• Seating: Bucket, single-level bench, and lounger
  • Whirlpool jet
  • Two neck jets
  • Dual jet pumps: 3 HP (5 BHP) jet pump, 2 HP (4 BHP) jet pump
  • Weight 490 lbs.; Capacity 360 gal.
  • 78″ L x 78″ W x 36″ H
  • Underwater light
  • Stainless steel jets

The ideal five-person spa, the GL5–P features something for everyone. A special reclining lounger seat lets you stretch out to fully enjoy your massage. The bucket seat with neck jets provides the perfect spot for an over-the-shoulder massage. And open area seating with a variety of heights accommodates people of all sizes. The built-in cup holders add extra convenience to the spa experience.

Shown with Snow Flake White shell and Mahogany cabinet.

5 person

32 jets

2 pumps