• 780 lbs./305 gal. Capacity
  • 85″ square x 38″ H
  • Dual 3 hp (5 bhp) Jet Pumps
  • AirBooster™ Assist Pump/1 hp
  • Non-Lounger
  • Captain’s Chairs (3 total)
  • Intensive Neck Therapy™ (2 total)
  • Whirlpool Jet/Tsunami Jet/ MoodStream™ Jets
  • Liquid Aromatherapy
  • Multi-color Prism Bulb

Relax and rewind or entertain and interact in this sociable, spacious spa that easily accommodates six adults. From the soothing cascade of the waterfall to a unique configuration of 70 water jets, this ultimate spa experience provides the perfect combination of invigorating massage and comfortable relaxation for everyone.

Foot jets are optional. Shown with a Brown Poly Stone cabinet and an Inca Gold Lucite® Shell.

6 person

70 jets

3 pumps