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July 20, 2021

It's no surprise that the natural deodorant movement is growing. As more people become conscious of environmentally friendly practices and ingredients that may cause harm to their bodies, there is a greater shift to cleaner and more natural products. Natural deodorants' popularity sparked when concerns began arising about the effects of aluminum salts and their link to causing diseases like Alzheimer's and breast cancer. Though there is no definite scientific evidence proving the claims, it was enough to cause worry in some.

There is the fear that when opting for natural deodorants, you're likely to sweat more, and that will increase your body odor. However, we'd like to assure you that with the best aluminum-free deodorant, you can be guaranteed a stink-free experience. The transitioning experience will take your body a week or two to adjust, but after, you'll be feeling fresh and set to take on the world. It is also likely that you might have to try a couple of scents before finding the one that works for your body chemistry. Though, if you do find it on the first go, then you're definitely lucky.

When searching for the right deodorant, a few things to keep in mind ensure that it's paraben-free and contains natural ingredients. Second, if you have sensitive skin, try out a formula with kaolin clay instead, as it's less harsh. Lastly, it's important to take note that a deodorant masks the smell while antiperspirant stops the sweat. So you're likely to keep sweating but with a fresh scent when using natural deodorants.

The picks below are the best aluminum-free deodorants, and though they won't stop you from perspiring, they are sure to keep you smelling great throughout. We've also outlined guiding features to consider when buying them. 

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 Best Aluminum-Free Deodorants

Best Aluminum-Free Deodorants - Reviews

Ranks highly as the best aluminum-free deodorant in the natural deodorant community, and it's not hard to see why.

The aluminum-free deodorant is available in both fragrance-free and scented options. This is pretty great for those who are sensitive to smells and would prefer an option without.

The Chemistry aha serum deodorant is stain-free and is formulated with an AHA blend that aids in creating a pH environment to fight odor-causing bacteria, thus keeping your armpits smelling fresh.

It contains skin-nourishing ingredients like aloe vera juice that soothe and glycerin to hydrate. The Chemistry aha serum Deodorant Kosas also prevents the growth of ingrown hairs and brightens the darker underarm area.

The Scent version of the natural deodorant contains a blend of orange, lavender, vetiver, and ylang-ylang essential oils.

The natural deodorant is vegan and cruelty-free.


  • Has a fresh scent
  • Offers two options: no scent or scented
  • Aids in killing odor-causing bacteria
  • Stain-free and quick-drying formula
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Paraben-Free


  • Some people may find it inconveniencing because it's a roll-on deodorant

When you've got sensitive skin, it can sometimes feel like you have to go through 1000 more hoops to get the products that are right for you.

The Each & Every Natural natural deodorant is specially catered for those with sensitive skin. It was created by two women who worked in the beauty industry and were frustrated by the lack of high-quality natural deodorant options. Hence they decide to create a natural deodorant formulated from simple and clean ingredients that work.

The natural deodorant is formulated with 6 ingredients and essential oils. In addition, the formula uses Dead Sea Salt, which works as an antimicrobial ingredient preventing odor-causing bacteria.

The Citrus & Vetiver combination results in a fresh and refreshing scent. Vetiver is a type of grass that's similar to lemongrass.

The natural deodorant has different essential oil combinations that you can try: Rose & Vanilla, Cardamom & Ginger, Coconut Oil & Lime, and Lavender and Lime. Hence, if you find that one scent doesn't work for you, you can always try your luck with the rest.


  • Specially formulated for sensitive skin
  • Offer options of deodorants formulated with scents of different types of pure essential oils
  • Lovely scents
  • Leaves you feeling fresh all-day
  • Uses Natural Ingredients
  • Paraben-free


  • It might not fit six people well enough.

The natural deodorant contains non-toxic, clean, and paraben-free ingredients. Some of the ingredients include arrowroot powder, tapioca starch, baking soda, and coconut oil.

The natural deodorant comes in a tube hence making it super portable. In addition, it features an ergonomic tube applicator that aids in controlling how much you use by squeezing out just the right amount you need.


  • Leaves you smelling fresh and odor-free
  • The natural deodorant has a great scent
  • Stain-free


  • It has a runny texture
  • Can irritate due to the baking soda

When we talk about all-natural deodorants, Corpus definitely ranks highly. The brand takes it seriously when they refer to themselves as a natural brand in that everything down to how they manufacture is clean and natural.

This is the best aluminum-free deodorant if you highly value sustainability and vegan-friendly products.

The natural deodorant is formulated without synthetic fragrances and contains naturally derived enzymes and plant extracts. The all-natural deodorant contains plant and mineral-based ingredients.

The Corpus all-natural deodorant is packaged in a recyclable tube manufactured using renewable solar and hydroelectric energy.

The all-natural deodorant is offered in different scents, allowing you to find what works best for you.


  • Clean deodorant formula
  • Doesn't leave a residue
  • Has a lovely smell that's not overpowering
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free


  • Quite Expensive

The Pretty Frank Natural Deodrant Stick ranks highly as the best aluminum-free deodorant that's baking soda-free.

The natural deodorant uses charcoal, magnesium hydroxide, and zinc to gently neutralize odor before it begins and organic arrowroot to absorb sweat. The brand claims that they only use safe ingredients like Organic Shea Butter and Organic Coconut Oil.

The natural deodorant contains a refreshing blend of lavender, palmarosa, lemon, and juniper berry resulting in a sweet floral scent that's sure to have you feeling fresh and clean all day.


  • The deodorant smooth application
  • Doesn't dissolve when you sweat and instead absorbs moisture
  • Works for sensitive skin
  • Baking soda free


  • Quite Expensive
  • Leaves white streaks on your clothes

Features To Consider When Buying Best Aluminum-Free Deodorant

a) The Scent Matters

The main reason people invest in deodorants is to mask the smell produced when they sweat.

Most aluminum-free deodorants and antiperspirants use essential oils to scent their products. However, depending on your body chemistry, it is possible to find that certain scents don't work well for you. Hence, to find the best natural deodorant, it's important to try different scents until you find the one that works.

Additionally, when shopping for the best aluminum-free deodorant, you'll likely come across labels like 'fragrance.' It's good that you take a look at the label as sometimes the fragrance formulas tend to be quite complex, with dozens if not hundreds of ingredients. Oftentimes they contain phthalates, which again are concerning for hormone/endocrine disruption.

b) Antiperspirant vs Deodrant

Before you invest in natural deodorant, it would be helpful to know the difference between the two as most times, and people often get confused about their uses.

Deodorants are formulated not to stop sweating and mask the body odor. In contrast, antiperspirants stop your sweat glands from sweating. Some of the ingredients to look out for in an antiperspirant include baking soda, arrowroot powder, tapioca powder, cornstarch, or vegetable glycerin.

Natural deodorants come in various forms. Some come in jars, thus requiring you to apply them with your fingertips. At the same time, others come in the standard stick form. It all depends on your preference.

c) Be Cautious of Irritants

Though natural deodorant is considered a better choice for you and a cleaner option for the environment, it can often be formulated with ingredients that irritate sensitive skin.

Hence it's important to pay attention to things as you're making the switch as everything from the essential oils to the baking soda can cause skin irritation.

If you're prone to breakout or you have sensitive skin you can consider trying a product with kaolin clay or magnesium instead of baking soda, but be careful and watch out for any irritation on the underarm skin.

In addition, some of the base ingredients in natural deodorants can stain clothing. For example, though coconut oil is a great base, it can stain white clothing turning it yellow after a couple of washes, and it's tricky to get out.

If you wear dark clothing, you may notice that some natural deodorants leave a whitish sparkle as well. This a result of the dry ingredients mixed into the product.

d) The All Natural Debate

This really depends on your values and the type of products you're willing to buy.

Some natural deodorants simply mean that they don't contain any aluminum salts, are paraben-free, and might not contain any artificial fragrance.

Other Natural deodorants take it a notch higher in that their products are formulated with natural ingredients, their manufacturing process is sustainable, and their packaging is green and recyclable.

Hence when deciding on a product, it largely depends on what you believe as an individual. For instance, if someone values vegan products, they wouldn't buy from a company that's not vegan and cruelty-free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Deodorants (FAQs)

a) Is Natural Deodorant Better For You?

Conventional deodorant is normally formulated with aluminum with aids as a plug-in preventing your pores from sweating. While some health myths suggest aluminum increases your risk of disease, there is no conclusive evidence to support this.

Natural deodorants are growing in popularity and have many benefits, such as promoting the growth of immune-boosting bacteria. They are also free from ingredients that cause your skin to become dry, such as alcohol, parabens, and phthalates. This is great as you don't have to suffer from razor burns or ingrown hairs.

b) How Can I Switch Over To A Natural Deodorant?

Taking the leap and joining the natural deodorant community means that your body also needs time to adjust.

It's helpful to keep in mind that you may need to tweak your body care routine to make the transition a smooth one.

Though not medically backed, some natural deodorant users do swear by an armpit detox when transitioning. The detox aims to aid in unclogging any residual chemicals the underarm skin may have accumulated before you introduce a new type of deodorant.

At first, it won't smell the best, but once your body has adjusted ( usually within a month), the natural deodorant will be just as effective. The goal is to be bear with it.

If you find the idea of an armpit detox isn't for you, then you don't have to. The body is always detoxing, and sweating is natural. You can opt to exfoliate your armpits once a week by using a washcloth or a gentle body scrub with oat flour (mix flour 1-to-1 with oil or water). Then, moisturize daily with unscented oil, like coconut, to help with absorption.

c) Can I Use Deodorant With Baking Soda?

Baking Soda tends to be a tricky ingredient as some people swear by it while others warn against it. This is because it tends to be quite irritating for many people, even though it's great at absorbing odors. However, when on our skin, it does have an opposite reaction since it's alkaline while the skin leans acidic, thus resulting in various irritations for most.

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