Waterworks™ is Great Lakes Spas’ interchangeable jet system that allows you to switch-out jet faces with others of the same size to customize your spa experience.


Every Great Lakes Persona spa features a variety of jet actions, from neck and shoulder jets that provide fine, direct-pressure to large-nozzle and rotating jets that massage a broader area.


Mini Euro Jet
Euro jets feature a direct-pressure flow and are positioned to deliver a gentle relaxing massage.


Pulsating Swirl Jet
Swirl jet rotates 360 degrees at a rapid rate to massage a large area.


Typhoon Directional Jet
By adjusting water velocity and position this jet delivers pinpoint massage exactly where it’s needed.


Twin Spin Jet
5″ twin spin jets create a lively swirling action to deliver focused, intense therapy.


Luxury Massage Jet
7″ massage jets create an invigorating swirling action to help soothe muscles.


Whirlpool Jet
The whirlpool jet creates a powerful surge of water in the center of the spa near the footwell.