letdown though. The soap bar dissolves quickly.

#13 Aromavita Oregano Oil Soap

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Oregano in food offers many health benefits. You know that, don’t you? But have you ever heard about oregano in skincare products? If not, then let this be your first. The Aromavita Oregano Oil Soap is quite an unusual choice.

Aromavita Oregano Oil Soap

Image source: AROMAVITA 

The cleansing soap offers creamy lather to make your skin feel soft and fresh. But more importantly, the oregano present here is responsible for all the healing and cleansing action. It’s the ideal choice for not only reducing but also preventing skin conditions.

There’s 3 percent oregano oil, which is more than enough. For naturally controlling your acne. And also for getting rid of the unpleasantness that is toe fungus, athlete’s foot, and the like.

Image source: AROMAVITA 

It’s a vegan-friendly product that is also gluten-free and non-GMO. The refreshing oregano aroma is a bit strong. But I don’t think I should count that is a flaw. At least you don’t end up smelling like Italian food.

#14 Cuticura Deep Cleansing Face and Body Soap

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Three things I love about this product. And they’re the reasons why I decided to shortlist it. For one, this deep cleansing wash is dermatologist-recommended. The second reason is that it’s perfect for skin susceptible to developing blemishes. And the third is that the face and body wash gives you healthy-looking, clear, and clean skin.

Cuticura Deep Cleansing Face and Body Soap

Image source: Cuticura

There are many more as well. The cleansing formula is pure yet gentle. It’s also non-comedogenic. And packed with special ingredients that don’t dry out your skin!

The body wash deep cleans, no two ways about that. Then it removes excess oil and dirt present on your skin. That means the chances of acne and blemish formation get reduced.

Cuticura Deep Cleansing Face and Body Soap

Image source: Cuticura

So I highly recommend this amazing Cuticura creation to those still fighting acne. Even stubborn blackheads are no match against this one. You’re very likely to be using it for years. Maybe even passing it down to your grandchildren.

It is antibacterial soap, indeed. Just not as strong in terms of antibacterial properties as the others on the list but it can be used easily as a antibacterial hand soap.

#15 ArtNaturals Essential Bath and Body Wash

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Let the number of reviews on Amazon stand as proof of how effective this last pick is. The ArtNaturals Essential Bath and Body Wash is all-natural. Is that reason enough to continue reading? I hope so!

ArtNaturals Essential Bath and Body Wash

Image source: Artnaturals

There a rich content of tea tree oil, which brings forth antifungal properties. The oil deep cleanses your skin. While also healing and deodorizing it.

What about the scent? Is the tea tree fragrance overwhelming for the olfactory senses? It’s really not. It blends pretty well with the aroma of eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils.

There are botanical ingredients included too. Without the use of any parabens, SLS, petrolatum, and all such harmful elements. You can use the wash on a daily basis if your lifestyle is an active one.

ArtNaturals Essential Bath and Body Wash

Image source: Artnaturals

And I’ll sign off the last review by declaring that this product moisturizes as well as it cleanses. If rapid relief is what you seek, you can stop looking. You’ve found the right body wash for it, at last!

The only letdown is that many users have complained about receiving the bottle with a broken cap.

Antibacterial Body Washes and Soaps Buying Guide

Do antibacterial body washes and soaps have magical powers? Ask anyone and they’ll tell you how they’re one step ahead of regular body wash and soaps. Using antibacterial body wash is soon turning out to be a stronger need than just a luxury.

Your skin is exposed to thousands of dirt molecules, humidity, and bacteria on a daily basis. And regular body wash and soap don’t have antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. What does, is an antibacterial body wash to treat skin conditions like dryness, acne, folliculitis, etc.

So it’s time to take your skin health seriously. And how antibacterial body wash works and how it can be of good use to you

Q: Can an Antibacterial Body Wash Prevent Body Odor?

There’s no doubt that antibacterial body washes works. It kills off bacteria, fungi, and microbes that cause illness and skin diseases. These chemicals on the skin can cause body odor too.

The microscopic bacteria that live on the skin breaks down and stays on your skin. And when you sweat, the bacteria clinging to the skin mixes with it. Giving off an unpleasant and excessive scent. They also multiply quickly so you need an antibacterial body wash to wash it off completely.

Look for body wash with the label “antibacterial” on its packaging. Much like the 15, I have reviewed in the article. They contain organic and natural ingredients. Such as triclosan, tea tree oil, and no parabens.

Washing with plain water is good enough to remove sweat and make your skin less sticky. But it’s not enough to kill off bacteria in the sweat. The water molecules are weak to lift microscopic germs from your skin. That’s the job of an antibacterial body wash with fatty acids and sodium hydroxide salts.

Q: How to Treat Eczema Without Causing Skin Irritation?

If you have Eczema, your skin is notably sensitive and irritable. When harsh chemicals come into contact with your skin, it can lead to a severe skin reaction. But are these chemicals present in an antibacterial body wash?

The answer is a firm ‘no’ and here’s how I know so. Antibacterial body wash contains non-irritants generally present in fragrance soaps. These chemicals penetrate in your skin’s barrier stripping its natural moisture. Hence, people with Atopic Dermatitis have problems of excessive dryness of the skin.

It soothes inflammation and replaces moisture in the skin. Without bacteria and germs on your skin, there’s less oozing, flares, and itchiness. All of which are directly associated with inflammable skin conditions like Eczema.

For extra skin care, make sure you gently massage the body wash using your hands. Do not use a harsh sponge or loofah while showering. The best thing you can do is pat your skin dry rather than rubbing it with a towel. And make sure the fibers of the towel are soft, breathable, and quick to dry.

Q: Does Bacteria Cause a Skin Boil? And How to Get Rid of It?

When the hair or oil gland in your skin comes in contact with bacterial buildup. It causes skin infection and painful red lumps, also known as boils. To get rid of them you need anti-inflammatory ingredients. Such as the ones present in an antibacterial body wash.

All an antibacterial body wash does is prevent further infection of a skin boil. You can rinse the boil with the body wash and warm water. This makes sure the infected skin is not exposed to harsh irritants present in the air. By cleansing the skin area around the boil whenever it becomes dirty. You can reduce the chances of a skin infection around the boil.

But to prevent them from bursting, consult with a dermatologist immediately.

Q: Can I Use an Antibacterial Body Wash After Surgery?

You can use an antibacterial body wash to avoid surgical infections. Especially if the wound is at a sensitive part of your body. It also plays a role in quickening the healing process. Surgical incisions are always at a risk of getting infected. Even a slight presence of swelling, puss, or pain can cause a severe infection.

So to keep the area germ-free, you need antifungal and vitamin-rich ingredients. For example, a combination of tea tree oil and vitamin E can soothe inflamed and itchy skin.

What also helps is the foam texture of a body wash. The antibacterial body wash that I recommend have a fast-foaming action. It’s easier to clean, less scrubby, and gentle.

Q: Will an Antibacterial Body Wash Make My Skin Dry?

If you already have dry and sensitive skin, you need moisturizers in your body wash. Using just an antibacterial body wash can do more harm than good. But if the body wash has moisturizers like tea tree oil, aloe vera, or neem oil. Like the ones I have recommended, you have nothing to worry about.

Some harsh chemicals in antibacterial body wash can give rise to antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This can, in turn, give rise to many skin complications including dryness and redness. So to avoid excessive dryness, use a moisturizer after. So your skin’s pores replace moisture and keeps itself hydrated for longer.

Q: Will My Antibacterial Body Wash Cause Acne-Breakouts?

An antibacterial body wash contains an important ingredient called triclosan. Triclosan does not dissolve in water but is meant to penetrate bacterial cells. Once they come in contact with bacteria, triclosan breaks down the molecules. This kills off most microbes from your skin while creating a protective layer on top.

Some acne is caused by bacteria. So using an antibacterial body wash can clean blocked pores and avoid breakouts. But for acne-breakouts due to hormones or dead skin cells, an antibacterial body wash can act as a cleansing agent.

Folliculitis which is also caused by bacteria and fungal pathogens. Can be a form of acne-breakout. There is a notable difference between acne and folliculitis. Folliculitis-acne looks more inflamed and causes itchy skin. And they are present around hair follicles.

The antibacterial properties of a body wash can kill all fungal and microbial germs. A regular body wash has more moisturizing and cleansing properties. So it fails to strip your skin of harmful and infectious germs of such kind. That’s one of the reasons why most people use a moisturizer after using an antibacterial body wash.

This brings me to the last but the least important question.

Q: Is an Antibacterial Soap Safe to Use on My Face?

An antibacterial soap shares the same properties as that of regular soap. But it is more specifically used to kill bacteria which regular soap is ill-equipped for. So, I’m sure you want to know, can this help to clear up your facial skin?

The answer is yes but only if it contains natural and organic ingredients. Such as tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, or other essential oils. Also, the presence of non-comedogenic and cleansing ingredients is also a must.

Only use soaps that have the “antibacterial” and “face soap” labels on its packaging. You don’t want to make the mistake of using an antibacterial hand soap on your face. That will irritate your skin and cause severe dryness.

A good antibacterial soap is one that does most of the work. So you don’t have to scrub your face aggressively. Just use warm water to rinse your skin after using the antibacterial soap and pat your skin dry.

Important Tips to Use Antibacterial Body Wash & Soap

To find a solution, you have to avoid causing more skin problems. And this should help you do that.

  • Read the expiry and label of the product. Walk through its ingredient’s list, manufacturing date, and how to store it.
  • Avoid buying antibacterial body wash with artificial scents. As they contain harsh chemicals that are often a burden for sensitive skin.
  • An antibacterial body wash contains a few different chemicals. A patch test to make sure you’re not sensitive or allergic to these chemicals is a must. Gently scrub a little bit on your inner thigh or wrist.
  • Do not leave the body wash on your skin for more than 2 minutes.
  • Rinse all the soapy foam off your skin with lukewarm water after every use.
  • If it’s an antibacterial soap, make sure the texture is smooth and flat. You don’t want a patterned soap texture as that collects germs and dust easily.
  • Make sure nobody else uses your antibacterial soap.

Wrap Up

FDA may have asked manufacturers of antibacterial body washes and soaps to prove that their products are effective and safe. But this doesn’t mean products that haven’t magically disappear from shelves. At least not anytime soon!

So all the more reason to find the best antibacterial body wash. So when choosing, look for the FDA approval on the packaging. See it for yourself and then decide. You can check out the 15 body washes I have reviewed in this article. They are quite popular as antibacterial products.

Needless to say, they kill germs and bacteria that lead to skin infections and whatnot. You can use them on an everyday basis. And expect an improvement in the quality and appearance of your skin.

Some show results immediately while a few might take a while. Go through each of them and the detailed guide section. Then decide. A more well-informed decision, as far as skin health is concerned, goes a long way.