Emerald Spa

My name is Lydia Adams and I'm the CEO of Emerald Spa Corporation.

For more than 30 years, Emerald Spa Corporation has focused on a single goal — maximizing the spa ownership experience. Our pioneering designs, state-of-the-art engineering, highest quality construction, and customer-driven amenities have set the standard for performance and value in the industry since the company began manufacturing under the respected Polynesian Spa brand.

In January 2007, Emerald Spa Corporation acquired Great Lakes Spas, another spa manufacturer with a long history of innovation and consumer-focused design. Headquartered in Kentwood, Michigan, Emerald Spa Corporation partners with a global network of select Emerald Spa and Great Lakes Spas dealers who also demonstrate excellence and strive to exceed expectations.

Emerald Spa is all about skincare, spa, and hot tub products. Sure. But what it’s also about is our in-depth knowledge taking the form of words you can relate to on a more personal level. 

It’s a blog I found and continue to nurture because it’s very close to my heart. On this platform, you’ll find articles in the form of detailed product recommendations and useful tips and tricks.

Every ounce of information I put forth is well-researched, no doubt. Because I know and understand how important skin health is not just for women but even for men around the world.

Why My Blog is Worth Your Time…

Emerald Spa is a blog that emphasizes on a proper skincare routine. It’s much like a coffee maker asserting that nothing beats the taste of freshly brewed coffee. As the creator of this blog, I know how important it is to care for your skin. And that goes without saying, doesn’t it?

But putting in that kind of effort is sometimes not an option. So keeping that in mind, I create articles which circle around making the routine much less demanding. Cause it is a necessary step to take after all.

The skin is among the largest organs you and I have. So we have to work hard daily to protect it from at least most of the potentially harmful elements. Developing and then maintaining a healthy skincare routine has now become compulsory. That is only if you want that organ to not only look but also feel healthier.

Even so, if these words haven’t convinced you to give importance to a proper skincare routine. I have discussed enough reasons below that might deviate you in that direction. My ultimate goal here is to help you understand the WHY of skincare. It’s the foundation of my business and blog after all.

1. Skin Sheds on a Daily Basis

Going about your day thinking your skin looks and feels healthy today. That’s only common. What’s a bit uncommon is not being aware of the fact that skin cells tend to shed every single day. This implies your healthy skin today might be gone tomorrow. And the lack of proper care contributes to the dullness.

But when a daily, healthy regimen is a part of all the seven days of the week. What you’re doing is letting go of the dead cells to make way for new, glowing skin.

2. Not All Skin is the Same

Let me make one thing very clear. As a beauty/skincare blogger, I have come to realize this with experience. Let’s say your friend follows an awesome skincare practice. So her skin looks pretty amazing. Now that routine works for her. But that doesn’t mean it might do the same for you. I mean skin types are different.

Maybe your skin requires a little more attention. So a customizable plan is the kind of thing you should be aiming for. And with the wide variety of articles I create on a regular basis, I think you’re pretty much covered.

3. Healthy, Beautiful-Looking Skin is an Ongoing Process

What you do now shapes what happens to you in the future. What you reap is what you sow, indeed. If you think this applies to life, then why not to your health and skin too!

Beautiful, healthy skin is an ongoing, lifelong process. You can’t expect your skin to deliver desired results just because you look after it on a temporary basis. Along the same lines, a negative routine for skincare harms the skin. And these effects also can be long-term.

4. Better Safe than Sorry

If there’s one thing I relate to on a personal level, it’s this one. I strongly believe that prevention is much easier. When you can prevent potential skin issues, then why not choose that road! I mean fixing these skin problems, in the long run, can be quite annoying, costly, and time-consuming.

So all the more reason to incorporate a skincare routine on a daily basis! It’s much less effortless. In comparison to paying multiple visits to a dermatologist for addressing your neglected skincare health.

5. A Skincare Regimen Saves Tons of Money

As I discussed above, looking after your skin means avoiding potential problems. Treating skin conditions is quite a luxury these days. I mean not everyone has the money to get rid of deep wrinkles, acne scars, etc.

But if you make sure your skin looks and feels healthy from within today, tomorrow, and every single day. You might just be eliminating the need to visit a plastic surgeon or dermatologist in the near or far future.

6. Skincare Routines Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

The chances you might actually start living and eating healthy just to keep your skin glowing. Health habits are not always in check. But more often than not, one thing always leads to another.

You’re more likely to start caring for your hair and scalp too along with your skin. At the same time, you might also start exercising and drinking plenty of water. Such practices go hand in hand with good skin. Both for the short term and in the long run!

7. Looking and Feeling Good Work Together

My posts continue to highlight this point. When your skin looks healthy, you feel much the same as well. Clear, clean skin helps in boosting confidence levels. Ever heard of the phrase, put your best foot forward? Likewise, why not put your best face forward too!

The articles I create talk about tips and tricks. That motivate and guide you to incorporate the correct skin care routine. One that is suitable for your skin type!

To Sum it Up…

My finals words to you would be that I have given you more than just reasons to care for your skin. The reasons I’ve discussed her stem from my own personal experiences. They encouraged me to look after my skin just like it was supposed to be looked after. And that, in turn, compelled me to create a platform to share the same knowledge with you.

So these are also reasons as to why you should read the posts I create. The kind of information I share in my articles is not generic. I make it a point to do my research and curate posts that you’re more likely to find not only useful but also incredibly relevant.

Thanks for reading.